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6 returned to racing only 6 weeks later. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes it's a 3 horse race that's too close to call allow hits to the polls in an election that pits the president against his own rally have been young and while most forces are below 30 we'll hear from them and the president who spoke exclusively to the grocery store. on for profit. also coming up on the show off to 72 years of the cannes film festival a black african woman director is in the running the palme d'or for the very 1st time the film at lente could make cinema her story of the senegalese director
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marty deal. needed. black people to screen like shoes like everywhere. i'm christine wonderwall come to me is africa i'm fat here today in malawi is president is seeking a 2nd 5 year term as the country votes in a general election on tuesday the 78 year old is up against 6 other candidates including his vice president. who is 32 years younger than him but opposition leader lazarus chalk winner is seen as having the best chance against the incumbent in an election where the economy and corruption are the main issues with a population of about $20000000.00 is one of the poorest countries in the world it's also one of the youngest 70 percent of people are below. the age of $33.00 and
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crash but together this report about the tactics candidates have fused to appeal to the youth. fans are waiting in anticipation to see what new surprises in store vice president and u.t.m. candy did sell last cheney must past election campaign release have become known for their creativity at the age of 46 he's the youngest of the 3 major candidates and he wants to use that to his advantage this push ups on stage impress many of his young supporters in the capital city of new them with. his very good executive showing that he's think you know. he's given us hope. he says you know malawi's poorest country and i know it's hard to find jobs and he's given a set. i think it's he sees doing it he's doing it was easy for the country i mean we love his ideas he has encouraged us and we're ready to vote for him but
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see we're dividing the sense team. america with this record video which he must wife also helps in the fight to win the youth vote today as you know it was unbelievable. but not. much in any. of the new. ads on t.v. . last. a few kilometers away of the 2nd biggest opposition party the m.c.p. gets mobilized loud and colorful the central theme is centered on the youth in my life more than half of the registered voters are under 30. they use are their most term. in this election we have mobilized the youth like you
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can believe in no party has had the youth conferences across this country like we have they both live in us they believe in our message and they believe that they use the will prosper because we have so much in store for them. the difficult economic situation as seen on the sidelines of the major election campaign events countless sellers of goods but most customers have little money for it 24 year old sells tap water bottles and plastic bottles for the equivalent of $0.06. treasure now you know my best cd we listen generation for young people it's not that good. school and i'm ready for school a lot of us went to school you know we have to grease that would enable us to work or do business. and she's going to be staying at home because there are no jobs or
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no business opportunities for us. in malawi agriculture is still the main source of income often the harvest is just enough for one's own family the state is the largest formal employer but still dependent on development aid from abroad president. insists that he stimulus the country i don't proof the infrastructure so he is running for a 2nd term but more than half of the population of my life we live in poverty and many young people haven't seen any improvements. still it seems there's no sense of political does and stands men from the young people in my last week and the country expects a high voter turnout. and so the candidates fight for votes with creativity. i. funked.
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exclusively to malawi's faces but to issues young people are concerned about going into this election if you go out and talk to young people on the streets many of them are not happy many of them i talked to told me that there is no job opportunities for them they don't really see a future anymore well. obviously obviously for to organise it over 50 percent of the country if you do said it 52 percent that's me or. obvious not no country not to be germany or the united states can employ all the huge it's not possible to employ everybody but. usually the thing is ok on the street. no jobs but more jobs more jobs. when you're training that's why i started getting the commuted to go calling were good but it took time it got to be done overnight 78 years old the majority of the country is younger than 30 years
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actually what are you responding to those who are saying it should be the time for the younger generation to provide the leadership of this country a question oh he doesn't. he wouldn't. wear that you're nobody. going to contribute i do have an idea i know what our country needs to move from poverty to prosperity i'm not sure what exactly i'm going and trying to do the next 5 years the issue of corruption is still something people baits about quietly before the fall of vice presidents and he's now one of the opposition candidates yes he actually claims that you are not serious about stopping theft. and you are wrong. wrong is wrong. but he's discounted so he has to say that but we are fighting corruption that many many people have been trying already well. to get about 17 people being convicted one was sentenced last week i think that you
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need one of the major people investigating many cases that's still going on and the anti-corruption bureau director of public prosecutions is going to use agency under police police. investigation but but you know what it's a very difficult thing to do because these are very clever people who are doing some people very sophisticated with computer. crime it's not easy and sometimes we don't have enough resources but. there's no more corruption here than in other country in the world doing our best to make sure that we are doing what. of you complain release you actually says that some of the opposition parties hire foreign professionals from russia and nigeria and india to rig the elections do you have any evidence for that claim i don't so why did you never put
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it on the table well what would take our current administration time welcome morning well we do everything but the point you know all those things on the good shoes are always made. rigging everyone. shoes through democracy and i do through. the loss of claimed to vary from a rig. storable for a guy. one election windows $300.00 for a transplant if you lost it was corrupt it was all over the continent so if you say nothing new. south africa's former president jacob zuma is back in court corruption charges zuma is accused of taking bribes back in 1999 when the government was buying ops the 77 year old once a panel of judges to throw out the case against him the charges were dropped shortly before he became president in 2009 and been reinstated last year so has
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always maintained that the trial is politically motivated he's a lawyer he's being treated unfairly only one year and my limit focus on the other side one engine is just too much to appease and so it's driven and inspired by something all of us in this little have. to varying degrees. it's bias. meanwhile in its 72nd dia the cannes film festival is experiencing a true premia franco senegalese direct deal is the 1st black african women direct say in the running to win the pilot dole the film at the antique has been described as a ghost story set on a city building site but the men working they haven't been paid for weeks and face the inevitable pull off the ocean. matty hope so he said film portrays the atlantic ocean as
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a supernatural force which is swallowing up sending council youth to. alan. as a black woman i missed a really missed black figures in and black characters like cruelly and it's also why i made this film i needed to see like people on screen like shoot like everywhere in. atlantic tells the story of a dad whose poor parents have a ranch for her to marry a wealthy man but she is secretly in love with building marcus to live. when he and the other men setanta in a boat for europe the inevitable happens they all try on that exhibit can't believe that superman is gone the most. fun. oh. mahmassani who plays that
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says she's humbled by the film's success a coast on the coast to goose season message behind the title of love beyond death it is usually a book on old style i'd really love for our parents to learn through this film that forced marriages don't help their children lestat that they do it so that their children don't hang around in the streets. but i think a marriage should be based on love money as good as the buzz they don't love. one seeks entire cast and crew were on luck was that for the premiere deal says it sucks but can have to wait 72 years to see a black woman director that pound all may come a lot sooner. and that's why i believe it is africa today as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page i want to say at what to say that the next time i think.
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it is time to take one step further and face to some. time to search the home that fight for the truth. to overcome their own dreams and come back to the world it's time for a doubling in. coming up ahead. what secrets lie behind a small. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage 36050 up now.

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