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blade load playable o'flaherty place. this is 2 w. news live from berlin violence erupts in indonesia as protesters refuse to accept the outcome of the presidential i want to tell action supporters of the unsuccessful candidate clashed with security forces in the capital to carve out several people are feared dead. also coming up. to the c.e.o. of german carmaker dime or hands control to his successor i will to turn sanchez
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departure impact the firm after 13 years in charge. a new report suggests that farai can take new groups are using social media to spread fake news and dissent from mention on a vast scale this comes ahead of elections to the european parliament which starts tomorrow. plus to pose under threat in kenya they are beautiful animals but they're facing tough times potentially devastating implications not just for their survival but also for the environment at march. lows. plague. i'm irish waiter it's good to have you with us. at least 6 people have been killed in riots in indonesia after demonstrators took to the streets to protest against the results of last month's presidential election broke out after authorities confirmed president djoko we don't know it was the winner supporters of the main
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opposition to candidate allege the election was rigged. the out of. anger spills onto the streets of jakarta calm morning the violence showed no signs of abating protesters fought running battles with police throwing stones and setting fires as they continue to defy police orders to leave the downtown area. the demonstrations started peacefully on tuesday evening but they quickly turned violent election results showed president djoko we don't know had won a 2nd term with 55 percent of the vote supporters of windows longtime rival the former general. tried to force their way into the offices of the election supervisor agency they hurled burning projectiles at police who responded with tear gas rubber bullets and water cannon. opposition supporters later moved on to other areas of the city setting fire to
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vehicles and a police dormitory police blamed the violence on what they called provocateurs and said dozens of suspects have been arrested. the majority of protesters came from outside jakarta they came from west java banton and central java we also found evidence including an ambulance that was filled with stones and tools for attack. city life is disrupted many residents are trying to leave the election commission headquarters has barricaded closing parts of downtown to traffic it's difficult for me to get to my office because i have to take routes through back alleys it's safe but because there's commotion everywhere it makes us a bit doubtful. defeated candidate so beyond who has refused to accept the election result and vowed to mobilize people power the government has deployed some 50000 police and troops across jakarta as it braces for more on the rest i for more on
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this let's bring in a risk you know from our g.w. indonesia desk so risky last night there were mobs clashing with security forces how did that develop. so right now the indonesian police say they had arrested more than $100.00 so-called profiteers who were allegedly responsible for the filing furthest the claim this was not a spontaneous mass event but even by design and that there were paid to demonstrate against your government this information kind of be a force for the fight on the other hand the government has blocked access to social media in certain areas to perfect use and books history guardian for this did you see there were wild bush the police were using firearms to kill protesters this opposition was of course not by the government so no security minister the former general said he already has the list of names of people who allegedly were sponsored for jakarta writes from the looks of it we will see more aspire to police in the coming days the only thing is we don't know whether high ranking police
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stations are also included in that list. for example has a presidential duty i call it by calling for a conciliation and national unity but judging by how hostile the government towards the ship they would agree to. this how widespread now is the support for so beyond for the opposition. well right now a supporter turn into 2330 to call for a rest of the q. same of muster minding the deadly protests and plotting to take down the democratic elected elected government in fact i mr sudan there's no running out of time due to collapse of his polish and we do from 6 parties at officially accept that the defeat. of the official results we can expect to see more of movement to support the elected president from the white political spectrum if the parties don't support mr. nation amended party and
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a more democratic party led by former president susilo bambang yudhoyono. refraining from practice basing participating in mass protest. so you do know which his party has into pollution of sudan to you know fully support. the election. and there are questions of course as to how legitimate the protests against we don't know are because we did see that official alleging that a lot of these protesters are coming from outside the city. from the looks of it the majority of the people are still behind the president and the filing protest has produced rather more negative image for mr sowerby until the government of course tried to be legitimized the demonstration by accusing them of an act of treason they claimed this was a spontaneous myself and but then even by the signs that the protesters were paid to demonstrate against the government some of the protester who were arrested still kept envelopes containing money of course this information cannot be verified
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risking a graph from our d.w. in a new desk in bonn thank you so much. well it's the end of an era germans luxury german germany's luxury carmaker dimer its long time c.e.o. dieter zetsche a is stepping down today to make room for a successor all of us such a lead time on her more than a decade and became one of the most recognizable faces of german business and now it's time to hand over the reins. a grateful goodbye from shareholders after 13 years at the helm. we cannot and will not remain satisfied with the current level of profitability. i can assure you the diamond team is touring even more motivation to work with full energy towards. the message will be welcome following years in which share prices have been rocky profits slumped in 2018 after several good years. spent more than 4 decades at
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a time as head of the chrysler division he became effectually known in the us dr z. even appeared in this fight i think resistance is only one example that smalling for better performance at handling who was then credited with helping diamond to recover when the chrysler takeover fell apart in 2007 dunn has achieved record sales in recent years have to increasing the appeal of its cars to be younger market that she leaves on a high earning over to swedish board member. to know them a lot is at the shareholders meeting jenelle how did they turn such as farewell go down with the people there are they sad to see him go or are they looking forward to this next era. well i've had the opportunity to speak to quite a few shareholders now and many of them did tell me they were sad to see him go they were sorry to see him go they did think that he did a very good job of modernizing the brand he became
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a brand ods himself now it has to be said however that 13 years is a very long time to lead. and i did hear quite a few voices that said that the sky. towards the end of his tenure that she had become quite slow in responding to the emerging trends of the auto industries he would like the shift to electro mobility and so on top of the striving and there is a hope that a change in leadership will bring about some fresh energy and speaking of this change in leadership what about such a successor is he expected to continue to such as work or is he going to bring about a shift in the company strategy. oh he's been groomed for this position for quite a while it's been known for about a year that he was going to take over the reins from such a as such he's widely expected to implement the strategies that were decided and such as time like not like a big restructure like a shift away from purely traditional combustion engines by 2039 part of the novelty that that you'll he's expected to bring in has to do with his person so he's not
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a german engineer in the ground traditional mode of german auto bosses but he's he's from sweden he's more of a matter of numbers and many are hoping that this will help him in his new job it has to be said he's taking over dialer out a difficult time for the company amid weakening sales amid international trade uncertainty so he certainly has his work cut out for him and the expectations are very high thanks so much chanel's in malone do alone in a dime were shareholder meeting. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world the us has said it suspects the syrian government used chemical weapons again this time in an attack over the weekend in the northwest of the country the army is targeting the few remaining rebel held positions there although there were no further claims of a chemical attack washington threatened reprisals if it's allegation is verified. north korea has labeled u.s. presidential hopeful joe biden quote a fool of low i.q.
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and imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being. after biden called north korean leader kim jong un a tyrant gang has also said biden's candidacy was enough to make a cat laugh. police in germany have conducted a raid on an iraqi motorbike gang hundreds of officers searched several locations in 11 cities in north rhine-westphalia gang members are accused of illegal arms dealing and human trafficking supporters of abortion rights in the u.s. have held nationwide rallies to oppose new laws restricting access to the procedure the state of alabama recently passed a law that essentially bans abortion and now other states are also considering and even passing tighter restrictions of their own religious conservatives hope the bans will provoke legal challenges that will wind up in the supreme court and overturn roe versus wade the 1973 decision that established it woman's right to terminate her pregnancy. the.
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songs of protest in new york. that i was i was i was that i. was. the marches on the streets in montgomery alabama where the state legislature knocked it the most restrictive abortion law in the country just last week. on the protest in front of the supreme court in washington on the national day of action to stop the bans thousands rallied all over the country against recent rollbacks of abortion rights democratic lawmakers lined up to attack the republican party whose until bush in campaign is gathering steam. i've ever. c heard my. primary care. or
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ever heard. that. from this very texas. republican much like yours where you can afford. what means fundamental rights my activists also rounded on the president's trump has boosted the antiabortion caused by appointing conservative judges to the supreme court hands to federal courts so our message to you president truck. was was was not because enough of you are. c now tea party bodies you are making decisions part. was the us is facing long and polarizing call room battles over the right to abortion. and it's another divisive issue as
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the country moves towards next year's presidential election. you're watching d.w. news still to come the plight of some of nature's most spectacular species including the canyon here as we mark today's international day for biological diversity. britain's prime minister theresa may is under renewed pressure with her latest bid to seal a bridge that withdrawal the all but doomed wealthy opposition party as well as many within her own party have already rejected it despite my offering what she said were concessions to win support the concessions included allowing lawmakers to vote on whether to hold a 2nd box of referendum if they approve her deal. may is facing questions in the british parliament today so let's now bring indeed obvious back at moss who standing by in london be i guess tourism is 4th attempt to pass a budget plan looks all but dead on arrival something's gotta give what's it going
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to be well as you have mentioned there has been already the speech by tourism a so we've had a lot of reaction already and from all sides from remain as who say that this is nothing new what she's offering and also the vote the 2nd referendum is conditional on on voting for her deal they reject then the conservative party your own party is really increasing the tunning against her it's going so far as we've seen one website an influential website conservative not an official party website but a very well received within the conservative party they say don't vote for 2 reason may in these elections tomorrow own party really tanning against her and it's going to look very dire for how in the european elections that's another problem for that she's got to face but also it's really the mood that people want her out and increase in the her own party wants her to go very soon. and as you yourself
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mentioned while we're looking at life pics of question time right now this is all happening on the eve of the european elections which britain is still unwillingly a part of how is this going to affect the british vote. at the moment we're seeing that nigel for our viewers brags that party has really sad in the polls in the high fat people sense a really leading by far and we expect that the big parties conservative and labor are going to take a big hit in the elections tomorrow and i've been to niger for arjun's rallies and i speaking to people they set them off for more conservative voters but also some labor wages i've been speaking to and he's very cleverly manage with extremely good social media campaign but also with his own popularity with his charisma to tell the message around and now to make it seem like the only real breaks it is
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a great city where for and it just leaves the european union without a deal which it was many m.p.g. and the house of commons want to prevent and which makes the whole process so complicated but he's pushing his message that britain should leave without a deal and he's going to influence without the party the contest within the conservative party the leadership contest that we're going to see most likely over the summer. for us in london thank you so much. some 400000000 voters across europe will decide what the next 5 years of the european parliament will look like and before polls open a new report suggests that far right anti e.u. groups are using social media to spread fakes news and this information on a vast scale and online activist group called a vos compiled the study looking at social media platforms in 6 european countries of oz identified over 500 facebook pages and groups that were spreading fake news
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hate speech and dissent from ation it total of nearly 32000000 people were following these accounts and interacted with them several 1000000 times the researchers reported the relevant pages to facebook management and in response the social media giant removed just 77 of them among them were pages from this member of germany's far right a.f.d. party a politician has multiple accounts with variations on the name and uses them to disseminate anti islamic content and attacks on radical feminism of os flagged up to almost $250.00 fake accounts in germany the most in all of the countries it's studied let's now bring in our brussels correspondent terry scholtz who has been following fake news and online hate speech in europe terry fake news is already being widely monitored and reported on so what did this study tell us that we didn't already know. i think that the numbers as you've just gone through were actually very surprising the vast reach of these networks and they remained up and
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not taken down by the platforms by facebook which has has committed to remove this material as fast as it could find it so when you think that that these pages have been viewed half a 1000000000 times over just 3 months that 6000000 times a day you realize the amplification that this fake material can have been and how dangerous that is and in fact you know we've been watching for for some huge disruption in the electoral process maybe some huge dump of information but what have oz is saying is that these campaigns have been going quietly under the radar under the noses of users and that's even more dangerous here's christoph shot from a vase who explains what we seeing is systematic this information it's not one figures popping up here another one there it is building that works of millions of followers of millions of people and then reaching out further and further and further and snowy but surely kind of deceiving people into believing the same lies and that's the danger of the disinformation is not one we've won big fake news it's done it is over a very long term playing the long game and slowly but surely amassing more and more
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people who then build like their own bubble of reality so we're researchers able to actually determine the impact that fake news is having in the 6 countries they could determine the regions very hard to determine the impact at this point but what we do know is that since this material that was found by a vase almost all of these pages were spewing anti migrant messages on anti-semitic messages sometimes even illegal hate speech that's obviously not going to have a good impact on society and on democracy just when these countries are gearing up to vote so yes it was considered quite a dangerous phenomenon to uncover just before elections of course the big question is we have these european parliament elections coming up what does this mean. it will be hard to say until after we see turnout and after we see who wins and certainly the rise of far right parties and populism can't be attributed just to
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fake news even though those are the people who were benefiting from this campaign these campaigns that have been uncovered now but you know what these groups have to do isn't even convince people of of anything they mostly want to sow mistrust so distrust in government in communities in the media and if they make people apathetic and simply despair and not turn out to vote at all those are going to be wins for anti e.u. factions so if you're a conscientious voter and social media user who doesn't want to fall into the fake news trap what can you do to make sure you don't do that i think everybody has to realize that these pages are now right under our noses they're probably on my facebook page and yours and when we see that they are not being taken down immediately it means we all have to be our own fact checkers and there are consortiums of media organizations out there fact checking organizations that have popped up you can follow them on twitter you can follow them on facebook and people
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really need to think before they share information on social media take a look at the background of those articles that information those advertisements and see who's paying for them just think before you share and trust your gut if something doesn't look right teri schultz for us in brussels on the eve of the european parliament elections thank you so much. in football manchester city and england for a huge sterling have called for harsher penalties on teams whose fans are found guilty of racist behavior sterling is coming off the back of the best season offense career so far but his performances were at times overshadowed by harassment and abuse now the 24 year old is leading the fight against racism in football. manchester city have dominated english football this season winning every domestic title but forward rakim sterling is hoping for another victory he's fronting a come pain which is proposed much tougher sanctions against teams whose fans racist abuse or you know the main one was the name printed action purely because if
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it from a supporter of he might or might seem to take it you know point football or for it is often forced teams to play a game behind closed doors as was the case with montenegro when fans abuse sterling and over black england players in march sterling thinks that's not enough he was also targeted by chelsea fans in december and believes coverage of his lifestyle in the british press has contributed to fueling racist sentiment towards him there's not enough of enough black people asian people in these high places to have a say to you know for these journalists to when they're right in these stories basically of a 2nd look because their boss could possibly thought of more for you know you need to change because if we look in this story sterling was named premier league player of the year by journalist this season he hopes his message is finally getting through. well. i'm glad back when your torque on high in another swift postseason swoop having just missed out on the title they bought germany win back
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nico schultz from hoffenheim on tuesday and have now brought in the highly rated belgium international as art is the brother of chelsea's eden he scored 10 goals in the bonus the campaign just finished based his 50th your club in the season finale as gladbach just missed out on the champions league. to kenya now where hippopotamuses are facing a new threat not only are hunters targeting them they also have to compete with other animals for food as a result their numbers are dwindling now a new study has revealed that any reduction in their numbers could spell disaster for the vital health of rivers in the region. a hungry hippos grazes on the shores of kenya's lake 91 of over 1500 hippos that make this lake its home but the grass here is increasingly in short supply. locals often bring back cattle
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down to the grasslands fringing the lake to feed the competition for food between wildlife and domestic animals is driven to the extreme by drought and climate change. it means that people are bringing the livestock into protected areas national parks and reserves and they're competing with the animals like peoples and these poor animals don't have any other source of food they did really well. if they hippos die the rivers and lakes could die with them hippos chaum through huge amounts of grass every night and this grass contains a precious element called silica floating in the water joining the day that digestion kicks in they then excrete vast quantities of dung into the water the silica in the hippo dung is absolutely vital for the health of africa's waterways a new study has found it helps curb algae blooms that killed marine life. so to have healthy waterways we need healthy hippos but hippos don't gotta much
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sympathy with the locals just last year several people have died from hippo attacks have been in many many cases of people killed by hippos and this means people don't like to tolerate people they will often kill it's been in the press in kenya quite a lot in many many instances of local people calling the service to come and kill hippos because they feel like their lives are endangered. with farmers that cattle and the hippos all competing for dwindling grasslands the biggest loser of this fight might be our environment. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. violence has erupted in indonesia as protesters refuse to accept the outcome of the presidential election several people are feared dead after supporters of the losing candidate clashed with security forces from the capital jakarta. the c.e.o.
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of german carmaker dime lead teacher teacher is stepping down to make her produce successor all of colonialist said show wasn't one of the most recognizable faces in terms of business and lead dimer for more than a decade. you're watching you know being is up next the debate about the e.u. is open borders that's made in germany coming up after the break i'm irish waiter thanks so much for joining us.
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vast in the european country says many if unity and freedom without
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borders. but on the continent discontents is on the rise. your it was a whites of the next level. made in germany next on details. and small cuts of consumer big changes. people making it possible for eco africa. fantastic right trying that as they set out to save the environment. and learn from one another. and work together for a better future. see for yourself. in 60 minutes on d w.
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some say that was born into this world alone. or not. the 2nd we come into this world we're in it together. as can the human mind. and then we can make it feel different that's what europe is all about. tonight we've. thank you we. thank you and. i thank you and i was thought that was because she had understanding
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of life of europeans the sort of sort of unspoken agreement but that seems to be crumbling.


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