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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2019 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. will see p t p p be a success trade ministers of the successor of the trance of the civic partnership meet in chile to discuss the way forward. also on the show a social media outcry often bocce try selling a religious headwear online as quite a mock up. but come to business asia i want to get jones and bill in good to have you with us and we start with news just in it's is official president donald trump confirms he's postponed a decision on tariffs on cars and parts from europe and japan the now says he'll wait up to $180.00 days for the outcome of trade talks before deciding whether to
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implement the additional navies and this comes as minister from 11 countries meet in chile to receive ect another trade deal that withdrew the u.s. from. it's been a tumultuous few years for global trade with several previously solid relationships called into question. at the center of what some are calling a new era of protectionism is us president donald trump since taking office he's pulled out of a number of high profile agreements including in 2017 a proposed 12 nation free trade pact called the trans-pacific partnership for t p p last year these 11 remaining nations came up with their own amended deal the not very catchy comprehensive and progressive agreement for transpacific partnership or c p t p p for shorts now they signal trees are missing in chile to take stock of the decision. here so c.p.t. b.p.
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has a strategic significance not just because of the tangible benefits his brings to their respective countries to create the rule that c.p.p. plays a part is an important part of the global jigsaw puzzle for us to promote a more open and rule based trading system and to resist that type of isolationism and protectionism those sentiments were echoed by other ministers who looked at the deal for enabling member states to increase exports and raise growth forecasts in the 1st quarter of its validity all together it was a powerful display of multilateralism from the country's forced to wave goodbye to a free trade deal with the world's most powerful economy. here's a surprise germany is among the top destinations for i.t. specialists despite the country's poor reputation when it comes to digital networks and that's according to a new study by the boston consulting group which polled 27000 people in $180.00
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countries the u.s. is the top country destination for digital exports worldwide while about a 3rd of those polled chills germany focusing on cities the study found that london is the most popular place for digital exports followed by new york and berlin. and for more let's cross over to hyundai our financial market correspondent in frankfurt ushered us what makes germany's so attractive. moniker to begin with there's a huge demand for these professionals in germany as its manufacturing sector goes digital remember germany's late to the party so many of these medium sized companies are now going digital today they used to man there but i also spoke to many of these take on entrepreneurs in berlin and they had very practical explanations for why they are in bali and firstly it's cheap which we both can actually watch for do the prices of accommodations is going up in the past few years but they also feel that it's a very international city and they can they can find like minded people to network
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with and it's a very vibrant city that's what they say but this still feel that there is a lot of bureaucracy involved the language is still a concern and most of the forms that they have to sign unfortunately in german yes all that red tape just very briefly as to where are they actually coming from. it's not very difficult to guess they're coming from india and china these are people who are immigrants from highly skilled immigrants from india and china are the highest recipients of home and residency in germany and most of these. higher education also the students for these are also coming from china and india so there are going to be many professionals who are going to hit the market which will hear india and china ok i should respond a day from frankfurt stock exchange thank you so much. australia's been one of the world's west carbon polluters the capital it's the biggest exporter of coal and
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climate change cost the last prime minister his job no doubt energy policy is a potent issue going into tomorrow's federal election. greenpeace activists took their protests to sydney's harbor bridge to demand the country's prime minister declare a climate emergency. australia is on the front lines in the struggle with climate change. i stride already experiencing climate emergency and severe climate damage. and the number one cause of these climate damage that is already harming so many struggling families is call. coal is one of us trillions most important exports with much of it leading from abbott point the world's largest coal harbor. many of the ships bound for china are speeding up the great barrier reef destruction. climate change is also far
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enough australia's elections climate change effects or hard to ignore here the adani coal mine is one of the conflicts epicenters. i have friends and family working in the mines up in north queensland and i 100 percent understand they can say about stopping call like it's a huge industry up there i understand that but i think this issue is more important than just single electorates i think it involves all of us trail yeah but it's really is ruling conservative party isn't willing to give up on coal just yet it still produces 75 percent of the country's power and brings in billions in export capital. and stronger storms forest fires and droughts and dying reefs have done little to sway them. and for more i'm joined by peter of the german australian business council good to have you with us so germany is of course pushing for renewables while australia is holding onto coal power how do you deal
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with that. well from a business perspective what we shouldn't forget there's actually thing quite a lot of push at the state level in australia for renewable energies as well we've seen a lot of german and a european business in the broadest sense and move into a stray invest into a strike it's just not at the federal level so from a what we would like to see as this in this is from the from the government is that more stability and also a bit more of a concept at the federal level a bit more of a concern concert approach rather than have has that approach you talk about stability there's no political stability there is yet again and election what does all of that mean for investors. well you know generally there is always a bit of bit of an uncertainty in golf in the elections for investors and i know that the number of investors have been waiting have been awaiting the outcome of the election but generally look i think in terms of environmental issues and also
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energy issues. there is a we do find there is a direction in towards renewables and i do think that whatever the outcome of the election will be. once they're passed there will be more stability and more and more of an environment for for stable investment and do you think that the free trade deal that australia is currently to go she with europe going to make any difference. while it is part of the negotiations so there is obviously various chapters in this free trade agreement but one of them is trade and sustainability and also energy and materials so whatever the outcome of course of the very off the negotiations will be we do not yet know and that's remains to be seen but it is on the agenda and also in the broader since we
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very much in favor of this free trade agreement because we are expecting a fair bit of a push even more so than has been in the past full of relations ok if you drop their share of the german australian business council thank you so much for your time. thank you. can you turn a turban into me a fashion accessory 6 men who traditionally wear turbans as part of their identity have a clear answer they say no you can't well that's exactly what fashion label gucci has done and has come under fire for what critics call the appropriation of a religious symbol for profit at milan fashion week the label put a 6th turbans on models and they appeared later on an american retailer site selling for nearly $800.00 provoking an outcry on social media and that is where my colleague peter dolls coming into social media is your expect to use what exactly other say. well as you said this is really not going down well
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with the sikh community the policy director of colorado of the colorado seeks tweet it this anyone want to explain to me why gucci thought selling a turban for $790.00 was a good idea this is not some fashion accessory this is just very off another seek writing this is beyond activating someone to even bother to figure out what it does start with the actual name of the head where means to see it across from once you consider the history behind are dead any white people are discriminated against even killed for wearing a turban and what she's referring to there is you know especially since 911 sikhs have been the target of numerous hate crimes because they're often mistaken for muslims so there's been incidents of threats they've been beaten in history stays in some cases even killed so it's a very sensitive issue for that very sensitive issue i mean it's not the 1st time that gucci's getting itself into trouble is it no certainly not i mean you could
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almost be excused for thinking maybe this is just duties new thing just back in february gucci came under fire for selling this it was supposed to be a balaclava what most people saw was a you know a black face you know like now that i'm serious as i was back in the twenty's used to mock and imitate black people. gucci was forced to pull that sweater issue an apology. so yeah it's just there is there a strategy i mean is it like you know better talk about aspect of the outrage but that sells products could that be it you know yeah i mean it's it's certainly beginning to look like that almost right i mean not long ago h. and m. was heavily criticised after running an ad showing a black boy wearing a shirt that said cool is monkey in the jungle. right 100 many just a couple months ago home improvement giant horn about. as far as
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a shoot controversy after it ran an ad showing a japanese woman basically getting off smelling sweaty white men's and ok yeah so in this economy attention is one of the most valuable currencies and this is a certain way of getting it r.k. well that's certainly an interesting business angle to that story peter down there from do we use social media thank you so much for this. and this says d w business asia for you thanks from me of the team for keeping us company.
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plane. this is the life of our lead talks to end of the. gregg's it does the collapse of the duke a the opposition labor party pulls the plug after 6 weeks of negotiations with prime minister tributes in may what could it mean for the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. also coming up with just about a week until european allies.


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