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and explain. the end. of this news coming to you live from berlin taiwan becomes the 1st place in asia to approve same sex marriage normally goes past the landmark legislation despite the last minute attempts by conservatives to defeat the bill we take a look at rights the new grants to same sex couples also on the program. just
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about a week left under your pre-election polls show climate change is a major issue for many voters so what's the action plan. and saturday marks stimulus in the end because civil war many families are still searching for missing loved ones lost in the brutal conflict. good to have you with us. taiwan's bolland has legalized same sex marriage is the 1st place in asia to take this landmark step you know make has approved a government bill which allows same sex couples to form exclusive permanent unions and apply for marriage registration the bill overcame several hurdles including attempts by conservatives to remove any reference to marriage. despite the outcome
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of today's vote the issue of same sex marriage still divides the country in a referendum last year a majority of voters rejected defining marriage as anything other than a union between a man and a woman but the new not just patient has been hailed by those who have been eagerly waiting for it for this moment. shane lynn and mark yuan have spent the last 2 years planning their wedding in fine detail. the cake shop owners from taipei have been dreaming of their special day since 2017 when taiwan's top court ruled same sex couples should be allowed to marry her 1. 100 percent of the time 1 may often be overlooked internationally over kind of the things we have done our visionaries a career we can be proud of that the hottentots are all. but on top of the usual wedding stresses shane mark and other taiwanese same sex couples have
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a bigger problem support for the issue is divided. the 3 different bills were tabled for friday's vote but only one use the word marriage put forward by the government it allows same sex couples similar rights as married heterosexual couples a bill satisfactory for the l g b t rights campaigners the other versions backed by conservative lawmakers were void of the term marriage. not everyone on this relatively liberal island shares these people's desire for equality in a series of referendums last year more than 2 thirds of voters decided marriage should only be defined as being between a man and a woman numbers that opponents of same sex marriage say cannot be ignored. taiwan just become the 1st country in asia to legalize and tax marriage absolutely me to be teacher rights in taiwan as more of an. athlete face that
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has been dubbed as big a capital in asia. legislated that actually cement a once place in the healing to break new ground in terms of human rights and eligibility to rights but also it is likely going to inspire that movement that will open up and working quality and rights for l.g.b. secure individuals in taiwan. also across the asia. and that on and young. is now listen a week to go until parliamentary elections and environmental protection is very much on the minds of voters millions across europe have joined movements like fridays for future and extinction rebellion to demand more action on climate change and a recent survey shows that this is what voters want to see prioritized 77 percent worry about global warming what 80 percent are concerned about air pollution 81
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percent want to see more sustainable agriculture implemented and 82 percent want better environmental protection the policy makers in the e.u. are starting to listen but activists say the still a long way to go i want you to panic a blunt message to the european parliament from swedish activist gratitude the teenager has given the world a wake up call with her urgent appeal for climate action the global youth movement she inspired has shifted the climate change debate forcing it both to the top of the e.u.'s agenda and party campaigning ahead of the blocks parliamentary elections next week so what is the e.u. done so far to tackle the climate crisis. in march the european parliament voted to ban single use plastics. starting in 2021 as part of sweeping legislation against plastic waste that pollutes beaches and oceans. it's agreed
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a near total ban on insecticides that have been linked to a dramatic drop in the numbers of wild bees honeybees and other color nadirs. the e.u. parliament is pushing to put cleaner cars on europe's roads by 2030. and it wants to slash its greenhouse gases by 40 percent in the next 11 years some experts say that's not enough but right now it doesn't look like any single member state will be able to meet that target. reason enough for protesters across europe to keep pushing for a faster climate action in brussels. and a talk about how these issues are shaping the election let's cross over to go to learn she's a member of the european parliament and she's also on the committee on environment public health and food safety welcome to you mr dylan as we heard the environment has become a top priority for voters ahead of these european elections do you expect this to
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be reflected in the post next week i certainly do i think the pressure is good i think that will help the parliament to be more progressive and i think that this legislation period that we are there is coming it will be very important to reflect the necessary to to change climate policy to be more ambitious and this is a new wave of activism of grass roots movements which have brought in my mental issues very much into the mainstream but to what extent do these lists actually influence your policies. i believe it influenced. the e.u. a lot i actually felt the pressure the last year during this legislation period and i was negotiating the climate strategy for 2050 and then the pressure from the public was very important to make it more ambitious. and yet there's often
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a tradeoff between environmental policies and business interests how difficult is this to resolve this challenge when it comes to implementing new regulations in the e.u. of course we still have conservative forces and the lobbyists don't want the parliament to be us ambitious as it should. 2 i feel with the youth now with. pride for future and although the climate strikes that we have seen among the youth are wrong not only in europe but also around the world that is actually putting a lot of pressure on the political parties during this election and i believe it will help the progressive parties to be stronger in and have a better election so that will certainly help above this spot is also expected to make gains in this election some estimates say as many and as much as 35 percent
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how might that affect the efforts against climate change. that is extremely negative we see. that they are connected to movements like trump and the tea party movement and climate it's not on there again the contrary but i believe that with. the candidate for the president of the commission trounced him amongst he said that he wants to have this alliance among progressive groups and i think if we do that and if we also use this last days same front of the election to really create. a good good election for the progressive parties then i think we can have a chance to to to do what's necessary. a good and a member of the european parliament and on the committee of environment at the e.u. a real pleasure to have you with us on the view thank you and
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we have some breaking news coming in for you from the u.k. the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corbin has ended cross party drags the talks of prime minister to resign the 2 sides had been negotiating for 6 weeks in an effort to reach a compromise on the ucas departure from the e.u. corben said the talks have gone as far as they can and of course be following the story for you and bring you more on that as soon as that it becomes available meanwhile returning to environmental issues and here in germany the debate is on over the rules of the road for a new form of transportation east kutas should they be allowed on the street these scooters have invaded pavements across europe but this trans want protection and many motorists see them as an hasn't talked to our tech expert in just a moment but 1st this report. they're compact and they run on electricity these tutors could be coming to german streets. these 2 women are test drivers sophia and
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selena both from bombay are going but neither of them have ridden an east route or before now a representative from the public utilities company gives them a crash course in how it works and they're both excited to hit the street on the new form of transport. in terms of traffic cause it's like being on a bike it will have to see how it goes with cars and buses in the make. helmets are required here and once those are on sophia and selena are off. after practicing in a parking lot they head into city traffic the scooters go up to 20 kilometers an hour east routers aren't allowed on sidewalks and back during the official test phase riders have to use the bike lane if there isn't one they have to go on the road as traffic builds up sophia and selena have to stay focused as if it is
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a big this soon turning is tough you have to do you say many things of once you have to concentrate on going forward to keep an eye out for the traffic check behind you and put on the brakes. but i'm. so far there haven't been any accidents here in canberra but if the new form of mobility grows in popularity it's just a matter of time before they begin to occur on friday the german government will decide whether you scooters are safe enough for the country's roads and sidewalks. and with me i have are until tim from a business department is also a tech expert welcome balance what is so much concern about these days is it really the safety aspect those people are worried about well that certainly is one aspect i mean there was actually a letter recently released recently from the group of. doctors in germany who warn that they do pose a slight increased risk especially compared to biking or other person mobility
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choices so yes there are some safety concerns but experiments in the united states with these type of squares are showing that there really isn't that much of an increase in terms of accidents in traffic to be associate with them really when it comes to like personal mobility it's changing here in germany is changing throughout the world and you have to realize there are a lot of entrenched interests here in the country who kind of want to see cars still be in the main variety of personal transportation and right now we're seeing kind of a democrat ization of that process we're seeing more person mobility choices coming in so so i do think part of the resistance is partially because of safety environmental concerns but also because there's just so many interests who want to see the car remain out there in the front ok you said that you know he's going to say using many of us the well you mentioned the united states how are they dealing with the situation well i mean so far it seems like many of the startups are kind of do this rental programs based on an app or use an app to book on these critters for sure pit of time are actually being quite successful i mean some business analysts predict that the entire market will be worth between $20.40 in the coming
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years which is an incredible amount of money that's why we're seeing them expand so quickly when it comes to congestion and some of the major cities where they're used like what we've seen in paris or also in spain as well there's a lot of problems where people in the lot of the locals are complaining that these scooters are clogging up the roads are taking up too much space people are bringing it back to the charging stations so it seems at least on that side of the equation there's still a lot of kinks that they need to get worked out before they're really ready to go big with the supporters say that. they green others as a green as people say well yes they are but are some caveats there of course if you compare them to a car it's going to be much more environmentally friendly i mean the they're run on electricity they don't use gas they don't produce nearly as much c o 2 but you have to remember when it comes that type of chain the energy has to. come from somewhere so basically here in germany we still rely on coal to produce a lot of our energy so no the scooters aren't 100 percent environmentally friendly
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but they still are a lot more suited to neutral than cars but there's also the concerns about how durable they are experiments in the states have shown that a lot of these scooters only actually survive for about a month and need to be replaced after that and i mean that is a huge huge weight kind of wind down in the environment i mean yes recycle the parts and there's a lot of critical elements use in these batteries especially lithium that we need moving forward so yes they are environmentally friendly but it's not like the end all and be all of environmentally friendly travel in big cities right allenton thank you very much thank you. i think we now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the bond iran's foreign minister has called on the 5 remaining signatories of the 2015 nuclear deal to take concrete action to save it iran previously warned that it would scale back some of its commitments under the deal a year after the u.s. left the pact and dream post sanctions. minister has self declared president
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though has confirmed he sent delegates to norway as the scandinavian country tries to mediate in the venezuela crisis but why though deny direct talks funded way with president nicolas. it's the 1st official confirmation of an attempt a dialogue in venezuela's months long palestra. the china born architect who shaped urban landscapes ion pay has died at the age of $102.00 his works were hailed by many but also met with some controversy they range from hong kong's bank of china skyscraper to the glass pyramid in the courtyard of the nuvi in paris. turning down to the u.s. where president donald trump is announced plans to tighten immigration making it tougher to gain entry into the country he wants immigrants to have english language and job scans the plan would also drastically reduce the number of asylum seekers
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democrats have called the plan dead on arrival but it could help prompt united republicans in the run up to next year's elections it is the most ridiculous system in the world the worst we have the weakest the most pathetic we have laws that are the laughing stock of the world in the past he's called it broken and dysfunctional now the u.s. president has unveiled a new plan that he say's will transform america's immigration system we are proposing an immigration plan that puts the jobs wages and safety of american workers 1st. it would save introduction of a merit based system that's prioritizes high skilled workers instead of what the president calls random selection we discriminate against genius. we discriminate against brilliance we won't anymore once we get this passed
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trump said he would stop all illegal immigration by finishing the border wall he promised to join his presidential campaign and he said it's time for america to get tough on asylum seekers if you have a proper claim you will quickly be admitted if you will promptly be returned home. plan was put together by jared kushner trumps one in law and to senior advisor the president urged democrats to get behind it but that seems unlikely it was provoking. despicable demagoguery if i simply took people to come out from space and everybody wanted to like him he is a political document not a realistic reform. democrats also criticized what it didn't contain the proposal say nothing about the millions of illegal immigrants already in the u.s. and best name mention of the dreamers the young people brought to america as
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children. pipes the plan will unite to publicans behind him ahead of the 2020 elections believe in that seems unlikely some say his plan just doesn't go far enough. here watching the news coming up ahead missing the forgotten she younger civil war ended 10 years ago but these families have not given up hope of finding loved ones who disappeared during the brutal conflict. but 1st today is off the u.s. it of alabama passed the country's most restrictive anti abortion law the opposite opposition to its organizing a pro-choice supporters say the law violates. wade and that's a landmark supreme court decision in 973 that legalized abortion i us correspondent had a humphrey traveled to alabama to talk with people on both sides of the divide. the out of i'm a state capitol has become the latest front line in
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a fight for reproductive rights that most pro-choice activists thought they had won in the 1970 s. inside this building republican governor kay ivy signed the bill into law and now she has a battle on her hands she has the support of proponents lightly lori mullins who runs the co pregnancy center in montgomery alabama offering baby items and parenting classes in an effort to dissuade women from seeking abortions like the bill itself she sees no exceptions even in the case of rape or incest if you believe that at conception it is a person then you have to believe that all life is sacred how i was conceived has no should have no impact on the value of my life why would you protect lives. in say except yours yours is not now in the case of incest that is a really really difficult discussion to have it's never right there is no good
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answer but at the same time the way the law is now we see it all the time if a child is being molested and she becomes pregnant at 13 or 14 or 15 the family takes her to have an abortion the only person who wins in that scenario is the person who was abusing her while proponents of the text want it to include few exceptions to see it potentially go all the way up to the supreme court and maybe even overturn roe v wade itself opponents of the bill accuse state lawmaker has of playing politics with women's bodies one of them is margo hartline dressed as a handmade the pro-choice activists protested on the steps of the state government as the bill was passed my. personal. stake in this is that i was for 3 years a victim of continuous sexual assaults and i did think that i was pregnant when i think about someone who might be in the situation that i was and isn't able to.
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escape from that you're stuck you're stuck with your rapist's baby and currently with her you 3 abortion clinics in the entire state choices already seem limited alongside her work as an activist mia raven also works in an abortion clinic patients often find themselves in dangerous circumstances as an already difficult time tell me about harassment paint a picture for me about what a woman might face coming into the clinic where you work the minute she pulls in sadr on way she's going to be read in by some protesters the minute she walks out of a corridor in this are screaming at her telling her that she doesn't need to be here and that she's still going to be a mother but she's going to be the mother of a murder baby the doctor used to southern states trying to vilify what they do. this is not an uncommon tactic to go after the providers especially doctors is
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another way to cut down access because abortion can be legal all day long but if you can't access or. you minors will not have that right. those rights are being challenged not just in alabama but across republican held states in the south the midwest which are looking at a nearly conservative supreme court and hoping that now might be the time to roll back reproductive rights for good. saturday will mark 10 years since the end of the country's long running civil war but it is still struggling with the scars the conflicts left behind the war broke out in 1903 pitting the single u.s. military against the tamil liberation tigers and the tamils who are fighting for an independent state for the ethnic minority in may of 2009 the sri lankan military defeat at the time a separatist bought at a huge human cost is believed some 50000 fighters and 800000 civilians were killed
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many of them tamils today at least 20000 people are still missing their fates unknown did. winter northern sri lanka receive fivers have taken the search into their own hands. 10 years of demanding an answer j. of anything still doesn't know what happened to her missing daughter the war was winding down she says when masked men tore 16 year old girl me from our arms and fled. not by you or did i let go of her hand i was lying on the ground and a man stomped on my back with his boot i screamed and when i looked up a large vehicle carrying my daughter was already a column of dust in the distance that's how fast i took off what a good. many people haven't heard from their loved ones for even longer in some cases several decades their stories might be different but the family share the
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same sense of suffering without proof their children are dead they hold on to hope . when i have other children calling for their mothers i have my daughter calling for me i hear her voice and i immediately look thinking she's come back to me. the task of finding out what happened to people like jeromey will land here at the office on missing persons or on pete it's a new commission being set up by the current administration to independently investigate the disappeared the chairman understands some people are skeptical it is extremely challenging because they have been many institutions many commissions established in the past to address the issue of the missing and for the families feel that they have had no on says we do not want to be before as a false hopes and we need to be clear that we try to establish his office we would try to find them to 5 ounces but that is going to take place building trust between
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state institutions and the people especially in the northeast has been no easy task human rights lawyers to bodge make his show and in says the o. m. p. could gain the public's confidence once they set up local offices but he also says some families are afraid. people may give testimony today but they have a fear that it will fall into the wrong hands so some families have said they may have more faith in the process if a foreign government or international body. some. say they will accept an independent and foreign led investigation because they did not have people come in from the very beginning it's been 10 years and more time will go by. the civil war may have ended a decade ago but the families searching for their loved ones are still waiting for closure. the breaking news that.
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the opposition. has ended. the 2 sides had been negotiating for 6 weeks. on the. talks have gone as far as they can. i'll have more news on that story.
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quadriga international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week papers are rattling once again in the middle east as a standoff between the u.s. and iran intensifies could u.s. pressure produce a new and better nuclear deal as washington claims or result in war that's our
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child the country join us. quadriga next on d w. careens for modern living babies don't give a thought to updating their minds and bodies but manmade systems need constant attention and improvement. just ticks through traffic payment systems the internet. or in fact society as a whole there's always room for improvement tomorrow to get even 60 minutes off. sometime in the 26 to you my great granddaughter of people are. putting the world like in your lifetime in around half
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a century. the world will be a true degrees moment and. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meter in a century that's really frightening for the fast moving. why aren't people more concern. towards me through the 1st w. . welcome to buy drink savers are rattling once again in the middle east as a standoff between the united states and iran intensifies the trump administration has sent an aircraft carrier to the persian gulf and is updating the war plans over what it says are.


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