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climate impacts are greater of course you know. it's really frightening. why are people more concerned. short's me through the 1st. week that. this is being used a show coming up on the program the official count is in for it you do need it as election and come bench joko widodo is declared the winner but his challenger is contesting the result jakarta is under tight security over fears of violent protests also on the show. pakistan's hands are a shiite minority living under armed security under constant fear of attack by extremists can't the government protect them as promised.
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and the show went on musicians from the north and south korea shared a stage despite north korea's weapons test this month. i'm melissa chan and welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us it's official joko widodo has been reelected as president of indonesia he will lead the world's 3rd largest democracy for the 2nd time we doto who has been president since 2014 captured over assist the 5 percent of last month's vote citizens really did have 2 distinct choices would doto the reformist or his ultra nationalist conservative challenger or both beyond joe the former son in law of military dictator suharto subiaco also retired millet. very general challenges recent
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results and says there has been widespread voter fraud the results arrived a day earlier than we expected people are worried about possible violence these are pictures from today you can see heavy security in front of big elections commission office in the capital of jakarta. for more we are joined by risking a grasshopper from our indonesian service risky what are the chances of violence i mean people are talking about it they're preparing for it. well tension remains high in jakarta following the plant that must must ration by troubles are beyond the supporter there's an unbreakable belief among them that the election was rigged don't mr prabhu has urged his supporter 3000000 peaceful and call the police still has it's not just a couple of weeks ago they have arrested. the really instigator for allegedly
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treason and since the beginning of the week they have to deploy 32000 troops and police official to secure the capital city to have even prevented the demonstrator travelling to jakarta to join the protests so if you're among security official that the message must thracian tomorrow could turn into a violent protests you still there is still strong well was this a free and fair election. well interventional observer and it is seem to think that the election worst partially free and fair that is true because we've received numerous complaints from human rights including the crazy organisation which criticise mr redo this administration because of the huge pressure they put on government employees to campaign in favor of the president although the constitution served them from doing so so in that sense the election was not completely free and fair. risky new ground thank you. they are marginalised discriminated against and persecuted because our people
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originally native to the mountains of central afghanistan had czars also make up a significant minority in pakistan some 900000 members of the ethnic group who live in the country is specially in and around and they fear for their lives every day because sunni extremists consider the mostly shiite group heretics and target them with precision and regularity 2013 was a particularly bloody year string of bombings claimed the lives of some 130 people in january in february another bomb attack killed 110 people and injured many more the violence continues just last month a suicide bomber targeted a market frequented by his hours chilling 21 the danger is so serious that quote us has our community relies on armed protection 247. it should be every teen task but it's
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a massive security operation. these men are heading to the city market to buy and sell food they're traveling in a convoy and are protected by heavily armed men necessary measures to prevent attacks by violent militants. at the market security guards keep a watchful eye but they're not always able to guarantee safety just in a probe a militant blew himself up in a market just like this one killing at least 20 people and wounding dozens more many of the victims were his lara and supposed to be under military protection. the people here today know that a trip to the market carries a deadly risk every time but not going isn't an option the market is their bread and butter. was. if we didn't come here to work
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the tax wouldn't happen but then we wouldn't be able to run our homes how would we feed the children. if we don't work who would give us money. for quitters hazaras fear has become a part of life for years they've been living in heavily guarded enclaves surrounded by checkpoints and hundreds of gods. it's for their safety but as our us say they're high and has become a prison you know money by the younger generation is facing a lot of difficulty. i swear to god there are so many difficulties for them. it's as if they are living in an enclosed cage of what's moving that. the government in islamabad has been vocal about the need to protect the has our people and flush out the militants who target them. military operations are ongoing and local
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authorities say much progress has been made. it to move armor book we have on earth many networks here. we arrested them eliminated them. destroyed them leave their creator were bomb making factories we destroyed the heads of their organizations and we routed out other members and their whole front line. we stayed within the law and we did what we could do it was a public yet. nevertheless as the april attack shows militants are still capable of inflicting carnage unquote as ethnic minorities. for now members of the has are a community will have to continue to go about their daily lives wondering if they have returned hi i'm at the end of the day. joining us now is omar waraich with amnesty international now omar after the april attack prime minister of iran khan
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this it is the has our community in quick and said the government was responsible for their safety but violence has been going on for years there and nothing seems to have changed why will this is exactly it we often get governments making these promises during the. victims and actually only. because the victims heard sense that the treatment however we have seen of the government's kind of see term it community that can be ignored. they are willing to insult their attackers. and so therefore the capitulate goes visit notice and then this is what we read from the constant government easy comprehensive strategy on how to protect us our quits and its new my very eyes. so it's just a lip service and you talk about the need for
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a comprehensive plan or what do you think are some of the things that the government can be doing. well i mean 1st of all it can begin by only holds in the perpetrators accountable we have not seen that we know who the groups are big in responsibility for these attacks they've got an established house and they've got bases all areas of operation in or around the new just so sus that could be used to hold them accountable bring them to justice so that the those victims actually get some sense of closure with a great loss the 2nd thing is that actually pretend that it would this is not a big area that we're talking about the significant security presence would be enough to ensure that people can go about their lives for you can go to the mosques for you can worship freely and not see each day within the islamic calendar and yet
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another thing. as another tried to do where the have incident known loved ones and certain grounds for peace or. omar waraich thank you earlier this month north korea launched another round of missiles ratcheting up tensions once again in the north asia region so it was a bit of a surprise that a few days later the show went on between a south korean violinist and north korean soprano in some classical music diplomacy here's more. they can't exchange phone calls letters or e-mail spit out special government approval. but to artists from north and south korea have found a way to communicate. suv this wall would denounce
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a couple of the high heart is full because the south and north korean sides perform together in china while holding each other's hands at this moment i feel unification has come that. contact between citizens of the 2 koreas is heavily restricted and it's rare for musicians from either side of the border to perform together. but it is right now we're divided it's hard for us to meet and it's a very difficult political situation. but although today's performance was only short at least it's possible to come together to play music for a moment. i couldn't help but think just maybe it'll bring more opportunities like this in the future could one single us with the. past so often china brought the 2 sides together by offering the venue and musical support.
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from the shanghai city symphony orchestra. it's been a long time coming for the acclaimed south korean violinist he's been pushing for an into korean performance for years. the artists say they want to perform together again in the future and bring them use a call to play missy to other cities across the world. that's it for today. there are more stories on our website e.w. dot com forward slash asia and be sure to check out our facebook page as well we'll leave you with pictures from across asia as ramadan continues and muslims on the continent are fasting praying and celebrating to start at sunset thank you for watching you next time and by.
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going to unofficial estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. where were you when i return to where you are. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for minds. pretty. sure linked to news from
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africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions on the news is easy our website did you do comes to africa join us on facebook at g.w. for a. change of heart or us for teacher truth washington grants while waiting for a premier chinese to do business with american companies a little longer. best is get excited about a movie with name india's election the critics when they're in for a reality check and walking a fine line a record number of foreign visitors at all korean trade fair despite sections. let's do business 1st the clamp down now a backdown united states is temporarily eased the bad or away there are fears the
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chinese tech giant could allow beijing to spy on the west its top executive in the european union has lashed out at the trauma administration and says other companies should be wired to that the founder of the firm isn't so concerned. u.s. claims it's acting in the interests of flyways customers by allowing the company to use u.s. made components for a further 90 days it hopes to minimize the disruption to smartphone users but even when that grace period is over some say it may not have the damaging effect on huawei sales that the u.s. may be expecting. as long as it still can operate its duke and all of. the sick and don't know what it will do. everything just went for ways responded to the u.s. as temporary reprieve saying it doesn't need their help its founder says it's developed enough of its own components.

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