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and once again i'm sure doesn't mean i was unclear or make them visible visible postmarked farms or comes children. but. this is d w news live from berlin tens of thousands of people take to the streets across europe to protest against a far right party use and show their support for the e.u. recent polls show nationalist and populist parties are likely to make major gains in the european parliament elections to speak in this coming thursday also coming up austria's president calls snap elections after
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a corruption scandal forces the resignation of the country's far right vice chancellor. plus it was the netherlands night at the your vision song contest duncan lawrence wins. the piano ballot arcade it will bring you the highlights of a spectacular evening in hell of the. waiter thanks for joining us tens of thousands of people have been rallying across europe ahead of the upcoming european parliament elections they're protesting against nationalist and far right parties and showing their support for a stronger you recent polls show anti e.u. parties are likely to do well in the elections which kick off on thursday in britain. a show of love for the european union. tough love.
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in cities across europe tens of thousands joined per unit and the nationalists rallies like here in germany urging people to not vote for nationalists but also urging europe to do much better many protesters worry that nationalist parties could make substantial gains across the continent. just enormous i think you have to send a signal against nationalism you just have to make it public i don't know if there's anything to stop people from choosing an empty democratic party but we have to show that many are against it and. i think through the european parliament election a signal can already be sent about it and i think it will clearly be against rex it and yes i also hope that the election goes in the direction of centrist policies and to the left and that there isn't a populist advance hundreds of civil society organizations back the rallies calling for better climate change policy and a more humane stance towards migrants but as the 28 e.u. members prepare for next weekend's votes polls suggest their fears are justified
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centrist set to lose while far right nationalists and n.t.e.u. parties are expected to gain. austria as president has called for new elections in early september president aleksander founder belen made the declaration after a corruption scandal brought down the coalition government of conservatives and the far right freedom party in else meant follow the release of video footage taken in 2017 showing a vice chancellor heinz question apparently offering lucrative government contracts to a woman posing as a russian oligarchs nice in exchange for her backing his party's election campaign that year. austrians will be voting for a new parliament but voters will have to wait until at least september transfer sebastien courts and president alexander funded by the agreed to the general election roadmap during talks on sunday on the bill and said austria's reputation has been damaged by the actions of the country's now resigned vice chancellor. the
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president said the government needs to regain the public's trust. it's more i just get found we need to take all necessary steps to repair the reputation of our public officials and government representatives in difficult this this is an issue of national interest as well as of all history standing in the european union and the rest of the world unseen. in the appreciation in your own. chance for kurds also said the government was examining the video and considering taking legal action but he said the videos content required careful attention from government investigators and i live. due to the issues raised by the video we need to answer all open questions really determine the range from abuse of power to possible legal consequences. to their lives. that question is said to be answered in the coming days during talks between coats funded ellen and the freedom party's
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designated leader norbert hoffa. of israel is following the story for us from vienna let's bring in right now about it good to see you so snap elections coming up this september but the day to day running of the country still has to happen until that how is austria's government going to continue to function. that is the one big question because the best of course doesn't seem to have 2 sided yet this is a young politician who has a lot of charismatic who is really high in popularity ratings here in austria and she usually wants to appear decisive and is quite quick out of the blocks but this time everybody has been waiting since saturday around noon he wants to make a declaration he came out hours later he didn't really say very much same same game on the sunday so we don't know yet he has 2 options basically he can be courageous and say i go with a minority government and i just carry the government till the elections and is
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throw out their freedom party from the coalition or. the sort of the less so way the sort of compromise solution here just reform kevin out and have some new figures in it and and then say ok we just carry on we once ability we were just carry on until the elections in early september which is more than 3 months away which was something that would probably damage his reputation too so he doesn't yet know what to do and that seems something that also is true for the freedom party the discredited right wing populist party in austria too because then you lead a noble tofa today showed that he does know yet which way to turn. and if you can find him a good artist i am committed to doing everything possible to ensure our freedom party remains strong whether it's part of the government or in the opposition in both cases will be able to shape austria's politics and change it for the better
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for the party think you know who's the composer the supreme so people on the ground they're reacting to this seeming collapse of the government on this call for snap elections. i mean the when we heard the president earlier talk about. people losing trust austrians losing trust in politics in their politicians and in political institutions because this is just the end like with a bang office string of scandals that has been plaguing this government and all these scandals came of the source of all these scandals was the right wing populist freedom party so i talked earlier during the day when there was a pro europe and a pro democracy demonstration also in vienna i asked some people what they thought about the situation some kind of resistant towards the current administration the government's pretty completely corrupt and happy trust it and we need a new face absolutely it's an absolute disaster i hope that changes soon now we
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have the chance to change it all for the better the space of that's the only for visas many of very happy about 2 terrible college ition stepping down is finished then please note that it isn't enough even if the freedom party is removed from the government if they've had enough time to put their people into important positions . so this is far from over the. course of this in the long the 3 i think. we can see and we can hear obviously that people are quite concerned they do want change and some even fear that the rocks in australia might be deeper than is even evident at the moment. and these people who we heard from they may be voting in the european elections coming up this week is this scandal going to affect the austrian vote in those elections. it will certainly affect the austrian vote because it's
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supposedly the freedom party will be a reduce back to its core voters they will be there they will turn out because they believe in their party and they are dyed in the rule dyed in the wool populist really and conspiracy theories about this. already strolling around however we don't know yet how it's supposed in curds the prime minister the chancellor here will be fairing and whether the opposition party for instance the weekend social democrats or greens or the liberals can sort of gain from the scandal that is yet to be seen but something that is very likely the outcome off the scandal in austria is that this is a warning to european conservatives against going into coalition getting even to close politically with right wing populist parties that had been one of the dreams of the italian league leader salvini he wanted to sort of get together it was
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conservatives and sort of make this big get quasar a coalition in the european parliament and they have been warnings from several european countries from the netherlands from germany's from conservatives there who said don't do it see austria as a dire warning lot of fast moving developments thanks to bob levey still in vienna for following all of them for us. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world republican lawmaker justin amash has broken ranks with his party to call for u.s. president donald trump's impeachment the michigan congressman accused of impeachable behavior stemming from special counsel robert muller's investigation on russian interference the report found no criminal conspiracy but left open the question of whether trump obstructed their investigation after. a bomb blast has hit a tourist bus egypt's pyramids at least 17 people were wounded but no deaths have
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yet been reported is the latest blow to the country's. industry which had been showing signs of recovery after years of political turmoil and sporadic violence. australia's conservative government is celebrating what what's being called a miracle victory in the national elections opinion polls had all predicted a win for the opposition labor party but it's still unclear whether prime minister scott morrison coalition will command an outright majority and the parliament. nearly 2 thirds of swiss voters have backed a referendum to tighten the country's gun laws the measure will bring switzerland firearm rules in line with the european union's laws the e.u. tightened gun regulations in the wake of the 2015 paris terrorist attack in. switzerland and lots of gun owners it's estimated that one in 4 owns firearms there are thousands of gun clubs and after the swiss finish their military conscription they can keep their weapon. guns are deeply rooted in society here but now the
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swiss government wants to align its most with the e.u. switzerland is not part of the book but it does belong to the visa free schengen area the right wing populist swiss people's party says this compromises the country's sovereignty. to see firstly this law doesn't prevent a single terrorist attack and secondly it signals the disarming of the swiss population. weapons like the semiautomatic rifles the army uses will now be banned for private citizens but the government and the e.u. have agreed to let former soldiers keep theirs sunday's referendum allowed swiss voters to decide whether to tighten gun laws and ultimately decide on the future of their country in the schengen zone the center left social democrats said a rejection could have created problems for switzerland's relationship with the e.u. is given this is you know this is a bug switzerland security and a by police cooperation and that's where we need to work with other countries on. the vote will not only affect cross border police
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work but also the tourism and exports industries with the 64 percent majority vote for tightening gun control was also a vote in support of schengen. well it was a night to remember for the netherlands at the grand finale of the euro vision song contest in tel aviv as usual the world's biggest music competition was packed full of glitz and kish but also some political controversy. duncan lawrence of benevolence had been the competition favorite and in the end the book my kids were right words can describe what i'm feeling now i'm feeling so much emotions everything that i wanted to do on stage and it came out. it came out so good and i really felt the song and this is like the result the results combined national jury pictures fan favorites.
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because. it leaves my mood for the 2nd with an update now mccord so this is one of those are the this is the only thing that. sergei loves the reds palette needed a good for russia. your visions rules forbid mixing music in politics but there's often a sort of a controversy because with the pop this year icelandic purgatory made headlines for openly supporting the palestinian cause israel's eurovision. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you tens of thousands of people have been rallying across europe ahead of the upcoming european parliament elections they're protesting against nationalists and far right parties and showing their support for a stronger in here the elections kick off thursday and bring. and austrian
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president aleksander from the balance has set elections for early september he announced a step vote alongside chanceless about. it all comes after a corruption scandal brought down kurtz's far right coalition partner. you're watching news on my ask later and we'll be back with more of the top of the hour stay tuned now for a documentary on how we will satisfy our needs for energy in the future coming up right after this break. shifting powers the old order is history the world is really good i think itself and the media's role is keep the topic in focus of the global media forum 2019 today one out of 2 people is online who will be following do we trust to beijing
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and ship the future at that point you're going to go be a full 20.


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