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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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w. . this is deja news live from berlin austria as president calls snap election this comes after the country's vice chancellor quits following the release of hidden camera video that appears to show him offering government contracts to a fake russian supporter also coming up. indian voters reach the finish line polls close on the final day of the country's marathon general election prime minister narendra modi is seeking a 2nd term. it
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was the netherlands night after your vision song contest. duncan lawrence wins the poppets travel with his piano bell in our case we'll bring you the highlights of a spectacular evening in television. i'm michael ok welcome we begin in austria where the country's president has called for fresh elections in early september amid a corruption scandal president alexander vander belen made the declaration alongside chancellor sebastian kurtz after the scandal brought down the coalition government of conservatives and the far right freedom party the announcement follows the release a video footage showing vice chancellor heinz christians apparently offering lucrative government contracts to a woman posing as a russian oligarchs nice in exchange for her backing his party's 27000 election
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campaign. austrians will be voting for a new parliament but voters will have to wait until at least september chancellor sébastien courts and president alexander funded been agreed to the general election roadmap during talks on sunday funday berlin said austria's reputation has been damaged by the actions of the country's now resigned vice chancellor heinz because . the president said the government needs to regain the public's trust. it's more. we need to take all necessary steps to repair the reputation of our public officials and government representatives in. this this is an issue of national interest as well as of austria standing in the european union and the rest of the world. on your own or. chancellor curds also said the government was examining the video and considering
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taking legal action. he said the sensitive nature of the content required careful attention by government investigators. the video release has raised questions of whether abused his office or broke austrian law. it's also unclear as to his far right freedom party remain in the government until the elections and that question is set to be answered in the coming days during talks between coats funded belen and the freedom party's designated leader norbert hoffa. vessel is following the story for us from vienna barbara how are people reacting there to essentially the collapse of the government in snap elections. people think a many people think there is worse high time because this government has been plagued by scandal after scandal even before even so i gave as they call it here said of course published and sort of really led to this government crisis now that
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will then in the end they get new elections in september but people really have seen that suppressing kurds the chancellor who has a high popularity personally has been covering up and again and again talking about the freedom party saying i don't like what they're doing i did what i want them to stop this and this is about extreme right wing connections this is about neo nazi connections and this was sort of like one scandal after the other in austria newspapers and finally it took this last push this even publication to sort of topple them over the edge but now people really want change and they can and they many say here that elections can't come soon enough at a demonstration this afternoon the pro-democracy demonstration pro european demonstration i talked to some people what they want. some kind of resistance towards the current administration the government is clearly completely corrupt and
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happy trust it and we need a new face absolutely it's an absolute disaster. now we have the chance to change it all for the better it's the only for those many of very happy about 2 terrible collett ition stepping down the. fact that it isn't enough even if the freedom party is removed from the government they've had enough time to put their people into important positions. so this is far from over. parts of this in the run the people really sound frustrated you elections are just days away what impact could the scandal have on the freedom party there and far right parties across europe. for the freedom party supposedly this will mean that what they will be reduced to their core voter ship and don't make a mistake they have a lot of supporters in austria so they will shrink but they will still be visible however on the european level it is it has 2 different sort of consequences on the
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one hand on the national level like in italy and germany or france for instance voters won't be swayed by a scandal in austria particularly because conspiracies theories are already blossoming bought on the other hand strategically what somebody like matusow vini the italian populist leader wanted is sort of to drag the whole european union to the right to sort of entice conservatives mainstream conservatives to get together and band together with the right wing populist and that will not happen because many are now seeing what happens in austria and they say we can never sort of get too close to them it is really opposing this and it is dangerous politically what some of these people are doing so that dream of jeannie and our there's might not come to fruition bub or as we've mentioned of course the fresh elections are now set for september but until then the government obviously has to function so how
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will this scandal affect it. this government will just keep limping on one way or another and the interesting thing is that sebastian cordes who has nominees so quick in reacting to events and sort of sort of likes to talk a lot and pretend to be very decisive can't make up his mind how he wants to do this does he have the courage to go into a minority government and just say i will sort of be a caretaker till september and then we will see where the my jerk majority lies or does he keep the freedom party in the government and sort of limbs on and drags them along till september which with many people in austria which will many people here find very disappointing and which would turn his his reputation because he has promised a lot big reforms for not for austria and now he really is at the point where he has to make a decision in which direction he wants to go in the future thanks so much whether
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faisal. let's turn now to other stories making news around the world thousands of people have taken to the streets across europe in support of the european union the demonstrations like here in berlin or taking place just a week before european parliamentary elections organizers hope to get out the vote for the pro e.u. parties and to take a stand against populism and the far right. a bomb blast has hit a tourist bus near egypt's famed giza pyramids at least 17 people were wounded but no deaths have been reported it's the latest blow to the country's tourism industry which showed signs of recovery after years of political turmoil and sporadic violence. around 2 thirds of swiss voters have backed tighter gun control in a referendum the question was whether access to semiautomatic weapons should be restricted and more training required for owners switzerland has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world. australia's conservative government is
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celebrating what's being called a miracle victory in national elections opinion polls had all predicted a win for the opposition labor party prime minister scott morrison thank supporters but it's still unclear whether his coalition will command an outright majority in parliament is right around the country polls have closed in the final day of voting in india's general election with 900000000 eligible voters it was the biggest election in the world voting took place in phases so over 6 weeks one of the seats contested on the final day was. it's a holy city for hindus and it's where prime minister narendra modi was up for reelection and while he's expected to win his popularity in his constituency has been dented by a construction project. travelled to vajra nasi and sent us this report.
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the holy city of modern nazi is a piece of paper much heard about him and consider it eternal capital of the country. but now and i comic bought of the temple city is in ruins. close to 300 houses some of which date back to the 17th century have been torn down and on the cost the rich will not stand for the. devoted to the hindu god shivah. on the left standing. the demolitions ought to make way for the cos she caught her daughter and ambitious infrastructure project off prime minister marry into more the. more he represents wanted to see him follow him and. when he was elected 5 years ago he promised to modernize the ancient city while preserving its rich culture and ahead it to model michelle grew up in the not
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only. he down a shop here but when the prodigies came knocking to tell him to get out here petitioned the high court. but after 15 months of fighting he gave up for what he claims is not enough money and the promise of a new shop in the quarter to. the a.v.r. around the temple has traditionally been a stronghold for more of these the chippy but now bonnie says locals feel that the party is crushing the soul of caution. removed what's made the city of shiva the city of modi whatever changes might be once a happening here. it was the city of temples now it's a city of ruins. the prime minister wants to be directed from what i see. and the controversy seems to have little impact on his chances. on the campaign trail more he is treated like
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a celebrity. his stop has been the main draw for the b.g.p. a cross the country. more b. has said that a would have to be g.o.p. is a vote for him. many locals see no alternative to walking for the prime minister. even the opposition has speeded week candidates practically giving him a walkover. hindu nationalism has been a bold plan for the b j p and the prime minister is counting on this holy city as indorsement to once again be the country. there are so very no see where this report came from is in especially important constituency for prime minister about yasser. fall if he can expect to be reelected there well despite the rumblings of discontent we have heard over here around the iconic kashi wish to not stempel over the region project the expectation is that prime minister intervenes more the elected from byron s.c.
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that he will represent this holy city once again in the lower house of parliament the simple question seems to be how large a margin he's going to win with now. you weeks ago we were expecting interesting opposition candidates to come into play against the prime minister in the last election there was over a strong candidate who is now the chief minister of delhi but this time around even the opposition has not fielded very impressive candidates so many analysts are saying that this would basically be a walk over for the prime minister. that was your correspondent mr giles from reporting from are not saying india. well it was a night to remember for the netherlands the grand finale of the your vision song contest in tel aviv as usual the world's biggest music competition was packed full of glitz and kitsch but it didn't pass without some controversy. duncan lawrence of benevolence had been the competition favorite and in the end the
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book my kids were right words can describe what i'm feeling now i'm feeling so much emotions everything that i wanted to do on stage and it came out. it came out so good and i really felt the song and this is like the result the results combined national jury picks it's 5 and 5 rights. because. it leads mahmoud to the 2nd with an upbeat number code so. i love the rest ballad needed a good for russia. your visions rules forbid mixing music in politics but there's often the serve of controversy to go with the pop this year icelandic purgatory might headlines supporting the
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palestinian cause israel's euro vision. you are watching news i'm michael oku we'll be back as always at the top of the hour with more news stay tuned for world story that's coming up after the break. where i come from we have. to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship and just want to be shadow and if you newspapers when official information as a journalist i have work all the strength of many characters and their problems are almost the same who are to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption we can afford.


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