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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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but with the world being like. around half a century. the world will be around 2 degrees moment and. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meter in a century that's really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. little yellow. stars mean 31st on d w. voters head to the polls in the european parliament elections euro skeptic parties are expected to make significant gains and in the u.k. that is music to nigel for raja's ears where his anti e.u. and anti establishment new brags that party is running away with the polls i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day.
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we need to see bricks through. this prime of the stuff all of those senators being sued a lot of things going. on it's clear from. the job and it just more of the charge on lawyers. and i don't nothing but the force will be treasonable. we have to still to for all of this country to take their country out of the golden coffin this is the cliff. and i think the birds it reverend actually wrote about the sort of the genie coming out of both and it's not going back to arab world that . we risk creating the fish in such a time when we need to be acting together in the national interest. and
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also coming up on the day one of germany's top industrialists is stepping down david sacha is giving up the reins at automaker. pretty good only it's a shame they're a long time a lot like i'm an old. shoe and i'm expecting a fresh winnings from the 3rd boss so there's a strategy that's been announced here to all be implemented effectively into the out of the share price will go up again because. but 1st europe is at a historic political crossroads will it grow more united. or more divided as voting begins in the e.u. parliament elections on thursday opinion polls suggest that there could be significant advances for the a ray of populist nationalists and far right parties that are determined to claw back power from the e.u. for their own national governments for example in the u.k. polls say that nigel for raja's new n.t.e.u. brands of party could glean as much as 37 percent of the vote there the election
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has become as much about europe as it has about theresa may and her multiple failed attempts to lead britain out of the bloc. sees that wherever niger for raj goes he's welcome back stuff here in wales for example his message to recently has betrayed the country but he's unconditionally accepted rule of brussels demands during the withdrawal negotiations of the brics referendum bird i don't know what. do you know it's a document drop to 5 us you're down in the air. with argue about go looking over his shoulder to rush suggest britain doesn't need to deal with brussels the main thing is to leave the view he doesn't mention that would probably cost jobs right away i'm afraid that there is no chance of bricks being delivered with our current 2 party system our current government will have to fight for it
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again but i believe we can do so i think the budget referendum actually wrote about the sort of the genie coming out of the bottle it's not going back. in the city of peterborough over a 1000 people come to check out the new party many of them used to vote for the conservatives the government is more going to charm or lawyers who say very nice and i are nothing but crooks a far as are concerned a treasonable people people are very angry and feel very hurt and upset that their vote is being ignored and democracy is being trampled all over the content is that the party claims to have gained more than 100000 new members in just a. few minutes they don't even know you and the rest of the won't change u.k. can only dream of such numbers greater johnson is in the spotlight and path in southwest england the political newcomer who has one main goal we have to stop
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a ferrari take a vote of this country with all the lack of values and all the lies that. campaigning represents he's it's a one man show it's a vehicle to get him into downing street he's taken the got the country up the garden path and over the cliff the new remain party change u.k. has a clear enemy niger for raja's bragg's a party but the n.t. brags that vote is splintered and that might be one reason why the pro europeans have not been able to trick nearly the same crowds as a brags of party who had been bought 4 rows of chairs are enough to accommodate a crowd many of those who have come are disappointed by the establishment parties. this is an opportunity to see what a remaining party a new voice a fresh voice has to say to me and i was very impressed actually the passion with which they spoke on the passionate european and i believe changing for pay i wanted the only parties to really really support the people and to support them in the big
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parties are being punished in the e.u. elections and it looks like the populists will be the biggest winners. and this election comes at a critical time for the european union as division is deepening and nationalism rising now a new report by the online campaign group of us has found that far right and groups have launched a full fledged offensive bombarding potential voters with dissin from a ship it identified over 500 facebook pages and groups that were intentionally spreading false information the accounts had nearly 32000000 followers and many more interactions now of the more than 500 accounts reported by abbas facebook has removed just 77 and here's what of us had to say about their findings. but what we're seeing is systematic misinformation it's not one thing is popping up here
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another one there it is building that works of millions of followers of millions of people and then reaching out further and further and further and slowly but surely kind of deceiving people into believing the same lies and that's the danger of like this information is not one week one big fake news it's done it is over a very long term playing the long game and slowly but surely messing more and more people who then build like their own bubble of reality and all the soccer is on the story for us to get closer look so i mean what did this study tell us that we didn't already know i think one of the most shocking aspects of this study the sheer numbers the vost reach of these networks now you mention 32000000 people following these pages in fact more than half a 1000000000 people have actually seen the content over the last 3 months now that's 6000000 people a day and that's can certainly be disruptive in the lead up to an election like we have now and just to emphasize the scale even more facebook you said took down 77
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of these 500 pages but those 77 pages they have more followers than all of the populists many populist parties in these 6 european countries have to get them now what's also interesting is who is actually spreading this this information we're talking about local grassroots groups and we're no longer talking about you know large caches of documents being dumped online we're not talking about russian troll troll factories like we saw for example in the 2016 u.s. election so what is something samples that highlight it so most of the material that they're looking at is basically a narrative warfare for the far right now we have an example from germany with multiple pages seemingly belonging to one. from the a f d that's the populist alternative to germany party. accounts with variations of her name all spreading anti islamic content content supporting anti feminists for example now we also have
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an example from italy where pages supporting the populist league policy there have been spreading a video sharing a video purporting to show african migrants attacking a police car we have a look at the hit that if you have a look closely you can see there is a microphone there and there are lighting guys holding a giant white reflector so this is clearly a from a film shoots it's in fact from a film called mediterranea. which premiered at the cannes film festival a few years back so just a few you know different ways of of how this spreading misinformation how big of an impact in the south. it's obviously you can't attribute the rise of the far right to the spread of this information alone of course and we'll have to wait and see the results of this election how much of an impact it could have happened now
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interestingly the threat of this information dip seems to depend on the platform you're using. another study just out from the oxford internet institute analyzing half a 1000000 of election tweets and they only found that 4 percent of them were dissin from asian. and then there is this information that we can see i'm talking about close networks like what's up for example that has fast become a one of the most popular ways in many countries to spread political this information so the problem. is that it's getting increasingly difficult to actually see the monitor the scope of the threat of this information. on the story thank you . that british prime minister theresa may is pushing back against the growing calls for her removal from office as her attempts to lead britain out of the european union head for
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a debt and both the opposition as well as many within her own party have rejected the revised withdrawal deal as despite may opening the door to a 2nd brings that referendum and a temporary customs union with the e.u. she urged lawmakers to grasp what she's called a last chance. there is an issue about customs there is a difference of opinion in this house on the future customs arrangement with the european union that's why it's important that this house actually comes to a decision on not issues. regarding 2nd referendum the 2nd reading of the withdrawal agreement bill will enable this house to come to a decision on that issue it would also enable the house to come to a decision on a 2nd referendum which i continue to believe would not be the right route for this country to go down we should deliver on the 1st referendum suggesting anything about a 2nd let's get some more analysis on this now a bit of a difference and we have invited christiane shelter and also into our studio he is
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a german stand up comedian who has performed many times in britain you actually live between the 2 countries as we understand now for now because the situation is really no laughing matter though is that it still is though because it's all so crazy that you have to laugh about it it's not funny because it's people's futures right what is my future too so we just saw boris johnson system for example right she's now kind of like promoting to remain in the european union it's just funny it he's so extreme she saw extreme one of them has to be adopted i think you know they can be brother and sister so it's all insane in the end he would be the prime minister and that's going to be the final punchline of the whole joke so where do you get your inspiration when you're coming up with you know things that you find funny. i don't know they write the jokes for us down there so the politicians and people in general but obviously if put it to says are too funny it's hard for a comedian to kind of like outdo them and be even funnier so now people are
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expecting comedians to say smart things and politicians to be funny and you know it's all going wrong is no insult topsy-turvy so it's a bit of a field day for comedians right now kind of yeah but it's also difficult because for somebody trump whenever he says something it's so extreme and so over the top that it's hard to make it even funnier as a comedian you can just you know you just have to sit sit there and lean back and. enjoy all the funny stuff he says you know you're sitting back now you're leaning back i mean we have all the speculation that to resubmit his days in office are numbered we've heard that before many times. who would you like to succeed her in office and why 1st i think she's still clinging on you know for a while so it looks every every week people say this is her final week now progressing this or find a night but we'll see she's to tries to you know to to prolong the whole thing trying to go through parliament again with her deal. it's like einstein once said the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and over but
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expect a different outcome she's like that at the moment so for now i would write her off and whatever is going to happen off that we don't know nobody knows nobody knows i mean the one thing is really certain though is that the u.k. is really divided i mean we don't see that in the polling we see that in the way the politics is playing out is that something that you also see in your audience is when you're performing what the u.k. has always been a divided country you know the class system has divided it's of the upper class the middle class and the working class much more than in germany other countries. to defend the division between in the way it's scotland and ireland obviously on an island there's the north and the south of in this so there's always been a lot of divisions and now the just the bracks of thing is just another division. is the only one that people could vote for vote on and they did and now obviously we can see how divided the country is so it's not really adding to a peaceful and united kingdom are there certain jokes that just don't play well it's a certain audience is i mean do you say yeah gauge the room or figure out you know
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which area you're living in or you know performing in rather it's very it's very important where you are just like you said so in london obviously everything is a way more liberal than europe friendly and then you go to certain parts of essex where lot of people voted to leave the european union and you know especially as a german going to is not always easy but i kind of enjoy it because i'm in the position of the outsider so that's that's always a good position to be in there obviously quite a few of them we've had that. thing that germany runs the european union which is kind of true let's be honest and them so that is obviously a position they don't really like to see and i well i play with that obviously controversial point by the way i might have to ask you for some facts to back one up i want to read fake news are you happy that you're back in germany now i mean because you used to be living primarily in the u.k. but now you're kind of going back and forth is that because. it it's not because of that i just used to be in britain only and then i got an offer to work in germany
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and do standup in my own language and then i started to do it and it worked out ok and now i kind of commute between then and london fashion brand ready. so to know joining us here in the thank you. indonesia's president we don't know has warns that strong action will be taken against rioters in the capital jakarta he was speaking after demonstrators protested the results of last month's presidential election at least 6 people were killed in clashes with security forces violence broke out after authorities confirmed the president's re-election supporters of the main opposition candidate claimed lho was wrecked. on the streets of jakarta another night of violence after protests continued throughout the day demonstrators fought running battles with police throwing stones and
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lighting fires continue to defy police orders to leave the downtown area. the demonstration started peacefully on tuesday evening but that quickly turned violent after election results showed incumbent president joker we don't know what won reelection opposition supporters tried to force their way into the offices of the election supervisor agency they helped molotov cocktails and burning project out there police responded with tear gas rubber bullets and water cannon positions supporters later moved on to other areas of the city setting fire vehicles and a police dormitory police blame the violence on what they call provocateurs and that dozens of suspects have been arrested. the majority of protesters came from outside you call to they came from west java content in central java we also found evidence including an ambulance that was filled with stones and tools for a tank. the election commission said president we doto had won 55 percent of the
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vote spending to feed 1st ultranationalist opponent former general problem. he says the poll was marred by widespread fraud but so far he's no evidence to back up the claim the president vowed to crackdown on the protests. there is no choice no choice the military and police will take firm action in accordance with the law . but beyond the defeated candidate is refusing to accept the election result to mobilize people's power the government has to put some 50000 police and soldiers across to carter to back up the president's tough rhetoric. it is the end of an era german automaker dialer the firm behind her savings cars its longtime c.e.o. david satcher is stepping down today to make room for his successor. led dialer for more than a decade and became one of the most recognizable faces of german business but now
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it is time to hand over the reins. a grateful goodbye from shareholders after 13 years at the helm. we cannot and will not remain satisfied with the current levels of profitability i can assure you the direct team is drawing even more motivation to work with full energy towards our annual targets. that message will be welcome following years in which share prices have been rocky profits slumped in 2018 after several good years. sure spent more than 4 decades at a time or as head of the chrysler division he became affectionately known in the us as dr z. even appeared in. this fight i think with this page there is only one example that smalling for better performance and handling credited with helping time to recover when the chrysler takeover fell apart in 2007. has achieved record sales in recent years after increasing the appeal of its cars to
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a younger market many shareholders say they're sad to see that should go pretty good only it's a shame they're the likes of a lot like him a lot. of fresh winners from the new boss and this is a strategy that's been announced here will be implemented effectively now that the share price will go up again. and that future strategy will be led by time is known jim and see all of us. and we're joined now from business desk by arthur sullivan to tell us a little bit more about doctors ease departure i mean that's what he's affectionately called by many a business leader of this stature why is he leaving now well for starters sara he's going to work on time for 43 years and 13 of those c.e.o. so 43 years ahead of a long time to work anywhere 13 years of the c.e.o. of an organization as big as diameter is extremely demanding job so it's natural that you would leave after that stage however the other factors at play here is
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approaching a massive transformation as all major car makers are at the moment for several reasons the switch track from ability autonomous driving etc it's also going through a major restructuring process so it makes sense that you would change leader at this point get a new person in new ideas and to lead this period of transformation also restructuring and also one of the point it's important about he is leaving a c.e.o. but he's not only leave in diameter so when this was announced last year the announcement was framed in the context that he was leaving in may 2019 because the plan would be that in 2 years 2021 would return the chairman of the supervisory board so in 2 years time he will actually be back in time or in a different capacity or he's not fully leaving so that's important remember so just walk us through though the highs and lows of his career as we look back well i suppose the the most obvious high is the fact that for 13 years a c.e.o. has consistently been a profitable highly profitable company so that's made him quite popular chair. holders the big thing that you find that he generally gets credit for is that when
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he took over in 2006 diane was going through a very difficult merger the merge from hell as it was known with chrysler he managed to extricate them from the us and then lead them through that period into a successful operation in their own right as diner and then after the financial crisis he also led the mercedes brand and he made that one of the leading brands in the luxury market to get ahead of b.m.w. and so they're his big achievements ready to take it out of the chrysler period in the return to consistent profitability in terms of the lows i suppose the you can't escape the fact that of the 28 it was quite a bad year for diameter their their figures were down their sales were down their revenues are down there was an old timer's fault but things have certainly cooled of it and also the 1st quarter 21000 was the same also what volkswagen took most of the brunt of this from the diesel emissions scandal it's important remember the time there were not glamorous there either so there's been a few negatives during his time in charge so his successor i mean he inherits as you've highlighted there are some challenging conditions look can we expect from him because of the 2 big things that's interesting about the success or 2 of the major prerequisites historically for german business leaders of particularly in the
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car industry has been one that you're german and 2 that you're an engineer he's neither he's swedish and he's propriety a financial guy he has no real background in engineering he for the last 2 and a half years he's been leading the research and development division that's primarily involved looking into these big transformations that i'm talking about so autonomous driving internet of things technology and of course the big one the switch to electro ability so that's really what his major challenge will be can be restructured diameter and can he lead us into those new technologies successfully because in many cases there is not just a question of returning huge profits it's a question of survival because the car industry is changing that much so we'll be still a major car company in 20 years that's the big challenge we will certainly have a lot of his plate and some very big shoes to fill arthur sullivan from business thank you. kenya now and hippopotamuses are facing a new threat not only are hunters targeting them they are also having to compete
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with other animals for food as a result their numbers are dwindling now a new study has revealed that any reduction in their numbers could spell disaster for the vital health of rivers in the region the hungry hippos graze on the shores of kenya's lake 91 of a the 1500 hippos that make this lake its home but the grass here is increasingly in short supply. locals often bring their cattle down to the grasslands fringing the lake to feed the competition for food between wildlife and domestic animals is driven to the extreme by drought and climate change. it means that people are bringing the livestock into protected areas these national parks and reserves and they're competing with the animals like hippos and these poor animals don't have any other source of food they literally will die of starvation if they hippos die the rivers and lakes could die with them hippos chaum through huge amounts of grass
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every night and this grass contains a precious element called silica floating in the water during the day that digestion kicks in they then excrete vast quantities of dung into the water the silica in the hippo dung is absolutely vital for the health of africa's waterways a new study has found it helps curb algae blooms that killed marine life. so to have healthy waterways we need healthy hippos but hippos don't got to much sympathy with the locals just last year several people have died from hippo attacks have been and many many cases of people killed by hippos and this means people don't like to tolerate people they were often. it's been in the press in kenya quite a lot. of local people calling the service to come and kill hippos because they feel like their lives are endangered. with that cattle and the hippos all
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competing for dwindling grasslands the biggest loser of this fight might be our environment. let's all now for the day don't forget as the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either you can follow me. and you can use the hash tag day thank you so much for watching and see them soon.
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food to. feed. their bees a video and that's consequential. political bombshell in vienna. austria as government is in chaos. because what role if any did the intelligence services play in this scandal. and how close are the right wing talkers to russia.
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to fix. the 1st 90 minutes on d w. b only order piece of history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting powers the topic in focus at the global media forum 2019 and covering the laboratory for the titillating each. who are we following whom do we trust debate and shape the future at the georgia global media forum 29 t. the place may be for minds. this trick on big brother news asia where you can. plan a long drawn out problem but you can even fathom village and camp it draws to a close. close underfed one in 6 people in this was.
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telling me that it started as we try to understand brain death ok. this makes. our lives of the news the issue of. europe a big idea but what's become of it and what it looks like tomorrow. plain doubling gets ready for an in-depth look at the european elections crofts to the questions that matter. what are european voters hoops for the new parliament what challenges fly ahead. come when too long the positions and the people in power have come away with not doing anything to fight the kind of crisis played. entangled in european elections the fact the best. place for discussions to do a. good thing is of records who have to be citizens and voters 1st.
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place w. has it all. elections on may 26th on t.w. . play. play. this is g.w. news live from berlin and war of words in a 3 minute meeting in the white house president trump stops out of. talks with congressional democrats declaring that he won't to war with them until they drop all the investigations into his administration. that. i was doing a cover up under cover ups and maybe it was
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a lack of confidence on his heart that he really.

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