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this is news a lot from berlin scandal in austria austria as chancellor sebastian could calls for snap elections as soon as possible that's after his vice chancellor is forced to resign amid allegations that he offered lucrative government contracts in exchange for campaign donations. australia's governing conservative coalition scores a shock victory in the country's election prime minister scott morrison calls the win of miracle after polls ahead of the vote suggestion of victory for the
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opposition labor party also coming up. the season has come to an end. or champions for the 7th straight season jubilant to lift the trophy in front of the home crowd after beating frankfurt to secure the crowd. thanks for joining us in the last few minutes austria's chancellor sebastian kurtz has announced actions following a corruption scandal involving his deputy a crisis erupted in kurtz's government after a video emerged showing deputy austrian chancellor christian straka apparently offering lucrative government contracts to a potential russian benefactor center right people's party was in a coalition was struck as far right freedom party has denied the allegations but.
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resigned after admitting he had made what he called a stupid mistake. the video purportedly shows straka offering government contracts to an unnamed russian woman if she were to buy an austrian newspaper and support his party i'll talk to our correspondent in vienna in a moment but 1st this report. is vice chancellor how he did not want to be seen on t.v. . caught on tape apparently soliciting campaign funding and return for government contracts. at a meeting in a villany pizza and a party colleague thought they were talking to the niece of a russian oligarchy. in addition to legal donations they discussed the possibility of her binah stake in austria's biggest tabloid to generate favorable coverage ahead of the elections and 2017. but this was a sting and the video was leaked to german media who published it on friday denies any wrongdoing. because i know that i spent almost 7 hours
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this mading it was a d.n.r. from 5 am to midnight. during the course of this meeting i insisted that no laws were being broken. as i repeatedly made this very clear. i did not do anything illegal and i never have despite pleading his innocence shukla knew his game was up and he resigned on saturday. for more on the story i'm joined now by klaus from posts in vienna who is following the story for us klaus what exactly did the austrian chancellor say. to make a long story short he said it's about to cause the start of 2 years old chancellor of austria since 15 months enough is enough meaning yet very often at problems with those saying this came coming out of the freedom democratic party this writing party this right being populist party and he said this video as the
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end point and be finished record isn't immediately and we go there's never elections most probably in my view they're going to take place in september surely snap elections were to be expected after this but explain to us exactly why curt's had to do this it to do this this video was of the only effect she had to invision during these 17 months she approached together is the freedom party there are several other locations for example not only defect that in this video enters into talked about he wanted to change the media outlets in africa in austria in account of what has done in anger. besides the fact that he said in his medio he wanted to give some. infrastructure sounds to new lady he met there and he beats up. a lot of as it right to be in rhetorical for example about migrants and asylum
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seekers it's about i think what's what sharon just tried to irrate to say completely know this but often struggle is saying it's coming out of this party and this party which is a little bit that is emitted and a little bit migrant and a little bit more onto migrants getting even in. government so it's interior minister mr kagan that was there violence he couldn't really perform didn't you want to disturb ish doing politics without strongly every day was a question about so very next now our snap elections in the meantime where does this weave the freedom party in austria. it is already i would say they expected to have 23 percent next week and sunday n.z. european elections no i think they were for under 20 percent less attention has rebuilt this party beach lost sleep in the beginning to sauza its 2004 again and
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it took him 14 years to establish a party bridges not so very rightly extreme as it has been powerfully in. austria now when years go on nobody is to be seen who can really replace in ins of way he did it integrating different points of views of different angles of this party so they really use the importance of add and and be have to see what the outcome of these civil actions but before we will see what will be the outcome in austria of the elections for europe plus pompous in vienna for us thank you so much klaus. this is a candle in austria has overshadowed a rally of right wing populist leaders in milan truckle was scheduled to speak at that event the leader of the alternative for germany and york. said oscar is freedom party would remain an important part of despite the revelations he joined other speakers including france's marine le pen and the netherlands have filled the
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us in predicting historic results for nationalist parties in next week's european parliamentary elections our correspondent rebecca ritter's attended the gathering in milan earlier i asked her what message the leaders had for the crowd at the rally. well the rallies to drum up support for the alliance which was low moments last month lines of the european alliance people and nations they are as i just mentioned everything they mention in this speech is something that they really hope to do they want to get into europe and change it from the inside they're really hoping to bring this their idea is to bring power back to the sovereign nations they believe the process has taken too much away from them and they really want to shake things up they're hoping to unite the far right parties which are currently split into 3 different factions in the parliament they've had moderate success with that a lot of parties have come on board but there is some major ones namely poland's
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law and justice party and hungry speed dance party they've not signed up yet but they're still trying to make as much of an impact come after the elections next week. there's been a shock result in australia's national elections prime minister's scott more since conservative coalition has retained office despite having trailed in the polls before the country's general election and a victory speech to supporters morson described his election win as a miracle after conceding defeat opposition labor party leader bill shorten said he would no longer lead the party after 6 years. chris trail is conservatives and their leader this is an unexpectedly sweet victory scott morrison had trailed in every poll since he became prime minister the former tourism executive has climbed on with a tenacious one man campaign successfully concealing divisions among his team and
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now against the odds morrison has been returned as a stray as prime minister. our government will come together after this night and we will get back to work and that is our task and that is my undertaking to astronomy and from one end of the country to the other i said that i was going to burn for you and i am it's a night man to savor it bill shorten the decades he's been seen as a potential leader by labor shorten spent nearly 6 years uniting the divided party he presented a detailed policy plan and campaigned heavily on climate issues that voters rejected him and now he's quit his post i am proud that we argued what was right. no it was a. this is what politics should be and out 3. politics should be a battle of ideas pre-election polls may have got the result in rome but they did
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predict a continuing success of independence like one time a lympics stake running on a climate change action platform she won a seat in parliament that had been held by a former conservative prime minister if a 25 year. analysts say prime minister scott morrison and his conservative coalition may well need the independent support if they haven't got the numbers to form a majority government so strangely is next parliament maybe just as divided and just as turbulent as its 45th. let's turn now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world thousands are marching in warsaw to celebrate poland's membership of the european union ahead of key european parliament elections next week european council president donald tusk is among those taking part opposition leaders hope to get the pro e.u. vote poland's conservative government is highly critical of the e.u. and its institutions iran's foreign minister has called for china and russia to
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take concrete actions to save his country's nuclear agreement visiting beijing mohamed. called on friendly countries to step up their trade with iran in the face of renewed u.s. sanctions on the country. to the to the go now by in munich have sealed a 7 straight title after convincing final day win over a fine frankfurt. you were walking in to lift the trophy fire had their fate in their own hands on the final day and they made no mistake with a 51 victory frank rich and well been. ford in their final appearances for buying and keeping with tradition coach nico it's was drenched in beer of course his side ended up 2 points ahead of richard dawkins oliver moody from sports is with me now
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to talk a little bit more about this championship year i mean. they always dominate but this year byron did not know what happened yes certainly i mean they're not used to waiting to the last day of the season to confirm the latest lolla but i think the fact that they did have to wait so long is a sign of great up evil at the club by munich at the moment as crazy as that might sound considering we're talking about them just having won the league if you look at the screen here we just saw frankly very and now in robin these are 2 guys who scored in the game today not just out there to play is that by and success has been built around for the last decade they are leaving this summer and by and quite simply do not have players of the same caliber stepping in to replace the nice i mean they're going to have to work on you also have to look at the coach nico coach now he might be celebrating today drenched in beer but the fact is there's a lot of speculation about his future there seems to be a lot of uncertainty about whether he is the right man to lead by munich forward so
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a lot of new stories coming out at the moment and you can understand why considering that this year is the lowest points total the by munich have had in this run of 7 blunders league titles by and don't want to drop the title any lower of course it did get them over the line in the end and that's the most important thing indeed years and so i can remember it felt like several weeks ago people were celebrating dortmund i mean they were essentially crowned what went wrong for them in the 1st half of the season it really looked like dortmund were just going to steamroll let everyone in the league and run away with a title they were 9 points clear at one point as recently as march in fact they were top of the table but you could see a couple of points this season that there were problems with the squad they just didn't seem to have the squad depth so to compete on 3 fronts with the league the cup and the champions league and that really cost them when they lost a couple of key players the injury like mark or royce we saw on screen just a moment ago i think as well the center forward position was a problem for them in the 1st half of the season pacquiao catheter was scoring
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a lot of goals those goals dried up and when they do. he didn't really have the skills of a kind of a focal point of the attack to really fill that sense of forward position and i think those 2 things are the cost dortmund and if they can't fix them in the near future then i think this is a season that is really going to hold a season that was lost i mean it was so close just very briefly this was probably their best chance wasn't and do you see by munich securing another victory in the future it's hard to see it going any other way in a bind of already wrapped up 2 signings for next season with lucas 7 on those and benjamin have ah as the last 2 defenders into ball still out back line and you would think by and more solid on the other hand dortmund probably looking at trying to avoid some of their best players leaving jayden sancerre for example a revelation this season there's a lot of fear that he could be leaving if not this summer than say and that means that you have to think by another 5 years to get that said you're watching news up
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next reporter the long arm of the kremlin that's after a short break unlike a local state and. some time in the 26th. my great granddaughter of people. put the world be like in your own life time in around half a century. your world to be around trying to grease women. inevitably sea level rise by at least one century. we're going to.


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