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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 21, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CEST

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colonial past. and a couple of intrepid graffiti artists painting walls for peace around the world. but we begin with a new initiative from our lifestyle and culture magazine you're a max cold planet in this city is incredibly culturally diverse that's why i like it and it's full of people like me from all over the world so planet is a tourist guide with a difference it features people from around the globe who've made this town their home and their personal recommendations for places to go in the german capital. has not been the capital of cool. a magnet for creation from around the world. is a multimedia project that tells the story of those who came to the german capital to
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do their thing and the stories of entrepreneurship and courage those featured also gave their own insider tips for the city's best restaurants clubs and galleries many of them were at the projects release party like. i came for israel to germany and i make or germans like to. mainly press. the israelis started selling the german favorites on the street and nobody is was able to build up his own business. i love berlin berlin has a place in my heart with special about berlin is the opportunities it gives me to really spread my wings. each story in the plan of them in accompanying book has its own q.r. code scanned the code with your phone to view a 360 degree video of the location of the celebration. it was also
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a time for people to literally get a taste of what planet berlin has to offer like the work of jennifer melinda schmidt the kenyan born swiss woman is an actress comedian and restaurant or the restaurant it's called spots a heidi which literally translates to black heidi boasts the best swiss fare berlin has to offer. but i wanted to bring a piece of switzerland to berlin that really knowing you're in here feels like you're in a swiss ski cabin and that's really nice for the soon. for those who love the more tactile the series also features the work of the kashmir sisters for the 1st 2 years sounds to events of danny has been selling clothing made of specially sourced pure mongolian kashmir. is a very stylish cool city it's so colorful a multicultural it has everything and that's why i also want to be here. planted
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in a story of diversity 50 international entrepreneurs and their insider tips the very best the city has to offer. the planet berlin book is in english and german so it's a great way to learn some german but also be reports on your remarks every week of course it's on facebook at d w culture a very personal take on berlin by people from 50 different cultures. now leading up to the european union elections this coming weekend we've been visiting e.u. countries and finding out from people involved in the arts what they think about the political and social situation in that country at the moment today we meet the italian writer francesco milan in rome italy of course as being the front line of europe's migration crisis and melandri is very critical of the current italian
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government's policies. romans called the eternal city for a good reason buildings that date back to the roman empire are a stone's throw from the vatican and other architectural masterpieces. rome is also a place where refugees and other migrants have gathered hoping for a better life in europe although they're not always welcomed by the local population. italy's far right interior minister mighty oh so that any has gone so far as threatening to punish groups that rescue refugees from the mediterranean and bring them to italy. it will sit with your neck that's against the constitution even if he says it's possible it's legally impossible but once again he's managed to ensure the topic hits the headlines this is the strategy to occupy all the space in the media and the country's cognitive space even more one could if you prefer the men pick the
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spots you couldn't medieval by izzy francesca melandri is not. right blood looks at the causes of racism and it links today's migration crisis to the darkest chapters of italy's history who know nothing will be missed so for a long time i didn't realize how much italy's present or how much more europe's present is intertwined with the colonial past i didn't understand how incredibly to read the links worth between what we are experiencing. here in europe and i say that very deliberately and colonialism. that it puts it. at the path that you know will bail us out of. the writer spent 10 years researching a novel she was the subject of a documentary that accompanied her to ethiopia where she explored italy's colonial history and what was then known as abyssinia. trashiest
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dictator benito mussolini invaded abas india in 1935 with dreams of creating a new roman empire. hundreds of thousands died as a result of italian imperialism. fascist italy developed a race theories to justify its atrocities. but after the 2nd world war italy repressed its memory of the period. none of it for. the failure to face the past meant that this racism which is part of italy is history sank like a subterranean river. and since democracy's antibodies while no longer effective the guard and what was once impossible to say is no longer a political to boot it's now suddenly acceptable to say terrible things in public beach so racism has returned and is dominating public discourse. the legacy
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of italy's colonial era remains in her novel francesca melandri and dates italy's africa policies of the last 85 years and those who are turning the migration crisis into political capital. between even those our little men. it's used as a scapegoat to avoid talking about the real social problems in italy. there. is a massive economic crisis give us the high unemployment the terrible prospects for young people we need. the european economic community was created in rome in 1957 this was the 1st step toward the european union a founding member italy is now one of europe's problems with its populist parties now campaigning against the e.u. with somewhere not the government has poisoned the discourse and social interaction . but italy also has strong
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antibodies. the battle isn't over yet and now but no one can predict what the outcome. german. study of communication design in new york but he found his best way of communication was actually biography. bt over the past 20 years he has developed his own distinctive style and also global concepts with graffiti in 2008 he created his 1st world peace will on the walls of a palace in northern iraq helped by local artists that more recently he's been traveling in africa with colleagues seen again creating vast piece walls again with
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local offices so the results become a mixture of european and african styles. here in pretoria south africa i've jermyn street art do it is way up in the air. you only on for a bit and zena counter aren't afraid of heights or carrying heavy machinery involved in their art. let me just go down a little here. on the facade of a former orphanage their latest mural is taking shape and bringing bright new colors to a city the artists barely even know. our idea is to travel to different countries and to try and figure out in a pretty short time what's going on here. this mural is their take on pretoria and it takes about a week to complete 30 degrees celsius in the shade and it's
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a lot hotter here than what the pair are used to in germany they keep going only taking a break when it starts to rain. another stop on their 3 month africa tour the kenyan capital nairobi here they meet the artist and give name while to whose work will provide motifs and stories for their next meal. european or african these artists are happy to take inspiration from each other. it's not the it's not the exam that my grandparents and my parents left me i pick and choose what's good in different cultures so for me if something coming from europe is great because up is going to become a cult if something coming from my land is great i'll pick it up if it's negative i'll take it out. the godown arts center in nairobi is the location for their next
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mural the kind of spray paint the artists used back in europe is hard to come by here so they use paint out of the bucket. also tone is stuff that he she might be positive and. actually the biggest challenge is always finding the right wall i don't do illegal graffiti anymore not that it would be so easy to do something this big illegally anyway you need to build what that means is that you always need to get some kind of permission kind in nairobi for instance you can't paint any living public figure if you can unless the person is a living athlete or a sports legend. bought latinos leave. union street art is visible around the globe from kurdistan to the suburbs of paris to nairobi. don't know how long their art will stay up and that's not the point street art isn't made to be permanent but using the photos they take union and zina paste their murals
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together digitally creating one long mural they call it the infinite peace walls. and that's all for this edition and check out planet then on a website called slash climate then one word or on facebook updates. there's also more about cultural events around the world that said thanks for watching and join us again at the same time to morrow.
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take off. itself and not a. thing with yellow skin lol alex one last match to scold to saeed to say goodbye. to celebrate fans yes bob i mean to give a champion as i get him. to go. to dublin to. small sampling small or big changes the people making it possible to. go to africa. fantastic right trying that as they set out to save the environment. and learn from one another.
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and together for the future. comfort. w. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation play using interactive content to inspire people to take action the bloodiest series of global 3000 on t.w.m. and online. burglars close to sky and fortune to think. i love berlin. 15 issues 50 story and 15 very personal to. berlin's very best features.
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book now planet. guru max series starts may 25th d.w. . this is d w news live from brother and britain's prime minister the idea of a new bread sit referendum on 2 months after the country was originally due to leave the. office a major concession. will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement still at introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a 2nd referendum also on the program greenville fast.


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