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this is the news live from taiwan becomes the 1st nation in asia to approve same sex marriage lawmakers easily passing a landmark legislation this was by the last minute attempt by conservatives to defeat the belt we'll tell you what rights the new law grants to same sex couples also on the show. just over a week before the european elections and climate change dominating the minds of many voters we'll talk to one of the voices calling for more drastic action to protect the environment also coming out swinging against geniuses. we discriminate
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against brilliance the president unveiling an immigration overhaul he wants to favor a highly skilled migrants over those with family ties to the u.s. but with a divided congress is the plan arrived. and saturday march 10 years since the end of sri lanka's bloody civil war and many families still have no idea what the came of loved ones who went missing in that conflict but their efforts to find them continue. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us in a landmark 1st for asia taiwan's parliament has legalized same sex marriage lawmakers approving a government build a louse same. sex couples to form exclusive permanent unions and apply for marriage
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registration the bill overcame several urls including attempts by conservatives to remove any reference to marriage now despite the outcome of today's vote the issue of same sex marriage continues to divide the country and a referendum last year the majority of voters rejected defining marriage as anything other than a union between a man and a woman but this vote is being greeted by those who've had to put their futures on hold. shane lynn and mark you want have spent the last 2 years planning their wedding in fine detail. the cake shop owners from taipei have been dreaming of their special day since 2017 when taiwan's top court ruled same sex couples should be allowed to marry. had whistled taiwan may often be overlooked internationally the kind of the things we have done are
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visionaries that create you know we can be proud of that the hottentots are out there. but on top of the usual wedding stress is shane mark and other taiwanese same sex couples have a bigger problem support for the issue is divided. was the 3 different bills were table for friday's vote but only one use the word marriage put forward by the government it allows same sex couples similar rights as married heterosexual couples a bill satisfactory for the l g b t rights campaigners the other versions backed by conservative lawmakers were void of the term marriage. not everyone on this relatively liberal island shares these people's desire for equality in a series of referendums last year more than 2 thirds of voters decided marriage should only be defined as being between a man and a woman numbers that opponents of same sex marriage say cannot be ignored let's go straight out to the w.'s william yang standing by for us in taipei with the latest
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good morning to you well this is a 1st for what are some of the reactions to this law that you're getting where you are. so we're just now hearing all the supporters of same sex marriage chanting and cheering at the back row because the legislature just passed the 3rd reading of the government. legislative bill told this means that one becomes the 1st 100 days under that legal life and thanks very much and also samantha the title about 150 the gay couple in asia. ok what about the referendum last november that rejected same sex marriage we heard about in our report how did that play into the debate and the voting today. so as we know last year's referendum result show overwhelming need to host the for
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the fact that they want the marriage to be defined as a union between a man and a woman however the ruling party step step up their game and to fight it through a fight by the constitutional which rules which is it is unconstitutional to ban same sex marriage so this bill just person. the political politics here is. progressing in a way that human rights is being considered as a very important issue in taiwan ok for those who support the same sex marriage those saw it or are they happy with the way the bill was passed with its wording and its provisions. past today's voting for today's voting start there have been some concerns about the effectiveness of the spill frenzy and sex couples the right to get married. organizers have repeatedly say that this is already a watered down version of the bill that they can accept so they likely won't
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continue to push for a full marriage strike in the future and there is an election coming up so some sex marriage is likely to continue to remain a very important topic and discussion during time when we are in for us in taipei william thank you very much for bringing us up to date. it's now less than a week until you parliamentary elections and many voters say environmental concerns will decide their vote 77 percent of the tent of voters listed global warming as a key factor and how they'll vote that according to a study published last month we're going to talk to a green politician who says germany has surrendered the lead on climate action but 1st here's a look at the environmental concerns that have prompted many young europeans to take to the streets in recent months it wants you to panic a blunt message to the european parliament from swedish activist gratitude the teenager has given the world a wake up call with her urgent appeal for climate action. the global youth movement
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she inspired has shifted the climate change debate forcing it both to the top of the e.u.'s agenda and party campaigning ahead of the blocks parliamentary elections next week so what is the e.u. done so far to tackle the climate crisis. in march the european parliament voted to ban single use plastics starting in 2021 as part of sweeping legislation against plastic waste that pollutes beaches and oceans. it's agreed a near total ban on insecticides that have been linked to a dramatic drop in the numbers of wild bees honeybees and other color. the e.u. parliament is pushing to put cleaner cars on europe's roads by 2030. and it wants to slash its greenhouse gases by 40 percent in the next 11 years some experts say that's not enough but right now it doesn't look like any single member state will be able to meet that target. reason enough for protesters across
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europe to keep pushing for faster climate action in brussels. to talk about how these issues are shaping the european election i'm joined now by he's a bottom in the series he's a representative for the greens in the german parliament good day to you thanks for joining us this morning sometimes you think that germany is falling behind other european countries don't you germany is considered by many to be a leader in environmental issues but but you think it's not there those days are gone unfortunately for example france proposed into neutral in 2050 or so one week ago together with other european countries european countries but germany didn't want to you know be part of this so i'm very ashamed as member of parliament why don't we join the initiative ok what happened why did germany fall behind.
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wrong yeah i think it's a climate of fear also because of the right populist so for example we have regional elections in autumn this year so the government is afraid of talking about carbon tax for example or about phasing out coal but i think we have so many young people on the streets and they want to be the one to have not fear but to go forward so this is what we should do and say well what do you think germany needs to do to to get in step then with these other countries you're saying that that have the lead in europe especially in light of these elections here i think we should do carbon price to together with the other european countries that would be a good thing the carbon tax carbon tax there are a $12.00 european countries who do have that germany is still behind so at the moment those who want to protect the climate they pay for the others who pollute the climate i think it's not just going to change ok but but your critics say that germany only produces 2 percent of c o 2 emissions globally why should it then bear
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the burden for reducing carbon emissions yeah i think we're more powerful than that because germany is really important country in the european union so if germany would be the front a pioneer of climate policy the whole european union could be a climate of policy and it's the 3rd biggest emitter and of. c o 2 in the world the european union so together we could really do something ok so it's all about the european union isn't it when it comes to carbon emissions and a tax you mentioned populists being a concern in terms of environmental policy they could poll as high as 35 percent in these you elections as would some opinion polls are showing how would that affect climate change policy and environmental policy if there was that type of strong showing for the populists 1st or do hope that many people will not vote for the populous that way we have to you know each other people. to go to the elections to
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vote for an international movement for protection and not for a nationalist movement against refugees and against free borders and liberal democracy so that the 1st thing we have to do. we have to defend our democracy and our well you know lisa bottom for us from the greens in the german parliament thanks very much for being with us. this preview now some of the other stories making the news at this hour but as well as self declared president one has confirmed he sent delegates to norway as i've country tries to mediate in the venezuelan crisis but denied direct talks were underway with president nicolas maduro as government this is the 1st official confirmation of an attempt at dialogue in venezuela's months long power struggle. former american intelligence analyst chelsea manning has been jailed for contempt of court for the 2nd time this year for refusing to testify to
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a grand jury investigating wiki leaks manning has already spent 2 months in jail and says the pressure from prosecutors will not lead to go operation with their requests. to china born architect who shaped urban landscapes i am pay has died at the age of $102.00 as works have been held by many but also met with controversy they range from hong kong's bank of china skyscraper to the glass pyramid in the courtyard of the louvre. and f. 16 fighter jet has crashed into a warehouse just outside march air force base in california a pilot ejected moments before it crashed was on heard before 5 people on the ground were injured because of that crash is under investigation. and saying in the u.s. president trump has announced plans to tighten immigration making it tougher to gain entry into the country he wants immigrants who have english language and job skills the plan would also drastically reduce the number asylum seekers' democrats have
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called it dead on arrival but the plan could help unite republicans in the run up to next year's elections it is the most ridiculous system in the world the worst we have the weakest the most pathetic we have laws that are the laughing stock of the world in the past he's called it broken and dysfunctional now for us president has unveiled a new plan that he say's would transform america's immigration system we are proposing an immigration plan that puts the jobs wages and safety of american workers 1st. it would c.v. introduction of a merit based system that's prioritizes high skilled workers instead of what the president calls random selection we discriminate against genius we discriminate against brilliance we won't anymore once we get this passed
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trump said he would stop all illegal immigration by finishing footboard of all he promised to during his presidential campaign and he said it's time for america to get on asylum seekers if you have a proper claim you will quickly be admitted if you don't you will promptly be returned home. the plan was put together by jared kushner troops and law and to see me advise the president democrats to get behind it but that seems unlikely it was provoking it is despicable demagoguery is simply the appeal to time space and their political reporting of what is a political document not a realistic reform. democrats also criticized what it didn't contain the proposals say nothing about the millions of illegal immigrants already in the u.s. unveils name mention of the dreamers the young people brought to america as
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children. the plan will unite to put the can spine tim ahead of the 2020 elections leave in seems unlikely some say his plan just doesn't go far enough. and staying in the us where 2 days after the state of alabama passed that country's most restrictive anti abortion code new lines of resistance are forming calls for a boycott of products made in the state are growing protests or supporters say the law violates roe v wade that's a landmark supreme court decision in 1993 that legalized abortion across the country our correspondent elena humphrey traveled to alabama to speak with people on both sides of the divide the out about mistake capital has become the latest front line in a fight for reproductive rights that most pro-choice activists thought they had won in the 1970 s. inside this building republican governor k. i.v. signed the bill into law and now she has
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a battle on her hands she has the support of proponents like lori mullins who runs the cope pregnancy center in montgomery alabama offering baby items in parenting classes in an effort to dissuade women from seeking abortions like the bill itself she sees no exceptions even in the case of rape or incest if you believe that at conception it is a person then you have to believe that all life is sacred how i was conceived has should have no impact on the value of my life why would you protect lives. in say except yours yours is not the case of incest that is a really really difficult discussion to have it's never right there is no good answer but at the same time the way the law is now we see it all the time if a child is being molested and she becomes pregnant at 13 or 14 or 15
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the family takes her to have an abortion the only person who wins in that scenario is the person who was abusing her while proponents of the text want it to include few exceptions to see it potentially go all the way up to the supreme court and maybe even overturn roe v wade itself opponents of the bill accuse state lawmaker has of playing politics with women's bodies one of them is margo hotline dressed as a handmade the pro-choice activists protested on the steps of the state government as the bill was passed my. personal. stake in this is that i was for 3 years a victim of continuous sexual assaults and i did think that i was pregnant when i think about someone who might be in the situation that i was in and isn't able to. escape from that you're stuck you're stuck with your rapist's baby and currently with her new 3 abortion clinics in the entire state choices already seem limited
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alongside her work as an activist mia raven also works in an abortion clinic patients often find themselves in dangerous circumstances as an already difficult time tell me about harassment paint a picture for me about what a woman might face coming into the clinic where you work the minute she pulls into a driveway she's going to be read in by some protesters the minute she walks out of a corridor and starts screaming at her telling her that she doesn't need to be here and that she's still going to be a mother but she's going to be the mother of a dead murdered baby the. dr are used to southern states trying to vilify what they do. this is not an uncommon tactic they go after the providers especially the doctors is another way to cut down access because abortion can really go all day long but if you can't access that you might as well not have that right.
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those rights are being challenged not just in alabama but across republican held states in the south the midwest which i'm looking at a muni conservative supremum court and hoping that now might be the time to roll back reproductive rights the good. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show saturday marks 10 years since feet and tree along those long running civil war many went missing in that brutal conflict but their relatives have not given up hope of seeing their loved ones again. but 1st the role of women in the catholic church has been a point of contention of course for decades recently there's new anger over revelations of the sexual abuse of women sometimes priests by priests rather of nuns in some cases over a long period here in germany a group of catholic women are now boycotting the voluntary work they do and calling for a more liberal church they've chosen the motto maria 2.0 maria being of course the
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german name for the virgin mary. they're determined to be heard the women of the maria $2.00 movement they want to a new reformed more woman friendly church they've gathered in front of the berlin cathedral to make their demands clear to the male dominated catholic church. we need equal treatment and rights and i think things are going to change the time has come for people to smoothly finally realize that women in the catholic church should home various positions. since last saturday women have been protesting across germany for a more liberal catholic church they were white shawls and improvised church services white is the color of hope hope that something will change. for the want is the 1st demand is that all these cases of abuse be thoroughly investigated and that the perpetrators be punished and removed from their positions
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the 2nd demand is that the church change its stunt some sexuality and the 3rd thing is that women must also be allowed to be ordained. according to a survey most bishops in germany reject the women's protest even the bishop of berlin the intended recipient of the message of these demonstrators didn't appear but one priest did show his solidarity. i also support that concerns something has to give in our church and the people who are here those who are truly involved in the church in their congregations and for whom it's really important to spend that time there and they really want the church to have a future. these women don't want to just play supporting roles in the catholic church with their weeklong church boycott and protests they hope they can change the face of the catholic church.
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we're turning now to sri lanka and saturday will mark 10 years since the end of that country's long running civil war but is still struggling with the scars a conflict left behind the war broke out in 1903 fitting the singhalese military against the tommy oh liberation tigers the tom eagles were fighting for an independent state for this ethnic minority and may have 2009 the sri lankan military defeated the tumble separatist but at a huge human cost sought that some 50000 fighters and over 100000 civilians were killed many of them tommy else they at least 20000 people are still missing their fates unknown d.w. went to northern sri lanka where survivors have taken the search for missing family members into their own hands. 10 years of demanding an answer j. have anything still doesn't know what happened to her missing daughter the war was
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winding down she says when masked men tore 16 year old jeromey from her arms and fled. there were did i let go of her and i was lying on the ground in a month's time to my back with his boot. i screamed when i looked up the larger hiker carrying my daughter looked so small in the distance. that's how fast a to cough it was just a cloud of dust many people haven't heard from their loved ones for even longer in some cases several decades their stories might be different but the family share the same sense of suffering without proof their children are dead they hold on to hope. when people pass by at night tonight here are the children calling for their mothers or he my daughter calling for me i hear her voice and i immediately look thinking she has come back to me the task of finding out what happened to people like jeromey will land here at the office on missing persons or on pete it's
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a new commission being set up by the current administration to independently investigate the disappeared the chairman understands some people are skeptical it is extremely challenging because there have been many institutions and the commissions established in the past the interest of the missing and for the families feel that they have had no ounces we do not want to give people false promises or false hopes and we will be very clear that we try to review strive to establish this office really try to find them to 5 ounces but that is going to take time building trust between state institutions and the people especially in the northeast has been no easy task human rights lawyers to bodge make his show and in says the o.m. p could gain the public's confidence once they set up local offices but he also says some families are afraid. people may give testimony today but may have a fear that it will fall into the wrong hands so some families have said they may
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have more faith in the process if a foreign government or international body works with. some others like jay i say they will only accept an independent and foreign led investigation. do you know we impute common start from the very beginning it's already been 10 years enough to do even more time go by and not to be dots. the civil war may have ended a decade ago but the families searching for their loved ones are still waiting for closure. we have some sports news now and nick curios has been disqualified from the italian open after throwing a temper tantrum during this national norway's cust baroud on thursday the umpire gave him a game penalty for an outburst the australian slammed his racket on the ground kicked the water bottle and then curled a chair onto the clay court along with being disqualified he's been fined $20000.00 euros has had to forfeit his tournaments prize money and ranking points.
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let's get you a minder now of our top stories at this hour taiwan's parliament has legalized same sex marriage as a 1st in asia law grounds same sex couples the right to officially register their marriages conservative opponents have tried to defeat the bill with a more limited version of same sex unions. the majority of voters see global warming as a key issue ahead of european parliamentary elections less than a week away now but i'm vicious the carbon emission goals face stiff resistance within the european union. had its business with ben in the future of mobility ben you've got stuck in traffic again yeah yeah it's a pain in the nick and i was thinking about buying one of these a nice good as i couldn't imagine you are a nice good price i could if i have a helmet on before i'm ok ok well there's a safety issue 1st of all to destry in starlight and that they want to move the pavements motorists don't want them on the road yet you have these about the photo
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that when you see those you scooters on the road you really do have to wonder how safe they are we'll be talking about that with ben up on the business next i'm brian thomas with the entire news team thanks for being with us thus far.
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fighting for freedom fighting for the moment ahead. as a young child or military dari was sold by her family as a house slave and. 12 long hard years later she regained her freedom and now her memory is her power in the struggle against serfdom which she turned into an international campaign. in 45 minutes on d w.
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