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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2019 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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personal. stake in this is that i was for 3 years a victim of continuous sexual assaults and i did think that i was pregnant when i think about someone who might be in the situation that i was and isn't able to. escape from that you're stuck you're stuck with your rapists baby and currently with her you 3 abortion clinics in the entire state choice is already seen limited alongside her work as an activist mia raven also works in an abortion clinic patients often find themselves in dangerous circumstances as an already difficult time tell me about harassment paint a picture for me about what a woman might face coming into the clinic where you work the minute she pulls in said driveway she's going to be greeted by some protesters the minute she walks out of a corridor and i start screaming at her telling her that she doesn't need to be here and that she's still going to be a mother but she's going to be the mother of
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a dead murder baby the doctors are used to southern states trying to build what they do. this is not an uncommon tactic they go after the providers especially the doctors is another way to cut down access because abortion can really go all day long but if you can't access or. you might as well not have that right. those rights are being challenged not just in alabama but across republican held states in the south the midwest which i'm looking at a new really conservative supremes course and hoping that now might be the time to roll back reproductive rights for good. that's it for the day but the conversation as always continues online you'll find us on twitter either at news or you can follow me at karl bassman and don't forget to use our hash tag the day we think you now with the scene in taiwan as it celebrates historic along. taiwan is the
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1st country in asia to do. the tough pain. the. cut. cut cut. cut. cut. cut cut. cut.
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out with the old in with the new. the toyota camry makes a comeback in europe. from new to newer. b.m.w. 7 series has a whole new look. put one to the test. driving next on. a journey through tom from germany's provisional capital in bonn to its current capital in berlin. today i want to invite you to join me on a tour of 70 years of history together while discover one of the raft has to do with the country's constitution and holder visit the place on location is that tell
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the story of post-war germany. in 60 minutes on d w. d q you know that 77 percent blocking are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. and you know what time all voices 100. 77 percent talk about the issue. from. classes from. this is where. the 77 percent. this weekend t.w.
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. hello and welcome to drive with a d w motor make a scene coming up the toyota camry back in europe after a 15 year hiatus. the latest in b.m.w. use 7 series as study in luxury and putting the sporty cooper entity go through its paces. the spanish island majorca is ideal for holidays in the sun and for testing the take out and all kinds of road conditions. these contests are close needs food says compact s.u.v.s like the v.w. t. iraq are popular but says they're too tame for buyers who prefer even sporty or
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handling so cooper see at smolder sports division has rolled out something special the a take up now klaus is going to try it out. is organized a little triathlon for this crossover s.u.v. sport to play off road country road and race track where the former race driver will push me to take it to its limits. the 1st test rugged terrain here in the s.u.v. is nimble enough all wheel drive and the high clearance do the trick but equipped with on road tires and can't show what it can really do. even with its higher center of gravity mia take it aces side to listen inclines of course it wasn't built to be an all terrain vehicle but for a crossover issue its performance is more than up to snuff. and the
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design reflects pure performance. on the way to the race track klaus checks how well it copes with country roads. he explains that the cooperage take his engine actually comes from the volkswagen g.t. i that's part of most wagons much of our design concept and put some 300 horsepower more than you generally need on country roads but then it's always nice to have some power in reserve he says for example when you need to pass quickly. died and close finds nothing to complain about he thoroughly likes the driveability though the car under steers a little time to see what it can do on the track. on the majorca circuit klaus is
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able to push the a taken to its limits. but 1st here's a summary of the model specs. close thinks the 400 meters of torque from the turbo charged engine is more than enough to exit tight curves at a good clip he points out that the all wheel drive also provides the traction needed to accelerate out of curves and get up to speed fast on straight away. the threshed is put through a newly developed 7 speed d.s.t. dual kludged automatic transmission that made being close confirms of the car waffles a little when turning through a series of back and forth tight curves and says oh cars do to some extent when you
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turn left and then right quickly but i thought they up and with the higher center of gravity here as in all it's you vs this one is no exception but he has no trouble keeping it under control taken out as a very smart all wheel drive and since the throw steward's needed he says that makes for a well balanced car and a very good nicely tight suspension it has various settings and on the track of course puts it on the sporty just want to fall back hard to. quantify but at 30 you swap a side set of. the driving mode called cooper it is very responsive and the suspension nice and tight but that makes little sense for ordinary driving the normal mode on the other hand seems fuel and gets the car through traffic less aggressively. that those who plows decides that the company has been promised too much cooper a take a left a good impression on the track but not many owners will be driving it there by the
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way in germany the base version starts at 42850 year at scotland at 50. 3. 100 turns to jambo here pops a trivia question what's currently the world's best silly midsize sedan it's the camry toyota has churned out over 19000000 of them worldwide since the model was launched in 1902 when the last camry was sold in germany in 2004 and then discontinued europe hardly noticed the sticking point was that buyers in the market for nearly 5 meter long sedan generally opted for it. diesel instead of the camry's 3 leader v 6 gasoline engine but times change and now the camry's come back to europe as a full hybrid when their company gets 4 if you believe that come back in or. toyota's taking a conscious approach to the camry used to return and is counting on selling just
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$12000.00 units the 1st year in all of europe that compares to about 700000 sold annually worldwide the japanese carmakers are also targeting a very specific group taxi drivers city traffic is where the new 4 hybrid can use its will fuel consumption to the best advantage and leave the hard work up to the electric motor it can cover about half the trips taken in normal conditions on electric drive only achieving a total system performance of $160.00 kilowatts together with a 4 cylinder 2 and a half wieder gasoline engine. just want to know what a yawn finds it hard to tell if the camry is running on electric or gasoline power while he's moving aside from the sound of the tires on the road he can't really hear any difference inside nor does he notice any change when the car automatically
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switches from electric to combustion power everything's very smooth and quiet in sight but he admits the automatic continuously variable transmission took some getting used to but it failed to him like a rubber band was pulling the car because the engine gets louder before the added thrust kicks in. so on and even then what. would out. what. the words are gasoline engine allows the camry to shift a lot more evenly and harmoniously than the less powerful one in toyota's prius hybrid even though it has a continuous lean variable transmission. as well. up front the camera sports a large trap and so it'll air dam. the ends of the bumper frame the
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air intakes to give the buddy a hint of a catamaran double bile. the generously laid out and easily accessible trunk offers $524.00 leaders a volume. i don't mind and yet this camry makes jaan feel more like cruising easily down the road than racing around he puts that down to a power train that's designed for efficiency and a very comfortable suspension but even though it was fine tune especially for europe he can still tell the model was developed primarily for the american market and smoothed over the bumps in the road quite nicely but at high speeds its body tends to start moving around. the camry has profited from the car makers new t.n. she did tell ya to a new global architecture platform and the car maker is integrating into the body
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structure of many of its other models and given the camry 30 percent or greater torsional rigidity. in with home duff it will ya notice is 1st about the interior is the high quality workmanship but he also notices that some features like the sat nav the displays resolution and even the buttons for the heated seats located down on the console they all look a little dated. the 2.8 meter wheelbase allows for a spacious interior a 7 inch info display dominates the instrument cluster while an 8 inch infotainment system graces the center console. concludes that the full hybrid camera would serve well as a cruising sedan for traveling although it's low fuel consumption any missions
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ratings are best appreciated in stop and go city traffic in spite of its quirks when accelerating a full hybrid sedan has no real competition in the mid-size segment he says so it will be interesting to see of toyota will stick with the $12000.00 and will units its plan for hybrid camry will soon become a more common sight on europe's roads. in an effort to make all electric cars practical and affordable volkswagens opening a new chapter with its id 3 a 3 stands for v.w. compact class and v.w. sees the model as the 3rd chapter in the book that started with the v. and the gulf 3 battery sizes give the id 3 a range of between 330 and 550 kilometers and germany prices started under $30000.00 euros. ford has presented its new
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ranger raptor optically the special model is based on the f. 150 raptor made for the american market but unlike the f 150 is powered by a 2 liter 156 kilowatt diesel engine a special shock absorbers made by motor sports supplier fox let it take on extremely rugged terrain and faster speeds and germany prices for the ranger raptor started just under $67000.00 euros. today car tested against tot mom is taking out the new facelift and b.m.w. . 7 series he wants to see how it drives and especially how it feels when you're being driven. just over 3 years after the last update the very in car maker has once again were go for its flagship model giving it a new look and adding the newest tech now.


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