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what you're getting. during school africa. we're learning to accept a new story and discussion from our use of easy to our website debbie that comes from africa joining us on facebook. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes mahdi's capital is struck with heavy flooding leaving at least 15 people dance we have a report from paul where many families have been if told the rains damaged they houses. and on the international day against homophobia we talked to an elegy activist evolves efforts to break down discrimination against gays and lesbians in uganda. we've been giving the old wheels a new drive we need the prison for us turning the other rubbish into snazzy sandals
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in cameroon. i'm christine when the welcome to news africa i'm glad you're tuned in at least 15 people have died in mali's capital bamako off to flash flood struck the city destroying homes and property the government's ses teams have been deployed to rescue those left homeless and has urged caution from residents but the residents themselves say all floors he is have been slow to react in a country so safe to bowl to flooding. the floodwaters came when these people were sleeping they didn't have a chance to think about saving their possessions the trencher rain falling overnight in bamako in the space of just 5 hours. these women were lucky to escape with their lives some didn't. and i mean and we lost all our stuff
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the water to everything away everything we had 4 people died in our family. people here are blaming local authorities for the flood damage they say rubbish was left to build up their cloaks drains and rivers preventing the flood water from flowing away. government ministers have visited the area many are critical of what they see as a whole planning and a poor response after all the start of the rainy season is relatively predictable. well known example as for me this is a warning for us residents the government only comes after the damage is done. we need to protect lives and we need to be cleaner i know it's because of the rubbish that overflowed into the river. but i think more than one sitting what i ministers
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who came to promise to send vehicles to drive us somewhere for the night. they say they'll do everything they can we're just here waiting for that one phone signal. bamako with it's 3 and a half 1000000 people and it's one of the world's fastest growing cities along with the people comes a trail of rubbish this is the consequence of the government's failure to deal with waste residents left to clean up the mess. ok today is the international day against homophobia it's a day that activists use to raise awareness for rights violations against the gay lesbian and bisexual community in africa 35. and trees have no is punishing homosexual acts ranging from life imprisonment in gambia and tanzania and the death penalty in countries like sudan and somalia in recent years many governments on the continent have been accused of supporting the persecution off homosexuals one of those is uganda where amnesty international says the country's community is
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commonly harassed and silenced by the government and police we're going to talk to an l g b t campaign an advocate they had a moment but 1st let's listen to what people on the streets of kampala have to say about homosexuality the government of uganda should create a safe space for people who have the traits of homosexual homosexuality it is be an easy and all those who are maybe maybe cui out but i think they should create for them it's safe space it's actually not abuse. you cannot compare month to month when these. man to woman shouldn't have created a man and a woman to have a living suicide to tomorrow i know is there will be no word see what good are you gonna what you know you don't like it's a tool when people support homosexuality in uganda ugandans watching us we do not like it when we support homosexuality it is really bad i usually see them visit the
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prime minister and i'm told they want to meet the president i really don't support homosexuals a.b.c. i'm going to see what they're going to come back to me i don't recommend them i don't recall many thousands of individuals being part of a mass is there already a part of us who also can't get rid of them but those they shouldn't be something that would be their policy to say they should be fired which formalizes it by they can be within my guest today is one of uganda's most prominent advocates for. rights frank will. the direct healthy organizations sexual minorities uganda he joins me now from campolo welcome to africa frank you live in uganda as an openly gay man what is that like. are you are really living in uganda openly carry on. still very many challenges one of the children.
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you are. you prepared very english and a friend and 000 even getting married very free country free not only referring to sherry sherry until. you leave all of our lawyers we are afraid we need more. surrender giving you. a frank you're involved in a lot of advocacy are you seeing any improvements in the situation for gay and lesbian people in your kind. and perhaps in africa more widely. where this is all i don't see much progress. do you noticed in the fall it was already extreme from some of. the so much you see so creepy and. pretty . much how the. strong
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woman but if you come there and you take a chair. of this movie or video and you can see the consequence of coming in for christmas break. for free speech. gun getting all this you need for example to. get a conscience but he's not. going as well for being. active if you are if you we have reagan spending 22 to. find it i don't hold to the looking today discussing the it's the homophobia but in the african context is a teaching tolerance or trying to get to people takes it toll the sexuality which of the tree strategies would be more effective in the african context. instructed
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you try to get people. out of. 1 all the you know that are you shortage because you're going to go to the. gym to get a mate. because you get was not a 5 people who are 0 for them on page 32 of image. and even. if you get a little face. into using it some of these jews are getting ahead of them in people is much more movies are being struck if you. give. us some you. see beyond reason sure. ok how do you beat the advocate frank mugisha in kampala uganda for us thank you. thank you so much. and on this story is in cameroon way
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environmentalist have expressed concern over the effect improperly discarded tie is have on the environment now and upcycling project with input from prison is this giving old wheels new life. the war notes and discarded car tires they litter the environment and can release toxic chemicals into the water. but day cameroon's capital there's no public refuse service that officially takes care of recycling. where other people see problems civil society activists christian league ac solutions he has local youths collect the old tires providing a purposeful activity for the young people because the scrap tires are considered raw material for new products. a lot of people culturally believe it just has to be so we are also using these a sort of what he did to say is that it is then that we can give it to these tires
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which would be more durable which would not affect our environment. the tires are transported to a business partner about 20 miles outside. it's a prison here in mates who refer to themselves as prison for a new oars produce sandals out of the old tires it takes about 4 hours to make one pair and 7 flip flops can be made out of a normal size tire we're not allowed to interview the prisoners but the project is seen as an opportunity for rehabilitation and it's helping solve an environmental problem at the same time you know engagement in prisons we saw the process of transforming thai is firstly as an effort to protect the environment as an effort to support you know the global conversation on climate change and we saw the inmates in prison as the 1st community would we can talk because a lot of people abandon them but they have time they need people to give them an
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opportunity to transform. eventually the rubber tires become fashionable professional looking products christian lady helps to market them under the prison brand creative skills for peace a project for young violent offenders they're sold internationally for around $35.00 euros a pair the inmates receive more than 50 percent of the profit the rest is divided between the prison and the state. we want to build a big market because it is part of the called the brand which is the branding of the products that we produce from prisons and we are hoping that you know nationalities. we are hoping that this young people in prison is able to be financially empowered and how they need to be able to you know make a life out of these. the sandals are also available here in cameroon of course for somewhat less than on the international market christian personally seeks out customers slowly the locals are buying the idea of
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a ko friendly items made by prisoners. if they're one of a production i love it and equate it to the prison for that because like i have prisoners who live in the prison prison as maybe so you know we used to push them to tell them that we have a police van or. tires to send project was driven by a passion for his dedication and efforts christian made the 2017 africa youth awards the last of the 100 most influential young africans and then 2018 he was named the luxembourg peace prize as outstanding youth peacemaker and that is it. is africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and a facebook page in sudan protests is all still camped outside the military headquarters today will leave you with pictures of him holding friday prayers at that time i back.
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sometime in the 26th. my great granddaughter. put the like in your life time in around half a century. your world will be around 2 degrees warmer. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one in the century. we're going to have some climate impacts maternal greater the former c.e.o.
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maybe. it's really frightening. why are people more concerned so little yellow. stars may 31st t.w. . such. it's been 10 years in the waiting but finally german hard rock is ramstein of released a brand new album also coming up in the next quarter of an ira. a look back at the life and achievements of the architects pay the cost away this week. things aren't always as they appear when make up. gets to work.
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and jazz musicians from all over the world are converging on the western city of boston for the jazz festival that. germany's biggest music export ramstein have just released a long awaited new album the 1st single deutschland which came out in march already caused a lot of controversy but it has to be said. manipulating the media and that's exactly what they've achieved the video for the single is out of a $50000000.00 hits on you tube so far without further ado let's find out how they've delighted their fans and at the same time most probably created more controversy with their new album. controversial rule and extremely successful way to mark the band's 25th anniversary ramstein has a new album the topics of the usual fold them saying.


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