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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm CEST

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interactive content to the next generation until such. channels available. connection and more determined to build something new for the next generation as long as the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. while comes to eco africa your environmental magazine show today we have a lot on how to protect or make the most of the resources that we have you'd be surprised my name is eco and i'm joined by my colleague mt. hi i'm now it's coming to you from lagos nigeria and will be looking for more green ideas this week so
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let's have a look at what we've prepared for you in this edition of eco africa. we will be hunting down the sick with primate resident may see you have done as well even in dry soil. and what should gonna do with you waste from your. printer in our ground has come up with an eco friendly idea. we start the show with africa's highest mountain range there are glaciers on the slopes of the runs over the mountains in uganda but global warming is threatening the future of the unesco world heritage site now and the district of casa say wants to do something about it by shifting to a 100 percent renewable energy our reporter visited the region to find out more about the ambitious plans for. the their family does not have any electric light just a passing lamp and
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a scientist see in the long dark nights. the family's income would a village in southwestern uganda the main source of income is farming. to give but i feel when i need power i send a child to get it we buy some every day because it's hard to get money i buy just a little when it's gone the next day by some. the family spends around a 1000 ugandan shillings around $25.00 u.s. cents a day for a small amount of paraffin also called kerosene. the water isn't consists of districts but has homes in the early 700000 people. today sunday and many are making their way to church this cable as part of the national electric grid but he says just 20 percent of the population got recovery and as mayor of the minutes
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a pallet cissie he wants white scale change including gets in bed of the paraffin lamps which are known asked a bill to congo produces. so we would want one treated knitted goods is the biggest couple it's in the music just little cupboard emissions in this. country are going to use every one of the minutes a pallet seen and everyone knows him he wants to win them over to his big idea by 2022 once all of classes it was supplied by reviewable energy. his motivation lies in the snow capped when story mountains which are often shrouded in fog. and well. pushed into were 100 percent remember and i do it because i wanted to see if the glass. we are told by no means under. the people of this north and if you look at the trend agree to this nor is it
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a true digs disappearing. under the conditions i'm told us it will disappear by 2030 so to save it and then of a civil war and then decided to go under the bus and unmovable. the one story mounts and square vive the very bases of life water to make sure the water does not try up the mayor has come up with this plan to the but the entire districts of to c.c. to renewable energy including schools and hospitals the main source will be solar power just in cuts where is a casus it district natural resource officer is keen to see the project go ahead. so i. went to places that are going to be able to serve us $9.00 metric ton is of carbon emission but we. are for this mini that if you spread it across the 52 weeks into telus that of the population that has adopted the use of
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solar we would save about 5000000 metric tons of carbon emissions into that must be an effective way the district is still a long way from 100 percent renewable energy. nearly 2 thirds of the people of the c.c. still rely on paraffin lamps i feel you have to hind leg and i also want a solar panel but i don't have the money. low interest loans or aid programs could help but there also is schultz apply here. he calls this and vicious project to fill the very big. 10 to the 100 the 100 percent by 2020 but really do have learn to listen to the implementation periods of and hope for the. mystical by the 24 to. reach 100 percent. as even.
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alice feels a lamp with paraffin. perhaps the family will also have a solar powered lamp. in the night. i'm sure you heard about the share barter in africa it's often used for cooking i mean europe for cosmetics where the wood of a share not trees also high energy fuel material that's what i'm looking across it's frequently made into charcoal resulting in deforestation now one organization wants to combat the problem what are you doing. the group is training women to make it stop quality shared data and battling to get share back to recognized as an organic product it's a live tree is worth more than a dead one then days hope that the felling will stop. deforestation is a huge problem in the fast so over $100000.00 hectares of forest are lost each year much of the wood is used to produce charcoal for cooking. we've adopted various
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measures to try to reverse this trend but it's true that illegal logging is still taking place in our forests or what i don't see we n.g.o.s are working together with the state to finally put a stop to this phenomenon in burkina faso. before when we were putting a fossil. but trees produce more than just wood these women are collecting the for each of the shade tree ready to turn it into shape after a project used in many cosmetics and creams comment is to bury checks the quality of the fruit he works for a local ngo called c.a.'s it's training the women to produce more and better quality shade but this will allow them to increase their income making their families less likely to cut down the shade trees illegally the n.g.o.s taught the winter process the fruit as quickly as possible before it can be attacked by insects or the kernels begin to germinate. we used to gather the fruit into
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a heap and leave it until we were ready now we boil it up as soon as we've collected it and then put it out to dry in the sun the butter we get now is much better. this store in the capital walk into the cells all kinds of goods made from shea butter ranging from baby care products to vaseline and. shea butter is an important export product the shop owner is already feeling the impact of the illegal say tree felling. because i think that the production output has gone down compared to 10 years ago and that's reflected in the price we used to pay 302400 francs for one kilo now we pay double the price because the product has become more rare. and that's because there are. fewer trees and. see a lot of protecting the trees is the name of c.a.'s here in the southwest of the
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country the ngo recently installed a modern shea butter production unit here 200 used to be very has been training some of the women from the local village of super gun to. crush english say colonels provides the rule material for the batter. the work is physically much easier and the women are able to produce more better the quality has also improved so they've seen their incomes go up significantly. looking at the future of our children school fees and health care for our kids. the ngo hopes that by improving the women's financial situation this will in turn help to protect shade trees. it isn't part of the families of these women who are chopping down the trees so if we can convince them of the importance of protecting the trees they can in turn help to persuade others and when they see they can earn
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more from the butter they'll be more motivated to protect that source of income and . get on. with the projects in bikini 1st so count on the women and their families realising that it's in their own best interest to keep the shade trees a life. let's head to germany now this spring has also seen a fall out soon the so rain in large parts of the country farmers already warning that the harvest could be severely affected the german startup seat forward is responding to this challenge it is searching for ways to make climate resistant seed in a natural and environmentally sound manner now it really looks as if the stock's up has come up with some solutions. this looks like an ordinary field but what's growing here is something of a sensation the founders of the startup seed forward have come to see how things are progressing before planting the seeds used here were treated with a special environmentally friendly coating which is currently being tested by an independent authority so far everything's going to plan. as you can see when i pull
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up a clump more soil sticks to the roots and they're hard to separate. and if you look more closely there are lots of fine roots holding the soil together and connecting the plants. and also big strong roots and considering it's this early in the season that's very exciting. the success in the field is the result of lengthy laboratory experiments for a few years now biologist alcohol has been working with seed forward to develop natural nutrients and soil bacteria known as biologicals these help the plants to grow better without using chemical substances the scientists have worked with all kinds of seeds ranging from the my like bush to the potato plant. so. there is very difficult. you can never predict how much active ingredient is contained in
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the particular substrate that you have or the plants or microorganisms that you are using so it's a bit like natural medicines to come in. it may be easier to treat seeds with chemicals but the biological method produces better results the plants are greener more stable and have stronger roots. so happy and i didn't expect the differences to be so obvious i thought that inequalities might improve and later the growth rate i expected more of a general tendency and you could get some things that had spectacular results that i never expected. the formula for the seed dressing was developed by young beta not even his business partner yacob postman knows the exact recipe on the basis of their experiments in the laboratory in the greenhouse they launched their 1st product a blue coating that contains organic substances which stimulate the corn to grow better in dry climates. the company has found farmers to plant the new corn seeds.
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is one of them this year his soil is once again much to dry he's hoping the new blue corn will cope well with the arid conditions it needs less water than conventional corn seed and requires no special treatment. the blue protective covering biodegrades after 6 to 8 weeks by that time it has already served its purpose. i don't go to the fruit of having a good feeling about it is already worth a lot. and in the end it should produce a greater yield so the investment in the spring will pay off in the fall. both young. men have spent a lot of time in africa it's where they 1st met increasing crop fields under difficult climatic conditions is of great interest to them. at the moment their products are best suited to conditions in europe but blue seeds are being tested in
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malawi by an aid organization if all goes well seed forward will begin developing seeds tailored specifically to conditions in regions of africa. and possibly could then adapted to local conditions so that it could be stored longer and have more water retention capacity that would involve putting more of the substance of the seeds that's the only thing we change when we produce it locally exported from here exporting. the 2 entrepreneurs say corn is just the beginning they've now set their sights on a number of other crops and they also want to start using biologicals to treat various vegetable seeds their fully organic methods are not only good for the soil the scientists believe they could also help improve food security in extremely dry regions. if you're one of our regular viewers i suspect what you might be thinking about our next video oh now knots was a high sense again but i can assure you that there really major concern right
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behind it was tito's they block up waterways a sawfish of oxygen and an ideal habitat for the snails that carry the parasite that causes the disease bilharzia what people in the west african country have been in so in this regard into a valuable resource as you'll see in this week's doing your bit. water hyacinths pose a huge problem for fishing communities in africa. the aquatic plant can carpet lakes so densely that boats can barely glide across the surface. international conservation organization rare wants to see the weeds turned into a useful resource farmers in africa can learn how when seminars like this one in burning after being collected the plants are left to dry in the sun. then they're mixed with carol dome and water. 2
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months later the water higher since have become compost. the resulting organic fertiliser doesn't just help to increase crop yields. since we started using the composites we feel well and healthy. we don't get sick as often as we used to that this is and i tell my whole family that they should use this composite as well because chemical fertilizers make you ill you know new. budget deal you know some of. the composting initiatives benefits farmers fishermen and the environment. your plants club the lakes which is better for the fish and the fisherman. and the fresh compost saves the farmers money and imprint soil quality. over 5000 terms of the water hyacinth have already been converted into garden gold. and how about you.
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if you are also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet hash tag doing your bit. we share your stories. what's a high since all real all round you can make bags and bosco's from them or use them as fertilizers to improve harvest you and i have a good idea about how to use problem products for positive ends comes from greece give us the lowdown and. indeed in the city of testimony clear plastic which is being of cycles and getting a whole new life well would have been trashed it's turned into a public benches and chairs what's more they are using precision exciting technology to make them the project is called bring your city maybe they'll give you a clue. plastic recycled into a new form with
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a new function. the seeding elements in the greek port city of saloniki are part of a project called print your city. plastic waste to stop cycled as furniture from a 3 d. printer. the idea came from the dutch design studio the new rock. us from greece as one of the projects founders. plastic is a mis understood material which is it's not the material that's the problem it's the course and how we use it of packaging for example yeah but i did my skill as it might only be used for a few seconds but it never degrade so i could not but you know if we use it in some other way later we can change things and improve our lives now. this is precisely what kano soccer's hopes to achieve with the project. is the guy who designed the furniture to allow people to experience public spaces in a new way with different last years. rather than sitting right they can relax a bit more as if they were sitting in their own living room. this is the feeling
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we'd like to put across these and bring private living space into public spaces and the fundamental emotional core to. anyone who wishes to participate can suggest designs online or select pieces of furniture from the various templates the ones that are selected most often go into print try to save the earth and i was so happy when i was walking through town one day and saw that a bench i had designed had been printed and then it's there for everyone thank you to the others the king will. as soon as a new design template goes online the amount of recycled plastic needed for the 3 d. printing process is calculated automatically. at the 0 waste lab a research initiative of the new raw people in festal uneek you can find out about recycling and deposit the plastic trash cleaned sorted shredded and melted down.
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and personally i don't like to just throw things out at all but it was a side i think we ought to have a responsible attitude toward our planet. after all we use its resources year by year. it takes about 70 kilos of plastic and 10 hours to make a park bench from a 3 d. printer. 9 of the colorful seats are given placed around for saloniki center and more are planned eventual the idea is to spread them all around the city. the combination of recycling and design is proving a hit with the locals and visitors alike. it's very impressive to see that you can transform waste into something a static in this way of them everyone can enjoy it and sit here with their friends it's a definite gain. there's nothing negative about it might be possible. and if the park benches ever fall apart they'll simply be recycled.
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oh what a wonderful idea but back to africa now ghana is a country that takes most waste from you there are a number of bright ideas about what could be made from electronic scraps such as used. but guess what we will let you see for yourself. oh. between 208000 batteries go into each power tube made by mark. and his team the batteries themselves recycled from old. tests and every one of them. through for the good ones. gets there were carved. into a. mock. regular job. at the university of energy and
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natural resources. he set up this 2 years ago he designed the housing for the battery on his laptop and recently began using the printer for the high precision while once competed the power to come to be hooked up. which then as an emergency backup generator. and they were. part of. the power tubes have an operating live between 2110 years depending on the condition of the batteries then you just. used by trees. and try to give them a 2nd chance of course the. carts in school and these were the
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circuit. for most of. us. has a thriving used electronics market but. people do take recycling. mark i'm aborting has found suppliers to views bed trees across the country anthony acco from kumasi started repairing electronics goods 13 years ago mostly computers his store has also become an employee above used batteries which he now sells to and his team but. to me when i went out with what i saw right away that this was a good business opportunity they only stay on time and they're clear about what they want that's why we try to hold onto our in the 20 was there one especially this year and no longer gives them to the scrum here chrono in
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a much more formal 10 power tubes have been sold so far they don't come cheap they can cost between 871500 euros. their customers include both private individuals and public sector institutions such as this health care center if this power outage they just turn on the power tube. we be using power to for several years now in fact it doesn't be alpha tremendous benefits because there's a power fluctuation in crimea especially in the hudson so ever since we started the task even given as a more powerful. want to go electric gas thanks. to most of us in his quest to to provide viable solutions to power shortages mark i'm aborting
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all is takes the environment into consideration by crispier and they would see us we keep them well classwork and it's always so freecycling them so that they do not go back to pollute environment. the power to invent and he steam and need more financing in order to increase production finding old batteries will be no problem here. now it's just amazing how these people gave those laptop batteries a 2nd live for the sake of the environment that's it for today from your pan african european environment show thank you and see you next week good bye from lagos nigeria thanks anti as always it was fun hosting the program with you and if any of you want to find out more go to our website the address will be on your screen in a moment or even better if you have something to say about any of our stories write to us on our social media platforms now it's goodbye for me to from johannesburg
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south africa.
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this movie theater in kenya as dot dot refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. prior . thank you for watching. cinema the stars may 27th on. sometime in the 26. people are. put with the world be like in your lifetime and around half a central place when i was there were 3000000000 people you will share the planet with 9000000000. plus your world around 2 degrees one of the evidently sea levels
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rise by at least one. plug place to have some climate impacts will turn greater than a small mini plague that's really frightening mottram have to have the luck. thank our people. the 1st. place he. plays such. low cut. play.
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play. play. play. play play play play. play. this is it is live by. erupts in indonesia as protesters refuse to accept the outcome of the presidential election at least 6 people are killed after supporters of the losing candidate clashed with security forces in the capital jakarta also coming up a change in here at cermak carmaker dialer c.e.o. do.


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