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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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shifting colors the topic in focus at the global media forum 2019 the laboratory for the digital age. who are we following do we trust to debate and shape the future at the doj ability global media for 2019 the place me for my. well come to in good shape coming up. to exercise or not to exercise there is no question. or thought rexy and unhealthy fixation on healthy eating. and fertility treatments new advances in reproductive medicine. and here's your host dr custom hello and welcome to in good shape where do babies come from this is
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a question many children ask their parents and if the parents don't want to tell them they haven't stories in many countries of the world this stock still really risk the baby's own friends girls come out of a room and boys out of a cabbage but what is the stork the roses and the cabbage failed you can go to the fertility center here in berlin to doctor. sort of a couple as unprotected sex after one or 2 years in former times it was not easy to get pregnant but now the modern reproductive medicine is able to help. to get maybe one or 2. no stuff. couples who want to have babies are in the lucky side of
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life they just get pregnant but others try and try and try and they fail and if they don't get pregnant after you hear it up to say this is infertility. there can be many reasons why a woman fails to get pregnant one 3rd of cases are attributed to fertility issues with the female partner one 3rd to problems with the male partner and one 3rd to a combination of problems in both couples are generally considered in need of fertility treatment if they've been trying and failing to conceive for at least a year. in 2015 nearly 21000 babies born in germany for example resulted from assisted reproduction that was 1000 more than in the previous year worldwide millions of babies are conceived with the help of fertility treatment and the numbers climbing steadily so is infertility on the rise. sperm counts in western
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industrialized nations have plunged by over 50 percent in the last 40 years stress and unhealthy lifestyles have been shown to adversely affect fertility professor cuts i mean hunger has observed a rise in the number of people seeking fertility treatment. smoking and obesity have a major impact on fertility and both women and men. the good thing is that you can discuss these issues with a couple and encourage them to make changes and i must say what if it's yes. but the main reason why couples fail to conceive is that women's fertility declines with age. the number of eggs in their ovaries decreases steadily. girls enter puberty with around half a 1000000 eggs. they lose around a 1000 eggs each month. when a woman is in her early thirties the statistical likelihood of her becoming
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pregnant is 30 percent precise. in the fall full by the time a woman is 40 the likelihood she'll conceive his decreased and by 44 she has just a 3 to 4 percent chance of conceiving a month on this financial high. on the reason for this to put it frankly is that her eggs are older and they've declined in quality so a pregnancy becomes less likely and bob is nice to meet so i nationalists of. women seeking fertility treatment are 35 and a half years old on average. with women delaying childbearing in some parts of the world are couples who want children more likely to end up childless. dad and looks just as you can't necessarily that conclusion is we don't know how many childless couples wanted children and how many chose not to have them working
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on this and what we do know is that a growing number of couples are seeking fertility treatment and that the options are becoming increasingly sophisticated the probability of conceiving after one round of treatment is now 20 percent the more rounds you have the higher your chances are of conceiving but success is by no means guaranteed. and you can head off a teacher center in the loop which is one of the hottest interest interest here in germany thanks for having me today. which a couple decide to see so 1st say should have unprotected sex and if it more than one year of unprotected sex then they should go to a doctor either going to college just or here to reproductive unit and get to visit you and question. first i have to find out the reason for being steroids recorded steroids and that is depending on either male factors of female factors and in
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female factors it mainly harbottle disturbances that there is an every man school cycle or the wife has a problem with her fellow peon toups as a result of pelvic infection or it is a male problem that is promoted to of the number of as low and that might be the reason of a male infertility you definitely look at both not just. the male yes of you have to look at both because it's half and half between male and female that's the reason to solve a male and female best use you read anything about it use the sperm quality which increased over the last decade this is true that's true but on the other hand we know that the probability to get pregnant is nearly the same whether it's now or it's a decade or 2 decades ago so there is
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a problem but it has no influence on the question whether the wife is should get pregnant moment one problem could be a shove your industrious countries couples decide to imagine an older age for instance over the age of 50. here that has an influence so the normal fecundity gets. own after the age of 30 in the wife. but definitely between 303530 that's not a huge problem after 40 years of age that's a problem because of the problem of the quality of the x. the quality of the existing minish ing after the dramatically after the age of 38 years and the introductory age of survive is very important on the other hand the male influence is not that important but after the age of 50 you have also added or quality of the sperm looking at treatment options i mean i think that it
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depends on the costs of the infertility but what kind of options to offer ok if there's an all male disturbance in the women it's the treatment is very easy. you have to give her some tablets or injections to produce eggs and then if she has an ovulation she then these this problem is solved on the other hand if there are moderate problem with the sperms you could combine this one was an artificial insemination so drugs for ovulation and other official insemination so it's a quite easy treatment let's take a closer look at artificial insemination in investments countries about 2 to 5 percent of the couple need some help. many couples hoping to have children face a battle against time such as 34 year old even villa and her husband.
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we tried and failed for a long time so we went to see the doctor and i went to a gynecologist and my husband went to your ologist the doctors advised us to go to a fertility clinic events can i want to settle to give discussion. but it was quite overwhelming at 1st it would already be known in mines but when events which are told to get really. it becomes an issue but it did mean that we had this opportunity. to look for you. to take this egg cell that turns into an embryo out of an incubator and put it under a microscope to see whether fertilization had occurred so if it's was a view of what it was the fertilized egg ovum was examined once a day. you could say and she just removing the cells from the warm environment of the incubator 37 degrees celsius removing them from ideal conditions
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and exposing them to the risk of cooling and to light as well as fluctuations in the ph levels and now none of that's necessary it's this minute issue new technology is helping to improve the success rate of assisted reproduction treatments. among the latest and the most advanced methods now available is the so-called time lapse incubating. going to the lung when you open it shares a gap the built in camera travels a lot it measures and assesses the cells well creating live time lapse footage it's a very small area that's intentional in order to create very stable cell culture conditions for getting the for the opium tubes where the egg cells would usually develop are close to no lead can enter and there are no temperature fluctuations this stunt. that allows a more natural and unhindered development in the extremely sensitive early phase as
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well as careful monitoring by the doctor. it is easy for terrorists to find those one big advantages that the incubator can function without interruption without being open to the 2nd pleased we can see how the cell division inside is developing . we know of far better resolution of every single movement so there's much more information about the quality. of the cells development which is a huge advantage. that's headed sickles even. within 5 days the fertilized eggs are implanted into the mother's uterus evangelist treatment was successful now she's pregnant. all. stored the baby's completely healthy everything's great each time the doctors told us how well the baby was developing and everything was normal so it couldn't have been any better just great. for couples like the time lapse. significantly improve the chances of becoming pregnant.
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about 40 years ago the 1st test tube baby was born her name is louise brown and there are different kinds of official insinuations so what kinds of how they to choose from so we look either on in vitro fertilization test tube baby or we combine it with the when you inject one sperm into the egg so normally it takes in vitro fertilization that means you have the major x. and then you put around the x. about 200000 sperm and you hope that one goes into the and fertilize the egg on the other hand the extra procedure then you take one sperm inject this one directly into the eggs and then you hope to have a fertilization as well so the 1st one the in vitro fertilization is more natural with the extreme method it what about the result is the x. method better because you inject it directly into the egg you have
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a little little higher number of fertilization but the body is important at the end of the baby take home or it is just the same it's more in favor of even more natural procedure all the other you have sold the baby take over it is a little bit better and i we have procedure so it's always a good idea to stay with nature you have. to give the woman home or is the preparation for the simulation why is that so normally you have only one egg during a man sort of cycle but for a successful in vitro fertilization you need 12 to 15 eggs and you can make a calculation because half of the eggs as never able for a pregnancy or for a delivery so you need more and some of the eggs don't get fertilized so that's the aim to have 12 to 15 eggs which are major and then you can use them for the in vitro fertilization all for the masses and isn't it dangerous to get those homes
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are the side effects yes you have to look to the side effects of the long term around the end of the short term run on the long term run we know that there is no high probability for getting cancer breast cancer in women or. ovarian cancer but in the short run you have problems that there is a possibility for an hyperstimulation that you have not only $12.00 to $15.00 x. but maybe 30 and then the ovaries are enlarged and some of the out that much smaller than that the woman has to go into the hospital to give you some update on the success rate of the in-vitro fertilization so the 1st success rate is that you have after the embryo transfer you have a pregnancy the pregnancy rate can be expected of about 30 percent and but that is not the most important for the women most important it's a baby take home braid and the baby to cooperate is between 20 and 25 percent so
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if you counsel the couple you have to tell them ok we have to take it to call 2 or 3 attempts and then the probability of 4 having a baby is higher than the probability for not having a baby and when you take a look at the babies i mean there are some reports that suggest that there are higher rates of organ failure as a heart problems so it's true. all things this is true because we have to be aware that we do a lot of artificial things we give a lot of hormones for the majority of the eggs and then in the incubate of the the eggs and the sperms and the embryos are between $2.00 and $5.00 days and the possibility for developing are not just the same as in the women the fallopian tubes normally it takes place in the fallopian tube and that we have to be there maybe that is somehow on the embryo and on the end we are never on the safe side it when we do artificial things so we have to counsel the patient and we can do it
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only if the patient are agreeing on the procedure well we just focused on artificial insemination but let's take a look at natural for to the station so we could viewer question some c.d.'s from us and he asks if there is certain positions that increases women chance of getting pregnant no you should just have sex and the position is not important and it's not also important that you stay in bed because we know after 10 minutes these problems are not in the vagina only not in the order of the hour in the fallopian tubes you can do what you want just have sex so there's no headstone necessary you know ok junaid 100 wants to know does abstinence improve sperm quality it's the opposite because normally human beings have sex all 2 or 3 days so if you wait too long then you get not better spreads you get worse so not waiting for a long time just have sex it's really good news thanks for the very interesting
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talk so if you want to get pregnant you have to come back and if you want to have your questions answered get active to. an upcoming show we'll be looking at fruit and vegetables did they give us enough nutrients or would it be better to take supplements to stay healthy. send in your questions about that issue too in good shape but do w. dot com just write nutritional supplements in the subject line we look forward to hearing from you. if you want to write us do it right now because postponing things means that they often don't get done i myself i'm a master in procrastinating but there's a way out of it let's take a look at the next report i will watch this report maybe later. but. a quick burst of activity but you run out of steam almost immediately.
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if you see exercising as a chore you might want to try finding a sport that's. tired and as a sports psychologist at the university of part sun he loves running and he advises people to find a form of exercise that suits them in the must also be a need to try things out perhaps there is a sport you used to enjoy what you like doing most then just go and do it for. try mixing it up the main thing is to enjoy working out. lots of people say they would exercise but they just don't have the time to. kind of tight so hard saying you don't have time is not an excuse everyone is busy you have to find a way of fitting exercise into your schedule however busy you are. going
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to put it in your calendar that's what you do with the work appointment make it non-negotiable just put it in the calendar and stick to it. schedule your exercise. and make sure you're well prepared. pack what you need in your sports bag well in advance. and the realistic people need to exercising tend to set themselves over ambitious goals they have no chance of reaching. the bias that it's really important not to overtax yourself and do a bit less than what you think feels right and only keep it up as long as it feels comfortable. and don't forget to reward yourself that way you'll stay motivated. sometimes our brain is pretty straightforward have
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a reward means the brain says well done do it again treat yourself. and sooner or later that feeling of achievement after a good workout will be rewarded not. you know what i like to put into my phone all the things i eat because i want to stick to a healthy diet but sometimes pursuing healthy diet can be compulsive if you get upset by it but can a healthy diet be an illness that i didn't want to lose weight i wanted to put on weight but i was also afraid. and i eat really healthy fruit and vegetables hardly any fat mash counterfeiter. canned food was a no no i would never eat canned tomatoes say because they have additives in and over to michael holders and a healthy diet has never been more fashionable but paradoxically sometimes it can make people on healthy mindful eating can become an obsession so fear is 19 and
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suffers from orthorexia no vosa and excessive preoccupation with eating what's perceived as healthy food she's been in treatment for 6 months she's learning to understand the condition. at the beginning i thought you were eating healthily and you're also exercising so a healthy lifestyle but at some point i realized i was losing weight even though i didn't want to but i was also worried about putting it back on and that's when it started to become compulsive and that kind of. people with orthorexia are less worried about the amount of food they're eating and more preoccupied with what they're eating they have a fixation with what they believe to be healthy and unhealthy food. a study involving nearly $1400.00 test subjects at the university of distilled or showed that 3 percent had symptoms of orthorexia bianca's friend and has also
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observed a rise in the disorder. people are looking for the healthiest diet possible and that can make them increasingly restrictive when it comes to what they eat. in one meal. and that they no longer see food as sustenance it becomes their main focus in life and that's what orthorexia is basically. when sophia 1st arrived in the clinic she weighed just 36 kilos when someone is orthorexia their entire day tends to revolve around what they eat they set themselves strict rules about what they're allowed to eat and follow them rigidly. that's what happened to sophia too and one key factor played a major role. is to madonna for the media and i believe that the media was to blame these days you're always hearing about the dangers of sugar how the whole
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world is eating fast too much sugar and too much fat so. that was what started my anxiety. tips on healthy eating are all over social media a british study revealed that regular instagram users are more likely to think about the issue of eating and exhibit symptoms of orthorexia and this nutrition is a major topic in society and the media i'd say that coverage of issues related to how we eat certainly plays a role in orthorexia such as factory farming or a salmonella outbreak. some viruses that are transmitted through food that's had this i instills. anxiety about diseases can feed the fixation on healthy eating here in the clinic the young women are really learning how to eat normally it doesn't happen overnight. and this is why they're vanilla sugar and that just says
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that's a problem for me just the cookies and fruit mean there's already sugar in it sounded so calm down but the main thing the amount of sugar isn't all that much. try getting used to the idea that small amounts of added sugar are just fine. on and off. young women are particularly at risk of developing a disproportionate fear of unhealthy food. but so are people who work in areas related to nutrition such as fitness trainers and dietitians doctors keep a close eye on their patients various rules are designed to help them develop a healthy relationship to food. if they have half an hour to eat so they can get used to normal quantities normal meals and normal meal rhythms so that's why we have this half hour rule then they can leave the table. they get 6 meals a day all the food is fresh and flavorful even so for many of the young women here
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tucking in ticks a lot of determination it's hard for them to relinquish control over what they're eating. and the goal is for them to eat more or less normally and what's also important simply to enjoy eating again and to be able to take pleasure in food insecure. sophia has set herself a personal goal. to mention when this is over and started spending an outpatient clinic and i would not like to get an apartment with roommates who are roughly my age and go back to the job training program i was doing before i just like to return to normal life that's my goal. a normal life that doesn't involve worrying incessantly about food. that's it for today see you next week and until then let's all try to stay in good shape.
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this is the diving news coming to you live from the island talks to end the break the deadlock collapse in the u.k. the opposition labor party pulls the plug up to 6 weeks of negotiations with the prime minister to resign me please find out what this means for the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. also on the program taiwan becomes the 1st place in asia to approve same sex marriage nor make us past the landmark legislation despite a last minute attempt by conservative.


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