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the food. place. the back to. the boob tube. this is news live from the berglund a fresh blow for the chinese tech our house way google announces exploring the company blocking access to some of its services in line with u.s. government restrictions but could this decision end up hurting the tumors that. you're wrong for sponsor what it calls a genocidal taunt from donald trump iran says it doesn't want more of
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a tensions are rising as washington builds up its military presence in the region. australia's political crisis deepens as ministers from the far right freedom party twist their government hopes to just come says the chancellor sebastian cortes sachs is inter interior minister in the wake of a corruption scandal that claimed his deputy and even if you've never watched it you've most likely heard of it or talking about the cold serious game of thrones it ended after 8 epic years but not all fans are happy with the finale and don't worry if you haven't seen it there are no spoilers he's. the big. tom calma aspen in berlin welcome to the program google has barred the worlds. 2nd
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largest smartphone maker while way from using many of its products it's a big blow to the chinese company last week the trump administration limited the amount of business that american companies can do with the chinese tech giant google says asian means while weight now loses access to some updates the android operating system and 2 popular apps such as g. mail and you tube there is dismay in europe at the news that many google services will no longer be available on who are where smartphones in rome businessmen argue opera philly has lost fit in the chinese manufacture right here over d.c. but i was very much get angry at huawei who sold me something that google doesn't recognize anymore i will send it back via registered mail. but. the us government has added the chinese company to a trade blacklist which munich resident here on early finds hard to accept any of us would move clear no this sort of thing is unacceptable it's again the customer
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that has to suffer because of some argument the americans have with chinese companies i think it's totally unjustified and it's a wonder they staged back in beijing chinese foreign ministry spokesman lu kang said the chinese government would defend chinese interests in the face of the decision or china will confirm this and will look into it and pay attention to it and at the same time china supports chinese companies to use legal weapons to defend their legitimate rights to dunk and. washington is also blocking u.s. technology firms from providing microchips to. but the company says it has many supplies in stock. the u.s. government considers who out with a national security threat that has already been to our way parts in the build out of america's 5 g. internet data network and is stepping up pressure on several european allies to do the same. to raise a lot of joins me now she's the senior editor of vice media here in berlin now to
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raise a how much of a setback is this for wall way i mean this is what the 2nd largest smartphone maker in the world yeah and they have a lot of customers with in europe and europeans like to use their google and their google maps and they. so in the long run of course it will make phones much more insecure for uses and what people will keep using a smartphone so they will probably not buy new ones if you have a wall way smartphone that what would you tell someone what should they do well keep using it and update whatever an update is available because the updates might get through this is security up this might get through a little delayed because there is. a system that is called the open software system which means that you can still rely on open source software updates to come through but it doesn't really mean that you can use them as they come through so it's probably in the long run
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a security risk ok but don't throw it in the trash yet i guess not now is it just google that's taking this action or are other companies starting to block yes some other companies have reportedly also called quits with their with way including qualcomm and some chip manufacturer so it is also the hardware manufacturers that are calling calling out the way. the u.s. and china they're in the middle of this trade dispute the not agreeing on a lot of different issues what are the larger implications well the larger implications that way it can. not enter markets and cannot deliver to markets that it wants to enter whereas the u.s. government and kin is accusing quote way of installing back doors in the software and the reality of it is these accusations have been in the room for quite a while but if there is proof for that is not been made publicly if china decides
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to retaliate what kind of position are they in if they want to take aim at say apple well they have their own they have their own operating system that they're currently valid things to what they have been actually always does they get in their own ok actually so there they have been preparing for a situation like that but nobody really knows how how competent will it is and of course one way would love to just use the existing economics and the existing environments of current software programs that are already in place ok this could be affecting smartphone users we'll see what happens there trace a lot of from vice magazine thank you sir thank you so much thank you well iran has condemned the threats by president donald trump on twitter this weekend in which the u.s. leader warned about the quote end of iran as a response to iran's foreign minister jeavons so bizarre raef used his twitter account to say quote iranians have stood tall for millennia while it's aggressors
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are all gone economic terrorism and genocidal taunts won't and iran the hashtag there says never threaten an iranian tribe respect it works relations between the 2 countries have worsened since washington pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal last year tensions rose further when trump announced more economic measures against iran earlier this month. free is here from washington and she can tell us more on that helen welcome u.s. warships are on their way to the region so this is clearly much more than just exchange of angry tweets right. right call that is certainly the concern at least it's not the 1st time that the u.s. president has waged a war of words but i think it's fair to say that there is concern in the international community that this tactic could one day go too far and that was the warning from the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt speaking in geneva saying
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let us not see these 2 countries accidentally trip into a warfare now iran is also bringing its own provocation day it announced that it has upped its enrichment of uranium it's quadrupled that although it remains within the parameters of the 2015 nuclear deal so what we are seeing overall right now call is trump's particular brand of foreign policy flattery and then battery battery with that harsh rhetoric on those tweets but then yesterday remember as well we saw the president appear on fox news saying i don't want to go to war with iran was hurt economies before swiftly adding it also leads to loss of life so confused rhetoric they're leading many people to question whether the u.s. president is sure all of his position on iran or whether he's being influenced heavily by those in his circle here in washington d.c. now speaking of of influence
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a few years ago his security advisor john bolton wrote an op ed in the new york times it was entitled to stop iran's bomb bomb iran how much influence does john bolton have in the white house. there are certainly reports and talk here in washington d.c. about the fact that john bolton may be a man who is looking for a war on several fronts whether that is with regards to intervention with venezuela north korea and now also with iran and there's also quite some debate as to the movement of those u.s. military ships and b. $52.00 bombers into the gulf whether that is something that really is readying for warfare or whether it's more readying for psychological warfare an effort to bring iran back to the negotiating table on the 2015 nuclear deal of course remember up until now washington has used economic sanctions in a bid to get iran to return to the table i mean that is certainly something these
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accusations of john bolton being the man pulling the strings that has been echoed by the iranian foreign minister himself who tweeted yesterday saying that trump is being influenced by john bolton as what is the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu on the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol man deriving these people as a trinity who comprise the teen be in foreign affairs our very own helen humphrey in washington thank you very much. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world supporters of sudan's extremist groups of called for the inclusion of show real blogger any new government this comes as the military and opposition resume talks regarding a transition to civilian rule the military removed a long time president omar al bashir in april. former south african president jacob zuma is back in court where his lawyers have argued he can't expect a fair trial on corruption charges zuma was forced to resign last year amid charges
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of fraud and racketeering relating to an arms deal worth more than $2000000000.00 in the late 1990 s. . an indonesian court has sentenced a french citizen to death by firing squad for smuggling 3 kilograms of drugs indonesia has some of the world's strictest drug laws but the harshness of the sentence still came as a shock prosecutors have asked for a 20 year jail term for felix store fun. now just after former comedian of a lot of mirrors alinsky was sworn in as president of ukraine today he announced he's dissolving parliament and will hold new elections in 2 months he added that his 1st challenge is to end the conflict with russia in eastern ukraine. it was a big day full of demas selenski and for his many supporters the beaming president elect embraced and enthusiastic crowd on his way to being sworn in. the
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integration is a reality check for a man who not long ago played the role of a president in a popular t.v. comedy show the outsider had been voted in on the promise of change. and the country didn't have to wait long for the new president to shake things up as he does so old parliament only moments after being sworn in a very high dissolve of a coffin or rather of the 8th convocation. selinski call here snap elections that he hopes will give him a majority in parliament the president really needs the backing of the house to tackle ukraine's mounting debt a flagging economy and to make good on his promise to fight corruption. and now the pressing issue is the simmering conflict in eastern ukraine which has claimed 13000 lives to date selenski has called for a ceasefire with russian backed separatists but it's not clear if moscow is open to
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dialogue with the pro western president selenski can count on the support of ukrainians but he also has to live up to their expectations. in the move which was wonderful to hear simple easy to understand words for ordinary people we hope that everything will be alright the hopes riding on him are enormous growth is going to. go to the kind of taking away politicians immunity ending the war and fighting corruption those are the 3 main things that need to be done. no no i do so i hope his actions match his words if they do i think ukraine will live in peace and plenty. tough challenges lie ahead and the one time act might find it harder to remain popular as an actual president. or there are just days to go before european elections and austria is in the midst of a political crisis the country's a junior coalition partner the all right freedom party has announced that all of
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its remaining ministers will step down from their government posts this comes as chancellor of the boston courts announced that he had pronounced he had proposed that the president fire his far right interior minister as a consequence of allegations of bribery levelled against is vice chancellor christian. i will d.w. correspondent barbara vessel joins us now from vienna barbara but with all these these far right ministers resigning nearly the entire cabinet has fall apart now what does this mean exactly for the austrian government. it means that the austrian government will now really having to hold of on the edge of the table really that they were going to have a hard time to sort of keep an office because they can of course sort of look for a caretaker ministers however it is not quite clear whether that will go through in
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parliament because a motion of no confidence is has now will be tabled on wednesday and it will already be involvements next monday so this whole affair that started out you know is a sillies affair about the freedom party the f.b.i. here in austria is now beginning to sort of engulf chancellor courts the prime minister himself dangerous time for him who had started out in office was such high hopes let's talk about chancellor of course i mean he has to renew his whole government in snap elections there but now have been announced for september how difficult of a task will it be for him to actually retain his own post. it's not quite clear how this is going to play out will the voters and the 1st indication are going to be european elections next sunday because we don't know how much the voters are going to punish the freedom party their core voters certainly will stick to them but those that sort of. change came from the conservatives they
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might really punish them they might give courts a boost are they might over all sort of punish everybody who has been in this government that will yet to be shown the posters here in austria don't even dare a prognosis they say everything is really up for play now and we don't really know what will happen it's open and courts is in a really very endangered position now he has it's taking the street days to come up to just to kick allow to just sort of end the coalition that was the freedom party is something that he basically could have and should have done last friday so we will see what he can do what his next step is going to be very briefly barbara do we know who will investigate all these allegations of corruption that came from this secretly filmed video. no nobody knows and everybody is gathered guessing it former spin doctor of social democrats who started some some rather nasty
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interventions during the election campaign 2017 had 1st been on this it is a suspicion a guy called tall silverstein he denies it vigorously so nobody knows those rumors are swirling and a lot of fun will be had was chasing the people who sort of put the trap that the freedom party went into so drunkenly. barbara faisal in vienna thank you very much . now germany's constitution or basic law as it's called marks its 7070th anniversary this week it came into effect in may 1949 after being britain under the supervision of the victorious allied powers its aim was to ensure that after the years of nazi dictatorship and the destruction of the war the new federal republic of germany was built on solid democratic foundations 40 years later when west and east were united the constitution was adopted in the new reunified germany.
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article one of the constitution states that human dignity is invaluable but how realistic is that for everyone in today's germany as part of our series it's my right our next story looks at what dignity means to a german man who was homeless for 10 years. also certain dushan going to the toilet taking a shower there normal things for everyone but how can you do this when you're homeless it's not so simple it. dominates clone lived on the streets for 10 years always on the move looking for something to eat somewhere to sleep he says it was a life without dignity.
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i don't ache was 16 when his mother threw him out the streets of st paoli became his home the red light district of hamburg. would beat each other up for a sleeping bag it's a fight for survival and then there's the sadistic violence and contempt where people come in they don't treat you with dignity but like dirt on and on and on they pee on your sleeping bag or batter us something. there might not be a tomorrow maybe someone will set me on fire beat me to death you end up living just for the here and now and trying to stay alive. yet dominic's got his high school diploma and volunteered in a clothing to pay for refugees people even worse off than him he sees this kind of thing all the time please wake up a sleeping homeless man and tell him to move on. this is also
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a question of dignity cool among us who sits down somewhere at lunchtime expects to be approached by 3 police officers and you see how they put on gloves because they're disgusted that's no way for people to treat each other. dominic is working to offer homeless people some dignity he's collecting donations to pay for a shower bath and bathroom on wheels with a dressing room full of clean clothes he learned what hygiene can means for person when he was living on the streets. body and soul go hand in hand at some point if you're physically dirty you turn inwards and feel in the end that you yourself are dirt has a lot to do with dignity and feelings of self-worth these are things that are lost on the streets i hope this bus can help taking showers to people who need them.
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dominic got his life in order he's 30 now and for the 1st time his existence is fairly secure he has work he has goals. and he has friends most importantly he says. i have an apartment and i appreciate what that means for me it's a luxury to be able to sleep in my boxer shorts or to wash myself whenever i feel like you know i need a shower but. people have dignity and that's inviolable and that should apply to everyone washing is a large part of that. well switching gears now and after 8 years and 47 m. is one of the most popular shows in t.v. history has ended of course we're talking about game of thrones record 19300000 viewers in the u.s. alone tuned in to watch the final episode but when you've got that many fans it's
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impossible to please them all the finale has left many disappointed and many others wanting more on the way if you haven't seen it yet don't worry no spoilers in this report. game of thrones. is over. the record breaking t.v. show's final episode tied up the loose ends of the world's most expensive 8 season $73.00 episode television series which by tens of millions. across the world including in the united states. in chile. russia. and another 167 other countries. have it set the t.v. standard in epic storytelling epic visuals and the reactions
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was my reaction to the people who like game of thrones or abroad function there are young people middle aged older people like my parents who are over 60 and mega fanatics the beauty of the series is that you can identify with any of the characters if you know the definition of t.v. success and in terms of production costs excess except the final episode got pretty mixed reviews but i didn't feel a good scheme of jones because it was so predictable. that would season it was like you never knew what was going to happen it's not just because you always knew what is going to happen next many fans and many actors grew up with the show it's truly the end of a t.v. talk. so i was there with my.
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but never say never a petition asking for a remake of the last series has reached well of a 1000000 signatures. another twist in the game of thrones saga. nicole reese is here she's a big game of thrones fan i understand all you have not seen that final episode so keep the spoilers away i have to admit it i've never seen a single episode of the show i mean what got you hooked on the game of thrones it's basically this whole expect the unexpected to know this whole series was about what's going to happen next is my favorite character going to survive because they're very brutal ways of just killing them off and that was so shot it was sympathy for even the main characters right this one stand i don't think so well i haven't watched the last episode and also not the last season so i'm still about to do it but i've also been spoiled
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a bit so see. i think basically it's all this excitement about what's going to happen next and very strong characters as well we have very strong bold and brutal women in the serious that's just a type of fascinate hinged nation that came at me you know like i was just i want to see what this lady is doing next is she going to chop off heads or is she going to be the next hero on. the slaughtering bank because that was really a game of thrones they were very very. brutal images i think i have never seen such a thing and yeah the fascination also took over for many millions of us i mean just in the u.s. alone for this last episode we have 19300000 people watch it on pay t.v. that's a really big number so i think it's the strong characters it's also this new brutal way of telling a story and this fantasy settings i mean you have dragons in there and somebody is writing them it's kind of whoa who doesn't want that is this really the game end of
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game of thrones is the end well game of thrones has been such a big success so they're working on prequels now one more bit h.b.o.'s there's one name that is circling around naomi watts is one of the actresses that is going to take part in this. prequel spinoff so to say and i'm sure there might be lots of other characters that could come off in a spin off so there's a glimpse of hope for those who really got hooked with this series just we need to waste like always with gamers from see always need to wait as well for the next season you know those fans are used to waiting did a reasonable reason you very much. in football german world cup winner tony has extended his contract with 2023 that will keep him in madrid until he is 33 years old. to end his career with the spanish giants and hopes to get back to winning ways after they failed to claim any trophies the season to season was
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a bit disappointing for. and more of you if you're used to when things go if you're not used to it like a normal season work but. the past years so that's what we are used to when big titles and. the 1st season like this comes of course you're you're disappointed. you're watching news from berlin up next. i'm paul now spend thanks for watching more news on the way.
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in florida when it comes to young people. and much any european option nobody can. do that. young activists are working hard for the european idea. of this. against it. your it's young people of europe's future.
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close up next on the list so. let us we were. when you will. be the 1st americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship back listening. to for minds. her 1st in school when the children. are 1st clueless and. then doris grand moment arrives join the arena tango on her journey to freedom in our interactive documentary toronto entering a turn returns home. if.
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it could be green. very green. balls as blue. p.s. . white. white as lovely. red definitely red. for justin joe if that's what you prefer the old couple couples very special but you know georgia choose your favorite color. europe and its young people a complicated relationship. they demonstrate against climate change but aren't interested in the european election. what about you not really. do you vote.
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as much i think my parents will make me vote so. we wanted to find out what young people think about.


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