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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2019 1:30am-1:46am CEST

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plus $99.00 to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. this is news africa coming up in the next 50 minutes mahdi's have the soul is struck with heavy flooding giving at least 15 people dead we have a report from paul with many families that had been left homeless the rains damaged their houses. and on the international date danced homophobia we talked to an l g b t activist evolves efforts to break down discrimination against gays and lesbians in uganda. today and giving open wheels new life we meet the prison for years turning rather rubbish into snazzy sandals and cameras.
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i'm christine want to welcome to news africa i'm glad you're tuned in at least 15 people have died in mali as capital bamako off to flash flood struck the city destroying homes and property the government says teams have been deployed to rescue those left homeless and has urged caution from residents but the residents themselves say all 4 years he's have been slow to react in a country susceptible to flooding. the floodwaters came when these people were sleeping they didn't have chance to think about saving their possessions the trencher rain falling overnight in bamako in the space of just 5 hours. these women were lucky to escape with their lives some didn't.
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and i mean we lost all our stuff the water to keep everything away everything we had 4 people died in our family. people here are blaming local authorities for the flood damage they say rubbish was left to build up that cloaked drains in rivers preventing the flood water from flowing away. government ministers have visited the area many are critical of what they see as a whole planning and a poor response after all the start of the rainy season is relatively predictable. well known example as for me this is a warning for us residents the government only comes after the damage is done and. we need to protect lives and we need to be cleaner. it's because of the rubbish that overflowed into the river. but what tom didn't want to ministers who came home is to send vehicles to drive us somewhere for the night. they say they'll do
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everything they can we're just here waiting for the one from. bamako with its 3 and a half 1000000 people it's one of the world's fastest growing cities along with the people comes a trail of rubbish this is the consequence of the government's failure to deal with waste residents left to clean up the mess. ok today is the international day against homophobia it's a day that activists use to raise awareness for rights violations against the gay lesbian and bisexual community in africa 35. entries have laws punishing homosexual acts ranging from life imprisonment in gambia and tens anea and the death penalty in countries like sudan and somalia in recent years many governments on the continent have been accused of supporting the persecution off homosexuals one of those is uganda where amnesty international says the country's community is
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commonly harassed and silenced by the government and police now we're going to talk to an l g b t campaign an advocate they in a moment but 1st let's listen to what people on the streets of kampala have to say about homosexuality the government of uganda should create a safe space for people who have the traits of homosexual homosexuality to you they'd be uneasy and all those who are maybe maybe quia but i think they should create for the mystery of space exactly or not because you cannot compare month to month when that is. month woman good shouldn't have created a man and a woman to have a living society tomorrow i know is there will be no one see what good are you gonna when you notice i don't like is a tool when people support homosexuality in uganda ugandans watching us we do not like it when we support homosexuality it is really bad i usually see them visit the
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prime minister and i'm told they want to meet the president i really don't support homosexuals a.b.c. i'm going to see what they're going to come back to me i don't recommend them i don't recall many thousands of individuals being part of what i think they're already part of us we also can't get rid of them but those they shouldn't be something that would be their policy to say they should be fired which formalizes it by the country we've been my guest today is one of uganda's most prominent advocates. rights frank will be the director off the organization sexual minorities uganda he joins me now from campana welcome to africa frank you live in uganda as an openly gay man what is that like. are you are really really. careful to. see paramilitary one of the children who killed her. her. evil peers in very english and
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a friend and 000-000-0000 people getting very very free countries through not only very very simple sharing. all over our area we are free we need more of. surrender flourishes in syria you're. afraid you're involved in a lot of advocacy are you seeing any improvements in the situation for gay and lesbian people in your kind. and perhaps in africa more widely. where this is all i don't see much progress. you're going to. do you know he's going to fall it is going to be extreme from some of them to be so much creepy and. pretty.
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strong movement but if you call them if you take should. have a smoking speech on video and you can become one who has come in for clinton for example for grizzlies. the. gun was getting even more interesting for some of you for example to. get controversy but he's not. going as well for being. t.v. if you are if you we are rated by the 22 year to be. frank it at all old looking today at a discussing the issue of homophobia but in the african context is the teaching tolerance for trying to get to people takes it toll the sexuality which of the 3 strategies would be more effective than the african context. strategy of trying to get people. to put. you know
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all the you know that if you've been struck and you get one you can change the. judiciary committee over the other he's going to get we're going to fire people who are in. a certain image. and even a very. little face to face going to engineer some of these jews were chanting to help them and look people is mike people is i mean i'm struck you can. get. some you get to see the only concern. about. ok algy beefy advocate frank mugisha income pal you got to for us thank you. thank you so much. and our next story isn't cameroon way environmentalist have expressed concern over the effects improperly discard the tie
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is have on the environment now and upcycling project with input from prison is giving old wheels new life. worn out and discarded car tires they litter the environment and can release toxic chemicals into the water.


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