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share their hopes and fears for europe's future c. what you eat the saying goes and how and what we did to place in society this is the subject of an unusual exhibition at the victoria and albert museum in london a critical look at the politics and culture of food it's an absolute necessity for results to survive but we need to rethink what we. as part of the exhibition food bigger than the plate viennese video artists honey and bunny take on the topic of table manners questioning the way people in the european union manipulate their knives and forks. to sing from for the we are 500000000 democratic citizens but we're all trying to eat like the queen of england there's a certain absurdity to that cultural rules to fine and dominate our lives to a massive degree. the message of our work is to look at culture from
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a new perspective and see how different it could be. completely different to the exhibition at the victoria and albert museum encourages visitors to look beyond their own plates self destructive consumption unbridled lust for meat globalized exploitation it's a complex situation that can be hard to swallow. that you can kind of preserved forever in a gallery it was a very cross disciplinary safety doesn't say in the books it's about science culture is by economics it's about psychology some of the exhibits get straight to the point these cabs facial expressions might inspire a guilty conscience and steak lovers. the chickens require a closer look there remains show that the bone meal of organically raised animals
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makes for much nicer china. reducing meat consumption. as the mission of dutch artist carolyn needling her new concept for lunch meat is meant to appeal to carnivores you ads different types of festivals and therefore your reduced me school sumption but still people get the set spec ssion oath eating it bits of meat but it's also known to me you can also create associates with this is liver and variance and basically you can really see 25 percent of production if we starts reduce reputation it will have a much bigger effect. of faking me to our growing needs in a lump or it's. oyster mushrooms on the other hand are completely vegetarian these are grown on coffee grounds discarded by the museum's cafe. you won't get full on the snacks from a food lab but they may provide food for thought because it is can choose being
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greedy answer according to taste and ecological considerations and then get a tailor made morsel. curators at london's b.n.a. invite us to reflect on our daily eating habits and to understand the endless cycle involved after all everything we consume eventually ends up here. food is an exhibition that peaks more than just our appetite. the british t.v. series damson abbey was a global cultural phenomenon and i was one of its millions of fans there's a movie coming in september and the 1st strike has just been released the original series ended over 3 years ago but you'll be pleased to know that all the main acts as a backup for the film visitors to downton always came from the highest echelons of high society and now in the new movie there's
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a crowding moment for the of grand. the king and queen are coming to stay. and i hope you someone else several hey i may never arise again. always of course maggie smith gets the best lines i think it might be in her contract. european union elections are almost upon us and we've been traveling around the talking to artists about what they think of the european union and local politics today to ireland which initially profits a great me from being an e.u. member in dublin we met up with musicians from the traditional irish folk band lanka. blen is building the
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future on the banks of the river liffey. for many years the docklands area was poor now it's a lively business hub where many i.t. giants have their european headquarters multinationals were drawn by low corporate tax rates and flexible labor laws now they declare their worldwide revenues here and save billions but they've also brought money to the country and jobs as a result however housing and general living costs have exploded. members of the folk band of lancĂ´me a very unhappy about the general economic situation but they scrape by somehow the group are hearses in a ratty pizza kitchen in a working class district of the city this is where they wrote most of their songs
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6 c. maybe are just musicians cause find some easy way of making a living but for us no way most people i think that i know who are like living as artists or musicians there was no living on the dole. or dollars like the artists wage. their quantity of scraping by on the. job yeah a lot of. musicians or whatever would have a job and then try to work. whatever. the government has tended to take the attitude that market forces will self regulate but in dublin the results are clear there is the economic miracle on the one hand and grinding poverty on the other rents in dublin have risen by almost 70 percent since 2012
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there are more and more homeless people. some 20000 people are waiting for social housing and well qualified young people are leaving ireland because they can't afford the rents. eva what. is the. first version. of that. emigration has been a major problem for the island for well over a century and a half now in the 18th forties a 1000000 people died in the great famine and up to 2000000 people emigrated mass migration continued in the 20th century the country which was under british rule for centuries remained. after island joined the european union in the early 1970 s. the situation began to improve by the mid 1990 s.
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the country had earned the nickname of celtic tiger victors write history the saying goes but in ireland they say it's the losers who sing the songs. so there's always being kind of aspect to folk music where some corner of like a rebellious i'm the author of terry a nature i suppose that would be an element that we're picking up on over. the financial crisis of 2008 highland very hard causing the property market to collapse and plunging the country into recession many banks and financial institutions faced bankruptcy so ireland received a bailout from the eurozone now its economy is on the rise again. thanks to questionable tax incentives to pranks it has reopened old wounds a lot of things are coming up in the open at the moment and one of them is like the rest of europe reading gets the see the kind of like that we've had to deal with
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for the last a 100 years the hands of the british mean i think if we were and if we didn't have like the backing of the big e.u. states at the moment we'd be you know we would be just totally destroyed we'd be you know steam rolled over by what the british want well they don't think we would be we'd have a chance for. him lynch is skeptical about the idea of europe becoming more centralized but he hopes that the members of the european union will continue to stick together just like he and the other band members are doing in bradley's kitchen. the furniture made by the bell in label one plus 11 is very exclusive and quirky indeed often it's not quite clear from the design what the furniture is but the russian design a jeweler who create them say they old do have
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a function or you can just treat these pieces as works of the hot. is it sculpture or a piece of furniture. the designs of berlin label one plus 11 are both the buyer gets to decide how they want to use them as a desk. or just an attention getter. milena belhadj is one of the company's co-creators. and we see our products as art objects but we always make sure they're functional. belhadj and architect of are both from russia 2 years ago they founded their studio in berlin. the duo developed their ideas by experimenting with the lines and shapes
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taking inspiration from contemporary artists. building models helps them visualize the objects and solve any problems before their designs go into production. each object is produced in berlin and can take a month or more to make. the name one plus 11 refers to the company's concept one stands for the prototype the 1st piece 11 for the 11 limited edition pieces perseverance. crafted limited editions don't come cheap each piece can cost anywhere from $700.00 euros to $20000.00. dollars to 2 designers have lots more ideas for new objects and now that their creations have won the top prizes including for german design awards a lot of people are excited to see what they'll come up with next.
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and that's it for today much more all these topics and others from the web. you don't. show up of course thanks very much for joining us and i hope we can do it all again for you up a same time tomorrow for me of all the crew here in berlin by from the.
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center of the conflict zone. close close venezuela's opposition assumed to the boldest move yet to try to get the military to come over to their side my guest is live here in london is about muslim women representatives to the venezuelan a physician leader and associate that president won't fly joe what happens next a conflict so fucked up the 30 minutes delayed. 1949 and ground breaking yes a gem in history. to germany's stapes a mansion with boston a different political systems to people on either side it's a radical new beginning one front of a kind of. fear. 949. gemini's in 75. w.
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. language courses. anytime anywhere. you're a big idea but what's become of it and what will it look like tomorrow. w. gets ready for an in-depth look at the european elections asking the questions that matter. for european voters' hopes for the new parliament what challenges lie ahead . for a way to not because he says and the people in power have gotten away with not doing
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anything like the kind of crisis counseling european elections affect the rest of the. expert discussion. of reports voters 1st hand. dublin as it all. the european elections on may 26th on g.w. . u.s. president donald trump has stalked out of a meeting with democrats refusing to work together with them unless they drop all investigations an increasing number of opposition lawmakers say they want an impeachment inquiry over the aftermath of the russia probe. the. pressure is mounting on british prime minister to resign may after promise.


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