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this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the votes are in and counting is underway in malawi's election the people came out in droves to choose a new president we know this is a nation hungry for change learn why it's one of the world's poorest countries. added congo a reception for moist good to be back in the country after 3 years in exile but how significant is the return of joseph prominent folk. and christine with a welcome to news africa i'm glad you're chewed in votes are being counted in malawi's general election that is too close to call the winning candidate must gets the most votes cost but is not required to receive more than 50 percent off those votes incumbent president faces stiff competition from he's the vice president.
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and from the leader of the main opposition party lazarus. now about 70 percent of malawi's population of roughly $20000000.00 people live under $2.00 a day that's according to the international monetary fund we also versus what they expect from the government to come in the next government to improve you know education sectors and we also want. to also want them to empower those those youth that have talents we see the young people we need law in order. to improve our lives for myself i think. nowadays i don't have any trouble with it what i tried to do different kind of businesses but i was unable to say to those businesses because even going to the bank i got. into the.
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government to expect our new government to create jobs you know most of what we want to good life. is a current for more on malawi have liked to bring in political analyst andrew basi he's joining me now from. africa andrew we're talking about malawi that is one of the poorest countries in the world in 2019 going into this election be calling me a jobs as we've heard from people all of the main issues but why is that the case why is this country still one of the poorest in the world. they number 5 does that make malawi to be one of the poorest countries i think the 1st one is that. there's been a did i should bankruptcy in this country i think when we changed it from when we got our independence i think and then to 64 and we we were under one but regime there was progress that was shown but when we. ducked into the mud by the democracy in london and therefore the leadership that we have since 99 to 4 has not actually
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given this country. on how we're going to develop on mobile from ready. to do development so the leadership bankruptcy in this country can be blamed for for the poor development about we are experiencing in this country ok so i was there is a cultural thing but i want to get to the point about the current incumbent president piece in which he he once a 2nd term how has he fared in these 1st term and does he deserve another. to be honest with you he doesn't deserve another time i'll be honest with you because his government has been attended with a quarter of show since he started his government in going to 14 when you did newspapers almost every day in india but us did was the corporations that have been a lot of what i've shown must about use of resource they probably going to sources i mean when you look at even the devolvement of this country in terms of the infrastructure of this country we have not actually moved quite as we expected and
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also really so that that's out there has been missed the most a good is charted with this government ok this is so with that then you've got 2 main contenders challenging was that he didn't do any of them perhaps often malawians something better than what what's currently in office. the differences between the 2 frontrunners is that the current one is the president of the country he was part of the debate big government he was but what they did with the gender so in other words they took the wire of the main opposition they've been in the opposition for quite some time although his new on the state has been in the lead over the position but when you look at the 2 they took out you see that maybe the main opposition got something because they have not been interested in terms of their ruling but when you look at the 3 main contenders you. resistant to if you choose to either the president or the incumbent president or the incumbent vice
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president what change can be brought to this country otherwise. the average form is the same. that is. the analyst joining us from a long way thank you for your insight. to the democratic republic of congo where the winds of political change now 4 months after he was inaugurated president felix you say katie has named a new prime minister that will be sylvester. is a veteran political operator we'll have more on him lace at the same time weiss who has often been described as the 2nd most powerful man in the d r c has returned to the country from 3 years of political exile take a look now at his journey. after 3 long years in exile. or was just a few steps away from a triumphant welcome home on congolese soil he had clear words for the people of his homeland and thousands of waiting supporters. to pull up bridge over here it's
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for peace i've come back for peace and reconciliation in our country and above all to defend the interest of the congolese people and to defend our constitution and the constitution of. the 2nd largest city is on home turf the wealthy businessman of greek and congolese origin became the 1st democratically elected governor of the mineral rich province of catan got in 2007 he's credited with reforming the region's economic fortunes before it was broken up in 2015 with a long record in office he was an ally of former president joseph kabila until the 2 fell out. khatami left the d.s.e. in 2016 and was convicted of property fraud in absentia he denies the charges but was prevented from standing in the long delayed 2018 presidential elections that folks saw felix ciszek 80 elected as president in the country's 1st peaceful
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political transition since independence in 1960 khatami's a latest indited opposition politician to be cleared on the cheek it is administration the homecoming rejected government plans to change the constitution took place constructive politics for the future. well it's all beyond today there is a government which is in place and we have to give it a chance because we'll be a real opposition exeunt to be made it clear he won't be joining she katie's new government calling to victory richt even so he says a d c needs national cohesion to move forward. let's bring in wendy back she from d.w. africa hi wendy good to see you so casually received iraq styles welcome but how significant is he is coming back to the country politically how exactly do you know that you did it in ways that goes back in. in the tree here exactly
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yes. and he had a great coming people was waiting for it especially at the end of that this is a part of it yes and he was really happy to go back and before you get to germany said that he's going back to greatest people and you want to be next to the nation and to change so many people waiting for the team there you can go down and especially at the back of the call but we don't exactly want to meet i've been made space effect and more is going to be said that he gave deal to raise issues of the new president of the congress that maybe there would be in irons. ok but what we do know so far is that that's only a sort of aligned himself with martin fire you know he lost to just a candy but finally hasn't accepted the outcome of the election while khatami appears to be assuming a more sort of conciliatory tone oh is that partnership going to hold between 5 and had to be. this is
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a great question because today and yesterday money's got to me give me any interview and if you want them just say that is not the constitution that caught any wanting to remind my team failure that they were kind of didn't call him decided actually that spending's you think it is that your president and this is really important in the new speech of what he's going to tell me because this is a signal for math to fail all right still clearly he's day elected president of the country but this speech of noise got to me yes and it changed everything and i think it's a big message formatting for you do we actually like and out for a while in the same way the ship got so let's wait elegant next month but i don't play it with that of you was white yesterday ok very interesting but very quickly when they get this in here president you say katie just announced a new prime minister who is he and is he up to the task so does this new prime
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minister have been the people was waiting for in. florida after the election of it is you see katie we just have to know that do you miss your dad has the big experiment. you used to work when you go to do it the day before we would talk he also works with you that. they've got you know and we need to remind people that even though i was appointed but the base was there could be that will give this existent to. the. we need to feel bad when we can say from today that the fact that the guy had a great experience qualities and i merely said for the problem is it's very. 78 years old so this is also maybe a small problem ok when the africa thank you for that. now it's just rory that i'm guessing has everyone talking in guyana just
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a few weeks before the upcoming africa cup of nations. has announced his retirement from the national squad it appears the issue is about the captaincy the 33 year old sage in his statement that if the decision of the coach is to give the captain seat the tournament to another player while i'm named if this team all squads of the tournament i wish to recuse myself from the tournament now john is gone his all time top scorer with 51 goals for his country he was a key player at 3 world cups and everyone in gonna remembers that cruel penalty miss in 22 and i remember it too and there's been a lot of reaction to xians to decision and it's since been trending on social media on the continent we have this is a brave who writes on twitter that some or g.m. is a legend that there will be no one like you said dick adams treated i love a similar human i've stated he is the best the greatest he'll say that as caps and
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she didn't give up. and that's where we'll leave it for now from africa as always you can catch it all stories on our website and facebook page well leave you now with some more pictures of the great goals for us in malaysia to make. the for. the for.
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the 1st time to take one step the face to face. time to search the. fund for the troops. to overcome during this time such a war. it's time for g.w. . coming up ahead. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on. don't expect a happy ending if. the church goer.

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