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this is d.w. news live from berlin alabama becomes the latest u.s. state to clamp down on abortion the republican led legislature bans a practice in almost all circumstances including in cases of rape and incest lawmakers admitting the crackdown as part of a bid to overturn women's constitutional bronx. also coming up the u.s. plays down speculation that it's heading for war with the wrong spot the state department also tells embassy staff the neighboring iraq to return home. to san francisco becomes the 1st u.s.
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city to ban the use of facial recognition technology but it stopped short of banning private businesses from scanning the public. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us lawmakers in the u.s. state of alabama have approved the country's toughest abortion law the state senate to foetid 25 to 6 to outlaw abortion at any stage of pregnancy even if that pregnancy resulted from incest or rape it would also send doctors who perform abortion to prison for life outside the legislature women's groups protested the bill it will now go to the state governor for her approval now the minority democrats denounced the law but the majority republican supported it and they say they want this bill to end up in the u.s. is top court so that it will rule on whether abortion is legal. hopefully get to
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the supreme court and have them revisit the actual decision which was is the baby in a womb a person why do i want to control our bodies. i will never ever know. our reporter peter dahl has been looking into this story for us and joins us in our studio thanks peter so we've seen that alabama alabama lawmakers have now passed this into law it will now land on the governor's desk what's going to happen next right the governor has said that she will not sign anything before she's seen the full bill but she is known as a strong religious and staunchly conservative republican in fact it was one of her central issues when she ran for governor at the time she said i believe every life as precious as a pro-life governor always fight to protect the unborn and she does have the backing of a majority of alabamans just last november voters there voted overwhelmingly to
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amend their state constitution to recognize the rights of the unborn to ban funding for abortion 59 percent vote in favor of the amendment rights of the majority of alabamans stand behind her but we should say this is still very controversial there was a very heated debate on the floor of the state legislature and alabama and on top of that we've seen a big backlash across the u.s. a controversy online as well tell us about that yeah that's right i mean this has been long been a hugely divisive issue and it's become increasingly along partisan lines democrats including several prominent presidential candidates busy lined up to denounce this bill saying do not let the stand and it is all but certain to go to the courts just moments after the bill was passed and those civil liberties organization a.c.l.u. tweeted abortion is not a crime it's a constitutional right will sue to stop this law from ever taking effect and that would be the 1st time that the a.c.l.u.
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has battle alabama in court 2016 the state had to pay the a.c.l.u. 1.7 $1000000.00 when it was challenge over another attempt to restrict abortions and that was struck down by federal courts peter put this into context for us because this is not just about alabama it is the latest in a series of states that have passed legislation to risk. strict abortion so what are we looking at what's happening and where is this headed right i mean just last week georgia became the 4th state this year to pass a so-called heartbeat bill that bans abortions after 6 weeks which is when doctors can generally detect the fetus as heartbeat up until now such bills have been successfully struck down and that's because abortion is a constitutional right that has to do with the landmark 1973 supreme court case robi weight which guaranteed the right to abortion in the united states but republicans now believe that they have
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a chance to overturn the law that's because the balance on the supreme court has shifted since president donald trump became president he's had the rare opportunity to appoint 2 judges mill gorsuch and brett kavanaugh both of whom have been known to come out and be critically about roe v wade. so republicans calculus now is that they'll push as many of these anti abortion laws as possible hoping they'll get challenger almost expecting they'll get a challenge that will then eventually end up in front of the supreme court where they then hope they now have the support to have abortion overturned you know right now reporter peter dollar following the story for us thank you so much peter thank you ali. let's get a round of now some other stories making headlines around the world british prime minister theresa may says she'll put her brags a deal to parliament in the 1st week of june it will be the 4th time the house of commons has voted on the agreement with the e.u.
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lawmakers from the pro breaks it faction of her own conservative party have already said they will vote against it. sudan's governing military council says it has agreed with the opposition alliance to a 3 year period for the country to change to civilian rule a spokesman for the military council said a final agreement on the balance of power would be reached within $24.00 hours. venezuelan opposition leader one has accused president nicolas models government of trying to silence congress after security forces opposition lawmakers from entering the national assembly now he said legislators would reconvene for another session on wednesday meanwhile the country's supreme court has charged for lawmakers with treason relating to last month's attempted uprising. now to the saber rattling between iran and the u.s. one year after the trump white house controversially withdrew from the the us from the iran nuclear deal tensions have intensified and led to speculation about an
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impending conflict now earlier this month washington announced it would send warships and bombers to the persian gulf in response to unspecified threats from iranian forces today the u.s. state department ordered all non-emergency staff in neighboring iraq to leave its embassy in baghdad and also the consulate in erbil tehran for its part cause concern last week when it said it would withdraw from some of its commitments in the nuclear deal unless the other signatories provided quick relief from u.s. sanctions now all of this has heightened tensions in an already fragile region in the last few days a number of incidents have been reported in which ships were targeted by unknown attackers fueling fears of further escalation and escalation but both sides do say they do not wish to see. and mike pompei was on a mission a mission that didn't go quite the way he planned pompei has been on the road for the past week rallying support for washington's iran policy last wednesday he
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abruptly pulled out of a scheduled meeting with germany's chancellor angela merkel instead he met iraqi leaders and warned them that iran's threat to american interests in the region was growing he then postponed a trip to russia to share iran intelligence with european leaders in brussels but they didn't offer him their backing. opinion aside on the understates of the european union site that's for the technician to do all we can as i said with all the students to implement it for our part of the nuclear agreement as long as it remains compliant next stop sochi in the russian black sea resort pompei i met president vladimir putin and foreign minister sergei lavrov but again he got very little. the producer we didn't support it and we consider it a mistake that the u.s. exit did the iran nuclear deal. in my view we hope to find
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a political solution to the situation in iran and will try to assist so that the situation doesn't turn into a military scenario. where you're mr marty in recent days the u.s. has considerably increased its military presence in the persian gulf but pompei 0 denies that the trumpet ministration is preparing for war we're looking for iran to be a book a normal country and that's our ask and we have applied pressure to the leadership of the islamic republic of iran to achieve that we we fundamentally do not see a war with iran iran's leadership also denies it's heading for conflict now pump aoe has returned to washington on his european tour allies and rivals alike warned him against war. for more on the story we have on with us he's a foreign policy expert at the german institute for international and security
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affairs here in berlin sasha thank you for joining us we hear both sides here saying we do not want war what do you make of that does that mean that there will be no war when i think that's true that nobody actually wants war and the question is is this process where in or at least we're getting in is that controllable and the sad truth is it hardly is because both sides are operating increasingly on worst case sometimes and scenarios and they in this situation will not be able to kind of perceive signals being sent from either side as intended so for example a move or a step in a direction which is essentially intended to be defensive might be perceived on the other side as offensive so in this kind of situation and absent official and official communications if we believe news reports it's really. it's really hard to communicate intentions and this increasingly has kind of the effect of creating a really controllable environment yeah these tensions that have been escalating how
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do you parse the signals coming from the u.s. right now because in the white house we know that the u.s. is taking a very hard line on iran but also as we just said doesn't want war what does the u.s. what does it want to redeem change a new negotiations with iran well i think as the president has said he waits for a phone call from iran but the question is will he get this phone call or is he able to pick up the phone or maybe this is national security adviser john bolton done to prevent this from goal from happening so we don't really know because this is recent postering of troop redeployment and deployment to the persian gulf has been announced way before it was kind of linked to the current conflict to iran but now it kind of creates an additional military dimension in terms of pressuring iran to kind of fulfill the u.s. demands so we don't really know where the u.s. is headed with this current line of policy is what you're saying we did hear my pump aoe say we just want iran to act like a normal country what are we going to actually see from the a rainy and government
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here is it going to change its stance well my pump aoe has laid out really in bishes strategy the so-called maximum pressure broach and he also outlined 12 far reaching demands or goals for u.s. policy which cold not only for a major behavioral change inside of the iranian leadership in terms of the nuclear policy but also in terms of their domestic and regional policy but basically it's at least from an outside perspective but also for you know a more insider's perspective really hard to believe that being the reigning leadership is able to actually fulfill these demands from the outside perspective it looks a lot like the build up to the war between the u.s. and iraq in 2003 doesn't this rhetoric that we're seeing i think that's. reason why especially the europeans us so carefully trying to deescalate and that's also why you see these recent moves of spain and specially great britain to actually caution
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against those slippery slope of military escalation but also it's kind of indicating that the united states is so so trying to be careful with regard to evidence of linking certain groups in the region to the iranian leadership because you have so many different groups operating and you really have to be careful to actually connect them to certain uranian policies which would then be a potential precondition for justifying more military response to possible attacks all right sasha an expert at the german institute for international and security affairs thank you for sharing your analysis with us thank you for having. now san francisco is banning facial recognition technology once signed into law it'll be the 1st american city to make it illegal for local government agencies to obtain retain access or use the surveillance that the ban does not apply to federal
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facilities or to private companies. send francisco home to many of the world's tech pioneers is blazing a new path it's restricting the use of facial recognition technology by the local government. it's psychologically unhealthy when people know they're being watching every aspect of the public realm on the streets in parks that's not the kind of city our lives of this as the different over the technology can still be used by the u.s. federal government and private businesses in san francisco rapid. fishel recognition technology is already in use the world over at airports on social media at sporting events and even in smartphones. big players like amazon facebook and i.b.m. make billions helping both private companies and governments utilize their software the $4000000000.00 industry is expected to quadruple in size over the next decade.
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here in berlin the german government has started experimenting with the technology of public train stations after a terror attack at a christmas market in 2016. and companies maintain facial recognition software can improve consumers' lives. like at this market in china where cameras automatically identify consumers and charge purchases to their account. thank you jack how is that critics of the technology say china's extensive use of facial identification software should serve as a cautionary tale. the country's camera surveillance systems tracked millions of its citizens automatically. the government has even outfitted taxis with cameras that automatically identify passengers and log their trips in a central register officially it's to improve consumer safety however critics warn such uses are an invitation to government abuse germany has managed to dodge recession official figures show the economy expanded by 0.4 percent in the 1st
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quarter domestic consumption and a boom in the construction sector helped drive the economy a trade war and breaks it have been putting brakes on further growth the german government and leading economic institutes recently scaled back their growth forecasts for the year as a whole. let's bring in our financial correspondent standing by in frankfurt so some good news for the german economy i should just tell us more yes i mean absolutely the news the figure of 0.4 percent definitely dispense concerns about a prolonged economic slowdown in the country as was been feared 2 quarters back now but having said that germany's not yet out of the woods because there is this specter of that of by president from on the auto industry or auto has been a major export for german economy and it is almost on for 7 percent of the. autos all the vehicles that are imported by the u.s.
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from the euro zone so that's going to be huge then the other concern is of course the escalating tensions between china and the u.s. both of them are crucial markets for exports from germany so there are clouds on the horizon so is 0.4 percent really something to get excited about that. it is yes of course i mean most definitely the investors are any day going to latch on to this number especially when you see where the german economy scumming from just 2 quarters back germany was looking staring into recession the german economy was in a contraction territory then the next quarter the 4th quarter of last year the german economy was flat so they don't want 4 percent is certainly a number to be excited about they're also for a possible green shoots that we see the unemployment is at record lows the wages are solid and that means that the house or lower spending is going to remain solid
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. but there is a major caveat it totally depends on how president drum and president xi are going to act in the near future because that could totally derail this good all right i should spend a speaking to us from frankfurt good to talk to you. now with a country struggling economy has led to a boom in women becoming paid for surrogate mothers the practice is being outlawed in an increasing number of countries in ukraine however couples from abroad can hire women willing to carry implanted embryos there are major ethical questions that come along with the process connelly reports. from over 2 years whenever the baby moves i speak to it at night when i read my children stories it's for the baby to be. causal. natalia is 8 months pregnant it's a go but it's not hers natalia is
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a surrogate the baby's parents live in germany. such a happy moment when you hold your baby in your arms for the 1st time i'll be happy for them. to tell his own children only with her for the day for the final months of the pregnancy she is moved to be closer to the clinic in the heart you know talia took the decision to become a surrogate to help family finances so that her kids would have it better she tells us her partner earns just 200 euros a month working full time. this clinic on the outskirts of hard to attract childless couples from around the world among them the german couple whose daughter natalia is carrying they were unwilling to be interviewed even anonymously the fear of being recognised is just too great. it's a different story with this woman from germany we calling her and she's in her
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early forty's and has 6 failed attempts to get pregnant by idea behind her adoption wasn't something she has been willing to consider so so we could see an exile donation was the only option remaining. a procedure that's illegal in germany ana says that is pure hypocrisy. surrogacy is illegal in germany but you see celebrities and those who can afford it doing it all the same it's when you get back to germany that social services treat you like a criminal. surrogacy is big business and one that's growing in this clinic in how to give couples pay upwards of 30000 euros for a package think lutes the surrogacy and egg cell donation there are no official statistics but insiders estimate that many hundreds of children are born to surrogates every year in ukraine. it's
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a month since we last met natalia now she's back with her partner and children the child she carried for the past 9 months has been with its new german family since it was born. there although they it was a bit confusing emotionally after the baby was born on the one hand you understand that it's not your baby but you still want to know everything about it you've carried that child for 9 months but i wouldn't call it a maternal instinct you feel very clearly that it's not yours the baby's new parents say they want to stay in touch with the talia but what does natalia take from it would she do it again for now she won't rule it out but one thing is clear the demand is there and it's growing. now a top boxer who suddenly kissed a reporter on the lips during an interview has been suspended from fighting in california until july well gary and full of attended
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a special hearing where further allegations were outlined against her. so this was the moment in march which shamed boxing hugh brought pull there for just one a fight and then did this. reporter jennifer avello said she had not given consent 2 months later was ordered before the california state athletic commission. revolver was there too and she detailed over allegations against the bulgarian boxer yes well as i was grabbing my backpack he reached and grabbed both of my buttocks and laughed. and how did that make you feel humiliated and scrub my stuff and laughed. it's really upsetting. so all law what would you i do not want him to kiss me from with his bulgarian pop star girlfriend watching on who lives punishment was handed down you're suspended until late july and has to attend a sexual harassment prevention class
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a 2nd incident with will prompt a life span even california he's sorry for any upset that he calls and he certainly acknowledges that he made a mistake but he never meant any harm and in the context of this very informal interview just minutes after a huge fight a very important victory and he said he was euphoric he didn't have his wits about him you know has to wait to see if his ban is extended worldwide. now to the eurovision song contest once again politics are overshadowing the tournament the final takes place on saturday in tel aviv among the finalists this year are the czech republic san marino iceland and australia which is represented by kate miller high pitch and her song 0 gravity the 2nd round takes place on thursday before the big event this weekend now activists have urged artists and visitors to boycott the eurovision in solidarity with the palestinian cause kramer
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went to tel aviv to gauge the mood. beach sun and music as the sea as it's known to its legions of follow was hit. on the beach a mix of tourists and fans with saturday's grand finale with anticipation is this cd when it's it's always fun and when people from the whole europe come here to see something i think it will become more fun it's always. to. go in the big stage here. i am happy to represent my counter band they are. read this there they go. israel is hosting this year's here edition song contest because of this single silly one in lisp and last year she will perform when you sing get down the banana at the final on sunday. making people come here and see how amazing israel is
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giving us a chance to show how how how big of a party we can make and how amazing and genuine it can be energy wise. wow. 41 nations are competing to win europe's oldest song contest it's this 3rd time is violence hosted it security has been beefed up along the beach promenade but the ever glitzy event has not escaped controversy. the event has been highly politicized from the beginning there have been some calls to boycott the event because of israel's military occupation of the palestinian territories. international palestinian and israeli artists and petitions to urge others to stay way from the event now that it's arrived they still want to highlight what they see as the political reality. let's stop for a 2nd try to look at reality from
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a bit higher perspective not only this you know the speech is really beautiful and everybody is happy and smiling in the beer is the city. but just a few kilometers from here are really. crazy things are happening here at the your vision press center politics couldn't be further away the organizer of the contest the european broadcasting union has said strict rules spending politics from the stage among bloggers and journalists covering the event it's all about who is going to win this year's contest the dutch entry is one of the favorites lawrence duncan with kind of a cheesy nice ballad isn't 1st place but my favorite and my bad hopefully is below for sonny the french singer 19 years old muslim gate and he's now climbed up to 4th place and the odds hopefully he'll win sweden with john ludwick is 2nd place so it's weird in france holland that's the big battle fewer foreign
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visitors than expected have turned up but this pop icon madonna making a guest appearance the final on saturday is still sold out. all right coming up next on data view our show made in germany we're looking at how big data is transforming german health care.
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to today's. medicine to treat the biggest developments since the discovery of some of the box using instead of going to the doctor last official intelligence instead of private consulting. personal hospitals instead of one because it's
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a big business with risks. made in germany. africa. on a mission. save the environment. one of you have no problem but they're rather new positions to get the interest period is a reporter. she knows that nature is long been pushed past its limits here because people simply don't know any better but she's determined to change the. 60 minutes on d w. what's the connection between bread but home and the european union he knows guilt mountain view correspondent at the baker can stretch this 2nd line with the rules
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set by the team. instead being recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d w. a digital revolution is a ripping through the global health sector robots a performing surgery on official intelligence is identifying cancer and dump that data is now in charge of your health digital health care a topic here on this edition of made i did fizzle one we put our lives in.


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