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tv   DW News  DW  May 23, 2019 7:00am-7:02am CEST

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expert discussions as to the. prince of records will have to stick and citizens voters 1st and. t.w. has it all. connections on may 26th t.w. . us president donald trump has stalked out of a meeting with democrats refusing to work together with them unless they drop all investigations an increasing number of opposition lawmakers say they want an impeachment inquiry over the aftermath of the russia probe. the. pressure is mounting on british prime minister to resign may after prominent bragg's it supporter and released some resign from government on wednesday evening
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may is failing to gain support for her redesigned bragg's a deal and even some of her own cabinet ministers are asking for her to cancel the vote. with. indonesia's president djoko we doto has warned strong action will be taken against rioters in the capital jakarta he was speaking after deadly clashes erupted to protest against the results of last month's presidential election supporters of the main opposition candidate alleged that voting was rigged . south african lawmakers have reelected serial ram oppose us the president of the country 2 weeks after his party the a.n.c. was returned to power in national elections as expected run opposer was the only nominee he'll be inaugurated on saturday and will name a deputy president and cabinet shortly afterwards.
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this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes protesters in sudan tough the end they'll calls for a general strike off the talks with the ministry to install a civilian government collapse also on the program. this situation in zimbabwe keeps getting petards up. for the ordinary person is a bag of fuel increases that of the hopkins wife industries 4 months back and forth from zimbabwe away the economy is safe to be in its most dire state since 2008 insolation sold to 500000000 percent. and one of africa's most influential alton's has died it was the wind that in his mission to change the way the world perceives the continent will.

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