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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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subscribe now new to. this is g w news a line from a tourist bus hits of roadside bomb in egypt at least 17 people are injured in an explosion near the famed does appear we'll get the latest from our correspondent there. indian voters reach the finish line polls close on the final day of the country's marathon general election prime minister narendra modi is seeking a 2nd term also coming up. austria's president calls a snap election this comes after the country's vice chancellor quits following the
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release of hidden camera video that appears to show him offering government contracts to a fake russian support. a michael okuda we begin with breaking news in egypt where a blast has hit a bus near cairo reports say the explosion took place close to the geese at pyramids near the capital city at least 17 people were injured including foreigners most of the passengers were from south africa so far there are no reports of deaths . let's go to journalist ruth michelson in cairo what more can you tell us. well it's understood that the attack took place near the coast near the sites very grand. expected.
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next year that's next is in pyramids there's a package well i would many from it's from south africa it's mentioned only at time of explosion and arrest 17 people were injured according to sources at the egyptian ministry of health most of their injuries. from breaking glass and some shock and the schools had an axe an estimated 10 of the people were gyptian and 7 well south african 2 works what are the officials who are sources there telling you about whether or not this might have been and an actual attack but. we haven't heard anything so far in terms from which officials about the might actually cause the attack or why doesn't cynically it's claimed the attack. you know is that this mirror is an attack that took place last december which i'm told you struck another bus of tourists which killed 3 means tourists and there she got
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right in. that was actually saying area close to the keys here but. ok ruth michelson thank you so much. polls have closed in the final day of voting in india's general election with 900000000 eligible voters it was the biggest election in the world voting took place in phases over 6 weeks one of the seats contested on the final day was valan aussie it's a holy city for hindus and it's where prime minister narendra modi was up for reelection and while he's expected to win his popularity in his constituency has been dented by construction project. travel to vajra nasi incentives this report. the holy city of water nazi is a piece of political much for devout hindu and considered the spiritual capital of
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the country. but now and i connick bought of the temple city is in ruins. close to 300 houses some of which did back to the 17th century have been torn down around kashi which will not stand. devoted to the hindu gods shivah. on the temples are left standing. the demolition is all to make way for the cos she caught a door and ambitious infrastructure project of prime minister narendra modi. more he represents wanted to see in parliament. when he was elected 5 years ago he promised to modernize the ancient city while preserving its rich culture and heritage model michelle grew up in the narrow lanes around. he down to shop here but when the parties came knocking to tell him to get out he petitioned the high
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court. but after 15 months of fighting he gave up for what he claims is not enough money and the promise of a new shop in the quarter door. the a.v.r. around the temple has traditionally been a stronghold for more these the chippy but now bonnie says locals feel that the party is crushing the soul of caution. room with what's made the city of shiva the city of modi whatever changes modi wants a happening here. it was the city of temples now is the city of ruins. the prime minister wants to be directed from what i see. and the controversy seems to have little impact on his chances. on the campaign trail more he is treated like a celebrity. his stop has been the main draw for the b.g.p. across the country. more he has stepped out of what for the b.g.p.
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is a vote for him. many locals see no alternative to walking for the prime minister. even the opposition has speeded week candidates practically giving him a walkover. hindu nationalism has been a bold plan for the b j p and the prime minister is counting on this holy cities indorsement to once again be the country. that report joins me now. initiate the ballot boxes are closed now an indication of prime minister modi can expect to be reelected from his constituency in. well despite the rumblings of discontent that we have heard over here around the iconic kashi michelin arts temple over the region project the expectation is that prime minister nouri is more the will be elected from veyron to see that he will represent this holy city once again in the lower house of parliament the simple
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question seems to be how large a margin who's going to win with now a few weeks ago we were expecting interesting opposition candidates to come into play against the prime minister in the last election there was a vice strong candidate who is now the chief minister of debbie but this time around even the opposition has not fielded very impressive candidates so many analysts are saying that this will basically be a walk over for the prime minister. this was a massive vote of course give us a sense of what the last 6 weeks have looked like. well the last 6 weeks have definitely been eventful and busy this is a massive logistical exercise 542 constituencies have gone through the ward 900000000 eligible voters of course we've run through these numbers before but it is worth reiterating because this is such a massive exercise in democracy largely the wilting has been peaceful but it is
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worth noting that in the state in the eastern state all resting while there have been sporadic reports of violence there were reports of violence today as well there was reporting in some of the states because of allegations of tampering and some of the electronic voting machines have also malfunction but largely the expectation is that the of that the mandate that will come through from these 6 weeks will be accepted and that the elections have over all gone all fairly small. just in about 10 or 15 seconds or so is it possible to make predictions about who else might have won in these elections. well the national sport for the last few months has been to make predictions exit polls have already started coming out but i would say it's best to wait for 4 more days the expectation is nothing is more the is likely to talk on behalf of the head of a coalition government but surprises can come across in an election so we should wait
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an hour before there's. thanks so much. to austria now where it's been announced that snap elections will be held in early september president alexander vendor better than made the declaration alongside chancellor sebastian kurtz after scandal brought down chris his far right coalition partner in a hidden camera video of vice chancellor heinz christians try to appear to offer lucrative government contracts through a woman posing as a russian oligarchs nice that's in exchange for her backing his party's election campaign. barbara vessel is following the story for us from vienna where pro-democracy protest is taking place barbara what can you tell us about the protests and the reaction specifically there to the fallout from the scandal. this protest this is one of many today in europe of course one week before the european elections and it's for the european union for unity against what people
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here call the hate creatures from the far right who want to divide the peoples of europe and who want to destroy the european union but it takes that of course an added part and see if people are demonstrating here because they have just seen even side gate the scandal involving the extreme right freedom party and many people here say they have shown their true face we have always believed that this is a bad idea to go into a coalition was them and now we really see what it means if you try to do politics with a party like that after one scandal after the other sort of involving right wing extremist views and signs and as songs and caricature is now this is scanlan even finally tells people read austria really what these what the freedom party means and they are violently opposed they really say they need to step down
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completely from discovery meant looming over all of this of course are e.u. elections which are. days away what impact could the scandal have on the freedom party there and on far right parties in other countries. the freedom party will probably be reduced to its core vote and that's quite strong in austria i mean if people coming out protesting against doesn't really change that there is a significant part of austrian voters ship who are really for these right wing extremists bought in other countries of course also they will have their supporters however the idea that many of them like manchus salvini the italian legal leader of the league are nard had that she tried to push europe to the right pull the conservative parties with them and sort of get into a coalition in the year and priyamvada myth that dreams will surely be over because everybody can now see if you get into bed with the right wing extremist parties of politics will become very unsavory in the end. but hazel thank you so much for
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joining us. thousands of people are taking to the streets across europe in support of the european union the demonstrations like here in berlin are taking place just a week before the elections to the european parliament organizers hope to get out the vote for craig crow e.u. parties and to take a stand against populism at the far right. our correspondent thomas sparrow ease at that demonstration in berlin thomas who was rallying here in berlin. this demonstration here in the heart of it is about 2 and one of the city's main same both the victory column which you see behind me on this organized it was all organized by a group of about 2 $150.00 ok guys asians and initiatives most of them from the center left to the left of the political spectrum that included also political
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parties that were right here protesting for europe and against the. and nationalism motto of all of this the slogan if you will was vote on the 26 for europe and against nationalism. will demonstrations are also being held in other european cities do you get the sense that the rallies will make a difference in the outcome of next week's european elections. i get a sense that they want to send a message i get a sense that they want to send a message in particular now that you've been discussing this situation in austria i what i sense that they want to send a message that it's time to vote against parties that are described as populist and nationalist to european level also at a national level there are regional actions coming in germany and people here were adamant to say please vote against these parties so i don't know if these demonstrations as such will have an impact on the 26th of may of the european elections but i do think that they will send
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a message especially for people who want to vote against these kinds of parties and who are in favor of a more tolerant and one open european union thomas perez thanks so much. if you've got a beard belgium is the place to be right now hundreds of hairy men from around the world have descended on antwerp for the $21000.00 world beard and moustache championships the wacky contest sees the well groomed competitors take part in 3 main categories moustache partial beard and full beer with each including several subcategories many spectacular styles on show including majestic handlebars in swirling whiskers as competitors battle it out to become facial fuzz kings. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you a blast has hit a tours bus in egypt reports say the explosion took place close to the giza pyramids new cairo at least 17 people were injured including foreigners but so far
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there are no reports of deaths. you're watching the news on michael oh good we'll be back with more news at the top of the hour stay tuned for a documentary about the last jews of baghdad that's coming up after the break. shifting powers the old order is history the world is religion izing itself and the media's role in these key topics in focus of a global media forum 29 change today one out of 2 people is online who are we following them to reach trust to bait.


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