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from the extremely violent a static of classics such as kill bill over reservoir dogs bought audiences might still get their fix of splatter. the movie is set in the era of the manson family the serial killers who spread fear and tara in california. and. this is africa has been physical and is up next on the back of a tough it out of the day the for. the only border is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting powers the topic in focus at the global media forum 2019 the laboratory of the digital age. who are we following whom do we trust
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debate and shape the future as the georgia village global media forum 2019 the place made for mining. what secrets lie behind these memos. find out in an immersive experience and explore a fascinating group cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage 360 getting. the. change of heart or a strategic plan of washington's gratz well wait a reprieve the chinese text can continue doing business with american companies a little longer. until now africa's cloud computing has many processed in far the centers far away that's made slow download rates. changes in the air.
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as the greek economy emerges from crisis is the country's real estate boom. and is a growth market for you facial hair a clump of global corporations and small operators vying for africa's youthful population. and plenty of business 1st the clampdown now a backdown the united states's temporarily eased a ban on. there are fears the chinese tech giant could help beijing spy on the west its top e.u. executive has lashed out at the trumpet ministration and says other companies should be wired through but the founder of the firm isn't so concerned. the u.s. claims it's acting in the interests of flyways customers by allowing the company to use u.s. made components for a further 90 days it hopes to minimize the disruption to smartphone users but even when that grace period is over some say it may not have the damaging effect on
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huawei sales that the u.s. may be expecting. as long as he still can operate the stick and all of. the stick and don't want to ruin. everything just went for ways responded to the u.s. as a temporary reprieve saying it doesn't need their help its founder says it's developed enough of its own components to maintain its dominance in the smartphone and 5 g. markets. niemi take krishi engine inequalities 5 g. plan will not be affected by the u.s. bans our competitors will be able to catch up with our 5 g. technologies for 2 or 3 years. and the chinese government has also come to the defense of one of its biggest international brands on the front the united states has resorted to the use of national means to suppress foreign companies and interfere with market behavior frankly speaking it would not conform with the interests of the u.s. itself in the end. without your church you initially. monday's announcement that
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google would be banning qual way from some future android updates show the types of challenges ahead for the chinese company but huawei insists it can keep going even when the u.s. pulls the plug. on surfing the net in many parts of africa can be slow one reason is that most data stored in the cloud is actually stored in centers in europe america and asia but change is in the air microsoft recently invested into does it is in south africa in johannesburg and cape town a global leader in cloud computing amazon web services will open its 1st. african descent to next year and chinese telecoms equipment maker away is on board it's planning to open to new data centers in johannesburg and capetown as well don a storage on the continent is critical for africa's economic development in a survey of hundreds of i.t.
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decision makers 84 percent of nigeria said cloud computing has a high impact on innovation compared to 77 percent of those asked in kenya and 43 percent in south africa fell to ponder jim bader who has been following this story for us 1st of all explain to me why these data centers. say it already set up in south africa soley south africa in terms of african economies of africa is of course one of the 2 biggest markets the other being one geria and in terms of ease of doing business obviously south africa trumps nigeria so that's probably one of the reasons they chose south africa it's more stable and more attractive but what does it mean for other african countries because at the moment you've got these data centers set up so far away but i mean south africa is so far away from many african nations it is and of course in terms of data centers they are others being built by chinese you know telecoms companies including china
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telecom and while way in other parts of africa what is interesting of course we're talking about west and major tech firms here and in that south africa is sort of an exception and that's kind of what makes it special for south africa so it will be more competitive because of course they can attract other people who might not want to use chinese technology as we've seen we've been talking about the while we issue and you know the americans accusing or saying that's well way could be used to spy or you know will take data from other countries or something while wait isn't having an easy time at the moment as it dealing with the competition on the continent and the likes of microsoft and you players like amazon web services course it couldn't have come at a worse time for it i mean the americans have really sort of you know really made their come pain. a while being a threat according to what they say and of have that band as a reprieve right now that we're looking at but it doesn't look good and that means that a lot of companies might actually prefer to use companies that are west and rather
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than say well wait so in terms of timing it could be bad timing for the chinese tech companies to get back to what i was getting at earlier about whether or not location makes a difference as to download rates will this actually allow africans to really so if the net and not just plod from page. page it could it could help latency rates like download rates could actually you know reduce possibly of course is something that we can only see when it's happening africa like you could say is quite far away something like a data center in the u.a.e. might be better for kenya because of course kenya is closer to the u.a.e. so it just depends on what kind of connection there are between regions djibouti as close as the u.a.e. than it is of africa so course it depends maybe countries like zambia zimbabwe able to benefit more than say you know djibouti if you or anyone for the real way from south africa is going to thank you very much for coming in greece is
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experiencing a tourism added and best of boom property prices have risen by 2 percent since last year when the i.m.f. bailout program came to an end construction permits have risen by more than 10 percent but while all this growth is good for the economy in athens local communities a feeling the pinch is the don't use rebecca rivers. from an economy in tatters rises a city in the not long ago athens lay at the heart of the country's debt crisis now tourism is fueling a real estate revival but the knock on effects aren't always desirable to the locals but never changing because a lot of people because all those virtually throw them out in order to explode the apartments being the tourists who come here for just 3 or 4 years we don't consist a society or you know something to to mingle with with locals to shop owner has lived and worked in the city his whole life he says the stories of
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a vision have become commonplace a fate he himself has so far escaped although his rent was nearly doubled at the start of the year so it's very difficult because i have also family who have to do this so we need a partner and. for people to sterger it is far more difficult for other people who are not all in the neighborhood or the whole of the sun reporters who has a lot of people to you. greece had a record breaking 33000000 visitors last year a desire by homeowners to capitalize on the influx has led to an uptick in short term rentals. in athens and lauren abbey and the listings have nearly doubled in the last 2 years making it increasingly difficult for people in neighborhoods such as this one to find affordable accommodation but it's not only tourism that's driving mousing shortage gold in the visa program residence permit with the purchase of a whole joy in 20 fitting agree started offering golden visas
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a 250000 euro investment buys you a property as well as a 5 year renewable. and attractive prospect for many. and. would say that the most popular candidate is at a time that. and i have the confidence that the volume far i'm going to. invest goes out from time that they're not a blind to stay instead most rent on their properties from a brood adding to the high prices and housing shortage the owner of this building didn't want to speak on camera but said he'd recently sold to a chinese investor all his tenants were kicked out while not that much and been affected sort all this out of them because their own lives but fair to keep they had put up at this and put them. in standoff. even then.
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and that while that may be good for investors in the economy it's local communities to paying the price. is a fairy story for you a facial grooming industry is a real growth market none of the big companies once you've missed out on after a gamble and you leave are all tearing out their heads you talk of the millions of new customers that africa's youth population offers but they're also up against african entrepreneurs. in nigeria young men are investing in their physical appearance and when it comes to grooming and beauty regimes beards are a top priority. jeffrey a public a is a founder of a company called beard and butter which produces bombs and moisturisers the beer problems are well known but the solutions are just catching on they don't really know that. within
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a year and it became used to sold you know the old. drums. of public a founded beard and butter in 2017 after noticing more men sporting facial hair the trend is growing fast. it's the same ok but in words i don't know what in the past 45 years it's been over with men spending more on looking good use for a country like nigeria presents a big opportunity for growth if you've got a head cannot dream you know where to go to another conundrum the global diamond industry has hit a go a lot sales of plunged 25 percent on the year for to be is the world's leading diamond company is owned by anglo american and operates in many countries including the media blitz juana and south africa competition is rising along with supply another reason is the depreciation of india's rupee most diamonds
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a cocktail polish there but the currencies weakness has made the stones more expensive and reduced demand in india it's one of the biggest markets. and finally to a 7 year battle over the rights to a name between a company and a latin american countries online retail giant amazon has provisionally won the right to the don't amazon is a made it's a blow to the coalition of governments fighting for the title on the basis that it referred to their geographic region the decision will be finalised after a 30 day public comment period. nice doing business with you.
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sometime in the 26th you my great granddaughter of the people. of the world the night in your life time in around half a century. your world will be around 2 degrees warmer.
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inevitably sea levels rise fire at least one meter in this century. we're going to have some. she turned greater than our c.e.o. . that's really frightening. place. why aren't people more concerned. little yellow. shorts may 31st. this is news to africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the votes are in and counting is underway in the lousy election the people came out in droves to choose a new president we know this is a nation hungry for change well then why it's one of the world's poorest countries . and in congo 8 rock stars reception for moyes had to abuse back in the country
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after 3 years in exile but how significant is the return of joseph as a prominent full.


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