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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2019 6:00am-6:03am CEST

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i think the kind of crisis how would the european election affect the rest of. the discussions. of records voters 1st hand. double and as it all. the european elections in 26. across the united states abortion rights activists are protesting against laws that they say infringe on women's rights last week the southern state of alabama an act of the country's strictest abortion law making terminations of pregnancy illegal in nearly all cases including rape and incest. british prime minister to reason may has opened the door to a 2nd referendum on bragg's it's in london she proposed
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a new withdrawal plan that would also require parliament to agree on putting the deal before voters may warned that failure to adopt her deal could prevent britain from leaving the european union. austria's president has called on politicians and voters to rebuild trust in the country's politics alex under-funded then addressed the nation in the wake of the scandal video that forced the vice chancellor to resign if chancellor sebastian cortes loses a no confidence vote next week a caretaker government could run the country until snap elections in september. djoko we doto has been reelected as indonesia's president having won over 55 percent of the vote the result was released ahead of schedule and made fears of violent unrest quite otos opponent has refused to concede defeat claiming widespread cheating. when do you have the rights to die and who should decide when to take a patient off of life support
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a struggle over those questions as turned a family dispute into an international feud fossil long bear a freshman has been living in a vegetative state for a decade his wife insists he would prefer he would prefer to die in peace while his parents have appealed to president emmanuel mccall himself in their fight to keep him alive tonight's a family and a nation divided over the right to die i'm called aspen in berlin and this is the day. to see and to talk to the university hospital have resumed feeding and hydrates events on bad news. that will soon do statistics trini upsetting to hear this completely inhumane decision.


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