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this is did every news coming to you live from the talks to end the brig's a deadlock collapsed in the u.k. the opposition labor party pulls the plug after 6 weeks of negotiations with the prime minister to resign me please find out what this means for the u.k.'s departure from the. program to have one becomes the 1st place in asia to
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approve same sex marriage. the landmark legislation despite a last minute attempt by conservatives to defeat the bed. and just about a route from now until european elections polls show climate change is a major issue for many voters so what's the action plan. class. a soft voice that made the internet smile online sensation grumpy cat has died at the age of 7. mourned by millions of feline fat. little warm welcome to you. briggs it's compromise talks between the u.k. government of the opposition labor party have. collapsed labor leader jeremy corbin
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ended the negotiation saying instability within prime minister treason is government had known doubt that any deal between the 2 sides would be kept talks have been underway for 6 weeks in an effort to break a deadlock on the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the european union. we were speaking a short while ago britain's prime minister suggested it was the opposition that was to blame for the talks collapsing well as jeremy corbyn says actually this talks have been constructive and we've made progress in areas where we have been able to find common ground but other issues of proved to be more difficult and in particular we haven't been able to overcome the fact that there isn't a common position in labor about whether they want to deliver or hold a 2nd referendum which could reverse let's go straight to london i'm joined by the big hit last we're standing by bigot the labor leader germany corben said the talks that the government have gone as far as they can what do you mean by that.
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well he means that there simply wasn't enough common ground between the 2 parties labor was trying to push through a customs union so for the a u.k. to stay within the e.u. customs union which of course wouldn't mean that they are restricted wednesday when it comes to forging their own trade deal so that's something that many entries amaze parties the brics it is could not really swallow the other also obstacle is that reason has announced that she is going to go and of course from labor's point of view they see a government gerry mccolgan as mention it in stable and anything that's reason may says now who knows where there has success so will actually stick to that and boris johnson the former foreign secretary is somebody that's being mentioned as favored by the conservative party base by the activists so he is a likely contender for the next prime minister and i think many in the labor party
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are very worried as to who they would get as the next prime minister and whether he would stick to anything that they agree now as to reason may so a bit of a setback for terrorism is what's going to happen next i'm being it. well you have mentioned that they are going to vote once more on the original bill a slightly different version slightly ahead of the original bill that was already voted down 3 times in the u.k. parliament so not very likely that it's going to go on the 4th attempt also what's very likely option now is that there is another round of the so-called indicative aides so giving it back to the parliamentarians trying for them to work out a brick said that they could live with and then of course that also needs to agree to again with the european union we see that it's a very complex and complicated process and it really looks at this point that none
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of these options seem to be very likely to have a satisfactory result so what remain compay pnas are hoping for the main complaint is here in the u.k. is that at some point this is going to go back to the british people and that might be a 2nd referendum that is trying to find a solution out of this whole breaks of mess and it is got to be asked i guess how likely is a 2nd referendum. well really nobody knows how this breaks a deadlock can be broken and this is the most likely moment for a 2nd referendum it's hard to put a number on it but the chances of a happening has been steadily rising and there was particularly within the labor party a lot of pressure on them we see that now in the campaigning for the european elections the braggs of party and i just ferocious bragg's of party has been extremely
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successful and he's been campaigning to it and rallying and people are really celebrating him like a rock star people also flak flocking to be members of this party and those on the remains site i hoping that this is going to galvanize also people to say well this is not what we want we don't want to just crash out of the european union without any deal which would be the default option if no compromise can be fined and that there is more pressure on parliamentarians particularly in the labor party to come right into the 2nd referendum to people's vote they get in london thank you very much for bringing us up to date from there. time on. same sex marriage is the 1st space in asia to pas such a landmark legislation no make has approved a government bill that allows same sex couples to form exclusive permanent unions
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and apply for marriage registration the bill overcame several hurdles including attempts by conservatives to remove any reference to marriage despite the outcome of today's votes the issue of same sex marriage continues to divide the country. the rain couldn't dampen their spirits here in taipei l g b t rights campaigners celebrated their victory outside parliament an emotional day for those who fought for equality and put their futures on hold it's a very significant day to us because we could bottle caps the laws that protect my family we've been fighting for this. law for 5 years for me personally for i even. and now that i do anything for a. day in history many lawmakers see gay marriage as a bomb but i want to remind you that we are not terrorists i have never seen we are
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your family your brothers and your sisters your constituents please support us to convince this woman. 3 different bills were table for friday's vote but only one use the word marriage put forward by the government it allows same sex couples similar rights as married heterosexual couples a bill satisfactory for rights campaigners should the other versions backed by conservative lawmakers left out the term marriage altogether. opponents say lawmakers are ignoring the will of the people in a series of referendums last year more than 2 thirds of voters said marriage should only be defined as a union between a man and a woman but that's far from the minds of these rights activists celebrating what is a landmark day. and look at some other stories making news around the world u.s. president dahlan crumples announced plans to tighten immigration with a merit based system he wants immigrants to have english language and job skills
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the plan would also drastically reduce the number of asylum seekers democrats have said the plan is destined to feel. venezuela's self declared president won by the who has confirmed he sent delegates to norway as the scandinavian country tries to mediate in the venezuela crisis but why they were denied direct talks founder a with president nicolas maduro the us government is the 1st official confirmation of an attempt a dialogue in venezuela's months long palace struggle. the china born architect who shaped urban landscapes i.m.p. has died at the age of 102 his works were hailed by many but also met with some controversy in range from hong kong bank of china skyscraper to the glass pyramid in the courtyard of the louvre in paris. iran's foreign minister has
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called on the 5 remaining signatories of the 2005 nuclear deal to take concrete action to save it moment job and study if said what he called support of statements were not enough to safeguard the accord iran has had previously said it would scale back some of its commitments under the deal last year the u.s. left the pact and has since really post sanctions on iran. earlier political correspondent spoke to the german foreign minister asking him about the rising tensions and if he thinks that the u.s. government is preparing for a u.s. led war against iran. according to the people i've been speaking to and that's mainly mark. also the president he said in recent days that no one wants war that's how it should be and how it should remain.
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but we want to talk with iran about things we all find unacceptable like its role in syria or yemen it's ballistic missile program stance towards israel just that. this will not change we threats of war and certainly not with self that's why i'm confident that this is not the i'm of the american government but tensions are now so high that we must fear that unforeseen incidents by unidentifiable actors could very quickly lead to reactions that could escalate and trigger violence that's the problem right now. is just the. us there is now less than a week to go parliamentary elections and many voters say environmental concerns will decide how they vote in one study 77 percent of the people listed global warming as a key factor and policymakers have started to listen but activists say there's
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still a long way to go i want you to panic a blunt message to the european parliament from swedish activist. the teenager has given the world a wake up call with her urgent appeal for climate action. the global youth movement she inspired has shifted the climate change debate forcing it both to the top of the use agenda and party campaigning ahead of the blocks parliamentary elections next week so what is the e.u. done so far to tackle the climate crisis. in march the european parliament voted to ban single use plastics starting in 2021 as part of sweeping legislation against plastic waste that pollutes beaches and oceans. it's agreed a near total ban on insecticides that have been linked to a dramatic drop in the numbers of wild bees honeybees and other cullen eaters. the e.u. parliament is pushing to put cleaner cars on europe's roads by 2030. and it wants
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to slash its greenhouse gases by 40 percent in the next 11 years some experts say that's not enough but right now it doesn't look like any single member state will be able to meet that target. reason enough for protesters across europe to keep pushing for faster climate action in brussels. and of talk about how these issues are shaping the election let's cross over to your to go to law she's a member of the european parliament and she's also on the committee on in violent public health and food safety welcome to you mr gillon as we heard the environment has become a top priority for voters ahead of these european elections do you expect this to be reflected in the post next week. i certainly do i think the pressure is good i think that will help the parliament to be more progressive and i think that this legislation period that we are there is coming it will be very important to reflect
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to necessary to change climate policy to be more ambitious and this is a new wave of activism of grass roots movements which have daughter in law mental issues very much into the mainstream but to what extent do these movements actually influence your policies i believe it influenced. the e.u. a lot i actually felt the pressure the last year during this legislation period i was negotiating the climate strategy for 2050 and then the pressure from the public was very important to make it more ambitious. and yet there's often a tradeoff between environmental policies and business interests how difficult is this to resolve this challenge when it comes to implementing new regulations in the e.u.
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of course we still have conservative forces and the lobbyists in the don't want to parliament to be us ambitious as it should. i feel with the youth now with. trying to for future and although the climate strikes that we have seen among the youth are wrong not only in europe but also around the world that is actually putting a lot of pressure on the political parties during this election and i believe it will help the progressive parties to be stronger in and have a better election so that will certainly help above the spot is also expected to make gains in this election some estimates say as many and as much as 35 percent how might that affect the efforts against climate change. that is extremely negative we see there. that they are connected to the moon months like trump and the tea party movement and climate is not on their again the contrary
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but i believe that with. the candidate for the president of the commission trounced in the months he said that he wants to have this alliance among progressive groups and i think if we do that and if we also use this last days same front of the election to really create the good and good election for the progressive parties then i think we can have a chance to to to do what's necessary. a good one a member of the european parliament and on the committee of environment at the e.u. a real pleasure to have you with us on the view thank you. now here in germany lawmakers have paved the way for the use of east cortez on streets where cars drive division the country has been fierce over the issue the district has one protection and many motorists see them as
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a has that. their compact and they run on electricity east tutors will be hitting german streets soon. these 2 women are test drivers sophia and selena both from bombay are. neither of them have written and before now a representative from the public utilities company gives them a crash course in how it works and they're both excited to hit the street on the new form of transport. stuff in terms of traffic cause it's like being on a bike you feel we'll have to see how it goes with cars and buses in the mix. helmets are required here and there and once those are on sophia and selena are off . after practicing in a parking lot they head into city traffic the scooters go up to 20 kilometers an hour east routers aren't allowed on sidewalks and back during the official test
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phase riders have to use the bike lane if there isn't one they have to go on the road as traffic builds up sophia and selena have to stay focused as if in this upping as soon turning is tough you have to do so many things of once you have to concentrate on going forward to keep an eye out for the traffic check behind you and put on the brakes. but i'm so. so far there haven't been any accidents here and i'm back with a few restrictions the german government decided on friday to allow for people over 14 as long as they stay off the sidewalks. this week the u.s. state of alabama passed the country's most restrictive anti abortion law the new code to bans abortion except when the mother's life is in danger and today the state of missouri is expected to pass a similar restrictive ban approach sure supporters say these violated roe versus wade the landmark supreme court decision in 1703 that legalized abortion here
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trying to sift on access to the procedure our correspondent helen humphrey traveled to alabama to talk with people on both sides of the divide the alabama state capitol has become the latest front line in a fight for reproductive rights that most pro-choice activists thought that one in the 1970 s. inside this building republican governor kay ivey signed the bill into law and now she has a battle on her hands she has the support of proponents light lori mullins who runs the co pregnancy center in montgomery alabama offering baby items and parenting classes in an effort to dissuade women from seeking abortions like the bill itself she sees no exceptions even in the case of rape or incest if you believe that at conception it is a person then you have to believe that all life is sacred how i was conceived have should have no impact on the value of my life why would you protect lives.
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and so i except yours yours is not the case of incest that is a really really difficult discussion to have it's never right there is no good answer but at the same time the way the law is now we see it all the time if a child is being molested and she becomes pregnant at 13 or 14 or 15 the family takes her to have an abortion the only person who wins in that scenario is the person who was abusing her while proponents of the text want it to include few exceptions to see it potentially go all the way up to the supreme court and maybe even overturn roe v wade itself opponents of the bill accuse state lawmaker has of playing politics with women's bodies one of them is margo hotline dressed as a handmade the pro-choice activists protested on the steps of the state government as the bill was passed and my. personal stake in this is that i
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was for 3 years a victim of continuous sexual assaults and i did think that i was pregnant when i think about someone who might be in the situation that i was and isn't able to. escape from that you're stuck you're stuck with your rapist's baby and currently with her new 3 abortion clinics in the entire state choices already seem limited alongside her work as an activist mia raven also works in an abortion clinic patients often find themselves in dangerous circumstances as an already difficult time tell me about harassment paint a picture for me about what a woman might face coming into the clinic where you work the minute she pulls into a driveway she's going to be read in by some protesters the minute she walks out of a corridor and i start screaming at her telling her that she doesn't need to be
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here and that she's still going to be a mother but she's going to be the mother of a dead murdered baby the doctor are used to southern states trying to vilify what they do. this is not an uncommon tactic they go after the providers especially the doctors is another way to cut down access because abortion can really go all day long but if you can't access or. you might as well not have that right. those rights are being challenged not just in alabama but across republican held states in the south the midwest which are looking at a nearly conservative supremum course and hoping that now might be the time to roll back reproductive rights for good. that's a vote by the humphrey the internet is in mourning the frown that launched a 1000 means has passed away internet sensation grumpy cat has died at the age of 7 the cat's famous collie caused by feline divorces him shorter to online fame and
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even prompted drum piece o. enough to critter job to set up a company promoting her stop it who made numerous t.v. appearances and starred in a christmas movie. but how did this colleen cat managed to win over the hearts of millions to talk about this feline sensation i'm joined now by the social media editor donna they go. first of all who was grumpy cat and why did she become so popular. well i can't believe i have to talk about her in past tense but grumpy cat was indeed an adorable feline 7 years old born in arizona united states in 2012 to her owner tabitha she was an adorable little cat who as you said because of dwarfism certain type of dwarfism she received this well how to say this very grumpy face she rose to fame when her
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owner's brother posted a picture of her on reddit in 2012 and ever since well the rest is history she was able to capture everyone's hearts on the internet she was part of millions of means tweets movies and we will all miss her. and then the other not only did grumpy count of millions of followers she also made her own a small. correct she had more than 8000000 followers on facebook 2000000 on instagram more than 1000000 on twitter but she also had a brand established after her name grumpy cat ltd the family never disclosed just exactly how much. net worth was but speculation talked about anywhere between $1000000.00 and $100000000.00 to the media brian tabitha's brother said that that allows them to have a low 6 figure salary and this is more or less what we know about the numbers she
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was definitely a hit also in merchandise books mugs and all that kind of sort. though this led me to bed soon but who do you think is going to be the next katha of any potential . well for me personally i'm retired this is way too soon to discuss this but i can tell you with a very heavy heart that a very prominent candidate has to be a little bump i don't know if you've heard about her everyone who spent more than one minute on the internet must have this is also an adorable little cat also suffering from some sort of syndrome that well believe it or not keeps her tongue out permanently little bob has this beautiful beautiful look very lovely heart and she's also an internet star that again thousands of means post pictures with her so who knows maybe she's going to have the next crown. thank you so much and of course all right. kat. now for an item of
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sport and rugby star israel folau has said his contract has had his contract terminated by rugby australia 5 weeks off the association 1st committed to sacking him or. media posts rugby australia acted on the recommendation of a 3 person panel. to follow had breached their rules on inclusion in an instagram post in which he said that awaited drunks homosexuals and adulterers has spent 72 hours to appeal the ruling. here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you in the united kingdom the opposition labor party leader jeremy corbett has ended breaks the talks with prime minister to resign me. to sides had been negotiating for 6 weeks in an effort to reach a compromise on the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. . coming up next on news 10 years after sri lanka
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comes to an end families searching for their loved ones who are still missing today . and the community celebrates in taiwan and becomes the 1st place in asia to approve same sex marriage. and more coming up in the news. if your cat.
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we're not here to judge but to eliminate prejudices. we're not here to change your opinion but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. not
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here to give the right answers but to ask the right questions. we're not here to indoctrinate but to listen. plus 90 connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. europe a big idea but what's become of it and what me it looks like tomorrow. dublin gets ready for an in-depth look at the european elections and brought us to the questions that matter what are european voters hopes for the new parliament what challenges fly head. can't wait till long the politicians and the people in power have come away with not doing any. right the current crisis
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lead the group in a luncheon trip to the best place. for destruction. to the answer we have to answer to sleep 1st. legibility president. g.w. . this is deja vu news asia coming up today 10 years after sri lanka's civil war comes to an end the wounds are still fresh and the emotions brought we joined families searching for their loved ones who are still missing today and a milestone taiwan becomes the 1st place in asia to approve same sex marriage parliament's costs of built and the l g b t plus community celebrates what does it
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mean for gay rights movements elsewhere in asia.


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