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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2019 8:45pm-9:01pm CEST

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always as they appear. on the. jazz festival that. germany's biggest music export ramstein have just released a long awaited new album the 1st single which came out in march already caused a lot of controversy but it has to be said. manipulating the media and that's exactly what they've achieved the video for the single has had a $50000000.00 hits on you tube so far without further ado let's find out how they've delighted their fans and at the same time most probably created more controversy with the new album. controversial rule and
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extremely successful way to mark the band's 25th anniversary ramstein has a new album the topics of the usual fold them say it's ballance german history to video for the lead single deutschland caused a scandal as a teaser for the video the shock rockers released an excerpt showing the band members dressed as concentration camp inmates sparking accusations of using the holocaust for self promotion but once the full video was released it was clear that ramstein was addressing the topic in a more complex manner as one of the darkest chapters in german history. keyboard player flockhart and guitarist power nando's got their start in the 1980s as members of the east german punk band feeling b. . and $994.00 they started branched on and in them fans worldwide even in the u.s. . territory what you're going to pay once the crazy out of control i'm learning
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german for that i just finished my 1st year. at. the 1000000000 bands music videos are at least as important as their music and always focus on the dark side of human nature. kind of rejects me if you understand them you'll find beautiful but dark lyrics you can expect a journey into the unknown into the dark side to evil ones we see. and they repeatedly test the limits of good taste for instance the video to stripped featured excerpts from a nazi propaganda film by lenny refinished hour. after being accused of being politically right when the band responded with the song links spider i feel. and ramstein really put the grim into grimm's fairy tales turning snow white into a drug addicted so that you just.
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there's a really nice story in itself with snow white and the doors but our version is out for trouble. graham steines previous 6 albums have sold a total of 20000000 copies they waited 10 years before making album number 7 and a tennessee in the music business but ramstein are as popular as proven by the fact that every jazz had their upcoming european stadion 2 is sold out. the renowned chinese american architects i am pay passed away on thursday aged 102 he began his career in 1948 working for a new york real estate developer and went on to design many iconic buildings like this class pyramid outside the louvre in paris his designs always showed a careful balance between the cutting edge and the conservatives my colleague david
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leavitt's with. people who knew him say he was charming and unassuming but i am pay also had a strong will and a vision as clear as the pyramid he built in the courtyard of the new it was the french revolution that turned this palace into a museum but pays additions of the movie was a revolution in itself the chinese born new york based architect left his mark from paris to hong kong and along the way pay picked up architecture's biggest prizes. in the mid ninety's paid came to berlin to add a new wing to the baroque german historical museum the museum's vice president when he could catch my i worked with him on it for close to a decade at a time when glass and steel began taking over the city. what's different about this building is this is not i'm for it's not just a building of stone claassen stainless steel is this is a sculpture it's good to see what i thought was lovely about working with him is
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that he cared about when he was building the country the mentality he asked a lot about the history of germany and the lane that he's define and. pay said he wanted his architecture to seduce the visitor always leading the visitor to new sites and here and you can feel him almost pulling you up the stairs. to the top staircase is where the seduction really kicks in and not only is the staircase different it's snail shaped but the stairs themselves are much shorter and dimension these are actually baroque to mentions and i am paid to use them to force the visitor to really take their time and taken all the views. at 102 i am paying certainly reached a ripe age and what a gift he showed us how old and new can stand side by side in harmony.
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after i am pe architecture will never be the same. now do not adjust your sets what you are about to say will amaze you look. it's holly and make up artist based in bella who uses his own face as a canvas and creates mind boggling 3 d. optical illusions like you've never seen before and he's going to show as he does it. it's a master of after collusion and create them he needs nothing more than a brush and some makeup normally the makeup artist and shoes that his clients look fresh and natural but when it comes to his own appearance he prefers to distort it and produce 3 to illusions. but if you get into your dizzying all up on the line
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i'd love to draw ever since i was a kid that was it but can because i'm passionate about 3 d. and makeup i wanted to bring them together. the result is what you see today it is not the boy look at perfectly i mean given the social. pattern his sound the alarm let's watch over his shoulder as he works on one a piece creations instead of a wash carton blow dry chilled will split his own head open up at the moment the one that he worked with depends on the image usually takes me between one and 2 hours. did we audit while the 1st to decide on the angle because it respects an important to producer in the 3 d.s. fact but it did mean that if it the 30. to create his 3 d. effect blue chip foose draws officially distorted version on his head. in
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the end result is hard to picture at 1st. the more i thought it important that getting the lines right is crucial if not completely precise than all those work was for nothing yet. start your predicament this are getting them right is a fundamental part of the work. post the fruits of his labors on his instagram channel over 250000 subscribers marvel at his photos and videos in 2014 began making optical illusions on the palm of his hand his creations ranging from 2 to abstract images started attracting lots of attention. this video alone has been viewed over 200000 times. legend to see that there's 4 months of people like to alter the look experience a transformation they'd otherwise never experience. they have fun seeing something
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new that's about innovation and i think that's why they like it so much.


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