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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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from izing and unapologetic. this is the deadly news of live from w business south africa with monica germs is up next more world news at the top of the hour good day. we're not here to judge but to eliminate prejudices. we're not here to change your opinion but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. not here to give the right answers but to ask the right questions. we're not here to
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indoctrinate but to listen. plus 90 connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. chill way is the main telecoms equipment player in africa so what does the latest north by the u.s. government against chinese tech mean for the company and africa's digital infrastructure. also coming up russian tayside a security firm compares kidnapped wants to invest in africa we caught up while the company's c.e.o. was in kigali. hello welcome to do business africa want to john's in berlin good to have you with a. now then how safe is your way if you listen to washington better keep chinese
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take away from sensitive infrastructure u.s. presidents don't want to trump even declared a national emergency to protect u.s. computer networks from quote foreign adversaries so how worried should we be well chinese take judge away is the main player in africa is the continent's leading provider of network equipment like fiber optic cables and it's also helping to build to the next generation of digital infrastructure it has data centers and provides the take for smart cities in more than a dozen countries across the continent but critics say that while way has an unfair advantage some of its pro jackets are being supported or they are supported by the chinese government they already invested $2400000000.00 in digital infrastructure projects in ethiopia and $1800000000.00 in the nigeria and simba
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respectively now some pretty big figures there of course and we've been looking into all this or rather my colleague. jim who has been looking into it and he can fill us in now what's all of this needs now 1st of all with your way how big is it in africa it's very big spoke with one of the spokespeople for weiwei who's based in there will be and he was telling me they employ around 5000 people in africa they're pretty much present in every african country even in places where they don't have offices like somalia is the place that most companies would stay away from but they have representatives in countries like somalia so they basically looking at a long term strategy we're investing in even some of the hardest countries to do business in and they have a long term strategy that's what he said to me so they are in africa for the long haul and they are big but why are they so much more successful than any of the competitors well one of the reasons at least in more stubborn. markets the reason
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for success of course they have this long term view meaning that they're willing to sort of get you know put in the money without getting any process back. to have a business in the future and the reason is they have these joint ventures with local players and so that is something that helps them as well because of course teaming up with a local company means that they can easily tap into the knowledge that the local company has of that market so that's one thing they have are in the center is in a couple of markets as well and of course. you know they are looking at this a long hole so it's no question of just making the buck today so that's one thing no other any any implications we should be aware off when it comes to chinese take in africa yes i mean a lot of experts have been warning about this because of course one of the worries in africa needs this technology this is something that of course a lot of people have been mentioning they need internet access the needed to be cheaper is a huge problem in africa internet is expensive for the average person but of course having tech companies come in in places where there is an authoritarian regime that
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gives them power to you know so they their own people the smart city projects that they have mostly some valence projects with cameras they will be watching people possibly and we don't know what this could be used for data centers whether where information is stored that's something that nobody really knows when it goes into the hands of the wrong people so this is something that a lot of experts out concerned about internet access increasing in internet access doesn't mean you have internet freedom which is of course the problem in china some sites are blocked like wikipedia so definitely be an issue in africa too so it could be an issue there but. going back to hawaii or chinese take in general which is very much under fire now under fire by washington this discovery and us china trade war and how it's heating up any any impact on african infrastructure in that respect well i mean a protracted trade dispute between beijing and washington is obviously a. problem for africa potentially could also be an advantage in some ways so
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there's 2 ways of looking at it it's a problem of course if the chinese economy is performing badly that means there's less money that they can give to you know african governments to help them support this these infrastructure projects it could be a good thing if they are not buying if the chinese are no buy in from the u.s. markets you know in terms of some agricultural products and going to the african market that could help some african markets as well so that there could be winners and losers in both ways well chip on the so good to have you in the studio thank you so much to ponder jim ballou from the business. now than a russian security firm is also looking to invest in africa's expanding digital infrastructure moscow based perske lap aims to work closely with military government and educational institutions across the continent our correspondent is on the cows score top with the company's co-founder and c.e.o. at the transform africa summit in cannes got a. digital innovation is creating unprecedented opportunities for africa but you're
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a lot more concerned about cyber threats and cyber security already a topic issue in africa just because i'm in cyber security interest of all the think about security for the oldest. you projects in developing the infrastructure and if you can compass of course it's very important. and why is that important because we depend on cyber and do this in specially in developed world. sport with plans of agreed transportation kills clear. evidence and they're often compass the unfortunately they are a little bit late was development but they're learning a bit of 1st and we're here to provide the knowledge or technologists to help them . it just mentioned that they are late comer under to development but is it not maybe also a possibility to turn a handicap into an advantage and to do the same errors again like the us or europe did exactly and i was speaking about exactly the same the problem so the
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opportunity just because in the developed world you lose your head within that based on the vulnerable at that age and system vulnerability cations of all the both architecture and so for them a full disk on that is enough to get this opportunity to build infrastructure especially critical infrastructure from the screech. not secure but immune so is the security of this immunity and the immunity means on huckabee saw we can kill them if we want to kill them. at the same time we can already see that governments planned to digitalize. data on their citizens we have already digital i d collection is there also a risk that is there might be abuse or how can we be sure there is no abuse of such data it's not a question city i did see unfortunately the date of the pistol date of the enterprise that a girl and its all stolen miss you so many times and you are as a journalist you have no doubt about it well so the so this is just makes our war
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drop of cybersecurity drop of more interest and more complicated and more important and can you share a few specific plans that kaspersky has been on this continent are we capable answer of 1st of all to kill them was a jew creation because when you get more engineers here to implement the whole just some products. will help them was industrial security and on the individual business on the growth of the in the presence ability to do it for years. thank you for that. and other news now european parliament elections on next week many politicians are stressing the importance of unity and common interests but when money is concert every man or every country for himself it's only for one recently got friendly with beijing. it was a special event for a special deal at the end of march italy signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with china on the new silk road beijing's belt and road initiative the 1st g.
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7 country to do so in future italian ports like 3 aston genoa will mark the european terminus of the maritime routes to and from china. they're already being upgraded with chinese capital made ready for the mega ships that will distribute goods throughout europe from here debt burden italy is betting that will boost economic recovery. other e.u. countries like france and germany already isn't they worry about potential chinese influence over italy as well as chinese competition the italian connection would see products from china into europe much faster and in much larger amounts we are not the 1st about almost the last european country to try to gain something from the economy. that's all there is no geopolitical implications. not the 1st we're late in the game if anything and so we want to catch up.
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experts are still divided over exactly what the new silk road actually is some see the plan network of ports rail links and roads primarily as a global infrastructure project that will boost global economic growth others see geo political motives they say china is trying to achieve world domination by subduing countries with debt and dependency. u.s. regulators are in the hot seat for their role in the certification of boeing's 737 max and what critics say is a delayed decision to ground the plane following its 2nd deadly crash in ethiopia lawmakers are asked why they allowed boeing itself to inspect certain aspects of its new efraim. during the 2 hour hearing before the house aviation panel it became clear that although regulators had considered grounding the $737.00 max after the 1st fatal accident you know last year they failed to act lawmakers pressed on the federal aviation authorities reliance on boeing employees during the plane
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certification with. stories we've heard about the process of certification so far troubling. the guiding principle of the f.a.a. and manufacturers must be safety not getting a highly valued plane out more quickly investigators have zeroed in on the planes and the stall system as the cause of the lion air crash in october and the ethiopian airlines disaster in march that together killed $346.00 people last year inspectors with the federal aviation administration discovered that the manufacturer had deactivated a signal designed to advise the pilots of a mill function in the system will fended off criticism that the f.a.a. waited too long to ground the planes the f.a.a. was just too cozy with boeing you were in bed with those that you were supposed to be regulating and that's why so mom $737.00 max planes around the world remain on
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the ground until the investigations are complete and that's likely to take many months. and africa's largest mobile operator empty and floats on the nigerian stock exchange this following the company's 4500000000 euro day the most sees empty and become the 2nd largest stock on the exchange the company is currently embroiled in a legal battle in nigeria over claims it owes around 2000000000 euros in paid taxes . and this is business africa here in w. thanks for watching. the.
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country go international talk show for journalists discuss the topic. savers are rattling once again in the middle east as a standoff between the u.s. and iran intensifies could u.s. pressure produce a new and better nuclear deal as washington claims more results in the war that's our topic on the country join us.
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to take food. with wonderful. make the game so special. for all true friends. because more than football. this is g.w. news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes then unit tests tossed road by the international association of at least. it's federation's we'll hear from kenya's limpid bronze maid in this small. sheaf is the new regulation could be a career. and please visit a husband school in sierra leone it's an initiative tackling domestic violence by teaching men not to abuse their wives.


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