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your visions rules forbid mixing music in politics but there's often a sieve of controversy to go with the pop this year icelandic group atari night headlines all openly supporting the palestinian cause at israel's you're a vision. you're watching t.v. news i'm michael okuda and we'll be back with more news at the top of the hour zoe stay tuned for shift living in the digital. an action packed life. anything is possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drink on. this movie theater in kenya refugee camp. his life story may have ground to
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a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema starts may 27th on t.w. . fake news construction rest fausta fear admin it could lead well it's in the world's largest democratic election in india it played a huge pop how can fake news spread so easily who creates it and how can we stop it that's our topic today. with $900000000.00 voters india is the world's largest democracy in the run up to the $29000.00 election fake news about sitting prime minister. a random o.t.
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and his b j p party flooded social media like. you know esko declares narendra modi to be the best prime minister in the world the picture is real the headline is pure fiction these stars support the b j p really it turns out the writing's on their scarves was photo shopped or this crowd of mostly supporters it looks vast but it was just a photo montage the problem isn't just in india social media is full of fake news and the worst part is this is where uses get most of the information. some 300000000 indians use facebook more people than in any other country shop owner ram shankar right for example spends about 2 hours each day on social media reading up on news and this year's election. when i watch news i obviously consider it to be true news is so popular in india how can i consider it false.
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the problem is that many people believe what they see on social media that makes online rumors and dissent from asians so effective in india lots of fake news tends to get shared through whatsapp and who would distrust their friends right now facebook which bought the messaging service in 2014 has begun to tackle the issue by limiting the number of people users can forward content to only time will tell if this will help rid was a fake news experts i'm convinced for now this information just keeps spreading but why do some people create fake news in the 1st place. social media is popular with anybody eager to spread their worldview. and fake news tends to get created and share to sway political opinion or to sow discord.
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anyone who only gets their news from alternative media outlets and on social media risks falling for dissing from ation and getting trapped in a filter bubble much of this content is simply force and designed to get people worked up. mention of through that switch off switch to hunt. fake news can be changed to users because their data is tracked and analyzed on social media. i'm going. to find a facebook page like if you don't like my page i can now look at your profile and see what topics you talk about your sentiments about this topic how positive or negatively you talk about those so now i can advertise to using your specific keywords that you use with the same sentiments that you use are using your data to persuade you the way i want you to be persuaded. and users can monetize fake news to the more attention and clicks it garners the more advertising revenue a user can make. a man's
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advertising revenues in fact many people in the north macedonian town novellas got rich producing fake news in the 2016 u.s. presidential race. france's shops world endorses donald trump for president clinton e-mails linked to political paedophile sex ring. fake news stories like these were produced by a group of students from north macedonia during the u.s. presidential race and 2016 they were based in the city of venice which underwent major deindustrialization after the disintegration of yugoslavia many factories shut down and unemployment was high so creating fake news presented a great opportunity. to make some fast cash how step one create a website and a facebook profile with a catchy name and start posting plagiarized or made up news stories with sensational headlines step 2 create fake facebook accounts and use them to share
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links to dubious fake news content this led unsuspecting social media users to macedonia and fake news sites as more and more users visited the sites google increased its advertising which in turn meant the students earned ad revenue. the fake news gold rush was kicked off by businessman. he gives online marketing courses and says he accidentally helped donald trump win the u.s. presidential election. purely motivated by money. political news. and. more and more political news. at 1.140 fake news websites were registered
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some were so good at spreading fake news they were making several 1000 euros a day huge earnings in a country where the average income is just 360 euros a month. frenzy continues. facebook for each side taking down another one appears somewhere else most of us would probably say we're not that easy to trick. haven't we all shared something online because it's funny because it confirms our beliefs without carefully checking the facts 1st . today the sheer amount of content on social media is simply too much for most people to process then. the ordinary person and by that i mean pretty much everyone including myself as a media professor is overwhelmed by the quantity of online content. we are unable to johnson the quality and accuracy of all this content. we're basically
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drowning in information. informants who want to. manipulators capitalize on this information overload they deliberately disseminate controversial content on social media making it look like people are sharing it. to humans are social creatures. if we feel there's a majority opinion on an issue we tend to side with it. but the problem with digital platforms is that they're full of people and opinion. and we're unable to tell if they're genuine or just pawns turning out $28.00 versions of the same opinion. social bots are computer programs designed to post vast amounts of content on many different platforms they can create fake trends and make certain stories look more relevant than they really are.
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officially intelligence is making fake news even harder to spot it can manipulate video material in such a way that makes it nearly impossible for users to tell what's real and was not president trump as a total and complete of cause obama never really said that the video was produced by american filmmaker jordan peele interest to highlight the dangers of so-called deep faith videos today anyone can access the software needed to make ones and the algorithms keep getting smarter they can already transfer one person's expressions to a different person's face in real time just imagine you could easily put together a video where donald trump all bloody me of putin to clear world war 3 and digital technology to fake someone's voice is advancing to all this makes fake footage a real threat. for
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a long time to human voices with the greatest challenge. because everything is incredibly complex and unique they're almost impossible to fake. but in recent is enormous progress has been made. the combination of video footage and manipulated voices poses a huge threat. so what can we do to spot fakes luckily there are all kinds of tools and size available today that can help like truly dog media a verification platform co-developed by d.w. it lets journalists and your activist dog. verified the authenticity. many are working on similar to. germany institute for secure information technology is developing software to spot fake news by analyzing text it's been fed hundreds of fake stories to learn how to spot words and phrases that often turn up
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in bogus articles. lab testing showed the software to be 97 percent accurate in identifying fake news. as to poverty migrants climbed into an apartment and raped grandmother. the author used the emotionally charged word grandmother instead of pension and mentioned poverty migrants. this is typical for negative fake news stories computers can learn to spot. the german research center for artificial intelligence or d.f. k.-i is working on a news verifier software professor and his team want to use them to help detect fake news by identifying the kinds of images used. by the software is to check whether the images used are authentic to verify if they really depict what they
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claim to show and if they've been used in the correct context we check if the text accompanying the image actually fits the picture. the software for instance quickly detected that this picture of a brutal police crackdown 1st appeared online in 2011 it was a regionally taken during egypt's tahrir square protests the software also flags when images are shared online again at a later time in 2013 for example a twitter user from venezuela reposed to the image and falsely claimed it depicted protests in his home country this is it the picture was. removed from its original context the purpose of this was to generate the impression of a reality that never existed the city. the researchers want to build a software that everyone can use to check the authenticity of an image with just a single click. much work still lies ahead however as the software is still in its early stages even so all of us can do our part to uncover fake news 1st
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by checking how reliable sources it could be a bought 2nd use search engines to check if other trustworthy media outlets are also reporting certain stories and finally use google's reverse image search was software like to an eye to verify the authenticity of pictures. what about you have you come across fake news let us know on facebook to w dot com or you would shoot well we've got even more tips for you on how to spot this information. to play. out with the old in with the
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new. the toyota camry makes a comeback in europe. from new to newer. b.m.w. 7 series has a whole new look. into the test. driving next. that's tightening its grip across the globe the hunger for energy it's expected to double in the next 20 years. can be satisfied with. what technology is not available in. the air we source news from. life comes 11. in 45 minutes on t.w.
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. i. really mean to me. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. w. literature list $100.00 plus street. hello and welcome to drive with a d w motor magazine coming up the toyota camry back in europe after a 15 year hiatus. the latest in b.m.w. use 7 series as study in luxury and putting the sporty cooper had to go through its paces.


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