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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2019 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin violence erupts in indonesia as protesters refuse to accept the outcome of the presidential election supporters of the unsuccessful candidate clashed with security forces in the capital jakarta several people are feared to also coming up. breaks it is back britain's theresa may present what she says was a new deal for leaving the e.u.
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completes with them peace to vote for its in 2 weeks' time and even some of her own supporters are saying they want. plus hippos under threat in kenya they are beautiful animals but they also kill humans which makes them a target and now they're also facing a new challenge which with implications not just for their supply of oil also for the empire. well i'm terry martin thanks for joining us the governor of the indonesian capital jakarta says at least 6 people have been killed in clashes there that's between the police and opponents of newly reelected president djoko widow to the violence broke out after the election commission confirmed widows victory in last month's holes made. opposition candidate said he believed there had been widespread cheating more
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than 200 people are reported injured and police say they have made at least 20 arrests. before let's go straight over to jakarta i'm joined by journalist ricardo paris solera last night i understand mobs clashed with security forces there tell us how did that develop and what's the situation there now. well i'm the mom in this situation used to really use somehow come out of no one really expected what happened the night started yesterday night and then it's in this morning because your doctor said that 6 people have died and around $200.00 were in your ins and to host the thoughts. and the moment the military being between the policemen and the protesters in that obama central market. there were around a 1000 people there trying to stay on but of course hills. and well the government
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has already said that this equation might just go away although they hope to have it off by today so 6 deaths have been reported this sounds quite serious there have even been reports of 4 c. is crucial government buildings in jakarta have you heard anything about. this person coming you for. that report from police and they were due respect to all these protesters to come to your buses or professors from outside the copy and and regarding the huge amount of units on the field which is more than 30000 it's highly unlikely these protesters can actually do something as big as they can over a government building or. certainly disrupt the whole of it. and most of the people are just you know home and not why
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not the jobs already sent all the workers back to the rest of us so there's a massive police presence on the streets trying to prevent any further violence how much support does the defeated opposition candidates so beyond so. well you want 44.5 percent of the vote. in a country with a huge population this needs almost 70000000 people voted for him but the key aspect here is that it's been his group's support of him and how even the protest these groups have proven i mean i think people in influencing in politics and society in the fast car know elections in just a couple of years ago no 2017 so. clearly he has these very nice noisy group and influence of all that that could
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actually yet could actually make an impact on what was going to go on in the following days recorder thank you very much for bringing us up to date that was journalist ricardo petter so lower there in jakarta. the british prime minister has offered opponents a major concession in her latest attempt to get parliament to agree to her breaks it with daw withdrawal deal may said that she will allow lawmakers to vote on whether to hold a 2nd national referendum on leaving the e.u. this comes 2 months after britain's scheduled departure from the bloc. i've also listened carefully to those who've been arguing for a 2nd referendum i've made my own view on this clear on many times many times i do not believe this is a route that we should take because i think we should be implementing the result of the 1st referendum not asking the british people to vote in a 2nd one but i recognise the genuine and sincere strength of feeling across the
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house on this important issue. the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement bill at introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a 2nd referendum and this must take place before the withdrawal agreement can be ratified so as to resume a there for now i'm joined by european affairs blogger and he brags activist john wirth john you've been covering the story for so long this story just doesn't go away teresa mayes back at it again trying to get a deal approved for a 4th time she's now telling. lawmakers in the u.k. that if they will back her a deal she'll give them a chance to put it to another referendum we think that is going to work they're going to go for they're not really keen on that idea at the moment members of parliament the reactions to theresa may speech yesterday were very negative they see that to a certain extent as a trap in the you'd have to have the government backing such a 2nd vote and to resume a hasn't committed conservative party to doing that at all so this hasn't won over
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much of the opposition yet we've already seen that in the numbers of members of parliament supporting a referendum is steadily growing but we've not got there yet to have a majority members of parliament that would be in favor of a 2nd vote so i'm not i'm not holding my breath that that would happen or indeed i'm not holding my breath that this effort will be a success at all as it looks at the moment she will be facing of the defeat now and in 2 weeks when this comes to a vote now may is also trying to soften up resistance to her deal by offering reassurances on the so-called backstop concerning the border with northern ireland let's hear exactly what she had to say on that subject so it's part of the bracks it till we will place the government under a legal obligation to see to conclude alternative arrangements lie december 2020 so that we can avoid any need for the backstop coming into force. i've also listened to unionist concerns about the backstop so the new bricks it goes further to address these issues will commit to that should the backstop come into force the
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government will ensure that great britain will stay aligned with northern ireland. sounds like a backstop to the backstop to me what do you make of a john is that much of a deal sweetener i don't think so because these alternative arrangements that reason may speak so we don't know what they all or how they would potentially work the conservative party likes this idea of alternative arrangements but that's essentially a magic thinking it's not actually practically workable the e.u. ultimately is the highest priority throughout the brakes and for the e.u. was making sure the northern ireland border would stay open and the british government still doesn't have a way of making sure that is compatible with its bricks plans so ultimately on this one too nice words from to reason may but that's not going to work out either if may fails to get this deal through in 2 weeks time you say that's unlikely most analysts are saying the same what's next for the u.k. and breaks it what it looks like the reason they will probably have to go it was conservative party leader because until a couple of months ago the conservatives were riding high in the opinion polls
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despite the bright problems and it looks like it's going to be a catastrophic european election for may's conservatives this thursday in the u.k. and that might finally mean she's going to have to go with a conservative party leader should probably then be replaced by a brace of hard liner and as a result then that might be the kind of the 1st domino sort of a number of other dominoes needing u.k.p. towards a new general election so finally we might be getting to a stage where something might actually change rather than just keeping on repeating the same old thing which is what reason has been doing until now this is a rather bizarre situation i mean happening on the eve of european elections which britons are obliged to vote in because parliament can't decide on whether or not actually leave the e.u. or not. it's a could but bear in mind that this is not like the referendum in the u.k. where you had a pro and contra for blocks in parliament you hard core people want out now you go around 200 around to reason may what to reason they want the labor party says it's committed to bret's it but it wants
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a different form and then you've got the remain as and so therefore among these 4 different groups some palm and you simply can't make a majority and it's really strange because the british want to think of. paula meant a strong and decisive but he's the very opposite of strong and decisive just now but until you until you remove may i don't see that there's any way forward of managing to get a majority of anything until they have some kind of majority or something in parliament you know can make any forward progress forward progress john worth thank you very much for being with us again a blogger and tea breaks activist john thank you now sponsor stories making headlines around the world today there have been heavy clashes near the libyan capital tripoli between pro-government forces and fighters loyal to warlord khalifa top heavy artillery fire could be heard in the city center making this the worst fighting since ramadan began in early may. vote counting is underway in malawi after that country's closely fought election president their economy is battling to
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hold off 2 rivals in a race that focused on corruption allegations and economic development. and a far right party has held a rally in a rural hungary and city exploiting renewed tensions with the local roma population several 100 people attended the rally by the hour homeland movement counter protesters meanwhile marked the 10 year anniversary of a series of roma killing that are. supporters of abortion rights in the united states have held nationwide rallies to oppose new laws restricting access to the procedure they come as alabama passed a law essentially banning abortion and as other states also consider tighter restrictions religious conservatives hope the bands will provoke legal challenges that will ultimately lead the supreme court to overturn roe versus wade that's the 973 decision that established a woman's right to terminate her pregnancy in the u.s. . the.
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songs of protest in new york. that i was i was i was that i. was the marches on the streets in montgomery alabama where the state legislature knocked it the most restrictive abortion law in the country just last week. on the protest in front of the supreme court in washington on the national day of action to stop the bans thousands rallied all over the country against recent rollbacks of abortion rights democratic lawmakers lined up to attack the republican party who is until bush in campaign is gathering steam. i've ever. c heard my. country care. or ever heard. that.
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from this very fractious. republican plague truth can afford. one man's fundamental right of the activists also rounded on the president trump has boosted the anti-abortion cause by appointing conservative judges to the supreme court's hands to federal courts so that our message to your president jacques. was was. because we had enough of you are. now bodies and you are making decisions partisan about it. was the us is facing long and polarizing call room battles over the right to abortion. and it's another divisive issue as the country moves towards next year's presidential
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election. you're watching news still to come the plight of nature's most spectacular beings including the canyon. we mark this international day for biological diversity. now for our series on the german constitution or basic law which is 70 years old this month the constitution came into effect in may $949.00 after being drawn up under the supervision of the victorious allied powers its aim was to ensure that after the years of nazi dictatorship and destruction of the war the new germany would be built on solid democratic foundations 40 years later when west and east were united the constitution was adopted in the new reunify. well all this week we're looking at how germany's constitution works in practice this next report
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we focus on one of the most hotly debated issues in the country today what to do about rising rents especially here in the capital berlin activist time harry has invoked the constitution in his fight to expropriate property owners he says are responsible for the city's housing crisis quoting article 14 of germany's basic law he notes that property entails obligations and should serve the public good. i'd like the people who live in this city to be able to keep living here that ordinary people can find a home here. city life is becoming impossible to sun rising rent prices are forcing people to leave
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bill in a ruse to harry his such stories every day he's fighting to make large property companies serve the public good and the constitution requires his main target is a firm called torture of onan which earns more than 100000 apartments. were demanding that the large property companies what are driving up rental prices in the city and they've been bullying tenants for years the socialize the apartments become public leone. insists it's constitutionally possible to expropriate entire apartment blocks when the owners deliberately allow buildings to fall into disrepair chased out the tenants and then carry out expensive renovations . purplish the property entails responsibility and must also be used to serve the public good no one can claim these properties are being used to do that in fact the opposite is true. true space work with fellow campaigners
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now dominates his life his job running an online delivery firm has taken a back seat collecting signatures to try to trigger a referendum. but the major political parties say the city needs new apartments north expropriation of old ones and the property companies say the idea is no more than old fashioned socialism. express appreciation is a very. heavy weapon it's resulted in very many negative experiences throughout german history particularly in communist east germany and you could see there how things were after reunification with socialized housing in many instrument cities and. we've heard this before of this communist east germany comparison but we're talking about the german constitution. his initiative is gathering pace in the city. signed a petition for a referendum to expire. and the others. take course $20000.00
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signatures is the 1st step towards a referendum. on the respect he talks with major german media everyone wants to meet him he stresses that what's driving him is a strong sense of justice he says he can't stand by when older people who have lived somewhere for 40 years forced to leave their homes. you can do without an apartment you can do without a car use a bike or take a train but everyone needs an apartment we have to enforce this social human right all the voices. well joining us now to talk about all this is fan johann she's standing for germany's opposition free democrats in the european parliamentary elections that are about to get under way thank you very much for being with us here in the 1st off. this initiative that we saw in our report just there it invokes the german
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constitution. which of blige is the constitution article 14 obliging property owners to serve the public good and saying that they have certain obligations do you think the backers of the initiative it of this initiative have a point there. i think we need to look at the under a by issue the issue is that more people want to live in the big cities and the housing market is not meeting that's a month there for the rent prices are rising this is a simple market procedure and a fact our constitution with article 44 ses that owning property must serve the public good as well but was the discussion of expropriation what possibly good is math there nothing because for expropriation no new buildings will be belts no new living space will be created and therefore there is no public good served through this discussion or the backers of this initiative they argue that the lack of
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affordable housing is a failure of public policy and market forces to operate properly in light of this critical shortage that you know we all acknowledges here in berlin and hamburg other big cities in germany could one not think that extraordinary measures are required in fact politics is often a driver of the lack of fostering because of high taxes or buying taxes of owning property so the state is driving the costs of living there's a lack of surfaces made available for building approvals to build take too much time so in fact it's politics that drives the lack of saying and that is what we need to address and this is where we need to work on because expropriating property is not solution to the underlying issues the lack of house ing and sad we must work
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on this issues to create more living space the expropriation defecate is getting a lot of attention and a fair amount of support it must be said does that worry you as representative of the 3 democrats which are pro-business pro free market as. i find it pretty worrying that people think bad of throwback to socialization is the solution to this issue and the fact this is not giving any solution expropriation is not a solution why because a lot of compensation with taxpayers' money should be used to expropriate property and this is a lot of taxpayers' money used without creating an additional $1.00 thinks twice and therefore no solution for the issue itself it's just a way to force socialism and bring it back and so on thank you very much for talking with us it was fine you hung a candidate for germany's free democrats in the upcoming european parliamentary
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elections thank you. public health officials in pakistan have sounded the alarm after an outbreak of hiv infected at least 500 people in one city most of those affected are children sorties believe a doctor may have infected them intentionally. the news of the outbreak triggered stampedes to rotto darrow's hospitals hundreds of frightened women wanted to get themselves and their children tested for hiv as quickly as possible. officials are still investigating but they believe a local pediatrician may have infected at least 500 people most of them children by reusing contaminated syringes. that's one of the most common causes of h i v infection in pakistan health officials estimate more than 100000 people are infected nationwide and out of them i don't we do 425000 diagnosed and i don't 15000 of them are on treatment actually this means we have around 75 pows or pows
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and. people. diagnose the auden didn't publish and then the obvious but i think this source. tariq rule was diagnosed almost a year ago by then he had already infected his wife who in turn had infected their 3 year old daughter terri sniff you a nice are also infected even though they are all receiving treatment the disease has turned their lives upside down. so they are not going to live with that and i got my blood screened in large qana where it was revealed that i am hiv aids positive like my treatment started then before that i had become very weak and i couldn't even stand on my feet and my wife and i get treatment now along with the other children in the house thighs and us and i just. but thousands more people across pakistan carry the virus and don't know it that and sloppy medical
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practices are making it extremely difficult for parky stunning authorities to bring hiv under control. now to kenya and a story on the occasion of international the international day for logical diversity which is today new studies in kenya have shown that the country's hippos are vital for the health of its waterways but the majestic river dwellers faced numerous threats not only from local hunters also from grazing animals competing for their food. the hungry hippos graze on the shores of kenya's lake 91 of eva 1500 hippos that make this lake its home but the grass here is increasingly in short supply. locals often bring that cattle down to the grasslands fringing the lake to feed the competition for food between wildlife and domestic animals is driven to the extreme by drought and climate change. it means that people are
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bringing their life into protected areas these national parks and reserves and they're competing with the animals like hippos and these poor animals don't have any food they literally. if they hippos die the rivers and lakes could die with them hippos chum through huge amounts of grass every night and this cross contains a precious element called silica floating in the water during the day that digestion kicks in they then excrete vast quantities of dung into the water the silica in the hippo dung is absolutely vital for the health of africa's waterways a new study has found it helps curb algae blooms that killed marine life. so to have healthy waterways we need healthy hippos but hippos sympathy with the locals just last year several people have died from hippo attacks have been and
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many many cases of people killed by hippos and this means people don't like to tolerate people they were often killed it's been in the press in kenya quite a lot. of local people calling the service to come and kill hippos because they feel like their lives are endangered. with that cattle and the hippos all competing for dwindling grasslands the biggest loser of this fight might be our environment. and just reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on t.w. news by alliance has erupted in indonesia as protesters refuse to accept the outcome of the presidential election several people are feared dead after some. porters of the losing candidate clashed with security forces in the capital jakarta . and british prime minister theresa may has begged opposition labor leader jeremy
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corbyn to back what she has described as a new gregg's a deal both the opposition and members of her own conservative party rejected her attempts at culled from myers. watching g.w. news up next to young people care about the european union any more we look at it but that's not answered in close up our current affairs program thinks people cut.
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into your accounts when it comes to young people. and not chinese food european option and nobody can afford to go to that. young that's a sound working hard for the european idea. of this public high school against it. europe's young people of europe's future.
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next on double shifts. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of the press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters d. w. made for mines. sometime in the 26 to you my great granddaughter. what would the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. your world around true degrees warmer. inevitably
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sea levels rise by at least one meeting in the century. we're going to have some climate impacts return greater than what we see already. it's really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. a little yellow book stores may 31st on t.w. . bureau and its young people a complicated relationship. a demonstration. climate change aren't interested in the european election and they used to be what about you not really. did you vote. as might i think my parents will make me vote so.
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we wanted to find out what young people think about europe.


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