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has come to an end but another saga may be about to begin and this time with real world consequences u.s. president donald trump appears to be moving towards conflict with not one but 2 regional powers 1st the brewing trade war with china and now a war of words with iran on twitter the president tweeting if iran wants to fight that will be the official end of the wrong as american warships move into the region the question is are these war games or are they the real thing i'm calling aspen in berlin this is the day. i would say to the revenues do you all understood it was all of us take it when someone keeps trying to scare you it means they feel they are not yet ready for war. if america could do anything it would have done many things by now.
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would you say it's very unlikely i don't think they have the courage to start a war with a round that will see you know. that it was a war with the wrong so he threatens i'm coming to you then come because if you say something you have to act on it let's see how much of a man you are if their interests are attached to it will tell you something about the drones the 3 areas are. also coming up on the day after 8 years and more than 70 episodes game of thrones comes to a net diehard viewers around the world gather to watch the finale of one of television's most popular show us your good quote there will be other very emblematic series ones that really tap into the imagination in the collective subconscious the become hot news topics on the thing that concern the game of thrones will get something like it again one day but we have to wait 102030 years i don't know.
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well the big welcome to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all over the world we begin the day with escalating tensions between iran and the u.s. iran has condemned a threat by donald trump on twitter this weekend the u.s. president warned about the quote end of iran as a response to iran's foreign minister zarif used his twitter account to say quote iranians have stood tall for millennia while its aggressors are all gone economic terrorism and genocidal taunts won't and iran never threaten an iranian tribe respect it works relations of course between the 2 countries have only worsened since washington pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal last year and tensions rose yet again when trump announced more economic measures against iran earlier this month i want to get more on this now with bradley bowman he's
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a former national security advisor to members of the u.s. senate he served more than 15 years in the u.s. army and is currently senior director of the center on military and political power welcome thank you for joining us look that tweet from president trump it says if iran wants to fight that will be the official end of iran there is now an aircraft carrier heading for the gulf there i mean during previous presidency is a statement like you see here in this tweet that would likely signal some sort of armed conflict and what should we make of this during the trump presidency. thank you for the opportunity to talk with you i would make a distinction between the president's twee and the military moves that were seen i was certainly agree with those that would say both the content and tone of the president's tweet as are as unorthodox but i would point out that the deployment of a carrier strike group and a bomber task force is not
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a military propagation rather it's a rather common and prudent step that we've seen before including on in the obama administration and frankly i think is the best way to discourage iranian aggression so i don't think this is simply jest a negotiating tactic from trump i mean we've seen him tweak these sorts of bold statements before maybe ramp up military activity he did something similar with north korea before then going ahead and even shaking hands with kim jong un i think it may very well be that i agree with you that this is the general trend that we saw with north korea but i think the most important thing here is that the trump ministration is sending the message that if iran targets the u.s. or our allies or interests there will be consequences we saw if you look back at the american experience in iraq when the us allowed the i.r.g.c. to operate with impunity attacks tended to increase when the us acted more strongly they decreased and so i think the trend that from an american perspective that we
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see is that we get more aggression from iran when we fail to respond with strength why the turnaround here the obama administration they negotiated of course with iran they brokered this historic treaty with the country why now the turnaround trump basically considers iran a threat as well your sign. yes iran is absolutely a threat iran is essentially been in an asymmetrical war with the united states for 40 years since 1989 iran is the world's worst state sponsor of terrorism support of hamas hezbollah 600 american serve numbs members lost their lives during the iraq war because of the militias in iraq they owed their potency and in some cases their existence to iran. could force so the trump mistake made the decision to withdraw from the iran deal. people of good faith can disagree on the wisdom of that approach but what i think you we have to agree is that there are some
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fundamental flaws or seems at least some serious flaws in the iran deal i would quickly name among those the sunset provision iran says they never wanted nuclear weapons so if they don't want to nuclear weapon why can't those restrictions be permanent why did they insist on a sunset clause why did not address the ballistic missile program which would be the primary means by which they would deliver a nuclear weapon why was that verification regime not more robust why did we see the transfer of millions of millions of dollars and goes on and on and on in the end the trump ministrations presume to max pressure campaign whose goal is to try to bring iran to the negotiating table and we know that diplomacy is more effective when it's backed by credible military power now some critics of president trump would say you know there already are now these are new sanctions and place those have been pretty crippling to iran's economy is that not enough to put this type of pressure on iran why now step up the military pressure why bring the countries so close towards another armed conflict. thank you i again i don't think the
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deployment of a carrier strike group to the middle east is a provocation i think it it supports diplomacy in bombing ministration did the exact same thing so i understand when you combine that with the tweets and nash good guys are bold statements why that would cause concern in some quarters but i think in the end we need to look at actions actions of. the damage before vessels shortly after let me just interrupt you because and with all due respect i mean the president has called for the end of iran i mean i know it's a tweet but is that not a provocation. that is a highly provocative and unusual tweet absolutely i would not advise that you use that town at all and then we are sorry to not again but that tweet combined then with sending ships towards this this region i mean what do you make of that because as an outsider one might say you know that is pretty much an escalation in terms of of military conflict in the region yes and i would also point to national security
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adviser bolton statement where he said we do not seek war with iran i would also point to present trump statements that we don't seek war the wrong but if you know so you know we can cherry pick or we can review them holistically i'm not here to defend the president we have no desire to do that war with iran would not be good but also is not good is allowing for the damage you know continued aggression so i do not have not personally view the intelligence but if iran was in fact putting cruise missiles on ships if iran was in fact sending messages to its proxies to prepare to attack u.s. troops if iran is in fact behind the damage in the for about souls of iran is continues their proxies the who these to attack saudis if iran is behind the launching of the katyusha rocket in the direction of our embassy in baghdad i would ask people should the united states just accept that is that ok is that ok should we just accept that i think. bradley bowman thank you so much for joining us for that discussion senior director of the center on military and political power thank you very much. thank you for that. all right well from
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a war of words with iran to a trade war brewing with china and this time it's not a big blow for the chinese company our way google has are the world's 2nd largest smartphone maker from using many of its products last week a truck administration limited the amount of business that american companies can do with the chinese tech giant google that google's decision means that while we now loses access to some updates to the enjoyed operating system and to popular google apps such as g. mail and you tube. internet giant google has announced it will stop providing services to while away the world's 2nd largest producer of smart phones the chinese company will no longer be allowed to use full versions of google's android operating system on its devices the decision is based on a ban created by washington u.s. president trump says foreign telecommunications companies pose a threat to u.s.
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national security analysts say the new commerce department rules are aimed squarely at huawei google's decision deals a potentially heavy blow to the chinese company way along with the chinese government has called the move an inappropriate and excessive restriction will formally confirm this matter and follow the situation closely at the same time china will support its own enterprises to take necessary legal steps to defend their legitimate rights and interests. current while way smartphone users will no longer automatically receive android security updates otherwise the restrictions will mostly affect future models. ok joining me now to put this all in perspective is graham webster he's a fellow at the new america think tank and coordinating editor of the digit china project focusing on chinese digital policy graham 1st of all now google essentially is blacklisting while they mean they're cutting off access to most android updates
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many of google's apps and how big of a deal is all this well 1st of all it's not totally clear that this is a permanent cutoff the google announcement is in preparation of complying with. quite a ways being added to a list that prohibits it from receiving supplies from american companies but the u.s. government has the ability to grant licenses under that list so that some companies and some products made it may be able to get through. if the cut off is complete from google and the enjoyed system to huawei busy it's pretty devastating for the pa is significant international handset business. most of those phones are going around the world where people are using google services and they're depending on android store and access to some of the other software that they could
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lose access to if this goes all the way through can you tell me a little bit more about huawei the company we know it's the world's 2nd largest smartphone maker but it's also it does a lot more than that right. right so smartphones are a relatively recent development for equality originally the company became known as a telecommunications equipment providers so this is internet routers and and tennis and other equipment for wireless networks. builds a lot of guts the international internet and telecommunications system and very significantly it is currently very well positioned in the build out of next generation 5 g. wireless around the world which has been a controversy in many countries so the handsets are a relatively recent development in terms of their competitiveness around the world
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but it's a huge amount of revenue it's a big company and a lot of people like the phone now president trump last week he essentially called weiwei a national security risk is the company risk in terms of security. well there's 2 things that happened last week one was an executive order by the president giving the government the ability to block transactions for id equipment in coming to the u.s. for security reasons that focused on whether the company supplying the material was associated with a foreign adversary and truly extenuated it's what we're talking about today with the google decision is the 2nd move they made and this is really driven by u.s. sanctions on iran. and holloway's. has been accused of violating those sanctions by providing iranian customers with equipment or anyway products
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that contained restricted u.s. content so there's sort of 2 things going on here whether huawei is a national security risk is kind of a long term question. i don't personally think that most people using a smartphone from far away is is a serious security concern i wouldn't necessarily advise top ministers of state around the world to use that but you know a regular citizen i don't think is a very big deal but there are real debates to be had about whether various countries would want to have quite a way infrastructure underlying their entire 5 g. stack and the choice there can be either black and white to ban weiwei or it can be more greedy ated and say you know some equipment in some parts of the network are not a security risk but other equipment or other products and other parts of that work
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would be so i think this is really a technical cybersecurity question that has gotten wrapped up into a rather political debate very briefly if you're a long way cell phone user what should you do. well right now there's not a lot you can do because the outcome is not totally certain we don't know yet whether cyberware whether the security updates are going to stop flowing there are various possibilities about deals that could be made between chua way and the u.s. government so i wouldn't take any direct action at the moment but yeah it's got to be tough if you're deciding whether or not to buy our way phone right now it might not be the easiest choice and it's hard to imagine how the company is going to deal with that even if they do get a reprieve right now all right graham webster with the new america think tank thank you so much thank you.
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now he went from playing the president on t.v. to becoming the president in a real life former comedian for a lot of resilience he has been sworn in as president of ukraine and he immediately announced that he would dissolve parliament and hold new elections in 2 months his 1st challenge he said was to end the conflict with russia and ukraine's east. it was a big day full of dimia selenski and for his many supporters the beaming president elect embraced and enthusiastic crowd on his way to being sworn in. the integration is a reality check for a man who not long ago played the role of a president in a popular t.v. comedy show the outsider had been voted in on the promise of change. and the country didn't have to wait long for the new president to shake things up as he does so old parliament only moments after being sworn in
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a very high dissolve the because in a rather of the 8th convocation. selinski course you'll snap elections that he hopes will give him a majority in parliament the president really needs the backing of the house to tackle ukraine's mounting debt a flag economy and to make good on his promise to fight corruption. and now the pressing issue is the simmering conflict in eastern ukraine which has claimed 13000 lives to date selenski has called for a ceasefire with russian backed separatists but it's not clear if moscow is open to dialogue with a pro western president selenski can count on the support of ukrainians but he also has to live up to their expectations. the movie treated like this it was wonderful to hear in simple easy to understand words for ordinary people we hope that everything will be alright the hopes riding on him are enormous growth is going to . go to the kind of taking away politicians immunity ending the war and fighting
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corruption those are the 3 main things that need to be done. the learn nothing new and i do so i hope his actions match his words if they do i think ukraine will live in peace and plenty. tough challenges lie ahead and the one time act might find it harder to remain popular as an actual president. it was one of the most popular shows in the history of television h.b.o.'s game of thrones was watched each week by millions of people around the world and probably illegally strained by millions more let's be honest if you're like me and you haven't actually seen it game of thrones was also that conversation on monday morning that you tried unsuccessfully to avoid with 47 emmy awards game of thrones set a new standard for what a t.v. series could be now the final episode as their. game of thrones.
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is over. the record breaking t.v. show's final episode tied up the loose ends of the world's most expensive 8 season $73.00 episodes television series. watched by tens of millions across the world including in the united states. in chile. and russia. and a further 167 other countries. have it set the t.v. standard in epic storytelling epic visuals and reactions was be in the people who like game of thrones or abroad function there are young people middle aged older people like my parents who are over 60 and mega fanatics the
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beauty of the series is that you can identify with any of the characters if you know the definition of t.v. success and in terms of production costs excess except the final episode got pretty mixed reviews but i didn't really do it stephen jones because it was so predictable. that would season it was like you never knew what was going to happen it's just because you always knew it was going to happen it's many fans and many actors grew up with the show it's truly the end of a t.v. epoch. so i wish there was more. but never say never a petition asking for a remake of the last series has reached well as a 1000000 signatures. another twist in the game of thrones saga.
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well joining me now to help us wrap up this odyssey is a lot of pop culture reporter with the washington post of course i'm assuming you're also a big game of thrones fan she's joining us now from washington d.c. 1st of all it's been what 8 years in the making without giving away the ending what did you think of the final episode of. you know this final episode is kind of emblematic of the entire season which felt kind of rushed they only had 6 episodes to sort of wrap up the story the ending but i some accounts was predictable in some ways that others not so much makers actually had some of this ending predicted as this person is the favorite to kind of take it off the gas so you know there's still no what was ever going to walk away from this. everyone isn't going to walk away from this finale as happy there's always it's difficult to sort of wrap a giant epic series like this in a way that satisfies everyone who's dedicated so much time to watching it what
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about the show in general i mean how that game of thrones go to becoming basically appointment viewing i mean we just saw on a piece people standing up and cheering during this episode how to get so big. yeah and it became big kind of from the get go very beginning of the series i don't know if i should spoil what happened in the very 1st or 2nd episode that happened 10 years ago. but it's a. signal that this was a television show that was not concerned with killing off or injuring some of its beloved in future characters not really captivated an audience and you're right this is kind of rare for television in this landscape that still serves the play the feeling television but you know it generated a lot of subscription 3. as opposed to some other streaming services that experimented more with being an entire series worth of television all at once on its popular game of thrones still required everyone to watch all at once. talk
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about that a little bit because so many people are now moving over to netflix they want to stream or binge watch but this is one of those rare shows that proves people will sit down at a certain time on a certain day and still watch t.v. . you know it proves that that's possible and it also kind of paved the way for this sort of cinematic television experience where in this especially in this most recent season and each episode almost star like feature film the level of production value in the time and energy and money that went into each episode and so it's still show that there's an appetite for this sort of experience which is rare in our popular culture it's sort of 5 minutes and now it's it's kind of rare to find something that everyone sort of engaging with all at once but you know they're still sort of an appetite for this and also kind of culture taking over that mean stream and we see that with superhero movies as well this is also show that of course extreme levels of violence of sex over the rape scenes i mean was this also a controversial show. gaz specially in the earlier seasons you saw some of that
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toned down in the more recent seasons this one in the 8th and then the set of events which was 2 years ago we weren't seen as many seemed around sexual violence or nudity there was some kind of protest or outrage around that it's also due in part to the source material and the series kind of outpace the source material george r.r. martin books they departed back in the same season and so some about violence rest back there as well so you know people can still voice their opinions and and we didn't see as much of that in the more recent seasons how would you describe the legacy of game of thrones. yeah it's one of those shows that will forever be part of our popular culture whether people have seen it or not i don't know people are watching who have never seen it but don't know who all the characters are you know what kind of happened out of it's one of those things where it's really hard not to sort of engage with even if you have never seen it and so i think that it
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will always be kind of our lacks a part of our lexicon a rival an era comes to win and a lot of the pop culture reporter for the washington post thank you very much thanks for having me. that's it for the day but as always the conversation continues online to find us on twitter either at the news or you can follow me at karl mass been please no tweets about game of thrones don't forget to use our hash tag the day thanks for watching and for making us a part of your day. job .
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