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just a few folks what you prefer a. couple of very special. ga choose your favorite drama. this is d w news live from orlando british prime minister theresa may resist calls from within her own party to step down. he needs to see prince sit through all of the results of the referendum. to mrs may's reworks deal to leave the european union unveiled on tuesday if it backfires even within her own government one of her
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closest allies has. also coming up the best violins and pay television in indonesia as demonstrators protest the results of the presidential election players and fireworks continue into the night after supporters of the young successful candidate clashed with security forces at least 6 have been killed plus hardball politics in the white house president trump indefinitely it cuts off key talks with democrats including nancy pelosi in a oval office meeting and maybe it was a lack of confidence on his part that he really couldn't come to match the greatness of the challenge that we have. and one of africa's most influential authors has died it was why name has mission changed the way that the world perceives the conscious. we'll be talking about is literally legacy and his
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activist. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program british prime minister theresa may is facing renewed calls to resign and she asks lawmakers to approve her redesigned rights of proposals the government's withdrawal agreement sets out the terms under which the u.k. would leave the european union but parliament has projected previous versions 3 times and even some of mrs may's own cabinet ministers are asking her to cancel the vote saying that not enough has changed that's the spite for opening the door to a 2nd gregg's that referendum and a temporary customs union with the e.u. many within her party want her out but earlier today the prime minister rejected calls to rip up her brags that plan and leave office we need to see through
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all of the results of the referendum the little the change the british people so clearly demanded i sincerely believe that most members of this house feel the same but for all our division and disagreement we believe in democracy but we want to make good on the promise we made to the british people when we also must decide on the future of our you membership let's get straight now to d.w. correspondent barrett mass who is standing by in london and i'm there we have to return to turn right now to the 6 developing news just coming in we've just been hearing that the leader of the commons andrea lead some has stepped down is this the start of an avalanche of high level resignations as may's allies abandon her. it could well be the whole day had people threatening to resign we had speculation on social media of who might go and who might put pressure on the prime minister
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cabinet colleagues wanted to meet with her she reportedly refused to meet them also backbenches from rome party were meeting and then we had that she was resisting for now calls resign but this is the absolute body blow the leader of the house of commons andrea led some who had so far supported the prime minister she did want to be prime minister at the time went to resign eventually which reason may eventually won that contest but she has been loyal to her up to now she says that she is resigning over the issue of a 2nd referendum that was one of the reasons that she put in her resignation letters you have to see the timing it's really on the eve of the european election the voting here in the u.k. is tomorrow and to do this the evening before an important election which will be about breaks it that is quite something to to do to be a prime minister and not a good sign for a bad vote on her deal the 4th time voting on this deal now is it already dead in
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the water. well pretty much the one of the one of their arguments today was whether it's reason may should present it at all because there were so many there was so much opposition already within the house of commons within our own party but also she was trying to reach out to the opposition she was trying to reach out to the labor party with the offer off a 2nd referendum however the leader of the opposition jeremy corbin has said that this is not really a new offer that is just a repackaged old deal and we've seen so many of her own of her own party members of the own and paste hanging against her people who voted in the past for this deal now said that they will not vote for it so the question is whether she could even bring it before parliament and anyway whether she will be prime minister in the next days or whether people are really in rome party forcing her to go here get
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mass and london thank you barrack at. internees us president djoko we don't know has warned that strong action will be taken against rioters in the capital jakarta he was speaking after demonstrators took to the streets to protest the results of last month's presidential election at least 6 people have been killed in clashes with security forces violence erupted after authorities confirmed the president's reelection supporters of the main opposition candidate. claimed that voting there was raped. on the streets of jakarta another night of violence after protests continued throughout the day demonstrators fought running battles with police throwing stones and lighting fires as they continue to defy police orders to leave the downtown area. the demonstration started peacefully on tuesday evening but they quickly turned violent after
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election results showed incumbent president joker we don't know what won reelection opposition supporters tried to force their way into the offices of the election supervisor agency they helped molotov cocktails and burning project at a police responded with tear gas rubber bullets and water cannon positions supporters later moved on to other areas of the city setting fires or vehicles and the police dormitory police blame the violence on what they call provocateurs and that dozens of suspects have been arrested. the majority of protesters came from outside you call to they came from west java content in central java we also found evidence including an ambulance that was filled with stones and tools for attack. the election commission said president we doto had won 55 percent of the vote spending defeat for us ultra nationalist opponent former general problem. he says the poll was marred by widespread fraud but so far has been no evidence to back up the claim the president vowed to crack down on the protests. there is no choice
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no choice the military and police will take firm action in accordance with the law . but so beyond the defeated candidate is refusing to accept the election result to mobilize people's power the government has deployed some 50000 police and soldiers across to qatar to back up the president's tough rhetoric. let's get more now we're joined by dude. from indonesia service tell us how far could the president be willing to go to stop these protests. well he never has to do the necessary thing to secure his presidency as he showed again and again just after the 1st election in 2014 where the powerful enemies were trying to undermine his power you saw how he disbanded islamist organization his read after check out this election and the former governor. was defeated and then thrown in jail because of
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his keys and we can see the similar pattern today on how we do a slightly irritated when he said that the government won't tolerate any attempt to disrupt the democratic process meanwhile the security minister former general we want to say that he already has a list of names of people who allegedly were responsible for that you've got the riots from the looks of it we're going to see more people arrested by the police in the coming days the only thing is that we don't know whether high ranking politicians also included in that list and how widespread it is so support. well many experts say mr should be on those now running out of time due to collapse of his qualification 2 from 6 part of using his coalition had officially accepted defeat even former president susilo bambang you do know who sparky was in the coalition with mr sugianto even though gave his support to mr reduce reelection now if that announcement of the official results we expect to see more movement to
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support the elected president from the white political spectrum the only party which will never be this government used islamist party people as this was repeated again and again by degree disclosure. from indonesian service thank you. but get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world police in germany have conducted a raid against a mainly a rocky motorcycle gang making at least one arrest hundreds of officers searched locations and 11 cities in north rhine-westphalia the west of the country the gang members are accused of illegal arms deals and human trafficking south africa lawmakers have reelected cyril ramaphosa as the president of the country 2 weeks after his party the a.n.c. was returned to power in national elections as expected from a post so was the only nominee will be inaugurated on saturday and will be made to a deputy president and cabinet short. his cabinet shortly afterwards.
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the united states has said that it suspects the syrian government of using chemical weapons again this time in a weekend attack in the northwest of the country where the army was targeting the few remaining rebel held positions washington has threatened reprisals if it's proved that chemical weapons were used though observers have disputed the claims and north korea has labeled the us president presidential hopeful joe biden quote a fool of low i.q. and imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being this after biden called the north korean leader kim jong un a tyrant young also said that by this kind of the seed was quote enough to make a cat laugh or crawford. u.s. president donald trump has cut short a meeting with the leaders of the opposition democratic party trump said that he ended the talks because some democrats are openly discussing opening impeachment
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proceedings against him however senior democrats say that trump's walkout was a planned stunt and we iterated their accusation that president trump is in gauging and a cover up of interference in the russia probe now for his part trump now says that he won't work with democrats until they stop discussing impeachment or as he calls it the i word this meeting was set up a number of days ago delivered it luck all of a sudden here last night they're going to have a meeting right before this meeting to talk about the r word the i word if you imagine. we're joined by correspondent helen humphrey who is standing by in washington so how can a walk us through why trump cut this meeting with a democrat short. several of the surface the president said that he was furious the speaker of the house nancy pelosi accused him of being engaged in
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a cover up and indeed that is something that nancy pelosi said shortly after meeting with her caucus today and her caucus is frustrating his efforts to push back on subpoenas to resist testimony to exert executive privilege but rather than just counsel the meeting it to pare to be a choreographed move the fact that the president attended just for a few brief moments before appearing to storm out onto the rose garden lawn and speak to reporters there and say that he would no longer work with democrats at this stage so long as they continue to investigate him the question is why now because as we all know the democrats have long been investigating the president ever since they took control of the house following the midterm elections senate minority leader chuck schumer was one of those saying it was because the president doesn't want to pass this infrastructure bill he can't come up with the funds for it that said the president also said that he was furious about mention all of the i
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word impeachment and certainly talk about impeachment has intensified in recent days and are the democrats looking for the i word and. i say they're not united on that front sara as you know nancy pelosi speaker of the house's you know long push for this softly softly investigation approach instead you know a growing contingent now does want to at least see an impeachment inquiry let's take a listen to what nancy pelosi had to say on the issue today we do believe that it's important for them to follow the facts we believe that no one is above the law including the president of the united states and we believe that the because of the united states is engaged in a pub or up in a coverup. speaker of the house nancy pelosi now impeachment would likely fail so long as we have a republican controlled senate as we do now nor necessarily do the american public
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actually want to see impeachment a recent wide ranging poll found 60 percent of americans do not support impeachment but the president's removal from office could come with the election 60 percent of americans also said they do not want to see donald trump reelected come 20202020 though still a long way away helena so it begs the question what happens in the meantime if trump vows not to work with the democrats on legislation what does it mean for the country i think that's a really good question you know it's important not to get sidetracked by the theatrical the soap opera of washington politics is about getting things done for the country right now we're going to see little progress on a badly needed infrastructure bill so no money for aging bridges roads high speed internet which is needed in hospitals at ports the trade deal nafta for example which is jew and updated ratification on that that likely won't happen and that
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could be risky for a president who has long staked his claim on being a deal maker and economic reform and that in light of an election campaign code be a dangerous move helena humphrey in washington thank you. well now to our serious on the german constitution or basic law which is 70 years old this month the constitution came into effect on may have 1949 after being drugged up under the supervision of the victorious allied powers its aim was to ensure that after the years of nazi evil and the destruction of the war. the new germany would be built on solid democratic foundations 40 years later when west and east for be united the constitution was adopted in the new real unified germany. and all this week we're looking at how germany is constitution works in practice in this next report we focus on one of the most hotly debated issues in the country
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today what to do about rising rents especially here in the capital berlin one activist has invoked the constitution in his fight to expose property owners he says are responsible for the city's housing crisis 40 article 14 of germany's basic law he notes that property entails obligations and should serve the public good. emotional don't like the people who live in the city to be able to keep living here that ordinary people can find a home here and the. city life is becoming impossible to some rising rent prices are forcing people to leave but in a recently to harry his search stories every day he's fighting to make large property
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companies serve the public good is the constitution requires his main target is a firm called torture version in which earns more than 100000 departments. we report on the sequels and we're demanding that the large property. companies which are driving up rental prices in this city and they've been bullying tenants for years be socialized the apartments become public leone. insists it's constitutionally possible to expropriate entire apartment blocks when the owners deliberately allow buildings to fall into disrepair chased out the tenants and then carry out expensive renovations. property entails responsibility must also be used to serve the public good no one can claim these properties are being used to do that in fact the opposite is true. through space work with fellow campaign is now dominates his life his job running
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an online delivery firm has taken a back seat collecting signatures to try to trigger a referendum. but the major political parties say the city needs new apartments north expropriation of old ones and the property companies say the idea is no more than old fashioned socialism. express appreciation is a very heavy weapon it's resulted in very many negative experiences throughout german history particularly in communist east germany and you can see there how things were after reunification with socialized housing in many instruments city as . we've heard just before this communist east germany comparison but we're talking about the german constitution is that. this initiative is gathering pace in the city. very very dear berliners signed a petition for a referendum to expropriate georgia vulnerable and the others grew up in the course
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of $20000.00 signatures the 1st step towards a referendum. on the roof space talks with major german media everyone wants to meet him he stresses that what's driving him is a strong sense of justice he says he can't stand by. older people who have lived somewhere for 40 years forced to leave their homes my cunny one thing you can do without an apartment you can do without a car use a bike or take a train but everyone needs an apartment we have to enforce this is social human right all busy of the right good friends. now in other news ukraine's new president former comedian followed amir's a landscape has announced his new administration has given several important posts to former television colleagues who like hand are political novices seen here during this week's inauguration the closest president selenski has previously khan to political office is playing the country's president in a hit t.v.
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series. and correspondent david stern is in the ukrainian capital kiev he joins us now so tell us a little bit more about these political novices who are now set to be in high office. well we knew that mr selenski was going to bring new faces into the government but perhaps not exactly these new faces as you say these are people that work with him in his production company and in news hit comedy show 4 of them in fact the most prominent being sergey sheffield who is the 1st assistant to the president now he's mr selenski partner in his production company some people see this as an indication that mr selenski is in fact bringing new blood into the into the administration new faces not the same old faces that we've been seeing before but other people obviously are questioning what exactly these
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people bring to the job and there's also been a lot of controversy about the appointment of a lawyer who used to work for ukraine's or one of ukraine's richest men why is that . right that's mr andre book don he was a close advisor to mr selenski during the campaign and now he's been named the head of the presidential administration but he's also the lawyer a lawyer too eager to call a moist one of ukraine's richest man and a very controversial figure indeed he ran private banker he was one of the owners of his bank it's called private bank and he was accused by the ukrainian authorities of embezzling allegedly embezzling over $5000000000.00 from the bank he denies these charges and he was out of the country and self-imposed exile for 2 years but now he's come back to the country so the question is what exactly is the connection and fact mr selenski has his own connections to mr and how this is going
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to influence the case against mr call of my scheme and all of this what does it tell us about how he is going to run things. well it's quite early still in the and mr selenski cerm it's just over 2 days i guess we can say obviously that he's not a man who's he's not afraid to shake things up as we saw from his nog ration but really the question is further down the road how is he going to work with parliament and as we know he's called these snap elections that are supposed to take place in 2 months this is very important because he hopes hopes to have a majority there or a working majority and that would influence the people he can bring into the government because it's parliament the names the majority of the of the ministers so mr zalewski obviously is hoping for a positive outcome so that he can push forward with his programs and it's earning ts thank you. a kenyan author and gay rights activist has died in
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he won the 2002 caine prize for african writing but he may be best known in kenya for a work published years later about his sexuality and hiv positive status he was only 48 years old. i am a harmless sexual mom with the upfront title of binyavanga wainaina is bombshell short story in 2014 wynonna wrote the tale for his late mother as an imagined last chapter to his 2011 memoirs while that's accounted fail to mention his sexuality he's coming out pulled no punches so i just come out i came out because i'm not like you know people have dignity or people of dignity there's nobody else. in the spirit there's nobody was obese to them anymore right now i'm quite famous somebody saying you're not in your how ever you want to see it right but don't come with stones and sticks in laws re why naina was already one of kenya's most renowned
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writers when he won the caine prize for african writing in 2002 the award propelled him to world prominence in 2014 time magazine named him one of the world's 100 most influential people for his gay rights activism he wasn't afraid of criticizing homophobic african leaders so when the people in this just braids and their whispering about to and you know you're going to lose an election you're fighting the load millions more got big. media what's a cheap easy way to score points because you always need gangs right every human being has a gun in the main he. didn't have uncle weiner's passing comes just days before kenya's high court is due to rule on the abolition of colonial era anti-gay laws not only will he missed that last year he said he planned to marry his boyfriend in south africa now the 2 will not have their wedding. well now to plans to
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expand to the next world cup 248 teams have been abandoned by the tournament and qatar will instead go ahead with 32 teams as previously planned the change would have required the tar to share hosting duties in 2022 with other countries in the region while football's governing body said that after a thorough and comprehensive consultation process the change would not be made now the following tournament and 2026 will be the 1st to expand the number of participants. a report in 3000000 people have felt fled venezuela since 2015 and for the many migrants adjusting to surroundings can be a great challenge i'm going to venice well and living in spain are using sport to make new friends and share their concerns over the severe economic crisis back home . for these venezuelan migrants living in spain playing baseball is about more than sharing a love for the game with friends it's a chance to share concerns and hopes regarding the troubling situation back home
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when i'm suffering because my relatives and friends are still living there. yeah all of us dream of another venezuela they say oh. and some boy to baseball teams competing in barcelona is actually seen an influx of venezuelan players and coaches in recent years from every team has $34.00 venezuelans there is a feeling of brotherhood among us it's clear however their biggest goals are not of a sporting nature we want a change of government as this one has led us to bankruptcy baseball has provided a platform on which to share their worries and helps bring them close together during difficult times. up to date i'm sorry kelly ember elaine thank you so much for watching have a great day. germany's
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. not a constitution for 17. days and all far reaching for germany.
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are seen as. uncertainty this week on. an action packed life. anything's possible as long as up the coffee and his friends can dream up this movie theater in cannes as dom refugee camp. his life story graduate. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for sitting much adama starts may 27th free on g.w. . sometime in the 26 to you my great granddaughter of the. with the world being like in your life story around half
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a century. old would be a big reason why. inevitably sea levels spike at least one meter in a century it's really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. starts may 31st w. voters head to the polls in the european parliament elections euro skeptic parties are expected to make significant gains and in the u.k. that is music to nigel for raja's ears where his anti e.u. and anti establishment new brags that party is running away with the polls i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day.


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