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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  May 21, 2019 9:30pm-10:00pm CEST

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life's to premier ground to a. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema starts me 27 on. i see. what more can a football fan wish for than a title race that's why i don't win until the very last match day. and can still
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become champs. by lose it's the most exciting final match day in a. white of a day was the big brother gross. and what more can a football fan want that when the final match is a just as important for the opponents because both frank 1st blood bank can still qualify for the champions league. but lay the keys into a hoping for a top 4 finish and what more can a coach ask of his team and to qualify for the champions league on the very last match day. if you finish in the place of the last much day that's the best moment estimates what more can a player wish for than to find the back of the net once more in his last match after 273 games for by a. 3rd. what more can you ask for than much a 34 now kick off. 8.
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this is what the fans love a title race that goes down to the wire played out in 2 stadiums with 2 teams going for glory an emotional day for both dortmund and byron with high profile departure signing off on the final day. franklin. and christian. just sat. with director was in charge of plunder this way is all of that must be hard to. top when started off 2 points behind 1st place facing mentioned black. and white against the top 4 challengers combined with a defeat for biron against frankfurt would hand the black and yellow so the title was a chance to end 6 seasons of byron dominates the hasn't been this try to run in 10 years. it was trotting off of course we had hold
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anything is possible for frankfurt have shocked a number of opponents this year. and frankfurt were also chasing a 4th place finish to secure champions league football but after just 3 minutes the tension was lifted seems to combine start to open the time the ebola there have always been at their best under pressure when they need to perform they deliver the be at least in the league. the best the taste for the title every bar and player wanted it at the beginning frankfurt had no chances in the 1st 20 minutes the defending champions could have scored 5 goals.
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then after 27 minutes it looked like it was all over now believed whipped up a 2nd goal by the but they are spoil the broth and offside had been spotted in the build up and so it remains just one nail in munich. meanwhile indorsement things were looking up after a sluggish start to have been picked up the pace and surely before half time in sunshine opens the sport because of this season of they are also checks this one and surprisingly the go even though the ball clearly went out of place. shortly after the break byron fans lost their voices frankfurt equalised against the run of play substitute sebastian a lair prodded home in the chaos. the eagles came back to hearts their old coach.
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coco badge in trouble at this stage byron and dortmund were level on points. during one season has been a roller coaster they blew a 9 point lead to full behind by a bang now they were level again neck and neck on the final day. dorman had hoped the game royce made it to nail one of germany's best players has never won a bundesliga title. he's never been this close. but as mentioned before under pressure biron tend to deliver and that's the difference in the title race dad i'm about put byron back in frogs to watch the ball judgement have struggled to come up with the goods in decisive moments biron stayed. strong after early struggles. half. now they
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were in full flow even the much maligned renato sanchez got on the scoresheet by 3 right after 58 minutes i've. kept. the title race was probably over but the most emotional moments where yet to come for is overly on top and it was a last chance to say goodbye to the byron faithful and they stuck to the script. but if i say his goal was a fitting tribute to his glittering byron career and increased the lead to 41. 12 seasons 9 bundesliga titles and an absolute fan favorite since day one now at
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age 36 it's time to call it quits. and the see. if you were directing this it probably wouldn't turn out as well in football creates the best stories that's why it's so wonderful so emotional to get as if that weren't enough arianna or ben also scored a farewell goal to make it 51. his 99th for byron. it's the end of an era. the believe do always no more. wired news to talisman. in terms of points tally it was dortmund's good best season ever but it was one months by disappointment an opportunity missed we done everything we could have been gutted by him and know we just want to do this season and next season enough.
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hard on the women. and then that would dortmund's opponents glad about the heckling signs off after 2 and a half years in charge. he didn't lead them to the champions league but they're still sad to see him go. so it's sad for a team and a coach is leaving of course a nice guy a good coach of a swell the assistant coach of their friends a nice guy and a course where we are set and that he's leaving but that's football that starts to football business and so niko kovacs caps off his 1st year in charge of biron as champion in november he was written off but a near perfect 2nd half of the season was enough to change course. they had a tough year we came back from 9 points behind and now to celebrate the temperature but home lost a fizzing credible and an amazing day a 7th consecutive title yet another record for biron the same team year after year
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at least this time around it was more exciting. whether nico kovacs will keep his job is yet to be decided despite winning the title he's not without his doubters. how about $11.00 skis for a top scorer trophy was barely noted. that's because it was all about talk flippantly. that you should thank you. people believe that everybody family loves you. through love someone. has for frankfurt their spectacular season ends with a whimper in just 7th place no champions league. but at least they have another chance to dazzle again in the royal family next season.
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and in time seasons worked well for months what is finally paying off with 13 points in the last 5 games later bosses meant 4th place in the sun later couzin have a place in the top 6 a kid finished 4th and needed to get past halftime not an easy task to get 70000 fans who came to support coach paul started his last match in berlin would he get a farewell he deserved. the says sean sort of sees achieved a lot during his time in charge he's helped stabilize the club as you know lead us twice into the europa league he's have to through and through with on the intuition but later couzin meant business and have the upper hand in the opening stages i after almost half an hour they broke the deadlock i was one nil after 28 minutes gunstock i haven't scored the 1st from the tightest
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of angles my his 70 go puts him in the joint 3rd in the top scoring charts and just 19 years old he barely has a driving license but here a place like one of the greatest players of play which saw the whole history so we've got a good team this year but when you're young carefree attitude can cost you the just minutes later they don't need these if it kept things alight the berlin finding valentino lazaro to draw level in the last set of bosses side. but lay the keys in promptly struck by when they'll threaded the ball through to lucas and laurie oh he's finished on the pressure my the 1st goal of a move would be a special day for the avs and sign and his 50th honestly get much about the my. i'm with got that in frankfurt behind at half time david cruise and went
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into the break sitting quite comfortably in 4th place i after a quiet start to the 2nd half later kazan added to their lead in spectacular fashion. i believe in brand riot in a final day cricket has strengthened their grip on 4th place even tighter. the brilliant goal from apply in high demand. while lay the queues are managed the late hats are rarely posed a threat i unlike hillary 0 who got his 2nd of the game after 2 bites of the cherry abuts a 2nd brace in 3 bundles league matches wasn't enough to go i he would then go on to complete his 1st ever bundesliga hat trick in the
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88th minute of the day to remember the 26 year old. and fell 8 accusers thanks to the success in berlin and the defeats of glass back in frankfurt david hughes and secure champions league participation for next season they finish in 4th despite having previously not been in the top 4 all season they achieved it today that the last day of the guy you reach 4th place which is typically i think it's a big compliment to the team and they did it they they they believed in it and they showed that they can do it so really proud of them and asked for he'll be taking it easy. that's next open and i'm going to take a holiday but tonight i'm going to enjoy some wine that's my next day after that we can talk football again now let's see if there's reason to celebrate involves book .
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it was also 40 time involved sports as the team not only celebrated their win against all sports but bruno labadee actually you. know and he's leaving on a high note having secured the club a europa league spot. this is what for it's amazing to see our journey and the teams now surrounding us and how consistently with inflames into us fifa could stand and that's inside 2 years does not inspire you i find that impressive and it gives me great satisfaction to teach subjects of wave height that he was recruited in february 28th seen to save the wolves from the drop fans were initially skeptical of his appointment and now it's one big love fest. but there was no love lost between levity and general manager you're just mad which is why the coach is leaving. these pings were much more i can get quite emotional
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sometimes but right now i'm just happy this was the icing on the cake the team have been excellent and winning one is a reflection of how the team has been performing all season was that much of the great stuff. thanks for the spoiler but why not get emotional after both sport's biggest ever weight in the bundesliga carbon office header was the 3rd but in the when of this magnitude chronological order isn't that important kevin dancers on goal sealed the thrashing late on. by not many people are this jubilant on the last day of a good job. labadee his tactics were put to perfection by his team against our sport oppressive pressing off the ball and clinical finishing on it. throughout the course with the sumptuous almost nonchalant folly. well sport where
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again lightning quick when switching to attack and of course robust challenges don't harm either just on the sea all battling his way through to set up elvis plex pichai. the ends justify the means and both work were in mean form as they cemented their place in europe next season. as the 1st thing is to create sound objectives for the team telling the players what you want and asking what they watch you or you have to challenge them and encourage them forward and i want to further that they chorused is a case in point also profiting from a fumble by all sports by go over. the dutchman completed the hat trick in the process final game taking him to 16 league goals in total 11 of them since the winter break. not bad for his initial season in the german league. a big guy with a reputation for getting
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a bit crazy he's learned to control his temperament under law but do you. always become a little bit crazy after the rules after the 1st goals of. today was so important for all of us for the club. clipper to difficult just as a defense there was here yeah and the people here. yeah they give me a lot of confidence from the beginning and really love it here is one of them the 53 year olds will be missed in both sports next season after finishing in 16 the previous 2 years he wrote the league qualification is a huge plus but he urged his team to be wary of taking things for granted the strength of to us because our i've said before that we have to watch out for each other so that you always have someone behind us and we also have to be mindful of not letting the business side take over if you get sure there's a lot of money involved but how the people within that circle. deal with each other
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is crucial sequencing these men and i know when i was in the mail. and now to the rest of saturday's highlights. keep a cool head get 3 points in mind and europa league is secured hoffenheim that was the plan for departing coach yet not of mine who will enjoy champions league football in life seek next season why should mines put up a fight but sealed survival already. care and damaged by is another he will depart having to lay the queues in next season he sets up the shelf until he found the back of the net one nil up to 12 minutes all as planned. in the 34th minute hoffenheim got a crack at a 2nd a foul from them along ended a promising celeron resulting free kick was taken by andrei cry marriage to converts and for them to nelly his 17th goal of the season. just
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before the break the young christophe baumgartner was sent off in his 1st stop hoffenheim this game 10 of smites made the numerical advantage count penalty daniel brzezinski short in the late to sing one of the 66 minutes. in the last 10 minutes might found another jump all the way just tied the game to 2 european dreams shattering for hoffenheim and yulia not as much. a point wouldn't be enough weight he is then scored again in the final minute to take the lead for minds. and he did so i'm hoping i'm well and truly gave up completely not say to school to finish his 1st season with an impressive pool of 14 now goes my main while leaves and see. and did. the cloudy open sorrow train and
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braman chugs on that has been to strike or will play on next season the 41 year old even scored the winner when he came on against lights but falling fairytale goes on . because one we just had a i wanted to say i think i have a good connection with these are stood there with these people i know the. first things 1st though. i gave graeme in the lead with a penalty raising their hopes to still qualify for europe. but 4 minutes from time live to look to spoil the party not even feel it equalized 11. but even have kids are out to seal the win later i. shall give those fish to god not spectacular football club legend hoops dave inside
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the host from relegation but showed no real sign of an upswing meanwhile stuttgart face when you're in the relegation play off but this goal this match was not one to watch. the most surprising high flyers this season were dusseldorf who hosted relegated hand over nothing but honor to fight for. the pan overs will be moving to hoffenheim next season and although support here as a parting gift. as did lento mind. instead had over it with a 1st to concede in demand forward benito robben set up reuben hennig's. one nail for 2 after 56 minutes. 4 minutes later former hanover player came down hard on stuart against his. club to
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no fortune. plenty of 10 overs players are on the lookout for a new club to stay in the top division so they showed plenty of fight like nikolai miller who scored a nice consolation goal to make it 21. that's how it ended. this is bar is shown as nuremberg interim coach after just one win in 13 gangs that's all he'll have a big he couldn't save the club. christian strike on the other hand is on soccer ball in moscow to see you know he started a player who believes this summit this goal is something to see his demo reel 7 minutes in that scene or maybe one nil. when freiburg school the 2nd through leucovorin schmidt's it was nuremberg best player who was a fool to keep the christian man tainio. he'll have plenty of suitors
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no last week friday could last a relegated hand of a 3 nil but they responded to that bad performance with full force 54 minutes gone and neil's pages and scored the 1st and just 2 minutes later pages and got his 10th of the season this time in style cornell freiburg the next goal came from vengeance agree fog 5 goals without onset from nuremberg. but live and score one for the visitors to put himself on the markets. by by nuremberg in freiburg all is well and strong will be back next season. what a goal fest to end the season the ball hit the back of the net 41 times only shall catch the guard and the goalless relegated hand over non-banks a good 550 in this league or with crushing defeats but one man's loss is another man's game. welcome back kotter bought
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along with cologne next season part of born will return to germany's top flight and it will be every union of all the quaint and says. they managed to find their way back up from the 3rd division supplies the 2nd and rejoin the 1st after 4 years of absence part of all back congratulations we look forward to seeing you again soon. congrats once more to bahrain for their 29th title and 7th in a row 2 points behind dortmund finish in seconds better luck next time classic and leverkusen will follow the team into the champions league. i think we're going to have a few drinks tonight. representing germany in the europa league are minted glass half full support and frankfurt $3000000.00 hoffenheim go empty handed surprise package dusseldorf finished 10th shoka finish in a disappointing 14th and she took up face when young violin in the relegation play
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off we say good bye to the nuremberg and another piece of ponders league history. is really very. long gone. down an exceptional munich career comes to a close. 273 league games with 86 schools and 9 champion titles with. conquerors and he says all 5 wow we say thank you for 12 years of spectacular football.
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me every grain of rice me me me me i know but it's true. and sometimes i feed their souls. i am their words when they have none i say i love you without a sound. i'm sorry without a voice. i inspired the greatest stuff that painters poets pattern makers i've been amused to them all. but in my experience people underestimate the power of a pretty little flower. because their life does start with me. and it without me.
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this is news live from a berlin as a wave of us stay. abortion rights defenders hit the streets across the country both sides of the debate want the supreme court to take a stand also coming up driesell may dangles a new breakfast referendum 2 months after britain was to have.

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