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this is p.w. news coming to you live from berlin the polls open in elections to the european parliament that includes the u.k. a country that had planned to leave the european union by now we'll have more on how populists looks set to make big gains and make life even more difficult for britain's beleaguered prime minister also coming up as germany celebrates the 70th anniversary of its constitution t.w. profiles the ordinary citizens but lying on the every day today we meet a former iraqi news exercising his constitutional right to freedom of speech as
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never before. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us polls have opened on cross a divided u.k. today in a vote that more than half the country never wanted 4 days of european parliamentary elections kick off with the country in gulf and yet more political turmoil over brags that british prime minister theresa may is fighting for her job with even some of her cabinet ministers revolting over her latest brags that withdrawal plan last night a key pro breaks it minister andrea led some quit over the revised deal saying it does not deliver my apartment's leader is rejecting calls to stand down. we need to see predicts it through to all other results of the referendum and deliver
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the change the british people so clearly demond it i sincerely believe that most members of this house feel the same but for all our division and disagreement we believe in democracy that we want to make good on the promise we made to the british people when we all seem to decide on the future of our you membership. for more let's bring in dark correspondent in london barry. barry atory serve mazed deal appears doomed again her party is tipped to win as little as 7 percent understand the vote in today's european elections could this be the last day of the tree so may's premiership. well it could very well be terry it's really days rather than weeks or months for now it seems that reason may is bunkered in number 10 she might if pushed all the furniture against the door she's not moving
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but we know that many off a cabinet colleagues are talking to her and they won't have to go and all of this is happening at the eve of the european elections where the conservative party but also the labor party so the big policies in the u.k. are set to take a very very big hit now britons are expected to vote today in european parliamentary elections even though they voted 3 years ago to leave the e.u. it's a strange situation all britons able to muster any enthusiasm for this election. well you could go either way they could either just come in droves and express their opinion this is all about breaks or these elections here in the u.k. are all about dregs that or they could say well who cares these m.p.'s are probably not going to sit very long so just what they want to be bothered here at this polling station where we are in central london we've been told that actually people have been not really flocking here it's more
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a trickle but it's early days it's going to be open our for for the whole day we'll see how that develops one party that is sajan in the polls is nigel for roger's party he now says we don't need any deal why make it so difficult we can just leave the european union and his party the brigs of party is sajan in the polls i've been to some of his rallies and let's see what the mood is that. piece back wherever niger for raj goes he's welcomed back star here in wales for example has mentioned recently has betrayed the country but he's unconditionally accepted all of brussels demands during the water on the coast. referendum bird i don't know how do you. it's a document drafted by the 1st year in the air. without a live out no looking over his shoulder for rush suggest britain doesn't need to
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deal with brussels the main thing is to leave the view he doesn't mention that would probably cost jobs right. there i'm afraid that there is no chance of bricks being delivered with our current 2 party system and our current government will have to fight for it again but i believe we can do so i think the budget referendum acted rather like the sort of a genie coming out of a bottle it's not going back. in the city of peterborough over a 1000 people come to check out the new party many of them used to vote for the conservatives the government going to china or lawyers shaving arse and i are nothing but crooks are far from certainly treasonable people people are very angry and feel very hurt and upset that their vote is being ignored and democracy is being trampled all over them to this day the party claims to have gained more than 100000 new members in just a few weeks. made
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a name change in the over half of the wall of change u.k. can only dream of such numbers greater johnson is in the spotlight and bar in southwest england the political newcomer who has one main goal we have to stop or for take this country with all the lack of values and all the lies that stamps campaigner represents he says it's a one man show it's a vehicle to get him into downing street he's taken the got the country up the garden path and over the cliff the new remain party change u.k. has a clear enemy niger for raj is braggs a party but the n.t. brags that vote is splintered and that might be one reason why the pro europeans have not been able to tread nearly the same crowds as a brags at party who had seen by. 4 rows of chairs are enough to accommodate a crowd many of those who have come other supporting to by the establishment
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parties. this is an opportunity to see what a remaining party a new voice a fresh voice has to say to me and i was very impressed actually the passion with which they spoke on the passion your opinion and i believe changing from hey i want to be parties to really really support the people to support me and the big parties are being punished in the e.u. elections and it looks like the populists will be the biggest weakness. so yes it seems like the briggs's party is going to sad and this is all in the back of my chair for actually being able to spring the vote and is to make it now all about a no deal breaks that and just soon meaning that this is going to be easy and not as complicated as the politicians in westminster think well given the prospect that the brags that party is probably going to win the most votes and given that britain
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will probably pull out of the e.u. if it bit you know the break the party gets its way. what role will the british politicians play in the european parliament. well they have to assume that they stay on we are absolutely at the deadlock here in the u.k. at the moment we're set to leave at the end of teva and if the politicians here investments that don't find a solution then we're just set to leave without any deal as niger for russia seemingly ones but one of the solution would be just to revoke article 50 and think again and that might be something that pollutions might contemplate in that situation so the m.p.'s have to assume that they might stay on they really don't know for how long they get thank you very much baggage must there in london. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today vote counting has begun in india's massive election early results suggest that prime
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minister narendra modi's b j p party is on course to win with an absolute majority with 900000000 eligible voters the 7 week election is the largest democratic vote in the world. call now has returned to the indonesian capital jakarta after deadly clashes between police and supporters of defeated presidential candidate a bobo talked about urge supporters to go home he also told them he would launch a legal challenge against president djoko would dodos reelection. u.s. president donald trump has walked out of a meeting with democrats refusing to work with them unless they drop all investigations into him senior democrats however say that trump's walkout was a premeditated stunt an increasing number of opposition lawmakers want impeachment proceedings launched against trump. here in berlin celebrations of kicked off to mark the 70th anniversary of germany's post-war constitution known
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as the basic law all the constitution came into effect on this day in may 1949 after being drawn up by drawn up under the supervision of the allies now it's being celebrated as the foundation of german democracy one civil rights organization even served up cake in its holder in front of the brandenburg gate. well more events including a celebration with the german president are planned throughout the day. and all this week we're looking at how the constitution is translated into reality every day by ordinary people today we focus on article 5 of the basic law which guarantees freedom of expression we met activist ahmed shah one originally from iraq to find out how he uses sometimes provocatively is right to say what he wants in public.
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when i was high and i left my country because of freedom of expression and it was always and still is very important to me to be able to express my opinion. ahmed had to flee his home in iraq because he wouldn't shut up in germany he's protected by the constitution. the arabic word on ahmed's t. shirt it's cafayate infidel the 20 year old is an atheist and he talks openly about his opinions on faith and other matters. sometimes he wants to provoke here at a palestinian march in germany he's carrying a poster of 2 kissing men. because there's pushing and shoving a police officer steps in to prevent violence i'm not going to spoil my they're going he's not welcome. there. was.
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meant for many muslims it's a to boot and sometimes you have to be provocative and cross boundaries in order to change something in society and. and i'm from a religious family there were certain rules about what could and couldn't do it was somehow clear to everyone that you couldn't be different. and you couldn't think differently. at one point i thought it had to be possible to say that you were no longer a believer without being punished. and then i decided to do it for myself . so. it was 5 days after my 15th birthday when my father suddenly went to the police so he came back with 3 police officers they beat me in front of my parents. then they locked me in
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a room for hours and they tortured me with cables and electric shocks. and then. this is. the last and that was the day i left iraq because we took this picture at night with a photographer with. at 1st i didn't want to tell my story in germany. to avoid more conflicts and so on. but at the same time i knew that if you express your opinion in europe the states will protect you. ahmed says muslims in germany abuse and threaten him when he openly expresses his opinions but here unlike in iraq he's protected by the police. force
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a lot to be here and i won't let anyone here tell me how to live and what i'm allowed to do. that's especially what i'm allowed to say. i am free. and. that report there from v.w. is going to kettles on the 70th anniversary of the german constitution. now plans to expand the next world cup to 48 teams have been abandoned by feet up the tournament in qatar will instead go ahead with the usual 32 teams as previously planned the people would have required qatar to share hosting duties in 2022 with other countries in the region world football's governing body said after quote a thorough and comprehensive consultation process the change would not be made the following tournaments in the u.s. canada and mexico in 2026 will now be the 1st with $48.00 teams.
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you're watching news from berlin coming up next the organized crime gangs driving the trade in poached why no horns are documentary after the break i'm terry martin thanks for being with us. shifting powers from the old order is history the world is real uniting itself and the media's role these keep the topic in focus of the global media forum 29 teams today one out of 2 people is online who are we following whom do we trust to beijing and shape the future at the georgia dome of global media for 2019.


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