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just you know if that's what you personally believe. in or special but you can judge it choose your favorite drama. this is t w news live from berlin scandal in austria chants and that's the boston curse pulls the plug on his governing coalition calls for snap elections after his vice chancellor is forced to resign i mean allegations that he offered lucrative government contracts in exchange for campaign donations to. austria's governing the
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conservative coalition scores a shocking victory in the country's election prime minister scott morrison called the winner a miracle after polls ahead of the vote suggested a victory for the opposition labor party is. also coming up the bundesliga season has come to an end and by and you know you are champions for the 7th street season the jubilant variants lifted the trophy in front of the home crowd after beating frankfurt to secure the crown. time minus waiter welcome to the show austria chancellor sebastian kurtz has announced new elections following a corruption scandal involving his deputy he made the decision after his vice chancellor from the far right freedom party apparently offered lucrative government contracts to a potential russian benefactor curt's a center right people's party has been in a coalition with the far right freed. party here's what the chancellor had to say
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to you it's guns i'm talking my goal is a simple one i want to work for our wonderful country according to my political beliefs my policies and with the support of the majority of the population. of accounts or without any incidents or any scandals. just i believe that right now that's not possible with any other political party freedom party cannot do it and a social democrats can't to stalking and the other party is small to support a government. to clinton. that's why i have proposed to the president that austria hold early elections as soon as possible. scandal was triggered when a video surfaced purportedly showing vice chancellor heintz question telling an unnamed russian woman he wanted her to buy a leading austrian newspaper and use it to support his party amid growing pressure
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resigned on saturday we'll talk to our correspondent in vienna in a moment but 1st this report. is vice chancellor how he did not want to be seen on t.v. . caught on tape apparently soliciting campaign funding and return for government contracts. at a meeting in a villa in a pizza party colleagues thought they were talking to the niece of a russian oligarch. in addition to legal donations they discussed the possibility of her buying a stake in austria's biggest tabloid to generate favorable coverage ahead of the elections and 2017. but this was a sting and the video was leaked to german media who published it on friday denies any wrongdoing. i know that i spent almost 7 hours this mating it was a d.n.a. off from 5 am to midnight. during the course of this meeting i insisted that no
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laws were being broken. i repeatedly made this very clear. i did not do anything illegal and i never have despite pleading his innocence knew his game was up and he resigned on saturday. and for more on this i'm joined by klaus haas in vienna casserly stop elections are to be expected here but explain exactly why the chancellor had to do this. you're already b. how he said enough is enough and says the last point is a video which appears to be evenly that pointed out that the coalition with the free democratic party the right up in history of the record free democratic not he didn't really function and not only just. had to acknowledge that the leaders didn't really hold at risk on there were still some neo nazis still some of his images people hating immigrants and asylum applications so
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a lot of things happened in those 15 months they approached together if he had to cover something in the one or the other way he didn't want to do this any longer and every set out yeah true and let's go to a new election. and in the meantime thousands of people were on the streets in vienna today protesting is this what they wanted what were their demands. their demand was exactly this you will actions let's clarify who is responsible in the government and who is really taking the aim of responsibility into a split ticket position against reelection. the president of the country. and the baron said in the evening this is not austria what we have seen in the video yesterday night we are ashamed of what we are seeing we want to politicians at the helm of the republic which are trustworthy which into your and which is the job
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they are elected to do and obviously he had also doubts about what $63.00 democratic party and that's the sense that he and your uncle dana's had done. where does this leave the governing party of us right now. i think. well it's opes she can she's majority last time he was a little bit about 30 percent 31 percent and maybe he can gain a margin of the last 10 percent in the elections to be taken to the courts here in september this year next week in the european elections here in austria taking place on sunday really indicate a little bit since kate relation goes through i think it was a wise decision to go to the polls and to ask people to walk again and he's and you can see what kind of really young men to be formed afterwards but this government
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was not open to the struggling with its one another but there was in turn a struggle more and more and so it didn't really function or. class from past for us in vienna thank you so much you reckon. and the scandal in austria has overshadowed a rally of right wing populist leaders in milan shah who was scheduled to speak at the event the leader of the alternative for journey for germany yoga might said australia's freedom party will remain an important partner despite these developments other speakers at the meeting through differences are not in the pen and then other than his hair veils are they all optimistically are predicting historic results for the nationalist parties in next week's european parliament elections. our correspondent rebecca rivers attended the gathering in milan and earlier we asked her what was the main message the leaders had for their crowd will the rallies to drum up support for the alliance which was look at last month's
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lions of the european alliance people in nations they are as i just mentioned everything they mention in this speech is something that they they really hope to do they want to get into europe and change it from the inside they're really hoping to bring this their idea is to bring power back to the sovereign nations they believe the process has taken too much away from them and they really want to shake things up they're hoping to unites the far right parties which are currently split into 3 different factions in the parliament they've had moderate success with that a lot of parties have come on board but there is some major ones namely poland's law and justice party and hungry speed dance party they've not signed up yet but they still trying to make much of an impact come after the elections next week. analysts take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world ahead of the key european parliamentary elections next week thousands marched in warsaw to celebrate
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poland's membership in the european union european council president donald tusk was among those taking part opposition leaders hope to get out the pro e.u. vote poland's conservative government is highly critical of the e.u. and the 3rd situations. officials in afghanistan say several children were killed when an explosive device attached to a motorbike went off in a market in the western heritage province around or another 20 people were wounded including the district chief no one has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing and in australia there's been a shock result in the national elections prime minister scott morrison the conservative coalition has retained office despite having trailed in the polls before the country's general election in a victory speech to supporters morrison described his election win as a miracle after conceding defeat opposition leader labor leader bill shorten said he would no longer lead the party after 6 years at the helm. for his trade is
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conservatives and their leader this is an unexpectedly sweet victory scott morrison had trailed in every poll since he became prime minister but the former tourism executive has clung on with a tenacious one man campaign successfully concealing divisions among his team and now against the odds morrison has been returned as a stray as prime minister. our government will come together after this night and we will get back to work and that is our task and that is more on the tightening through a straw from one into the country to the other i said that i was going to burn for you and me it's a night manifesto you've read bill shorten for decades he's been seen as a potential leader by labor short and spent nearly 6 years uniting the divided party he presented a detailed policy plan and campaigned heavily on climate issues but voters rejected
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him and now he's quit his post. and i'm proud that we argued what was right. you know what. this is what politics should play in our country. politics should be a battle of ideas. pre-election polls may have got the result in rome but they did predict the continuing success of independence like one time a limp excuse. running on a climate change action platform she won a seat in parliament that had been held by a former conservative prime minister for 25 years. analysts say prime minister scott morrison and his conservative coalition may well need the independent support if they haven't got the numbers to form a majority government so strangely is next parliament may be just as divided and just as turbulent as its 45th. to logon now where people are marking 10 years as the end of a brutal civil war a victory came at
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a high price. where the conflict came to a bloody end civilians became trapped between an advancing sri lankan army and the separatist rebels the un believes about 40000 people died there in the final weeks of war alone. and heading also does this report from levi call for the tunnels gathered to remember their. prize or for a loved one shall never see again others console her they were here and 10 years ago heavy and indiscriminate shelling they were forced onto a tiny patch of land with nowhere to go many were separated from their families as they fled. but my husband went missing we ran in different directions i ran with my children one way my husband went in another we didn't see each other after that i tell my children their father is alive and he'll come home one day but
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in my heart i think he's gone i think he died. using plays as mourners light flames for those who died the u.n. says some 40000 people were killed in the weeks other reports indicate the death toll is much much higher some survivors saw family members perish before their eyes on able to forget what they witnessed their desperate to remember a relative. these girls were orphaned here a decade ago sister chris shawnee helps care for children without parents she says even the very young remain traumatized. they remember they remember the path their families took as they fled their remember being in a place where so many die they remember the parents and the children wanted to come hand now to one of the girls didn't want to in the past thinking about a father the but wanted to be here today. have come to this remembrance event from
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all across the country their sorrow but there's also a sense of guilt. a little bit of everyone has dreams i've studied i have a job but the people who died here had dreams too and that's devastating i'm living my life they lost theirs they say it's up to them to memorialize their dead in sri lanka the grief is shared the pain still raw. and in the bundesliga by i mean it have sealed a 7th straight title after a convincing final win over i just frankfurt. was the moment they got to lift the phone to take a trophy by and had their fate in their own hands on the final day and they made no mistake with a 51 victory for all 3 of them he and i have all been well scored in their final appearances for violence and keeping with tradition of coach nico call much was drenched in beer his side ended up 2 points ahead of focus he had tossed around.
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at a short reminder of the top. we were following for you austria chancellor sebastian kurtz has pulled the plug on his governing coalition and called elections as soon as possible. after his vice chancellor was forced to resign amid allegations he had offered lucrative government contracts to exchange for campaign donations. you're watching t w news coming up next the w documentary for me about my memory is power after a short break. thanks so much for watching. shifting powers the old order is history the world is really going to zing itself and the media's role is to skip the topic and focus on the global media forum $29.00 today one out of 2 people is all mine who are we following them do we trust.


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