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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin or teresa mayes urged to drop plans for a 45 vote. presented to 24 hours ago as a new deal this despite the prime minister holding out the possibility of a 2nd it's. also on the program violence on fatalities in indonesia as protesters refuse to accept the outcome of the presidential election a flare some fireworks continue into the night after supporters of the unsuccessful consulate clashed with security forces in jakarta time at least 6 have been killed
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. rights activists staged rallies in u.s. cities as a way for states impose tighter restrictions on terminations fears grow of a showdown in the supreme court. under threat in kenya a huge piece of facing tough times with potentially devastating implications not just for their survival but also for the environment. i'm phil gail welcome to the program. british prime minister theresa my is under renewed pressure to scrap a planned vote on her latest idea of taking the country out of the e.u. the opposition and many within her own party are criticizing the deal saying that not enough has changed despite mrs my opening the door to a 2nd referendum on the term precast impudent with the e.u.
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the prime minister lawmakers to grasp what she called a last chance there is an issue about customs there is a difference of opinion in this house on the future customs arrangement with the european union that's why it's important that this house actually comes to a decision on that issue this 2nd referendum the 2nd reading of the withdrawal agreement bill will enable this house to come to a decision on that issue it will also enable the house to come to a decision on a 2nd referendum which i continue to believe would not be the right route for this country to go down we should deliver on the 1st referendum suggesting anything about a 2nd let's go straight to. mass and welcome. as well as political turmoil there are now reports that members of cabinet are to meet with her to day one of them likely to be hoping to achieve. well
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it's a lot of speculation on social media as to what they want but we know that the pressure . is growing on from what we hear now it's growing from within her own cabinet we know that many. here leaning cabinet ministers are not happy with her new proposals and there are reports that some are saying that the concessions that she has made for a 2nd round of that referendum that they think that actually goes too far so we just know that the pressure on the prime minister to leave sooner rather than later is growing and seemingly by the minute. well given the parliament has already rejected the mistress mary's deal 3 times what did she actually offer them the code to change their minds on this anyone biting. not really feel i mean you see that there were not many cheers and the house there wasn't a lot of applause which is the usual thing if the prime minister gives
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a statement in fact it was more or less towards the end fairly fairly empty and we've had from the opposition leader jeremy corbin that he said it's not really anything new it's just the old package and we know christian if from within she's amazing own party that members of her conservative party who have previously voted for her ideas are now saying that they will vote against it so it really looks very very dire for the prime minister at this point in time tomorrow britain votes in european parliament elections this obviously wasn't part of the original plan how is all the spreadsheet uncertainty playing into that. these elections are really all about bricks that end of big winner from what we know so far is niger for us this new party called the brakes of party and they're really a single issue party they are arguing that britain should just leave the european
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union he doesn't think that what people here in westminster are upset about pretensions loss of jobs if britain just leaves without any deal with the e.u. that's not his his brother he thinks that is the main thing just to leave and i went to one of his rallies to see what the mood is like and also what his supporters are saying why are they cheering nigel for us and here is the story. piece that wherever nigel farage goes he's welcome to my star here in wales for example his message to recently has betrayed the country he's unconditionally accepted all of preston's demands during the war on the considerations of the bracks referendum i don't know how do you know it's a document drafted by the 1st year back on the air. with angela go looking over his shoulder or rather suggest britain doesn't need to due process the
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main thing is to leave the queue he doesn't mention that would probably cost jobs. thank you i'm afraid that the reason no chance of brakes being delivered with our current 2 party system in our current government i would have to fight for it again but i believe we can do so i think the budget referendum actually rather like the sort of the genie coming out of the bottle it's not going back. in the city of peterborough over a 1000 people come to check out the new party many of them used to vote for the conservatives the carbon modern charm or lawyers who see green arse and i are nothing but crooks a far as are concerned a treasonable people people are very angry and feel very hurt and upset that their vote is being ignored and democracy is being trampled all over them to this day the party claims to have gained more than 100000 new members in just a. few meters they know things going on in the internet of the
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won't change u.k. can only dream of such numbers greater johnson is in the spotlight and path in southwest england a political newcomer who has one main goal we have to stop before take this country with all the lack of values and all the lies that. campaign or represents he's it's a one man show it's a vehicle to get him into downing street he's taken the got the country up the garden path and over the cliff the new remain party change u.k. has a clear enemy niger ferocious bragg's a party but the n.t. brags that vote is splintered and that might be one reason why the pro europeans have not been able to trick nearly the same crowds as a brags of party who had been bought 4 rows of chairs are enough to accommodate a crowd many of those who have come are disappointed by the establishment parties.
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this is an opportunity to see what a remaining party a new voice a fresh voice has to say to me and i was so impressed actually the passion with which they spoke on the passion your opinion and i believe changing for hay a one of the only parties to really really support the people to support them and the big parties are being punished in the e.u. elections and it looks like the populists will be the biggest winners. mass in the london so whichever way breaks it goes back it it does look as though this party i like it to be the big winners. yes they are they will be that's for sure when you believe the opinion polls are leading in the high fatties really far ahead of the big parties and nights for us has really cleverly shifted the public opinion that many people now think the real brags it is a brags that without a deal and also he's galvanized this other happiness about what's going on in the
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bricks and process and not what he's saying is that here the politicians are crooks they have betrayed the country and many people indeed all believing what he says. in london thank you notes or some of the other stories making news around the world ukraine's new president the former comedian volodymyr has been and seen here during his inauguration israel has announced his new administration several posts of comes from a t.v. comics who says he's only a political experience before this election was playing the fictional president of ukraine in the fall for the t.v. seems. austrian president alexander haas warning and i'm interested minority government including the 4 new cabinet members the move follows the mass resignations of ministers from the chancellor has a far right to junior coalition partner in the wake of a video student writes something asians and corruption. united states has said but
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he says it suspects the syrian government of using chemical weapons again this time in a we can't attack in the northwest of the country but he was targeting the few remaining rebel held positions washington has threatened reprisals if it is proof that chemical weapons were used service have disputed the claims. supporters of abortion rights in the united states of hounds nationwide rallies to oppose new nose restricting access to the procedure the state of alabama recently passed a law that essentially bans abortion and now other states are considering and passing their religious conservatives i hope the bans will provoke legal challenges that will be taken to the supreme court and overturn the 1973 decision that established a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy known as roe versus wade. and the. songs
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of protest in new york. that i. was that that was. the marches on the streets in montgomery alabama where the state legislature knocked it the most restrictive abortion law in the country just last week. and the protest in front of the supreme court in washington on the national day of action to stop the bans thousands rallied all over the country against recent rollbacks of abortion rights democratic lawmakers lined up to attack the republican party whose on to abortion campaign is gathering steam that either of us. c had the right terry thank their thank god for never heard. that. from this very texas.
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republican lek lek truth can afford. fundamental rights of the activists also rounded on the president trump has boosted the anti-abortion cause by appointing conservative judges to the supreme court's hands to federal courts so our message to your president jacques. was. was was. because we had enough of you. c now 2 points bodies and you're making decisions marcus about it. was the us is facing long and polarizing cold room battles over the right to abortion. and it's another divisive issue as the country moves towards next year's presidential election. indonesia's president
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to joke that strong action will be taken against writers in the capital jakarta he was speaking after demonstrators protested the results of last month's presidential election at least 6 people were killed in clashes with security forces violence erupted after all sources confirm the president's reelection supporters of the main opposition candidate claim voting was rigged. on the streets of jakarta i know the night of violence after protests continued throughout the day demonstrators fought running battles with police throwing stones and lighting fires as they continue to defy police orders to leave the downtown area. the demonstration started peacefully on tuesday evening but they quickly turned violent after election results showed incumbent president had won reelection opposition supporters tried to force their way into the offices of the election supervisor agency they helped molotov cocktails and burning project out there
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police responded with tear gas rubber bullets and water cannon positions supporters later moved on to other areas of the city setting fires are very cold and the police dormitory police blame the violence on what they call provocateurs and that dozens of had been arrested. the majority of protesters came from outside jakarta they came from west java and central java we also found evidence including an ambulance that was filled with stones and tools for attack. the election commission said president had won 55 percent of the vote spending to feed for its ultra nationalist opponent former general problem. he says the poll was marred by widespread fraud but so far he's presented no evidence to back up the claim the president vowed to crackdown on the protests. there is no choice no choice the military and police will take firm action in accordance with the law. but so
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beyond the defeated candidate is refusing to accept the election results to mobilize people's power the government has deployed some 50000 police and soldiers across to qatar to back up the president's tough rhetoric. let's get more on this from risky from detail because indonesia welcomed what's the latest. that's now the situation in front of the election supervisory agency building has been dissolved the police had arrested more than $250.00 so-called prophet thurst who were allegedly responsible for the filing protest there were also clashes between mr probabl supporter and police in another city in eastern indonesia and just a couple of hours ago mr sowerby and again edward she was supported to refrain from any act of violence and to respect the police officers but this call be mean and search because at 9 pm local time the protestors are still gathering outside the election supervisory agency building with stones and firecrackers being thrown at
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the police. showed villagers to work with oppositional party to solve the problem. and how widespread it is so beyond those support. well just right now would you could be due to supporters are occupying theater to call for us for i was beyond the. and so for all of his right high ranking officials there accused him of masterminding the deadly protests and plotting to take down the democratically elected government in fact some would see beyond those now running out of time due to collapse of his qualities and withdrew from 6 parties had officially accepted the defeat even former president susilo bambang yudhoyono whose party was in polish and with. even though gave his as fully support to mr reduce the election now after the announcement of the often showed result because i expect to see more movement to support the elected president from the
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white political spectrum and how much credence you give to these police claims that there were provocateurs amongst the protesters. well they say from the beginning to government tried to do to get them eyes to demonstration by accusing them of an act of treason of course we cannot fit if i decide for me. for example they claimed this was not a spontaneous mass event but an event by design and that the protesters were paid to demonstrate against the government some of the protesters who were arrested still kept envelopes containing money but suddenly we couldn't or we cannot verify this information. right good talking to you i thank you so much for joining us at risk on the ground from day to indonesia. that our series is only a german constitutional basic law which is 70 years old this month goes as you came into effect in west germany and made $949.00 after being under the supervision of
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the victorious allied powers it's a was to ensure that after the years of nazi of rule and destruction of the war the new germany would be built on solid democratic foundations 40 years later when west and east were reunited a constitution was adopted across the whole of the united germany. so they were looking at how the constitution or works in practice and i next report to focus on one of the most controversial issues facing the country a rising rents especially here in the capital berlin activist it was bad to harry has invoked a part of the constitution that says with ownership comes responsibility to justify his fight to expropriate properties from owners that he says are responsible for the city's housing crisis. if you like the people who live in this city to be able to keep living here that ordinary people can find
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a home here and. city life is becoming impossible for sun rising rent prices are forcing people to leave the inner recently to harry his such stories every day he's fighting to make large property companies serve the public good and the constitution requires his main target is a bone in which earns more than 100000 departments. were demanding that the large property companies which are driving up rental prices in the city and they've been tenants for years be socialized the apartments become public leone. respect insists it's. constitutionally possible to expropriate entire apartment blocks when the owners deliberately allow buildings to fall into disrepair chase out the tenants and then carry out expensive renovations.
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entails responsibility must also be used to serve the public good no one can claim these properties are being used to do that in fact the opposite is true. with fellow campaign is now dominates his life his job running an online delivery firm has taken a back seat collecting signatures to try to trigger a referendum. but the major political parties say the city needs new apartments north expropriation of old ones and the property companies say the idea is no more than old fashioned socialism. expropriation is a very heavy weapon it's resulted in very many negative experiences throughout german history particularly in communist east germany and you could see there how things were after reunification with socialized housing in many instruments it is because we've heard this before this communist east germany comparison but we're
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talking about the german constitution that. this initiative is gathering pace in the city. signed a petition for a referendum to explore georgia vulnerable i'm the others in the course $20000.00 signatures the 1st step towards a referendum. the real space talks with major german media everyone wants to meet him he stresses that what's driving him is a strong sense of justice he says he can't stand by when older people who have lived somewhere for 40 years are forced to leave their homes. you can't do without an apartment you can do without a car use a bike or take a train but everyone needs an apartment. we have to enforce this social human right you have the right voice is.
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not a football dog and have announced the 2 major signings germany midfielder yulian bronx is joining the club from play because for 25000000 euros dortmund announced the signing of mission bloodbath we're told in has a not top 10 goals and 11 assists in the past a point as they campaign and also cost 25000000 euros to finish runners up in the bonus think of this season finishing the 2 points behind by. manchester city in england for him sterling has called for harsher penalties for teams whose fans are found guilty of racist behavior he was talking after the best season of his career but his performances were sometimes overshadowed by racist abuse of the 24 year old is leading the fight against racism in the game. manchester city have dominated english football this season winning every domestic title put forward rakim sterling is hoping for another victory he's fronting a campaign which is proposed much tougher sanctions against teams whose fans fell
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racist abuse or made one of the 9 pointed action purely because if it from support for a team either almighty and to to get you know the thought it high points football authorities often force teams to play a game behind closed doors as was the case with montenegro when fans abuse sterling and over black england players in march sterling thinks that's not enough he was also targeted by chelsea fans in december and believes coverage of his lifestyle in the british press has contributed to fueling racist sentiment towards him is not enough is enough black people asian people and these high places to have a say you know for these journalists when they write in these stories basically of a 2nd look because their boss could possibly total more for you know told him you know in need to change because if we look in this way sterling was named premier league player of the year by journalist this season he hopes his message is finally getting through. now to kenya where hippopotamus is a facing
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a new threat not only of being targeted by hunters but they're also having to compete with other animals for dwindling food sources as a result their numbers are also doing playing a new study has also revealed that any further reduction in the hippo numbers could spell disaster for the health of the region's rivers. the hungry hippos graze on the shores of kenya's lake 91 of over 1500 hippos that make this lake its home but the grass here is increasingly in short supply. locals often bring their cattle down to the grasslands fringing the lake to feed the competition for food between wildlife and domestic animals is driven to the extreme by drought and climate change. it means that people are bringing the livestock into protected areas these national parks and reserves and they're competing with the animals like peoples and these poor animals don't have any other source of food they literally will. if they
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hippos die the rivers and lakes could die with them hippos chaum through huge amounts of grass every night and this grass contains a precious element called silica floating in the water during the day that digestion kicks in they then excrete vast quantities of dung into the water the silica in the hippo dung is absolutely vital for the health of africa's waterways a new study has found it helps curb algae blooms that killed marine life. so to have healthy waterways we need healthy hippos but hippos don't gotta much sympathy with the locals just last year several people have died from hippo attacks have been in many many cases of people killed by hippos and this means people don't like to tolerate people they will often kill it's been in the press in kenya quite a lot in many many instances of local people calling the service to come and kill
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hippos because they feel like their lives are endangered. with farmers that cattle and the hippos all competing for dwindling grasslands the biggest loser of this fight might be our environment. or his top stores of british prime minister teresa mayes. urged to abandon the plan to force the votes on the threats that deal which he presented on tuesday i said a new deal by the opposition on many within our own party have already rejected it despite the prime minister raising possibility of a 2nd a referendum. on there have been violent confrontations in indonesia as processes refused to accept the outcome of the presidential election 6 people were killed after supporters of the losing confident they clashed with security forces in the capital jakarta. don't forget you can always get a w. news on the go just download the app from google play it for me off will still give
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you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news to also use it to send us photos and videos. i'm next here on day don't live made in germany out of forces are taught in europe of open books on the back of the top of the i'm good at. the but. the thing.
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game over after the european injury. many unity and freedom without borders. is on the continent discontents is on the grounds of. your. what awaits at the next level. made in germany next on details of.
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germany's. constitution the 17th. served as an authority for germany. are seen is a signal 10 seconds this is. an action packed life for. me because anything's possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drink are. these movie theaters in kenya as dark refugee camp. his life story may have ground to
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a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. her father. thank you for watching. cinema the stars may 27th on g.w. . come. i think. i was thought that was because she had understanding of life of europeans the sort of sort of unspoken agreements but that seems to be crumbling.


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