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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2019 2:02am-2:16am CEST

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byron munich are in this league of champions it's a record 7th consecutive league title for the club but it only came after an incredibly exciting i'm tying to end the 20182019 season now going into the final match day dortmund fans held a glimmer of hope that they could win the title if biron stumbled will take a close look at the 2 biggest games. and we'll have all the highlights from the battle for europe 6 teams are in the race for a european place who talk of champions league spot and who will play in the europa league next season. welcome to the in this league i'm part of early us now the last time the bundesliga champion was decided on the last march day of the season was 10
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years ago. as byron needed to avoid a loss against frank 1st a side hungry for a win that would give them a decent chance of a good in this league or excuse me of a champions league spot now biron needed the win to claim a 7th consecutive title but dortmund hadn't thrown in the towel yet and were focused on beating glad so they could have a chance of winning their 1st league title since 2012 and after an incredible season the stage was set for a dramatic final act. munich have been accustomed to hosting silverware in recent years thanks in no small part to superstars are you and robin and frankly barry the club meeting them farewell before their final game. the battle between gladbach and dortmund was a much more sober affair apart from the new blood bog jerseys. in munich it was all gone. blazing from the get go in just the 4th minute kingsley come on opening the
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scoring for the bavarians was robert live and thomas millar come on things were moving much too fast for frank for. no good news for dortmund though they could breathe a sigh of relief after 12 minutes when you break the metro at a only hit the crossbar have a lucky break keeping the title in sight of and that prospect looks brighter late in the 1st half when marco toy stuck his 2nd chance to jaden senchenko who hit the target in stride my video assistant referee decided to check whether royce had managed to keep the ball in play. the officials all came around to take a look and eventually the goal was given. men went into the break one nil up as did byron down in munich. speaking
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of munich shortly after the restart a corner for frankfurt and suddenly the ball was in the net sebastian our lair finishing the job after a bit of pin bomb in the box where byron vulnerable after all nope just 2 minutes later they were back in the lead courtesy of david oliver 21 i but niko but still nervous frank for a keeper kevin trapp blundering on this one. dortmund finally looks the part of title contenders in the 2nd half marco toys making it to neil i but would it matter i'm not one bit that's because biron scored again in the 58th minute renato sanchez increasing their lead to 315 the title was now theirs to lose. then it was time for their departing superstars
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to get in on the act by 1st frank anybody i suppose the last one just league goal was a real beauty. and then our you and robin who only had to stick out his foot to round out the $51.00 scoreline. dortmund meanwhile won their match against gladbach to nil and had led the league for 21 match days but came away empty handed a at the byron got down to business celebrating their 7th straight been just league title. well bar in munich have now been german champions a record 29 times so let's hear from some of the latest players to take the bishop in. this i'm surrounded alfonse my team and our stuff invested everything to make sure we. became champions after a difficult it was
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a performance based on the energy of those. thank you should i thank you the reader every family loves you. i. well the race for the 4th and final champions league spot also came down to the final match day and after those losses by frankfurt and glad it was buyer leverkusen who stepped up to punch their ticket to europe's top club competition against heter berlin have it opened the scoring for laver coups and after 28 minutes the lead was short lived though valentino lazarro levelled for 6 minutes later. but after that it was all labor couzin with lucas allowed your bagging a hat trick on the way to a $51.00 spanking the prelims. so
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leverkusen join leipzig dortmund and of course the bundesliga title winners biron in the champions league next season but who would play in the europa league several teams are in the mix among themselves spurred hoffenheim and braman so let's see how they fared. departing coach bruno laverty has turned around this season the home fans knew a win would earn their side at least a year openly playoff spots and nothing was left to chance against out. front very hoarse to open the scoring after 21 minutes basing the visiting defense in a game of keeping the he grabbed a 2nd before the break and with wolfsburg home and dry a 3 no doubt the dutchman completed his hat trick it was only his 11th touch of the game that ruthlessness summing up spokes performance. from wind it up 81 when is the 8 the mast and. compounding a miserable afternoon for out. of the dia rounding off his reign with good specs
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record goodness legal wind and sports in iraq proper. they were also prize in braman captain max cruise injured for their final game will leave the club this summer when it ended brains european hopes whatever the result against light sick. cancel down for a man's 1st half lead lights on this fire is the hosts were concerned it was still a playful and cloudy a pixar ensure they finish with a win. the cherry on the cake but sorrow still going strong at 40 and signed a new contract with the club. with frankfurt losing to by any means hoffenheim needed to do was hold on to their lead in mines place on break ameritrade kick hadn't up but that was as good as it got for the visitors to 10 men before half time might see john paul the e.c.s.
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equalized with 7 minutes left. oftentimes misery was compounded in stoppage time to more minds goals and this one finished for 2 to the hosts disappointment for now goals many of his final game in charge but he'll still be in europe next season with likes it in the champions league. but what about the rest of the games and the bottom 3 was already decided here in bergen turnover has been relegated 3rd from bottom stuttgart will fight for survival by playing the 3rd from top team in the 2nd division now while the rest of the teams may not have had much to play for the word least plenty of goals. a surprise package of this season have been for tuna dusseldorf and coach freedom phone call against hanover they showed their attacking qualities once again anita raman found rohan henning. he made it one nil just before the hour mark
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a few minutes later keenan karaman double dissolution lead the 13th victory of the season looked to be on its way. hanover did at least try to throw a spanner in the works making it to one in the 78th minute but there were to be no consolation points for the relegated side as just a last held out to crown their best top flight season for 40 years. nuremberg boys seamus also enjoyed a miserable end to the season as the club put on a diet display away to freiburg narcoterrorists put the hosts ahead in the 7th minute try that have long since secured their bundesliga survival and they played like they didn't have a care in the world who can vote schmidt scoring and keep focused on my taney as expense. christian strikes i didn't let up after the break patterson added a 3rd goal. then clearly he was in the mood he made it for nell but for the hour
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mark. for those still when finished in chains or grief i scored their 5th thanks to some dreadful nuremberg defending the visitors did manage to get on the scoresheet themselves through edward logan parts of 51 defeat still made for a humiliating bundesliga departure the nuremberg. chalco signed off in fitting style with a nil nil draw against took us nowhere the only for a fond farewell to the much loved coach who stayed and returned to rescue a disastrous campaign by steering the royal blues away from relegation. so 41 goals on the final day of the season broken up as follows let's take a look as you can see there is byron munich 51 battering frankfurt close to dortmund head to berlin suffered that loss to leverkusen another 5 goals braman beat leipzig vosburgh $81.00 against to be turned over to one shock and stood
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guard and of course in the middle draw minds and tough and $42.00 and it was also a goal fest in freiburg 51 against the other relegated side. now will more time with feeling for his book this legacies and there you have it in munich this season's league champions with 78 points dortmund they're in 2nd leverkusen that champions league spot. and frankfurt get those europa league spots down the other end as we've said nuremberg and hanover relegated stuttgart still in with a chance and a pretty good end to the season for the door if they ended in 10th. so that's all from us here on the ball in this league that will be back on sunday with a recap of the year and of course there's a lot to talk about former follow up on the bundesliga midfielder moments falls is a special guest i hope you'll join us to until the end would leave you with these scenes of celebrations from byron unit of course so for me and the rest of the team
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