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i. am not proud of the they will not succeed in defining a shadow not succeed in taking the people off the street sure because we're tired of trying to show you. taking a stand. that matters. to me. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes protesters in sudan after the end. where general strike off the talks with the ministry to install a civilian government to collapse also on the program. this situation in zimbabwe keeps getting tough. for the ordinary person this is the bread of fuel increases that the hoppin lives you know sprays for months that report from zimbabwe away the economy is said to be in its most dire state since 2008
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insolation told 2520 and has since. and one of africa's most influential office has died it was. mission to change the way the world perceives the continent we'll be talking about these. l g b t x has. been iran goes down so much more profound especially at this time because he has for the longest time been one of the greatest i can see as well as one of the booster visible i'll take you past and in the country. i'm christine wonderwall come to the news africa i'm glad you are today we begin in sudan where protest leaders have called for a general strike. talks with the military to install a civilian government in the transition period collapse protest. is where we get
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camped outside the ministry headquarters and 2 chanting revolutionary snow gets. the articles it was night is escalating things step by step civil disobedience and strike action the moment of not healed sick of the sudanese people should go aren't . the 6 more pressure on the military council to give us the full authority does not mean you should limit the kind of. call we demand a civilian lead or thorazine and we needed to soon as possible we are against delaying the transition to a civilian lead author as he. was recently in sudan reporting there she joins me now to make sense of the latest developments thank you for coming in so last week we were sold the military in the process he does have reached an agreement and that an announcement was imminent and now we're being told that the talks have faulted what happened so as you as you mentioned about a week ago the military and declaration of freedom and change forces said that they
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had reached an agreement basically for the brushstrokes of the transitional period that it would be 3 years that it would be headed by a council that would be led by a mixture of military and civilians and that there would also be a committee that would look into the targeting of protesters are these were the 3 main agreements and then they said that there would be more sessions that would then iron out the exact details and it is in these details that we're now seeing a disagreement basically the military wants that this sovereign council which would need the transitional period to be majority military and the civilians say that they want to be majority civilian and for it to be headed by a civilian and not a military leader and it seems that on this particular point neither side will make a compromise right right so we've seen still camped outside of the military his courses now they're upping the ante and they're talking about civil disobedience or about a general strike presumably that's put more pressure on the military but what is really a tale basically it means that. all professional unions that have signed up to to
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participate in this general strike with would stop working and sudanese professionals association which has spearheaded the protest movement in a way and also the negotiations so far it's basically made up of. a group of of union street professional. associations and they're hoping over the past couple of hours and days also trying to get as many professional associations to sign up to their strike the strike as possible for them this is this was the last card they had always said that the sudanese professional association has said that you know they have chosen the nonviolent path and their only way of resisting is what they called revolutionary escalation and that means sit ins and strikes hoping that that would put pressure on the military to perhaps compromise on this point that we talked about ok very quickly a get this in here so they've been calling on you to suppose this is that is on leaders from egypt and the like saudi arabia to stop interfering in the places of
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these legitimate concerns of the of the persians these are very legitimate concerns especially that you have gulf countries like saudi arabia and the u.a.e. actual financial commitments to them to the military and to sudan and transferring money into sudanese. banks egypt since the removal of ahmed bashir has been trying to act as a broker with the african union for example and reaching striking a deal to to to give the military council some time to to to hand power with that being said it is obvious that these countries are interfering perhaps more on the side of the military than the protesters because they do have an interest in having their allies remain in power all right. thank you. next story is in zimbabwe where the government has again hiked the fuel price this time by up to 47 percent now when the government did so a few months ago protests erupted in the country privileged reports.
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this situation in zimbabwe keeps getting tighter and tighter for the ordinary person this is the bag of fuel increases that have happened twice in the space of 4 months to use every day in every way the fuel is not readily available this has a head a ripple effect across the economy because prices of goods and services have gone out shopping with cars are feeling the pinch because salaries have not gone up to match the increases that are happening in the economy government say that it is working on a comprehensive package to relieve their way because the last time when it happened there were demonstrations that erupted throughout the country but this time the government says it isn't ready to deal with those coming into our government is killing us with what do they want us young people to do we're suffering. from
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government this government has failed they're not capable they should leave it to others. you want to overlay what our president in zimbabwe is 75 sometimes 25 doesn't have a job but the president who is 75 is earning more and more for his family. now tributes have been pouring in to the award winning kenyan author and gay rights activist binyavanga white knight who has died in nairobi after an illness he was just. always used the word africa or darkness all safari in your title where the opening was of his seminal essay how to write about africa but another of his wits was groundbreaking for the kenyan. i am a homosexual mom with the upfront title of binyavanga wainaina is bombshell short story in 2014 wynona wrote the tale for his late mother as an imagined last chapter
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to his 2011 memoirs while that accounted failed to mention his sexuality he's coming out pulled no punches so i just i came up because i'm like you know people have dignity all people of dignity there's nobody. in the spirit there's nobody was up be still and i mean what right now i'm quite famous somebody saying. whatever you want to see it right but don't come with stones and sticks and loss ray wynonna was already one of kenya's most renowned writers when he won the caine prize for african writing in 2002 the award propelled him to world prominence in 2014 time magazine named him one of the world's 100 most influential people for his gay rights activism he wasn't afraid of criticizing homophobic african leaders so when the people in the streets braids and their whispering about you and you know
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you're going to lose an election you'll find loud noises zimbabwe mugabi. mia what's a cheap easy way to score points because you always need gangs right every human being has a gun in the me he. could be a funk a white man as passing comes just days before kenya's high court is due to rule on the abolition of colonial era anti-gay laws not only will he missed that last year he said he planned to marry his boyfriend in south africa now the 2 will not have their wedding. my next guest new being ever the white knight and the person he did every african joins me now from good to see you you knew him personally and you know changing the narrative of how people view the continent meant so much to say and why was this a. he was a pan african east fast and foremost he thought of both the continent broadly and was unafraid differently as a matter of fact when he was just
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a student in 1904 he wrote a letter to granta. about how to write about africa and in each he really went in about this to a typical ways in which africa was being presented or in different text not just in the media but also in books by people who visited the continent and to nor the owner was painted yellow or sunset and he just you know confronts this 2 types and then just shortly after he founded the. magazine literary magazine which allowed young people to express express themselves in their with that they knew how in the language saying that they spoke very commonly in the streets of nairobi ok so we're talking about somebody who can no doubt call a literally a legend but he also meant a lot to people in the l g b t community he became an activist for the offer he came out himself and i wonder you know he was sort of like embraced by the
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community global community but he had a hard time at home and take it into. yes he did because you have to understand christian that kenya is what you would call a religious country so this means that the laws that are there currently that people use. or observers use to infringe on the human rights of people are what have been contested over the last couple of years we have reported of both but each being a very religious country means that people don't care so much about human rights or about the fact that he has done so much more and that he's identity is not just a sexual identity even though that is clearly a big part of who he is or he was right and you got to know him in your life you worked with him you probably referred to him on a 1st name basis how would hear what do you think how would how would he like to be remembered. let me say how i would like to remember here to be honest because i
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knew as a presence you know as an enigma you walk into a room and these being you know is there only garvey you know is there and we did share many many spaces together i was honored in this way but also like i mentioned earlier the choir the literary magazine that he founded also had like a baby which was there quietly open mike and it was there that i got to perform that i got to hold my writing skills that i got to meet other creatives in nairobi and also our own and it also allowed the young people not just within the nairobi which is the capital but also outside of the capital to find a way to express themselves so when i think of being our living and the whole that he has left it's carriage. just go out and do you what those words will leave it there. the africa. and that's we will leave it for today as always you can catch all our news stories on our website and facebook
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page i'm on twitter at we're 7 always keen to hear what you think about the stories that we cover and perhaps even the place that we should be covering the next time i buy. some time in the 26th you my great granddaughter. put the world in your life time in around half a century. your world will be around 2 degrees more. inevitably sea level rise fire at least one century. we're going to have some climate impacts to turn greater than we see ok. it's
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really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. little yellow blue shorts 1st w. . 2 and a warm welcome to news from the world of oz and robin merrill that's a look at what's coming up today with featuring the roaring twenty's the jazz that is large music in the studio with the rufus temple will be looking behind the scenes of the. district in the famous t.v. series. and speaking of which. is the
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