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g.w. has it all. on may 26th d w. this is a w. news live from berlin britain's prime minister. my 2nd referendum 2 months after the country was originally due to leave the european union theresa may office the concessions but only if parliament 1st. deals also on the program. in the back of a career of forming along based legends mickey lounge known for his return from her
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fickle crush in the 1970 s. . on monday the age of sept. will bring you a preview of one of the most highly anticipated movies of the film fest. anybody actually kills anybody and fight to go to jail it's called manslaughter. quentin tarantino is back on face time with brad pitt on leonardo dicaprio take you to the south of france to find out why the filmmakers of my system for his controversial white nearly didn't make because he's. i'm phil gal welcome to the program. i was not with the british prime minister and her latest attempt to get parliament to agree breck's a deal may as announced that she will allow lawmakers to vote on whether to hold a 2nd national referendum on leaving the e.u.
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this comes 2 months after britain's departure from the bloc i've also listened carefully to those who've been arguing for a 2nd referendum i've made my own view on this clear on many many times i do not believe this is a route that we should take because i think we should be implementing the result of the 1st referendum not asking the british people to vote in a 2nd one but i recognise the genuine and sincere strength of feeling across the house on this important issue the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement still at introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a 2nd referendum and this must take place before the withdrawal agreement can be ratified. straight to data because front of back at mass london welcome back at talk us through the rest of the prime minister's main point.
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welsh reason may was really mainly trying to reach out to those who have so far opposed it because they are looking for more assurances when it comes to a 2nd referendum and also on our work this is what she stressed now we have to remember that she was in touch with the labor position for for several weeks and all this has already been discussed and now she's coming up with some new proposals really in a last ditch attempt to rescue her own premier prime ministership because she really is so closely associated with this with this deal that she has struck over the european union and now she's trying to mostly reach out to those who are hoping for a 2nd referendum but all say she has given further a sure insist on the future of northern oland assurances that this will be shaped also by the politicians within northern ireland so that it doesn't go over the head
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of of local politicians so she's trying to reach out to many sides in order to get her deal over the line and how is parliament parliamentarians likely to react to this. well those who are clearly advocating for a 2nd referendum for example the liberal democrats which is the smaller opposition party here in westminster say why should we listen to reason may they tweeted that she is not advocating a 2nd referendum herself so skepticism because it's not going to be advocated by the government also they're very dubious whether she can see you can see anything through because they doubt that she will stay prime minister when this whole process continues a lot of speculation that reason may cannot stay on for much longer there as the e.u. elections that are coming up and she is expected to take
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a further beating all of the bigger parties are expected to take a beating and then we'll have to see what happens with this new proposal spot a lot of skepticism here in westminster from from the politicians as this will fly this time she's already tried 3 chimes not now the 4th attempt and not a lot of people are thinking that this time it will fly big mass in london thank you. after some of the other stories making news around the world the pro-choice activists are staging rallies in cities across the united states in response to a wave of new anti abortion laws hundreds gathered in washington to demand the right for a. week alabama and to the country's strictest abortion nor making it making abortion illegal in nearly all cases including right and incest. is just coalition government is on the brink of collapse after the mass resignation of ministers from the junior partner of the far right freedom party resignation the
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resignations came the chance to. interior minister in the wake of a scandal that's already claimed. christian. also from the freedom. from france that has split a family and the country 42 year old bat was left in a persistent vegetative state after a motorcycle accident more than 10 years ago in recent years his wife his campaign found to be allowed to die but his parents of contested decision through the courts in the latest legal battle is not coming to a head. as doctors at this french hospital began shutting down there's life support and injunction came from a paris court doctors must resume his treatment. in a 42 year old had been hospitalized in the state of minimal consciousness since the 2008 motorcycle accident his wife believes he has the right to die. it is his
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parents who have been fighting to keep him on life support. the lawyer representing their case called it a victory for justice susie owners will breed every. disaster known today is a victory for bear who will finally be accepted for who he is namely the disabled person because limits his weaknesses and we must accept him like taking a new the paula we must take him has he is and we must treat him as he is the solution for of us bear is not for him to be eliminated either directly or by stopping his diapers and freshman year yanked the sweat bolides on then you must ensure we do something like this your. it is the latest episode in a bitter legal battle that has divided non-dance family and friends earlier the media swooped in as vassall number of parents prepared for what they thought might be their final goodbye with their son. he still couldn't do yeah just telling
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him they're killing him. in 2013 lambastes doctors recommended ending his treatment his wife his nephew and several siblings have supported the doctor's decision to let him die. for you so this is the 1st time i've told myself it's going to have something as and everything is being done to make it happen so i'm quite serene and ready for it and a. number of parents have brought several cases before french courts and the european court of human rights and repeated efforts to prevent his doctors from ending his life support. monday's late decision from the paris court of appeals ordered care to be continued until the u.n. committee could consider an appeal from lambaste parents. but they were spoke with a doctor correspondent there is in paris and i asked him what the un actually had any legal jurisdiction in this case that's the big question re. people here are
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divided on that 1st french court said no it's not legally binding and the french government seems to think that as well but now another french court has said yes you have to wait for the decision so what's happening really is that this committee is now has now 6 months to look into the case of violence on there and then makes an opinion and apparently legal experts aren't actually don't agree on if the government and the doctors in charge of need to follow these instructions for now though they have to wait until further notice. they say there is in paris now voting is underway in malawi to elect a new president and parliament president peter metairie car is seeking reelection to a 2nd term with a population of about 20000000 malawi is one of the world's poorest countries and one of the jungle just 70 percent of people are under the age of 30 so what are their concerns. and krishna's been to the times of something in the middle of the
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country where he says the candidates are focusing their efforts on winning the youth vote voter apathy is not a problem here in my lab the turnout in these elections is expected to be very high the polling stations you opened at 6 am already but many of the people here came already earlier. the country is expecting one of the most unpredictable elections in the history and 3 candidates standing the chance to win and here the rule is you don't need 50 percent or more to win the elections you just need the largest share of the vote so let's have a look down here at the list of the candidates at the very bottom you find the current president. who is trying to run for a 2nd term he claims that he improved infrastructure and also stabilized the country his major contenders are lazarus check where a vice president. during their campaign rallies both of them mainly try to address the issues of young people of the youth that make up more than 50 percent of the
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registered voters in this elections many young people here are not happy about the current situation my view remains one of the poorest countries in the world the education system has problems and also there are not enough jobs for the young people. to join creation in malawi in formula one legend he allowed his died at the age of 70 his family says he passed away in his sleep at a hospital in zurich itself had been affected by crash the 976 german grown prey is being remembered as one of the best and most charismatic drivers in formula one history. this was the race that changed nicky lauder's life the austrian was pulled from the burning wreckage by fellow driver later a priest read that then reigning world champion his last rites despite his horrific burns and lung damage his stunningly return to race just 6 weeks later he would go on to claim 2 more world titles and a glittering career his remarkable comeback and rivalry with british driver james
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hunt inspired the hollywood movie rush overcoming adversity remained a mantra of louder throughout his life. but i want to say one thing i've seen people here winning and losing. it. this is a word to the losers because i tell you from my own experience winning is one thing or thought of losing always learned more louder is the only man to have won championships for both ferrari and mclaren and ranks as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time in 1905 loud aswat competitive racing for the world of aviation founding airlines allow the air and nicky. he never really left formula one though serving as a stakeholder a non-executive chairman with the mercedes team lauder never overcame the damage caused by the fire which consumed his car 40 years before in 2018 he underwent
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a lung transplant in vienna the 3 time world champion will be remembered both for his talent behind the wheel and his extraordinary courage to return to the sport he loved. at the cannes film festival where u.s. filmmaker quentin tarantino is showing he's newest offering once upon a time in hollywood star brad pitt leonardo dicaprio and robbie singh all seen here together on the red carpet in a film that's created quite a buzz not least because it was finished just days before this evening screen. it's been 25 years since he took the come to power door fiction which made him a star. goal was to get to. 25 years after quentin tarantino's cult maybe pulp fiction one a pond or hollywood's wild child is back in time having to claim the trophy once
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again terence he knows latest work styles hollywood heavyweight leonardo di caprio and it at festival organizers on tenterhooks because it was still being edited and i trolled but the film is now ready to compete to my right is by the last series lead and jake cahill unself rick dalton and to my left is rick stuck double cliff both. once upon a time in hollywood is a movie about making movies are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff. police here is meant to help. is that how you describe you just set in 1969 the picture follows an actor and a stunt double in their quest to achieve fame and hollywood we get into a fight i accidently killed. i go to jail. anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight they go to jail it's called manslaughter. the trial is suggests it's a departure from the extremely violent
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a static of classics such as kill bill or reservoir dogs but what he insists may still get their fix of splatter. the movie is set in the era of the manson family the serial killers who spread fear and terror in california. and. this is africa physical and is up next on the back of the top of the other day . the only quarter is history the move. he's reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting powers the topic in focus at the global media forum 2019 the laboratory for the digital age. who are we following whom do we trust
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debate and shape the future at the doj a global media forum 2019 the place made for mine.


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