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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin the formula one racing legend niki lauda has done his family says he passed away peacefully in his sleep it was known for his remarkable comeback from a horrific crash in the 1970 s. look back at his career and his treatments feel the truck. also coming up austria's political crisis deepens the country's transport corps starts to feel the heat following your corruption scandal involving his coalition partners the far right
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freedom party. in vienna. plus u.s. president trump steps up his war of words on your breath and saying it will be met with great force if it moves against u.s. targets in the middle east iran is playing him at his own game telling him in a tweet to show some respect. oh i'm terry martin thanks for joining us austrian formula one great niki lauda has died at the age of 70 to 13 world titles and famously survived a terrible crash at the 1976 german grand prix he was badly burned but remarkably won 2 of his titles after the accident he is the only man to win championships with leading racing teams ferrari and. clarence. he went on to found his own airline
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and later became non-executive chairman of mercedes during their recent domination of formula one you can drop back on the wheel in later life competing in charity events will be remembered as one of the best and most charismatic drivers in formula one history. well joining me to discuss the legacy we have mark meadows from d.w. sport hello mark so the racing world has lost a legend niki lauda he was a larger than life figure was he definitely was i met him a few times at from the one race is he was always there in the form of one paddock wandering around chatting to everyone having time for everyone so friendly always with a smile on his face despite some of the horrific health problems he'd had over the years of as you mentioned the terrible crash in 176 that him very badly burned he then had kidney transplants and just last year he had a lung transplant and that was connected back to the crash in 176 because he
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breathed in so many toxic fumes so he did incredibly well to fight back from that and to carry on going and yet larger than life is definitely the way to describe him people might remember the hollywood film a few years ago which was all about his battle for the titles of james hunt the british driver in the 1970 s. it was all about drama money cars. champagne you know he just loved the sport he loved being in the public eye and yet if one has lost 11 of its greats today extraordinary determination resilience in niki lauda what sort of driver was he i think the best word to describe him is obviously courageous i mean the most amazing thing about that horrible crash at the gym going pretty 906 is he was back behind the wheel 6 weeks later and he went on to win a world title just a year later and then won another one in 1904 now most people wouldn't have got back in the car after what happened to him and he went straight back into it so.
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that was quite incredible what he did i mean i've actually driven the nordschleife for the section of the track that the new bring where his crash happened and that was actually the last roam free ever to happen in the north life in 96 because they realized it is just too dangerous we can not use it anymore i didn't drive it myself obviously i was with a former one test driver and he was struggling at like 200 miles an hour and he was pointing out where nicky labs crash happened and he said you know how we survived that nobody really knows so far from recovery vehicles and paramedics i mean it's the north life is 5 times as long as a normal f. one track today and i had banked corners and everything just is horrific really the fact he came back from that and got even better means he's one of the forms greatest ever drivers so it was an extraordinary drive that's very clear but he saw his career he had many many titles he was very important in for the sport but he achieved much in later life to do any more he didn't need i mean not many f one
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drivers give up the sport and then launch into a career of business you know he launched airlines people may well have flown on some of his airlines flying nicky based in austria where he was from and then he stayed in the sport as well he came back to miss sadie's to be the non-executive chairman and is it a coincidence that mercedes have dominated this fall ever since he came back basically because he's just the go to man he may not have been actually in full power sadie's but you know damn well that the city's went to him and said hey we think we might want to sign valtteri bottas to replace nico rosberg i think that's a good idea if he'd said no there's no way mercedes would have signed him because he said yes they signed him and lewis hamilton getting in of a big contract that's because they go to make it out because they know he's got this experience he knows the sport and ok here we are today we've got a big weekend coming up in motor sports i guess we can expect some tributes indeed we have the monaco grand prix this weekend the big events of the f one calendar oversee the. used to go there every year loved it to pieces so already we've had
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some tributes coming in jensen the former. champion calling him a legend and his form and seem to have said he is in trying in our history so i think we can expect a lot of tributes at the marco prix it's also the indianapolis 500 this weekend it's a big weekend for motor sports so nicky lauder will be the center stage in everybody's thoughts mark thank you so much mark meadows from did obvious for austria's coalition government is on the brink of collapse after the all mass resignations by ministers from the junior partner of the far right freedom party the resignations came after chancellor sebastian cortes proposed sacking his interior minister in the wake of the funding scandal that had already forced his vice chancellor. to step down the court said the interior minister would have to go to ensure an unbiased investigation into the scandal. the chancellor hopes to
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prop up the government until snap elections in september but as opposition parties prepared to vote prepare a vote of no confidence it's far from certain whether courts as conservatives will survive that long. well the correspondent barbara basal joins us now from vienna barbara this doesn't look good for sebastian courts as cabinets been decimated and he could face a confidence vote can he keep the government functioning until september. that is the big question here in vienna this morning because it seems as if supposed best in court suits now himself fighting for political survival if in fact all the opposition parties gang together against him he is going to lose there is no question about that then there would be some sort of interim a caretaker government till september and then the big question is what the votes of punish courts all would they probably say he's still our hero and we think he's still great that is completely opened at the moment because you're also impulses
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don't even dare sort of come out was a prognosis the things are so fluid at the moment but for currents it's really dangerous to be christian is of course freedom party is out for revenge because whether the social democrats will turn against him and sort of make a future listen was him and the conservative relatively impossible so dangerous day for sebastian codes who was the young hero forced in politics so austria is going to be holding a national election in september but this crisis comes just days before the european parliamentary elections what are the implications of. that is equally unclear of course the freedom party is going to lose votes because it had made inroads into conservative territory during the last national election so many voters looking at the brown swamp and looking at even side gate will
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probably turn away in horror and return to the conservatives so that might be good for the their vote and for could set the european elections but the core voters will certainly still turn out because that's how populist voters usually react conspiracy theories are already swirling around here and of course it's the it well no narrative there out to get us and that sort of will drive them out to vote however one thing's for sure this was. certain warning to other conservative parties in europe don't play was the right wing extremists it's going to be dangerous and drag you down they will drag you down with them where you said they are about to get is the big question who the scandal was unleashed by a video apparently showing the vice chancellors of the vice chancellor promising government contracts as a reward for help with this election campaign 2 years ago any idea who was behind that video. nothing bad rumors i mean all austria talks about this people in the
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street talk about his cloak who could have been behind this former spin doctor of the social democrats it's also of a sign was sort of. cultivated but he said i have nothing to do with it he denies stringently german comedian young man is being a name here in australia as you might just grin and shake his head so this seems rather like a really well prepared statement coming from the political sphere because you have to remember one thing these people have been sitting on this highly explosive material spilt the elections in 2017 throughout the forming of the government and they choose this particular moment to blow up the government so who could possibly behind it it's a question mark barbara thank you so much that was barbara faisal in vietnam
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u.s. president all troll has issued a new threat to iran saying it will be met with great force if it attacks u.s. targets in the middle east earlier trump had threatened to quote end iran but now tehran has hit back with a tweet of its own calling on trump to show the country some respect but also stressing it does not want war. iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif didn't mince words in his response to trump's threats. donald trump hopes to achieve what alexander the great genghis khan and other aggressors fail to do iranians have stood tall for millennia while the aggressors are all gone economic terrorism and genocidal taunts won't end iran never threaten a new reigning in try respect it works. it was all in response to trump's earlier tweet vowing to quote end iran if tehran wages war against the u.s. but on the streets of the iranian capital not everyone felt
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a war was looming maybe sit on a wall weren't happening and if trouble could start one he would have done it by now so if he threatens i'm coming for you then come because if you say something you have to act on it let's see how much of a man you are. talented on naturally trump does not and did not want war but apparently some countries in the region of pushing him in that direction. out of both where i'm seeing all the military equipment the us have brought to the persian gulf i think they want to get results so results could either be war or iran sitting down for negotiations which of the body similar to that. in recent days the trump administration has deployed bombers and an aircraft carrier to the persian gulf citing iranian threats to u.s. interests. on monday tehran upped the ante and announced it would quote drupal its production of enriched uranium if they do it means iran would soon go
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beyond the stockpile limitations established by the 2015 nuclear accord. for more now let's bring in colleyville rustam conny he's an iranian writer and journalist living in exile here in germany thanks for being with us this morning 1st of all thank you clear the rhetoric here is alarming we've got the u.s. and iran talking of war and annihilation we've got also u.s. warships headed to the region is this is dangerous as it seems. it is very dangerous. i hope it is not as dangerous as it seems but do you know that it does have bit sensitive region that bit too much or impossible to me to. i'm going to men. that's the problem there are 2 men 2 can have. on both sides. and i hope that somebody will console been. talking about the
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because these some of these trigger happy people and maybe some of the of this on both sides too starting with washington how do you read washington's strategy here are they really expecting this pressure to result in iran turning a new leaf or is containment a strategy that it is very difficult to read just one strategy mushing on the one hand president offers is the phone number personal telephone number to the unions to call on the other hand and we should remember that the national security adviser mr john bolton a few months before taking office he had best an opposition rally in paris promised to hold in the next celebration. in tehran. so i don't know if that's containment or if it is regime change when they have to keep denying they can change but. so it's difficult to see there's no
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coherent strategy moving out of washington and you do have the tory is hawks in president trump's inner circle particularly john bolton but what about a wren what does arend pursuing here how is it you know determined to get the ball as quick as it can as many fear or is it simply trying to maintain its own strategy of of development in the region and to develop its allies i think the 2nd would be more close to home to the target. the being the ns as far as i can see no way that they can not get the bomb they probably get tried some some years ago but. then they'd realize that they conned get it and. actually the international. agency
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has been there if i gave you and has come from that they have they have stuck to their. promises. but what the. so that seems to be the main concern that of people who feel threatened by iran particularly israel and some of the other neighbors in the region that iran is just hell bent on getting the nuclear bomb and that they won't tolerate that yeah that's the problem their rivalry in the region israel and saudi arabia as one can see how good the very strong ally in. and i hope that they will not seek this to get through the misses in tehran. otherwise it would get much more dangerous and that that's why they are playing up this question about the bomb thank you very much for talking with the son come real rustam conny journalist and
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writer here living in germany thank you. now some of the other stories making news around the world today joko widodo has been reelected as indonesia's president and we don't owe one just over 55 percent of the vote according to the election commission result was released today ahead of schedule amid fears of violent unrest we doubters opponent former general probably what looks to be on top has not yet conceded defeat after claiming widespread cheating. there's elan police have filed terrorism charges against the man accused in the christ church mosque attacks he already faces $51.00 charges of murder but police say he's now also charged with engaging in a terrorist act after the shootings charge comes with a maximum penalty of life interesting. a court in france has ordered a hospital to resume giving food and water to a man who has been in
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a vegetative state for more than a decade 42 year old been sent out has been completely paralyzed since a motorbike accident in 2008 his wife had campaigned for him to be allowed to die but his parents contested the decision splitting the family and the nation. the french media swooped as various parents prepared for what was to be their final goodbye with their son resulted that killing him that killing him that month. they'd food a long battle to prevent this happening. but not everyone in the family shares their view and some were clearly relieved that apply for a serious is the 1st time i've told myself it's going to happen and everything is being done to make it happen so i'm quite serene and ready for it to end. doctors began shutting down 42 year old van life support but the battle wasn't over yet
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a paris court even ordered doctors to resume treatment it's the latest episode in a bitter legal battle that's divided lamberto family since a 2008 motorcycle accident left him in a state of minimal consciousness doctors say his condition has deteriorated and that for years now he's been in a persistent vegetative state. as wife his nephew and several siblings back to 2013 decision by his doctors to end life support his parents and 2 of the siblings opposed it. parents have brought and lost cases before french courts and the european court of human rights in repeated efforts to prevent his life support being ended earlier this month the united nations committee on the rights of persons with disabilities requested that french authorities suspend the decision to take him off life support while it examine the case monday's like decision from the paris appeal court ordered kid to be continued until united nations committee could
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consider an appeal from lone best parents. of the. german constitution marks its 70th anniversary this week introduced after the horrors of world war 2 the basic law make makes human rights democracy freedom and equality fundamental values for germany after the allies had defeated the nazis there were many questions about how to rebuild germany western powers the us france and britain wanted to create a solid democracy the constitution was initially a temporary one just for west germany but 40 years later when west and east were reunited the constitution was adopted in the new united germany. well on the occasion of the constitution's 70th anniversary of the ws profiling people who are . fundamental rights written in the basic law.
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down syndrome is actually cool we just want to be like everyone else really under. natalee did too or is 20 years old. she's a seasoned campaigner for equal rights for people with disabilities. not only lives with her family in cologne and has been seeing her boyfriend for a year she's due to move out soon and make her own decisions. for example i want to decide for myself whether to start a family of my own. and if i do become pregnant then i want to decide for myself things like how i eat out as i see fit over there and. i don't want to be
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checked on all the time and for decisions to be made for me that's how it feels to me. so great with us. developmentally challenged people in germany rarely find decent jobs with reasonable pain not only works in a cafe in a welfare center but for no salary she also writes for a magazine published by people with down syndrome unpaid voluntary work. as for myself i'm natalie digital and i'm 20 years old and i still don't live alone. a rally in berlin marching for equality campaigners like not only have already secured voting rights for developmentally challenged people in germany now they're trying to prevent more unborn children being tested for disabilities they fear that could lead to no more people with down syndrome being born. in the
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world in the constitution in article 3 it says that all people have the same rights with or without disability so you shouldn't be so scared of us we're really cool well you know. she's managed to get politicians to listen she even confronted german chancellor angela merkel on the campaign trail 2 years ago. are these is this topic is important to me i don't want to be important i want to stay in this world. natalie's life is already pretty independent but it's something she also wants for others equal rights for all people with disabilities as written in the constitution you know it's about not pushing away people who have a disability it's about allowing them to take part letting them take part is really important the most important thing is that every person is valuable and everyone is
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taken seriously. now after 8 years and 47 the most popular show in t.v. history has ended of course we're talking about game of thrones a record 19300000 viewers in the u.s. alone turned it tuned in to watch the final episode but when you've got that. the fans it's impossible to please them all the conclusion has left many disappointed and many others wanting more by the way if you haven't seen it yet no spoilers in this report. the game of thrones. is over. the record breaking t.v. show's final episode tied up the loose ends of the world's most expensive 8 season
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$73.00 episode television series watched by tens of millions across the world including in the united states. in chile. and russia. and a further 167 other countries. that set the t.v. standard in epic storytelling epic visuals and epic reactions was be in the people who like game of thrones are abroad fans there are young people middle aged older people like my parents who are over 60 and mega fanatics the beauty of the series is that you can identify with any of the characters if you know the definition of t.v. success and in terms of production costs excess except the final episode got pretty mixed reviews. i didn't feel
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a good scheme will go into because it was. the wood season was like it is you know i knew what was going to. be good you always knew it was going to happen next many fans and many actors grew up with the show it's truly the end of a t.v. epoch. not that i'm at the back of the thought i was there was more of this but never say never a petition asking for a remake of the last series has reached well of a 1000000 signatures. perhaps another twist in the game of thrones saga. and you're watching news still to come in the business the u.s. has temporarily east restrictions imposed on the way aiming to minimize just russian or u.s. customers of the chinese tech giant however always founder says the 90 day reprieve
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makes little difference as the company is aiming to become less dependent on u.s. suppliers and they would want to get to have that story and much more for you in business coming up after a short break. thanks for being with. the
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clinton. to phenolic a. thing but alex gill alex one last match to score to. say good bye. to celebrate. by munich as
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a champion again. takes 60 minutes to w. . every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word published in the. new code is in germany to learn german why not play with helmets simple online on your mobile and free stuff from the w.c. learning course. german made easy. sometime in the 26. my great granddaughter. but with the world like in your life time in around half a century. your world will be around 2 degrees one of the lead inevitably sea levels rise by at least one central. we're going to have some climate impacts which are greater than what we see on the
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movie. it's really frightening. blood. why are people more concerned. little yellow. stars move through the 1st. place. change of hox all part of the strategy washington grants you always a 90 day retreat that allows the chinese take for them to continue links with u.s. companies. also on the show with the european elections coming up this week we look to one of the blocs most fragile economies greece emerged from the crisis but is the current a real estate a blessing or a curse words. and an education curriculum tells a lot about one country's internal went on another human.


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