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tv   Quadriga  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2019 12:30am-1:00am CEST

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west which i'm looking at i mean a conservative supremes court and hoping that now might be the time to roll back reproductive rights the good. that's it for the day but the conversation as always continues to find us on twitter either. and don't forget. we can now with the scene in taiwan as. i want is the 1st country to. cause. i'm not. my.
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body fat.
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quadriga the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week staters are rattling once again in the middle east as a standoff between the u.s. and iran intensifies could u.s. pressure produce a new and better nuclear deal as washington claims more results in the war that's our topic on country join us. quadriga 90 minutes on w. doesn't entirely different iow scream from tourists or dealing with anyone at all they killed many civilians i mean the irish coming clearing my father one thing. i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge kind of song.
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providing insights for global news that matters d. w. made for mines. what's coming up for the focus so much movement to. get this thing done and plentiful i feel like. it's time to take a look at what all that means for the type of clothes. if i'm going to sleep every weekend here on t w. live climate change is affecting us all live. play rising sea levels and.
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the life through our streets please oh please please. change the split through entire communities. click . the flick good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. in transport can help we draw the line find out what you can do today at redraw the lines out all. this is news live from berlin austria's vice chancellor faces of attentional funding scandal after he's caught on film of legibly offering government contracts in exchange for campaign money the leader of the ball right freedom party admits
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the meeting took place but tonight any wrongdoing also on the program talks to end of the brics a deadlock break down in the u.k. opposition labor party has pulled the plug after 6 weeks of negotiations with prime minister recently. and saturday marks 10 years since the end of the longest civil war many families still have no idea what became of loved ones who went missing in the global conflict but they have not given up hope. i'm called aspen in berlin welcome to the program austria's vice chancellor is at the center of a campaign funding scandal after german media published what they say is evidence of him promising state contracts in exchange for donations the footage of legibly shows christian straka also leads the far right freedom party meeting with
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a woman claiming to be a potential russian investor austrian opposition parties are calling for him to resign. for the austrian vice chancellor these revelations come at an extremely inconvenient time the freedom party is in the midst of their campaign for the european elections this secretly taped footage was sent to several german media outlets experts believe it to be real only months before austria's legislative election and $27500.00 to her and a fellow party member spent several hours in a house in the bees are talking to a woman posing as a russian entrepreneur she appears to be offering to buy stakes in austria's biggest tabloid and to guarantee positive reporting on the freedom party. as soon as she takes over the krona newspaper we need to be very frank we'll have to sit down together and talk openly the newspaper will have to go boom boom boom 3 or 4 people need to be pushed 3 or 4 others will have to be kicked to the curb and then
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will bring in 5 new people that will coach. the recording also contains discussion of how to disguise a donation to the party stuff that is heard offering lucrative government contracts in return and punishing industrialist hunts peta hostage dyna the head of the conglomerate. if we become part of the government i promise you one thing councils diner won't get any more contracts the identity of the russian business woman is unclear but she seems to have served as a decoys stuff has admitted the meeting took place in this discussion and relation to all topics i've always referred to the relevant legal provisions and the need to comply with the austrian legal system on saturday chancellor is a bust 10 coolants of the austrian freedom party is expected to give a statement for guarding the matter the opposition social democratic and liberal
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parties have already called 1st to step down. i let's get more on this let's head to vienna now where we have correspondent prompt us standing by klaus 1st of all can you just walk us through exactly what these allegations me. if these allegations are really true and nobody doubts about that this meeting took place nobody knows up to now who made this fair and covered up this affair now and not in front of the national elections so voting took place in july 27th in october 2017 national elections in austria took place and. since then it's the via translator he offered 10 buying calling it the biggest newspaper in austria. getting into business motorway buildings and he offered in return donations to his party not on the partied things but it's true and it is like i do political actors
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committees all. foundations it shouldn't be covered up even if they would have to be weak some simply like 500000 or $2000000.00 euros now this video just coming out what sort of reactions are you seeing. most formerly already announced it is their chance to cool its record is in power upshot announce his measurement tomorrow morning a lot of people already are using that kind of essential and you want to do you know have to step down the vice chancellor and ends a rip off the freedom the in parliament most are known as friends of russia because in 2015 he did kind of a treaty with russia put into party unity and so is he and nexus to russia was always existing and if sayings and going in a direction that proved to be right try denies every saying he only says yes he met
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this lady and he talked to her but he didn't anything which would hamper her austrian law now you touched on it but what do you think the chances are that that strong will stay in office if these allegations turn out to be true if these allegations are really true that he cannot stay in office and only that question is there is a chance they go on because freedom democratic party to govern austria always upbeat new elections in a short period of time everybody is asking the question laid this video comes out now one week before european elections and who profits of it. reflects the tide that the party goes as belonging to or as it's over democrats a lot of speculation is a rod already there was a scandal a big scandal in the national elections in 2017 rounds of social democrats had some happy hands from specialists who made big ticket painting and this was discovered
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maybe this is behind it we don't know up to now but most are really trying to do you know still be gone at the end of the weekend ok another potential political scandal brewing there in austin klaus proper thank you very much. under now were talks between the u.k. government and the opposition labor party intended to find a bracks a compromise after collapsed labor leader jeremy corbett ended the negotiations saying instability within prime minister teresa mayes government at some doubt that any deal between the 2 signs would be kept talks have been underway for 6 weeks in an effort to break the deadlock on the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the european union. now here's one the 2 leaders had to say after those talks ended well this germy called and says actually these talks have been constructive and we've made progress in areas where we have been able to find common ground but other issues have proved to be more difficult and in particular we haven't been
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able to overcome the fact that there isn't a common position in labor about whether they want to deliver bracks it or hold a 2nd referendum which could reverse it the government has not moved its position fundamentally the fundamental disagreements we want to have a customs arrangement with the european union protect jobs in trade and we want to have a dynamic relationship on rights we put those used very strongly to the government we would not rule it was incredible for the what it would be a referendum to thank you 16 to be a referendum events and no to castro projects from the european. now let's take a look at some of the stories making news around the world anti-government demonstrators have taken to the streets of the algerian capital for the 13th consecutive friday they're demanding that the country's interim leader step down and that the presidential election planned for july 4th be scrapped a long time former president has eased into fico resigned in april pressured by the protests and is army chief. humanitarian organization c watch says
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this ship is quote stranded at sea because it hasn't received permission to dock anywhere the vessel rescued $65.00 migrants from a rubber dinghy off libya on wednesday the charity says libya's west coast is a main departure point for people hoping to reach europe. and buckingham palace has released the birth certificate of the british royal family's latest addition that's course prince harry and megan marvel's son archie harrison reveals he was born at the private home and hospital in london some speculated before the birth that the duchess had planned to have her baby at home. china born architect who shaped urban landscapes i am pe has died at the age of 102 is works were hailed by many but also met with some controversy they range from hong kong's bank of china skyscraper to the class pyramid in the courtyard of the louvre in paris.
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all right turning now to sri lanka saturday will mark 10 years since the end of the country's long running civil war but it's still struggling with the scars of that conflict left behind the war broke out in 1983 hitting the single east military against the tunnel liberation tigers the tunnels were fighting for an independent state for the ethnic minority in may of 2009 the sri lankan military defeated the tunnel separatists but had a large schuman cost it's believed some $50000.00 fighters. and 100000 civilians were killed many of them tunnels today at least 20000 people are still missing but their fates unknown. went to northern sri lanka where survivors are taking the search into their own hands. 10 years of demanding an answer j. of anything still doesn't know what happened to her missing daughter the war was
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winding down she says when masked men tore 16 year old girl me from her arms and fled. not going to get where did i let go of her hand i was lying on the ground and a man stomped on my back with his boot i screamed and when i looked up a launch vehicle carrying my daughter was already a column of dust in the distance that's how fast i took off what a good. many people haven't heard from their loved ones for even longer in some cases several decades their stories might be different but the family share the same sense of suffering without proof their children are dead they hold on to hope . when i have other children calling for their mothers i have my door to calling for me i hear her voice and i immediately look thinking she's come back to me. the task of finding out what happened to people like jeromey will land here at the office on missing persons or on pete it's a new commission being set up by the current administration to independently
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investigate the disappeared the chairman understands some people are skeptical it is extremely challenging because they have been many institution we commissioned established in the past to interest the issue of the missing and for the families feel that they have had no on says we do not want to give people false premises or false hopes and we need to be added to it that we try if you strive to establish yourself east we would try to find to have them defined on says but that is going to take time building trust between state institutions and the people especially in the northeast has been no easy task human rights lawyers to bodge make his show and in says the o.m. p could gain the public's confidence once they set up local offices but she also says some families are afraid. you know people may give testimony today but may have a fear that it will fall into the wrong hands so some families have said they may
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have more faith in the process if a foreign government or international body works with. some others like jay and i think i say they will only accept an independent and foreign led investigation. they did not have and there's a b o m people come and start from the very beginning it's been 10 years and more time will go by and that will be that. the civil war may have ended a decade ago but the families searching for their loved ones are still waiting for closure. all right sports now and in tennis 2 top stars have been forced to withdraw from the italian open of rome because of injury world number one the only all soka seen here celebrating her australian open crown in january over 4 years that she woke up with pain and swelling in her right hand she will still retain her number one ranking heading.


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