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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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it's really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. to do 1st. the world's top to work on a means luck or again trump his battle against the chinese telecoms giant the date of the saying a trade deal with china is needed. why is it only turning to beijing for financial support when it's got behind it. and the us holds off on even more tariffs this time against foreign auto can the comic is very easy. i mean physical and it's your business u.s.
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president donald trump has signed an executive order declaring a national economic emergency giving his government extensive powers to approve activities of foreign telecoms the white house says the measure isn't directed at a specific country or company but the move is widely interpreted as ratcheting up the pressure on chinese for weiwei it's also seen as a further salvo in the ongoing u.s. trade war with china. the u.s. government has long viewed the chinese company as an espionage threat and has sought to keep while way from playing a major role on the u.s. telecommunications infrastructure market. this new move is likely to prevent it from supplying the equipment being used to set up cutting edge 5 g. networks donald trump's decision has come at a key moment in negotiations with the chinese government about future trade relations between the countries where having a little squabble with china because we've been treated very unfairly for many many
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decades or actually a long time and yet have been handled a long time ago and it was handle it now i think it's going to be i think it's going to turn out to be really well we're in a very strong position we are the piggy bank that everybody likes to take advantage of or take from and we can't let that happen anymore the executive order makes it easier for the u.s. government to directly regulate foreign telecoms which could theoretically exploit back doors and systems to pose a threat to communications and national security in addition the u.s. is place to our way and 7 the associated companies on a blacklist firms on it have to be granted licenses from the u.s. commerce department to use components made by u.s. firms in their technology the restrictions will come into force in the next few days. that's because this intriguing story with our until from now business this
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hour and who's going to hurt most under this band's your record on a corporate level 1st of all on a corporate level i mean this is clearly directed at huawei even if the government isn't saying that huawei has long been in the sights of the trump administration and even the u.s. government in general i mean the 1st concerns about spying were brought up in 2012 so this is a long time coming now the u.s. isn't necessarily the biggest market. destination for weiwei technology but the distributed nature of supply chains really means that if the government has to approve all transactions with while way this could actually cause chaos throughout their supply chain and they do have suppliers or within the united states and that could of course have knock on effects throughout the rest of the world as well but you also have to remember a lot of rural companies internet service providers are dependent upon huawei technology for district for creating the next generation of mobile phone networks because what we really produce is the cheapest routers and switches out there and if you know if they can't buy them from huawei that could mean we could see
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a huge delay in the rollout of 5 g. throughout the united states so what would that mean for the consumer who is waiting for the the next generation of high speed downloads does that mean waiting a couple more years well it could mean waiting a couple more years it could also just you know not happening least not in the short term i mean look we talked about that here in germany time and time again germany has had a huge problem when it comes to rolling out the successive generations of of mobile technology and you know we could potentially see a similar situation developing in the united states but this is old and economic emergency as trump puts it would this bad actually ensure safe and it works well that is kind of the big question because really right now we don't know what type of evidence united states has and it's still under lock and key supposedly based on certain court documents through some s.b.s. efforts of their own they were able to determine that there is a more close relationship between chinese spies and huawei than the u.s.
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government is actually come for with but that's only in and for all we haven't actually seen the evidence i mean i mean the c.e.o. of the company was a military technologist that sounds scary at the same time he's not going to want to put back doors in his equipment when he wants his company to be successful globally well you're you're right and he has said as much he said it would be basically a suicide for the company to do. that however has been accused of being rather sloppy when it comes to their supply chain management in general and that is part of the concern of many many telecoms here in europe basically they're saying there are so many kind of parts that don't really work together where they don't really know exactly how they are connected so that could mean they could create vulnerabilities in the network that hackers could actually quite easily use and also governmental hackers as well and they are until then thank you very much for coming in and thank you for the analysis thank you theo p. and elections the next week and italy is showing the block it can go its own way at
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least when trying to shore up its shoddy finances it recently jumped on the chinese bad wagon to get involved in what could become the world's biggest ever infrastructure project. it was a special event for a special deal at the end of march italy signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with china on the new silk road beijing's belt and road initiative the 1st g. 7 country to do so in future italian ports like 3 estan genoa will mock the european terminus of the maritime routes to and from china. they're already being upgraded with chinese capital made ready for the mega ships that will distribute goods throughout europe from here debt burden italy is betting that will boost economic recovery. other e.u. countries like france and germany i'm all reticent they worry about potential chinese influence over italy as well as chinese competition the italian connection would see products from china into europe much faster and in much larger amounts.
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experts are still divided over exactly what the new silk road actually is some see the planned network of ports rail links and roads primarily as a global infrastructure project that will boost global economic growth. geo political motives they say china is trying to achieve world domination by subduing countries with debt and dependency. economies. decade in china before taking up an advisory role with the italian government has europe failed to do enough for italy financially has basically been forced to turn . no absolutely not so we have not been forced and we have not turned. your report to before. silk road but we should not forget germany and france are not really.
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the main the silk road the terminal in the center of europe the trains leaving. and this is very good for the german economy you know better than i how well and how developed the economy going around it has done in the last few years and the same for france at the port of my say look in the north. eastern percent on dubai chinese calls so we are not the 1st about almost the last european country to try to gain something from the economic opportunity that's all there is no geopolitical implications. not the 1st we are late in the game if anything and so we want to catch happen. what about the concessions china wants in return you expecting better terms and conditions from beijing than brussels. no because i'm sure you have. more you'll the controversial. after reading
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it you probably have noticed that there are no real demands on chinese side in fact has been. to have brought china closer to many of the european standards such as a reference to level playing fields of climate change and we have that comment from . that indeed we will because we did i think we did a good job but to actually bring china on board the 2 western standards or so there are. if anything china has conceded something to and this is why i believe the european countries if if so do wish they could use our more you as a template it's worth remembering also the important like every country 2 important european countries like luxembourg and. also the after and then maybe they have not attracted the same amount of media commentaries but to
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luxembourg it is also a g 7 countries. it's a founding member of the european union not to do something. also their home country over. there so it seems to be that every country rightly so try to do the best for its own economy so just tell me briefly why a politician so why what is china's strategy here. europe. well china wants to 1st of all let's not forget the silk road the road it's not about europe and china china there's a road in the me and there is a there are also. your asia. going east of europe. all central asia the to do really need infrastructure let's not forget that this is also southeast asia so there's a lot to do and those are do need to china wants to you know way expand of course
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it's a business opportunities they have some capacity. they want to use abroad we call it exporting over the capacity it may be a bad word to use it but there's nothing wrong with it to produce like any country they obviously want to exported their products. as you said at the beginning non-binding so if anything if the silk road to turn so from a economic. something we can at any time stop it because we have. to leave it there thank you very much for joining us ok thank you. and just briefly the united states. key decision on whether to raise import tariffs on foreign cars to be the most damaging move yet for germany and its all important in the president's trade wall the 6 month delay is a relief for automakers in europe and japan who fit
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a 25 percent tax on trump as tangled new tires japan and the e.u. was the u.s. negotiate trade deals with them.
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where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship and just want to be a shadow and if you're his favorite one official information as a journalist i have work on the strength of many patents and their problems are always the same for doing social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. coverage you can afford to stay silent when it
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comes to the fans and the humans on seeing the microphones who have desired to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work again. elo the biggest live music show in the world the euro vision song contest takes place in israel on saturday our correspondent has been talking to last year's winner and some of this year's contestants also coming up. one of the greatest living movie directors other 100 gonzalez in the other 2 is jory president at this year's cannes film festival. and a spanish light artist who creates out of this world images with nature's help.
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so the 1st semifinal of this is your vision song contest has taken place and 7 countries are already out of the competition including form a win in portugal but australia yes i know they're not anywhere near europe but any country can apply to join in there through with an amazing performance which goes with the title of songs 0 gravity and they certainly seem to define that on stage anyway there are some great performances some totally kitschy performances and there were some outright bad ones in the 1st semifinal so it seems your vision could be back to its best this year really add to our correspondent tanya kramer centers this report from tel aviv where it's all taking place. beach sun and.


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