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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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the boats can barely glide across the surface. the international conservation organization rare wants to see the weeds turned into a useful resource farmers in africa can learn how when seminars like this one in burnie after being collected the plants are left to dry in the sun. then they're mixed with carol joan and water. 2 months later the water hyacinths have become compost. the resulting organic fertiliser doesn't just help to increase crop yields. well i'm. guessing that since we started using the composite we feel well and healthy. well a lot we don't get sick as often as we used to so that this is i tell my whole family they should use this composite as well because chemical fertilizers make you ill. but to deal with. the composting
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initiative then if it's farmers fishermen and the environment. if your plants close the lakes which is better for the fish and the fisherman. and the fresh compost saves the farmers money and improve soil quality. of the 5000 terms of the water hyacinth have already been converted into garden gold. and how about you. if you are also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet hash tag doing your bit. we share your stories. what's a high since all real all round you can make bags and bosco's from them or use them as fertilizers to improve harvest yields another good idea about how to use problem products for positive ends comes from greece give us the lowdown n.t.
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and did in the city of tesla make clear plastic which is being of cycle getting a whole new life what would have been trash is turned into a public benches and chairs what's more they are using precision exciting technology to make them the project is called print your city maybe they'll give you a clue. plastic recycled into a new form with a new function. the seeding elements in the greek port city of thessaloniki are part of a project called print your city. plastic waste as pop cycled this furniture from a 3 d. printer. the idea came from the dutch design studio the new rock panel sockets from greece as one of the projects founders. plastic is a mis understood material which is it's not the material that's the problem it's the goals and how we use it of packaging for example yeah but i did my schematic might only be used for a few seconds but it never did great so i could not but you know if we use it in
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some other way later we can change things and improve our lives. this is precisely what part of soccer's hopes to achieve with the project. is the guy who designed the furniture to allow people to experience public spaces in a new way with different last years. rather than sitting right they can relax a bit more if they were sitting in their own living room. this is the feeling we'd like to put across these and bring private living space into public spaces and the fate of mental emotional. anyone who wishes to participate can suggest designs online or select pieces of furniture from the various templates the ones that are selected most often go into print try to save the earth and i was so happy when i was walking through town one day and saw that a bench i had designed had been printed and then it's there for everyone thank you to the others that you know. as soon as
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a new design template goes online the amount of recycled plastic needed for the 3 d. printing process is calculated automatically. at the 0 waste or research initiative of the new raw people in festal uneek you can find out about recycling and deposit the plastic trash cleaned sorted shredded and melted down. and personally i don't like to just throw things out at all but it was sides and i think we ought to have a responsible attitude toward our planet. after all we use its resources year by year. takes about 70 kilos of plastic and 10 hours to make a park bench from a 3 d. printer. 9 of the colorful seats are given placed around thessaloniki center and more a plan to eventually the idea is to spread them all around the city. the
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combination of recycling and design is proving a hit with the locals and visitors alike. it's very impressive to see that you can transform waste into something a static in this way you're picking on at the everyone can enjoy it and said here with their friends it's a definite gain. nothing negative about it might be for the. end of the park benches ever fall apart the simply be recycled. what a wonderful idea but back to africa now ghana is a country that takes most waste from you there are a number of bright ideas about what could be made from electronic scraps such as used. but guess what we will let you see for yourself.
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between 200 and a 1000 batteries go into each power tube made by mike. and his team the battery is recycled from old. tests and every one of them you see through. gets there with her. engine. mark. a regular job. at the university of resources. he set up this 2 years ago he designed the housing for the. old and recently begun using 3 d. printer for the high precision while once competed the paula. which then an emergency backup generator. and the.
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the power tubes have an operating life of between 2110 years depending on the condition of the batteries then you just repeat them with the used batteries. required to call with the markings and try to give them a 2nd chance of course the person i am so we go around scott's in full and he's working a circuit and there who are from the system or however most of it mean there's some of them are scraps and numbers are. capital accra has a thriving used electronics market but in other cities too such as. any people do a lot of take recycling. mark has found suppliers to views better is across the country anthony a call from started repairing electronics goods 13 years ago mostly computer as his
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store has also become an employee above used batteries which he now sells to and his team but. to me when i went with what i saw right away that this was a good business opportunity they only pay on time and what they want that's why we try to hold on to our ally in the 21 especially this year and no longer gives them to the crime not for. 10 power tubes have been sold so far they don't come cheap they can cost between 871500 euros. their customers include both private individuals and public sector institutions such as this health care center if this power outage they just turn on the power tube. we've been using power to for several years now
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in fact it wasn't good enough for tremendous benefits because there's a power fluctuation in a crack here especially in the hotter so ever since we started it's us even given as a more powerful. want to go electric gas thanks. to my sins in his quest to provide viable solutions to power shortages mark i'm aborting all mistakes the environment into consideration by crispier and they would see use we keep them well classwork and that's what we saw recycling them for they do not go back to pollute the environment. the power to invent time he steam and need more financing in order to increase production finding old batteries will be no problem here. now it's just amazing how these people give those laptop batteries a 2nd life for the sake of the environment that's it for today from your pan
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african european environment show thank you and see you next week goodbye from lagos nigeria. thanks andy as always it was fun hosting the program with you and if any of you want to find out more go it's all web site the address will be on your screen in a moment or even better if you have something to say about any of us stories right to us on our social media platforms now it's goodbye for me to from johannesburg south africa.
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shifting. powers the old order is history the world is really going to zing itself and the media's role is kyllo the topic and focus of a global media forum $29.00 teams today one out of 2 people is online who are we following them do we trust to beijing and shape the future that the coachella global media for 20000000 change. looks closely. play listen carefully and don't move those soon again to listen to good. old. fluid and discover the. flute.
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b.s. . white. why i just love to. read definitely. for just you know folks what you prefer. people couples very special to me ga choose your favorite co-op place. blame . this is a news line from bergland austria's coldish and government faces a potential funding scandal after the vice chancellor and the leader of the far
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right freedom party is caught on film a budget offering government contracts in exchange for campaign money also on the program president trump announces an end to steel and aluminum tariffs on canada and mexico that is raising hopes of a new american trade to. me was for 3 years a victim of continued sexual assaults or stuck to your sex with your rapists baby calls for a legal challenge after the state of alabama passes america's most critical torsion law are forced on visits by state to top of people on both sides of the box. and a legal 1st in asia taiwanese lawmakers approved same sex marriage to landmark legislation passes despite a last minute attempt by conservatives to defeat the bill.
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i'm calling last month in berlin welcome to the program. austria's vice chancellor as it is at the center of a campaign funding scandal after german media published what they say is evidence of him promising state contracts in exchange for donations the footage allegedly shows christian strong who also leads the far right freedom party meeting with a woman claiming to be a potential russian investor austrian opposition parties are calling for him to resign for the austrian vice chancellor these revelations come at an extremely inconvenient time the freedom party is in the midst of their campaign for the european elections this secretly taped footage was sent to several german media outlets experts believe it to be real only months before austria's legislative election and 27000 finds consents to her and a fellow party member spent several hours in a house in the bees are talking to
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a woman posing as a russian entrepreneur she appears to be offering to buy stakes in austria's biggest tabloid and to guarantee positive reporting on the freedom party. as soon as she takes over the corona newspaper we need to be very frank will have to sit down together and talk openly the newspaper will have to go boom boom boom 3 or 4 people need to be pushed 3 or 4 others will have to be kicked to the curb and then will bring in 5 new people that will coach. the recording also contains discussion of how to disguise a donation to the party stuff that is heard offering lucrative government contracts in return and punishing industrialists hans-peter hostage dyna the head of the conglomerate. if we become part of the government i promise you one thing housing is china won't get any more contracts the identity of the russian business woman is unclear but she seems to.


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