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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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member of the european union it's the member state with the largest population more than 18000000 people it's that's also the biggest net contributor to the new use budgets. and it's a harsh it is a photographer a chronicler of our time. she came to than 30 years ago just before the wall came down to a city that reflects german history like no other so just following through the german capital along a bus route that shows how very the city is. imo this route crosses the whole of berlin going from a poor multicultural and trendy district to the kuta which everyone knows and on to the convolved with its villas. except and i have a feeling many people want to talk get things off their chest and someone with a camera can provide a good mirror i'm out of and that's what i speak it off. and they
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socialize photos are timeless classic. they portray an affluent society whose affluence is not shared by all. the photographer takes the time before pressing the shutter she speaks to people listens to them and i have a beer. or 2 sisters after a boozy night it's $1030.00 at the hall to have all the regulars feel at home in this traditional pub hard to months coming years into the. tales of woe and hope. our shows pictures also reflect the political in the person. 10 years ago she made portraits of an aspiring generation . of the hues in europe at a time when more and more countries were joining the european union. hoping for a better future. for
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a share of its promising potential. of course there was a real spirit of european optimism there was very little criticism back then. lot of bad all of a sudden young people had a chance to move anywhere to train anywhere basically in the us been to gain. but this spirit of optimism has disappeared the photographers most recent work focuses on the edges of europe on the refugee situation in the mediterranean. put in focus nato they are. trying not to focus so much on the refugees so much as on the helpers the organizations which in my opinion stand for these european values. those who have said we're needed now and we see ourselves as europeans with humanitarian aspirations as people. and to mention she thinks that europe should not only offer promise but also bear responsibility as should germany after all the
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country is stable has a strong economy and an intact democracy. in the. forefront in mind i think we should lead the way higher nearer us than we are also because i think that that's how we're seen from the outside america seems to have an incredible appeal this isn't the case in germany but it still is in europe. 4 years ago german chancellor angela merkel decided to go it alone she opened the borders to over a 1000000 refugees without either you support. and she called for optimism we've done so much we'll do it but many in germany disagreed they feared that germany would be overrun but it would not be able to manage far right movements on the rise here and elsewhere too and a polarizing society and germany hasn't completely recovered from the 40 years it was divided after the war though the wall fell 30 years ago the scars of fall from healed. appeal to me via beginning to understand for the 1st time what
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a long reach history really has how it shapes us and how little things have actually changed in the short time since 1909 and things have changed outwardly but it's still clear that there were 2 very different systems i'd say that divided germany still very much lives on the tide. on. this germany fragile after all. can it be a pioneering force in the carrying everyone with it while keeping in mind trained on its cost. to the heart of europe beats 400 kilometers east of paris in strasbourg on the
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border between france and germany. it's the heart of the old continent. and of the new one it's the official seat of the european parliament. but there are also other venues in the city that are talking politics. mark all wrong. protests against the president's reforms have been raging on the streets of france's big cities for months now. the neglected province against the rich capital's. the underprivileged against the elites. stanislaus north day and actor and the director of straw sports and national theatre decided to it. more the social tensions on stage. of course.
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in france there are no children of factory workers or of agricultural workers among the elite. there's a kind of sticking together and i think there's a form of blindness but it's also indicative of a more general problem in our western democracies. is all of society really represented by elites. this is a rehearsal for the edouard louis play who killed my father the writer adapted his book of the same name especially it's a polemical work against france's social policies to sit. here with the. leaders in the dark workers as characters on stage. the story about his father is about exactly those people who don't come to our
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theaters telling their stories there's a 1st step. that . the theater wants to give all sectors of society of voice and a stage and this approach is also that of the theaters drama school of. france is very much behind but here to seen is desperately want this does not render societal. benefit. you know day is working to change the ensemble so that it reflects french society better with all its ethnic groups and all its social differences if positive discrimination is needed to recruit young people from less educated families so be it he thinks that otherwise everything will stay the same. strasbourg national theatre is the only one to enjoy special national theatre. status outside of paris many small cities don't have any
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theaters at all centralisation is one of france's major problems and there is a huge gap between the center and the periphery. zone of there are many regions in france which happen limited access to the internet and to culture which you could say the same thing there's a lack of common sense a lack of good will. at the moment as a controversy because so much money has been to rebuild not. for there are magnificent monuments all over france which are crumbling and nobody cares so yes there is something in france which is very damaging. this imbalance is also reflected within europe itself. this is the subject of fark race display i am europe which studies last nor did a staged at the beginning of the year. let me tell you that. we.
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saw not only france is in crisis what is no days vision of europe. it's a place where people come together because they have something to say to each other not just because they want to trade things by economic arguments are not enough it's not enough to say that france alone wouldn't be able to negotiate free trade agreements that's a bad argument i think people need to have something to dream about. dublin is building the future on the banks of the river liffey. for many years the docklands area was poor now it's a lie. business hub where many i.t.
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giants have their european headquarters multinationals were drawn by low corporate tax rates and flexible labor laws now they declare their worldwide revenues here and save billions but they've also brought money to the country and jobs as a result however housing and general living costs have exploded. members of the folk band of lancôme a very unhappy about the general economic situation but they scrape by somehow the group or house is in a ratty pizza kitchen in a working class district of the city this is where they wrote most of their songs 6 6
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c. maybe artists musicians called for in some easy way of making a living book for us now the way most people i think that i know who are like living as artists or musicians there was living on the dole. dollars like the artists wage and they're kind of just scraping by on the. job yeah a lot of earth and musicians or whatever would have a job and then try to work. the government has tended to take the attitude that market forces will self regulate but in dublin the results are clear there is the economic miracle on the one hand and grinding poverty only on that rents in dublin have risen by almost 70 percent since 2012 there are more and more homeless people. some 20000 people are waiting for social
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housing and well qualified young people are leaving ireland because they can't afford the rents. that. is the. fashion here. emigration has been a major problem for the island for well over a century and a half now in the 18th forties a 1000000 people died in the great famine and up to 2000000 people emigrated mass migration continued in the 20th century the country which was under british rule for centuries remained. after island joined the european union in the early 1970 s. the situation began to improve by the mid 1990 s. the country had earned the nickname of celtic tiger victors write history the
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saying goes but in ireland they say it's the losers who sing the songs. so there's always been the coin of aspect to folk music where some corner of like rebellious around the author of terry and nature and i suppose that would be an element that we're picking up on. the financial crisis of 2008 island very hard causing the property market to collapse and plunging the country into recession many banks and financial institutions faced bankruptcy so ireland received a bailout from the eurozone now its economy is on the rise again. thanks to questionable tax incentives. it has reopened old when a lot of things are homo in the open at the moment and one of them is like the rest of europe really gets to see the kind of like that we've had to deal with for the last a 100 years the hands of the british mean i think if we were and if we didn't have
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like the backing of the big e.u. states at the moment we'd be you know we would be just totally destroyed. we beat you know steam rolled over by what the british want more of the don't think we would be would have a chance very bad in mentions skeptical about the idea of europe becoming more centralized but he hopes that the members of the european union will continue to stick together just like he and the other band members are doing and practice kitchen. talk the at the but. which way for europe as the continent goes to the ballot box we took the pulse from italy to aim to.
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focus areas for a great treasure. prices from the. country's become luxury. goods used to swear oil i'm simply priceless. but most loyal is the heart of the perfume . until now what others have profited from they lay there but now grow this one to benefit themselves treasure blossoms in the carolers rose valley just enough. with him her being gone it goes on as well biased i know if i had known the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip but i would not have put myself and my parents in a bad dangerous part of the game with the hope to give us leave would. love one to the other bomb it wouldn't be able to give them i have serious problems on
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a personal level and i was unable to live there but i'm going to. want to know their story and for migrants verifying interim i will information for more grants. where the real power resides. when i come from there lots of people in fact know that a 1000000000 if you there was not just democracy give me that's one reason i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. come to finishing the book is right here in the name after the for the fun in one and i remember thinking at the time if the battle in vulcan 4 would have happened if people come together and unite for a cause. but i do the news i often confronted difficult situations more conflict between disaster i see despite my job to confront good leaders on policies and
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development to put the spotlight on issues that. matter of congo to security question marshall like you should. not have to achieve so much money and i feel people have to be at work solutions my name is on the top sheet on and i work for detail feel. that. this is d w news live from berlin australia's general election nears the finish
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line polls close in most of the country in a hotly contested vote the 1st exit polls put opposition labor leader bill shorten just ahead in a campaign heavily influenced by climate issues also coming up. australia's opposition calls on the country's far right vice chancellor to resign that's after he's caught on film allegedly offering government contracts in exchange for campaign money. and the business league title race goes down to the wire barring munich are in the driver's seat blood so if they lose dortmund could snatch the title on the season's final day. thanks for joining us i'm mary and i haven't seen the polls have just closed in australia's most populous states and it was being seen as
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a landmark election the 1st exit poll shows the center left labor party led by. bill shorten with a narrow. if confirmed that would mean the end of prime minister scott morrison as conservative government climate policy has been a major issue in the campaign labor has pledged them vicious targets for renewable energy but the liberals say that would damage australia's coal driven economy. when the reporter jared reed has been following the australian election closely and joins me in the studio now for more hello to you jared so we know that it's a very tight race are there however any indication of who ultimately will end up being the winner well i'm looking at one exit poll from galaxy and it indicates that the labor party is on 52 to 48 percent which means the opposition would form a new government if this is confirmed this is
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a 2.4 percent swing away from the government i mean if she's confirmed the knot would mean at least 80 of the 150 seats in the white house would would go to labor which is obviously a clear majority to form a government of course the exact makeup of the polymer wave going to have to wait for and more when the actual results come through all right so it remains a tight race now jared this has been called the climate change election could this topic ultimately become a deciding factor in who gets the vote salute lee i think you know the various surveys of the church is put climate change is number one and the number one issue we've got voters i were concerned about and there are a couple of reasons why a stranger observing the changing weather around them last year was the hottest year on record in this thread but there's also a frustration among voters the failure of governments over the last 10 years or so
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to put in place last. climate policy climate and energy policy is very contentious industry is of course the world's largest exporter of coal. and under the current government they've sort of taken the business as usual to approach they wanted to. match their obligations under the paris agreement but not do anymore because they say they didn't want to suffer any economic downturns from where is the labor they've had 6 years in opposition to come up with policies and i've had a much more ambitious agenda but this campaign is kind of being fought on big issues like climate change like tax reform and economic management too because a strategy is a con to me is slowing down off to many years of consecutive economic growth so these are some of the issues that have been forged in this campaign leigh mentioned voter frustration i should assume that voters are probably also somewhat frustrated
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over how many prime ministers australia has seen come and go were this election could deliver the 6th and as many here is how is that being perceived right now well i think australians are pretty tired of going to bed knowing that these persons the prime minister and they wake up the next day and because of political infighting in camera which is far removed from the postal realities someone else is running the country and politicians are quite explaining why these cases happening and so voters don't really understand why and this contributes to a frustration we've bull make has and i guess you know is driving some voters to to some of the smaller parties. jared reed thank you so so much for breaking it down for us. well to austria now where the opposition is demanding the resignation of the vice chancellor that's after media reports alleging he promised government contracts for campaign donations secretly
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recorded video from 2017 apparently shows austrian vice chancellor. making the offer to a woman posing as a wealthy russian entrepreneur. who is also a leader of the far right freedom party admits the meeting took place but denies any wrongdoing the allegations come just days before key e.u. elections for the austrian vice chancellor these revelations come at an extremely inconvenient time the freedom party is in the midst of their campaign for the european elections this secretly taped footage was sent to several german media outlets only months before austria's legislative election and $27000.00 finds christiane's to her and a fellow party member spent several hours in a house in the bees are talking to a woman posing as a russian entrepreneur she appears to be offering to buy stakes in austria as biggest tabloid and to guarantee positive reporting on the freedom party. as soon as she takes over the corona newspaper we need to be very frank will have to sit
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down together and talk openly the newspaper will have to go. 3 or 4 people need to be pushed 3 or 4 others will have to be kicked to the curb and then will bring in 5 new people that will coach. the recording also contains discussion of how to disguise a donation to the party stuff that is heard offering lucrative government contracts and return and punishing industrialists one speech wasn't stein at the head of the conglomerate. if we become part of the government i promise you one thing councils diner won't get any more contracts the identity of the russian business woman is unclear but she seems to have served as a decoys stuff has admitted the meeting took place in this discussion and relation to all topics i've always referred to the relevant legal provisions and the need to comply with the austrian legal system on saturday chancellor is
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a bust young coolants of the austrian freedom party is expected to give a statement regarding the matter the opposition social democratic and liberal parties have already called 1st to step down. as attending a gathering of europe's far right parties in milan today and d.-w. correspondent barbara vessel is there for us so barbara how serious are these allegations against the austrian vice chancellor. these allegations are extremely serious and they come on an extremely inconvenient day because today i had wanted to be on the stage here behind us and sort of show his face to the masses that are expected on the piazza door here in milan as sort of celebrating much ill salvini the leader of the italian league or the far right party that wants to make great gains in the european elections next week and so all this is just
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a really bad omen for the gathering of right wing parties that is also supposed to be attended by the french that some of them on the sunan and some other the german a and some other right wing european parties and it shows what they have to contend with really that is that they are driven by scandals in their home countries and that there is no security in them linking arms here on this stage behind us barbara isn't a likely a that people gathering today in milan the right wing parties are they going to address this issue in from austria. or not that's not likely because this is mostly national mostly see italians of course on this side here and they really celebrate salvini because his popularity is unbroken so far and it has been rising throughout the last months he really has been playing social media like a master and has really sort of pushed his popularity to new heights but of course
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it shows the dangers that are inherent in this connection of these right wing european parties that come from very different points politically and have very different histories in their home countries because the freedom party in austria this crisis that we now see has been brewing for months and things have been. accelerating for weeks and weeks and sebastian course the chancellor of the conservative. now really has to make a choice what he wants does he want to continue was them. or does he want to blow up the coalition and seek new elections we will see this a bit later in the day well that's right barbara you mentioned the austrian chancers the bust and course he will be holding a crisis meeting later today and he's supposed to make a statement could at this scandal tear apart his coalition government. it absolutely could i mean it's a political choice chord's has to make he has been very unhappy about the freedom
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party for weeks on end because one scandal was chasing the next there were close to next connections to neo nazi groups neo nazis being shown which is a criminal offense in austria and has increasingly sort of pushed. further to the right he has been insulting him and in his secret recording and said he is weak and not good for anything so that is it's really intended bill in a way the question only is about timing what will courts do will he sort of blow up the coalition shortly before the european elections just the week before will you wait a bit and do it later we will see this but for him of course this is a crossroads it has been shown that the freedom party this right wing party nostra is not safe coalition partner. in milan thank you so much for your reporting.
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all right let's turn now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world breaks it talks between the u.k. government and the opposition labor party have collapsed talks have been underway for 6 weeks and after each a break a deadlock on britain's departure from the european union prime minister theresa may blamed labor for the failure to find a common position. us president donald trump has announced and to steel and aluminum tariffs on canada and mexico. trump imposed the tariffs 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum last year citing national security but members of congress signal that the tariffs were stalling their approval of the new trade deal with both nations. lawmakers in the u.s. state of missouri have passed new legislation banning abortions after the 8th week of pregnancy the only exception is in the event of a medical emergency pro-choice activists marched through the state capitol building
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in protest at the bill. all right some sports news now and today for the 1st time in 10 you.


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