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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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we understand there are quite a long drawn out combat here and even probability could care dropped or close. to. your goal to defect one in 6 people in this hall. joining me now did you read try to understand brain dead local hero. history. on the eve of the news here sure. it is the end of an era for dimes it's long time c.e.o. to that section well well today at the annual shareholder meeting. also on the show celebrity chef jamie oliver loses part of his business empire and hundreds of employees friends to do the job. and to do the business of going to jones in berlin good to have you with us dime c.e.o.
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detect such a is stepping down for more than a decade to the man with a bushy gray wall russell stuff still at the comic us through highs and lows from an unhappy merger with chrysler to record sales and a rejuvenated brand and he has a look back now at some of the defining moments of the era. such as took the helm a time guy in 2006 his mission to clean up the mess left behind by his predecessor york and schlump. he called the merger with chrysler a match made in heaven but it turned pretty hellish for the stuttgart based carmaker losses during the chrysler years mounted into the billions. such it was viewed as the right man at the right time for a fresh start after all he'd been through many a crisis with tyler and his many years with the company including in the mid ninety's a spectacularly failed trial known as the moose test got to work out
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a minus to important components that made significant improvements to the a class. after the chrysler acquisition such as spent 5 years polishing the battered american subsidiaries image he even managed to lead the brand into the black for a short period in the u.s. again notoriety as dr z. and even made appearances in commercials is 5 languages the spanish there is only one example that smalling for better performance at handling call. when he took over diamond such a focused on producing high end cars and trucks and 2016 mercedes once again beat out audi and b.m.w. for the title of largest premium manufacturer on the planet. but then the emissions scandal hit and search i came under pressure in may of 2018 he was called in by the german transport ministry in the end it ordered the recall of almost 240000 die in their vehicles because they were allegedly equipped with illegal cheating software
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to defeat emissions testing diner's image was tarnished again and critics also accused her of investing too little in the mobility and too late yet another key issue his successor now has to tackle. and today is the day of the big farewell our reporters are the owners waiting for the doors to open a diamond meeting i can see the door is open at least there's a nice because behind you gentle as of today is the last big poppy good periods of the helm or c.e.o. of dima people there sorry to see it go well his tenure being as long as it is the legacy he leaves behind is invariably mixed on the one hand he's credited with having achieved record sales for a few shareholders i've talked to have said that he's done a lot of things right and that they are sorry to see him go others that i've talked to have been moaned at the fact that the shares in dividends haven't grown as much as the shares in dividends of their competitors like b.m.w. b.m.w.
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as such they are glad for this change on the whole however he's perceived to have done a good job and i've heard it more than once that his successor will have a very large shoes to fill that's the silk about their success. what can we expect from him. well you see you know straddling the best of both worlds on the one hand he's a company man through and through his in-house time or talent on the other hand he's breaking the mold of your traditional german auto exact one he's swedish and he's not an engineer like the others have been he's more of a numbers man and he's seen as consensus driven as opposed to authority wielding which again is a departure from the traditional top down culture that you've seen prevalent in many german car companies but he's taking over the company at a time where it has a lot of challenges he has to deal with the cleaning up of the diesel gate affair still he there's the specter of the trade conflict between the u.s.
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and china and the u.s. and europe he also has to deal with weaker sales at a time of increased outflows due to electro mobility so definitely he has his work cut out for him and the challenges are very high indeed all right john album and on their reporting there from the annual shareholder meeting diamond thank you so much . and here are some other business stories making the news. shoe manufacturers and retailers in the u.s. have asked presidents donald trump to remove footwear from a list of proposed tariffs on goods imported from china they said the move would be catastrophic for consumers and the economy as a whole last year the u.s. imported over $11000000000.00 worth of chinese made footwear. china eastern airlines has requested compensation from boeing for the 2 months grounding off its $77.00 max aircraft the chinese carrier has delayed deliveries of future planes the
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boeing 737 max was grounded worldwide in mid march after 2 crashes in october and march killed 346 people china eastern house 14 a boeing 737 max jets including those in its shanghai alanson. the united kingdom government has promised to do what it can to support british steel the u.k. 2nd biggest steelmaker is that they used to be on the verge of going bust with 5000 jobs directly at risk it's asked the government for emergency funds to deal with what is called a bricks and related issues. the founder of your way says the company is ready for a quote protracted battle with the united states u.s. companies are to be banned from cooperating with the tech giant speaking to trannies state media wrenching case said the company could become stronger through a long lasting fight on tuesday away it launched a new model of its on a smartphone in london with no mention of the possible future loss of google's android operating system. our correspondents who are so high on joins
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us for more from taipei a so how do chinese citizens respond to the u.s. . well yes monica we know the media and internet is controlled by the government in china so the chinese people got their information mostly from the government or the state media and the rhetorical and the tone of the report right now is trying to tell the people that huawei is still in charge at the same time beijing is trying to crank nationalism so we her slogan like one heart one china to release people's petrarch emotion and that is why according to the latest statistics more chinese people abandon their i phones and switch to walk away in order to protect the chinese brains which is the source of their national pride so there is domestic support now and your way certainly seems cool about the bad even claiming that the conflict could make it
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stronger just wishful thinking. and the certainly doesn't look good for for huawei and its plan b. right now you have the plain be right now that they try to use the open source version of android but we know that the open source version is not up to date and or a system that they're using right now and it doesn't have all the school apps so in my have to do some home grown development we know hallway is a big and very powerful so they can probably create their own operating system and they can certainly develop their own apps but in terms of overseas markets not having regular android is a big blow because that's what people expect when people buy cellphones they expect to either have i phones as or google's android so if they don't have it they don't want some homegrown system that's not desirable all right.
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thank you so much. well life in venezuela has been hard in recent years and occasionally crushing from the country's hyperinflation to its lack of basic goods and declining medical care at least gasoline was always to cheap and generally available now that's on the threat. money doesn't count for much these days in venezuela hyperinflation is rampant and u.s. sanctions are making things worse. gasoline has been heavily subsidized for years in the country and now costs practically nothing to contrast with other items is stark going to be able to come in by the candy bar costs more than gasoline a full tank of gas that's all it costs to. boil is the venezuelan economy normally accounts for almost all its exports but to be refined to make it
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into gasoline for the domestic market it needs chemicals from the us these are no longer available because of the u.s. sanctions. this is led to shortages and long queues at the gas pumps in recent days there were reports of 24 hour queues for gasoline in america able the country's 2nd largest city but the impact of u.s. sanctions would only get worse many importers of venezuelan oil have been granted a grace period before they will be subject to the sanctions the grace period ends this month. and out a 70 a battle over the rights to a name between a company and aid to latin american countries online retail giant amazon has provisionally won the right to the dot amazon domain it's a blow to the coalition of governments fighting for the title on the basis that it refers to their geographic region the decision will be finalised after a 30 day public comment period it's. british celebrity chef jamie oliver has announced the collapse of his restaurant group over 1000 jobs are addressing all of
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us as he said about the expected closure of 25 sites he blames stiff competition and rising costs. he was the man who made british cuisine sexy. jamie oliver's informal approach to good food that made him world famous and phenomenally successful. it enabled him to open his own restaurant chain in the u.k. in 2008 with dozens of outlets popping up across the country. today all but 3 of those of closed as a result of what was described by administrators clear p.m.g. as a very difficult current trading environment. the writing has been on the wall for some time the celebrity chef began closing down struggling restaurants back in 2017 and last year named briggs as the reason for closing 6 of them saying rising food and stuff and costs as well as a weakening pound or posing challenges. up to 1000 jobs are now at risk trade union
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representative say that while restaurants are not helped by the current economic uncertainty businesses that expanded rapidly like all of us did are the ones most in danger of going on. it's got a bit of rust and it's now it's like a musty old folks that detail but sotheby's expects the very 1st porsche sports car made will bring in at least $15000000.00 at auction the type a $64.00 was built in 1939 for a race between berlin and rome that never took place due to the outbreak of world war 2 it goes on auction california in august. and that's a business update here on the w. from me and the team member len thanks for keeping us company.
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her 1st day of school and. her 1st coming listen and then yours grand moment arrives join hearing a tang on her journey home from home in our interest to document the torah numbering in time returns home.
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births germany's. constitution 70. doesn't all fall into the german. ground. all seem to be suitable 10 seconds this is. the best. of. welcome to the. culture and this city lin is the subject of an intriguing new d.w. project that will be showing you also coming up to rome and how one writer sees italy's current migration crisis to its colonial past. and a couple of intrepid graffiti artist painting walls for peace around the world. but
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we begin with a new initiative from our lifestyle and culture magazine you're a max cold planet in this city is incredibly culturally diverse that's why i like it and it's full of people like me from all over the world so planet is a tourist guide with a difference it features people from around the globe who've made this town their home and their personal recommendations for places to go in the german capital. has not been the capital of cool. a magnet for creation from around the world. is a multimedia projects that tells the story of those who came to the german capital to. the stories of entrepreneurship and courage those featured on the rug.
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