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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm CEST

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his life story may have grown to. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema stocks make $27.00. to. $28.00 nations joined in one union and strasburg is the seeds of that parliament's welcome to a special edition of focus on europe with me peter craven and just days to go now to elections to the parliament with the euro skeptic even and see european parties in the ascendancy in many parts of the concert now among them the feeders party of
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hungary's prime minister viktor orban which has been putting massive pressure on one man the mayor of a small town in southern hungary who's been campaigning for a liberal and cosmopolitan future for his country. which i. cannot believe the campaign against him. is that at one poster claims i'm violent the other one says i just represent the interests of the roma minority. he said thank you hungry party has put up 400 posters to discredit the mayor. far enough along the fortunately for it as his rhetoric is full of anti semitism and anti roma sentiment. but they're tapping into people's fears trying to make me resign if i get to that. one year ago marquees i became the mayor of holdem as a wash on highway which is surrounded by feed us heartland he's
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a staunch pro european much to the chagrin of prime minister or bond's biggest party and he's found to tackle government corruption and zina phobic propaganda. but he should see that many hunk ariens think that government corruption is ok as long as orbán does not let any migrants into the country who have legibly rape their women and steal their jobs unfortunately governmental hate propaganda has worked for. that's why markie zion propagates a tolerant and open minded atmosphere in his town and e.u. flank again adorns the cultural center and he encourages roma events. making my code appear they will get stolen while it no will keep an eye on it thanks will even put something in your pockets the mayor plays with and prejudices it's all in good humor the local roma community appreciates their jovial mayor unlike many others he treats them with respect. congratulations you're humane and
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you remain balanced in these times. marquees i used to sympathize with or bonds policies but over the past 10 years the end depended politician has completely changed his stance some credit it's important to us that hungry remain a democratic european state based on the rule of law so it's regretful that our government has left this path. because of superman the fit is party holds a majority in the hood misadventure hey city council fears political exchanges are frequent. it has become evident in recent days that the mayor wants to create a party that is probably my grunts and pro immigration instead of addressing the needs of the city and its inhabitants. was. we are rebuilding the rule of law and democracy and hungry people are more courageous that's what you take issue with. though this will require hungary's opposition
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joining forces as deputy mayor under a a quiche explains the way that our goal for the european parliamentary elections is for the right wing populist fit as party to win as few seats as possible. that some of that's and for the opposition to take as many as it can. and that's what we're complaining for these next days and weeks. after a quick meeting the mayor heads out for the day's last campaign stop he says it is crucial for him to meet voters in person to convince them of his policies especially now that he faces such a formidable political foe. this town hall meeting is scheduled to debate policy issues but pretty soon local start arguing over hungry state of affairs. don't bad mouth it as wring your neck. as far as i know fidesz party members were
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also invited to this event why didn't they show up. i'll tell you why they're scared or maybe because they're too busy. too busy making huge campaign posters. for the. mayor mark e-zine is policy making is not a matter of course in hungary today that's why the 47 year old is now a household name throughout the entire country. where we're now in the rudolph favor one of the shopping streets in the center of stroudsburg it's just around the corner from the traditional christmas markets and it was here in this area that just a few months ago people lost their lives in an islamist attack the question is where does the islamist anger come from and one place to go and get an answer to that question is perhaps the district of brussels.
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the. easy. way they grew up in muslim bacon feels at home here she was there his songs are about the people who live here the 18 year old loves melanie. like most of the migrants here his family was originally from morocco. we all know each other personally necessarily but by side we say hello to each other no one would reject anyone from email and back is like a family. most europeans see muslim big differently that is something greater find hard to bear. sally and brought him up to also grew up in mozambique they were involved in the terrorist attacks in paris in 2015 and in belgium in 2016 over 160 people were killed and hundreds injured but reda says that doesn't mean other residents sympathize with islamist terror. they came from all of that going fortunately but they could have come from anywhere the
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outside world thinks we're all terrorists. but that is wrong with that. but the up to slum brothers are not the only radicals from moment back over 30 young jihadists went to syria to fight for the so-called islamic state more than from most other places in europe. is a taxi driver he's lived in muslim bake for almost 20 years he says there is a very real danger of radicalization. he took us to a former car workshop that's now used as a prayer room. d.w. is camera team was not welcome. he says that young people here are indoctrinated and there is rampant hate speech against western democracies. he says that europe has to defend itself. this is europe's weakness europe is very weak. it can't impose its values. people
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are scared and others are making the most of this to radicalize youth and to commit crimes. that it will likely. case has hung the belgian flag on his balcony his answer to the terrorist attacks which shattered his world like many here he knew the obvious long for this personally he says that he has tried to warn the authorities and help the police since the attacks but he says nobody will listen to him. he thinks that politicians are worried of being accused of islamophobia if they clamp down on prayer rooms where radical ideology is preached. if. they don't say that there is a real terrorism problem in belgium and in europe. they're scared of not satisfying the people of being unpopular. is not alone in worrying
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about the younger generation. the social worker bashir in rabbit at this youth center is also doing his best to prevent radicalization. he shows a way to end his friends a film which is supposed to help young people recognize propaganda on the internet and avoid falling into the trap of hate preachers. but let's get this do you have a distance to this or could this sort of stuff influence you never. the situation has become calmer in the olympics since the i.s. lost ground in syria. olivier vander heyden says it has lost its attraction for many youths here in belgium he's in charge of promoting equality in the community he says one reason some young muslims are radicalized is because they are not treated equally so you can bet on paper belgian society is extremely tolerant there is freedom of speech freedom of religion but in actual fact there is exclusion discrimination and racism.
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and his friends wrote this song which is about how difficult it is to find a place in society. when i feel moroccan religion but you were born here but i feel moroccan. they don't feel half and half are very belgian and the national team plays they're really proud of the belgian red devils. but there's still a lot to be done in terms of identity building nothing's clear yet they're often not counted as belgians this doesn't help much that is that. the european commission is just a few kilometers away and yet it's another world for the use of moment pick one they know very little about and one that barely interest them. radio doesn't know
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what an ideal europe could mean but he wants a better future for himself and for immigrants in general. so we should all be equal and everybody's opinion should matter. and we should all take decisions together. who knows maybe he'll. about europe one day and about how people live together on this continent. now this world war 2 tank is a reminder of the devastating conflict that would eventually lead to the creation of the present day european union never again war walls and still is the mantra and remarkably post-war generations have managed to create a profound spirits of reconciliation between the former arch enemies germany and for its money for a state in the franco german brigade with young soldiers defending the european
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family. called all. german soldiers turn out for morning roll call and sing them are saying as. that's nothing unusual at the robert schumann barracks near the french border. corporal maria a has been serving in the franco german brigade for 4 years now he and the other officers know how important it is for nations to work together. for these soldiers europe as part of their daily lives every day they really feel they are europeans. seeing both national anthems is only one of the features unique to this brigade. every day brings special challenges. they have the language barrier and always welcome we have german soldiers who don't speak french and vice a versa. they have to build bridges and they always have to remember that something
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might not have been understood. during weapons training for example one instructor explains and the other translates. ritually comes from berlin. he's just signed up for another 4 years with the prepaid. he has no trouble with the rifle trails. but we have to learn to handle the french arms and that means practice and the french instruct us because they're french arms. akimbo and the military routines of the 2 countries have no differences as the instructor explains. so they're going to go this is a good example of this kind of thing happens here every day in training we show each other our equipment so everyone has a chance to try it out as a publisher to see. the commanding officers get ready to visit the troops. they're busy with a transport exercise. the officers communicate in english the official language of
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nato a real view everyone here speaks that we have no more special reports concerning incidents and they are currently on their mission. english was also the working language for the 6 months the battalion was stationed in lithuania for nato that was the high point of moray service to date he keeps some photos of lithuania on his cell phone. on the road to strasburg and france another of the prepaid spaces. supplies for the troops are shuttled back and forth across the river rhine. german and french military traditions do differ however. as a says the germans are very progressive a 21st century management style. but the french are still very military in
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everything they do. if. the force campus closely guarded. the commanding officer turns up to inspect the exercise. as a german officer he serves in a military force whose every mission has to be approved by the going to stock. but his french counterparts can be deployed on direct orders from the french president . this difference can have political ramifications. i know amir's for me i see the european military as a glimpse of the future and i think for many things it's possible and necessary to work them out in a political process. if you ask us as the military will say sure we can do it overnight after all we've been doing it for 30 years. the brigade has started traditions of a town built
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a measure of confidence created their own uniforms and songs with verses in 2 languages. its members share a common spirit. perhaps setting an example for european military forces of the future. will narrow their promise that people's lives will get better that they will gradually become more prosperous is a central commitment the e.u. makes above all to the young people of europe but for many in southern europe unemployment is the bitter reality and in the south of it's of even met sergio know it's heartbreaking to see how far quite literally young men and women are prepared to go to find work. it's almost midnight and these young nurses are waiting for the bus they've nicknamed it the bus of hope it will take them to d.n.a. in northern italy there are currently more than $450.00 jobs on offer in the
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nursing sector there and 12000 applicants from all over italy. this you know i've already taken part in 10 tests you have to try everything the bus is the cheapest you can do everything in one day. valentino is one of the job seekers like many here he's disappointed that he can't get a decent job despite his qualifications so i'm going to put it in my chair and i will keep that well there most of us are working but the question is how some slog for 8 hours but are badly paid others work 300 kilometers away from home there's little left after the rent and travel costs and we've got it already made to be fair many think that the e.u. is partly to blame for the poor job situation in italy so they're again planning to vote for euro skeptical parties. the 5 star movement should get another chance and show us what it can do let's hope. it's $700.00 kilometers to the d.n.a.
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a trip through the whole of italy in the hope of finding a permanent job up north many trains arrive in rome from the south full of people looking for jobs. they all head for the capital straight fair center some 5000 teachers are hoping to land one of 600 training posts as teachers for pupils with special needs a scheme created by italy's populist government despite the debt crisis in the education sector. dominica comes from naples he works as a supply teacher in milan 800 kilometers away he doesn't know how the government will finance the new posts but he's hoping to get one. of course i'm nervous my professional future could be decided today this could change my life. but the pressure is enormous dominik o.-n. $2000.00 fellow hopefuls have to go to hall 5. many applicants are already waiting
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patiently. they know that these tests are their only chance to get a state post but also how slim their chances are. good for you here if you succeed here it means you're really lucky. to be honest nobody in my generation believes in permanent jobs and more than. one desk per candidate no phones no other help allowed. everything has to be above board. but is this really a way of selecting qualified teachers for many it's just another facet of italy's absurd bureaucracy. in the future people will continue to leave their homes in southern italy in search of work. like 52 year old louisa zamperla who has spent much of her professional life on train journeys hoping to land a permanent position. she says that what's happening in italy
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a founding member of the european union should be considered a warning for the e.u. as a whole. once again even more a little nobody really believes in europe anymore or in governments which have taken us to this point. many young italians just see the mistakes they're discouraged and disillusioned by the e.u. . luisa commutes 5 hours a day. she can't find a job in naples so she goes to rome where she has a position as a supply teacher at the moment she thinks this is terrible. but given that. i see a stream of people at rome station every morning and i often think we're a sea of desperate people. desperate people looking for a secure job and with every generation the number is increasing.
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heaps of plastic waste that's a recycling plant on the outskirts of strasburg an indication perhaps of the extent to which we europeans neglect our environment and i'm talking here to about its own marine environment because the baltic sea has been told by scientists one of the most damage sees on earth but help is a town. some final instructions before the dive so how do the nets look. i don't dozens of old fishing nets are caught on a shipwreck off lithuania's coast so being a cash cow and her crew are going to bring them up. care cow is a pharmacist and one of germany's most experienced divers. in 2016 she noticed a particular kind of waste in the baltic sea all trolling and fishing nets. a study revealed that thousands of nets are lost in the baltic every year. europe has to
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lay the foundation for plastic to be prohibited as far as possible. 10 percent of the plastic trash in the seas consists of ghost nets. and when they degrade they release micro plastics and vast quantities. every year care cowan or fellow divers set out from lithuania to bring up the ghost nets on a voluntary basis they finance their operations mostly out of their own pockets. once at the wreck the divers find no shortage of nets to marine animals their deadly traps. care cow and the other divers try to cut the net away with simple knives but make no headway. eventually they abandon the operation. some of these nets are decades old and aren't about to give up easily. they're made of all kinds of materials and they're all different ages. besides these are enormous and very
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very heavy. heavy from the lead water and sand and everything that's been washed into them over the decades. we have to cut them up into little pieces to bring them up to the surface. but now the nets are already piling up in many ports such as in the south of sweden here as part of a baltic wide pilot project. from the port authority is looking for ecological solutions for disposing of the waste. plastic industry will not be able to use. raw material because each. different type of plastics they want to have very clean room much earlier. but now that tons of waste can be offloaded in series and taken to a recycling facility for old fishing nets on sweden's west coast. here employees painstakingly
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cut apart the tangled nets. the various materials are then separated and recycled each in the appropriate fashion. just still good quality but it's not good enough for fishing but it could be good enough for an beach bag but it's largely the process of turning old fishing nets into beach banks is complicated so been a character house team has finally succeeded in bringing parts of the enormous trolling net to the surface. but they still have to keep it aboard their boat. for us as a group we've achieved fabulous success and i'm overjoyed i think it's wonderful that we've managed to get this done and that everybody worked together so well let's keep it up. they all agree that many more people and especially governments will have to join in their battle against the ghost nets.
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a few countries at least want to introduce a tagging system for fishing nets so in future their owners can be traced so being a character sees it as a 1st step. to ask my father if we can prevent 521-0000 nets getting lost again this year then we'll only have to worry about the ones already underwater. and we won't have to worry that for every net we bring up $100.00 more are being discarded . so being a cow cares about the baltic sea she'll soon be back. she says the battle against the ghost nets has just begun here in the baltic sea and all the around the world. thanks very much for joining us on this special edition of focus on europe with me . crucial elections coming up in the next couple of days. thoughts until next time round.
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the be. this is a doubly newswire from valley european democracy get ready for of may just stress test take a look at brussels efforts to boost a turnaround to next week's european elections and to fight outside meddling on the spread of this information also on the program. us president donald trump declares a national emergency bans businesses with foreign telecoms that pose a risk to national security directive doesn't need any specific company but is believed to be targeting chinese tech giant.


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