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european elections on may 26th to. thank. you as. this is the w.'s coming to you live from berlin holds open elections to the european parliament that includes the u.k. a country that had planned to leave the european union by now populist that said to make big gains as the situation for britain's beleaguered prime minister says that may gets even was also coming up in denver on news and that if there are more of
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these hindu nationalists b.g.p. declares victory in the country's elections the 1st results show the party is headed for a decisive majority parliament what that means for the country going forward. plus as in germany said a basis 70th anniversary of its constitution d.w. profiles the ovary citizens relying on it every day today we need to know what iraqi was exercising his constitutional right of freedom of speech with reddish. unwelcome i wonder that shima voting is underway in the united kingdom in european parliamentary elections that over half the country did not want remember 52 percent of britons voted to leave europe back in 2016 now the election comes with the country in gov't in even. political turmoil over breaks it british prime minister
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terrorism is fighting for her job with even some of our cabinet ministers devoting all her latest bricks it been drawn plan last night a key progress it minister andrea lets him resigned over the revised in saying it didn't deliver traces of britain's leader is standing from and rejecting calls to stand down. now let's head straight to london to hear from the big mosque bigotries a me is still refusing to budge as the country votes in the european election where conservative party is projected to get a meager 7 percent what does this mean for her future. she looks very very bleak for now it looks like she's almost bunkered into downing street maybe push the furniture against the door from the inside we know that many have also had to go many cabinet colleagues and it seems like more a matter of days than a matter of week when she's going on at least announcing her departure and of
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course a moment when really important elections are taking place in the u.k. european elections this is not a good look for the conservative party who are set out to take a big hit the both the big parties aside out a bit take a big hit in these european elections and they could if the exit timetable hadn't worked to plan the country would not have even been in the e.u. by now given that how much interest is there in the european election. well this will be interesting to see it could go either way it could be that people are just coming here in droves and just expressing their opinion it is really all about gregg's it or that they say well they are just too frustrated too to just come we've talked to. people here in this polling station where we are in central london and they've said that for now it's more like a trickle soon not really huge mind of people storming the polling station to tell
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the put it to what they think one party that's real pretty sure it's going to benefit from all this deadlock that we've seen over briggs it here in the u.k. is niger for raj it's new parties called it breaks a party it's pretty much a one man band and niger for all is promising the people that actually everything is much easier than the politicians in westminster make out who called make of the mines the conditions that they want to leave and he is saying well let's just leave and to deal with the european union is not very important and his message is resonating with many voters i've been to some of his rallies and see what the mood is like there. piece back wherever niger for raj goes he's welcome to stop here in wales for example his message to recently has betrayed the country but he's unconditionally accepted all of brussels demands during the water only goes
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way beyond the press referendum bird i didn't know her do you. it's a document drafted by the 1st year on the air. with angela about no looking over his shoulder the rush suggests britain doesn't need to do you press the main thing it's a need that you he doesn't mention that would probably cost jobs ok all right thank you i'm afraid that there is no chance of brakes being delivered with our current 2 party system in our current government i would have to fight for it again but i believe we can do so i think the break that referendum acted rather like the sort of a genie coming out of a bottle it's not going back. in the city of peterborough over a 1000 people come to check out the new party many of them used to vote for the conservatives the more i'm going to charge our lawyers the saving us and i are nothing but crooks are far from certainly treasonable people people are very angry
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and feel very hurt and upset that their vote is being ignored and democracy is being trampled all over the content is that the party claims to have gained more than 100000 new members in just a few weeks. maybe they don't need over half of the wal-mart change u.k. can only dream of such numbers greater johnson is in the spotlight and bought in southwest england a political newcomer who has one main goal we have to stop or for takeover of this country with all the lack of values and all the lies that. campaign or represents he says it's a one man show it's a vehicle to get him into downing street he's taking the got the country up the garden path and over the cliff the new remain party change u.k. has a clear enemy niger for raja's bragg's a party but the n.t. brags that vote is splintered and that might be one reason why the pro europeans have not been able to drag nearly the same crowds as
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a brags of party all had it been bought 4 rows of chairs are enough to accommodate a crowd many of those who have come are disappointed by the establishment parties. this is an opportunity to see what a remaining party a new voice a fresh voice has to say to me and i was very impressed actually the passion with which they spoke on the passion your opinion and i believe changing for k. a one of the only parties to really really support the people and to support them in the big parties are being punished in the elections. and it looks like the populace will be good speakers and with him. so yes it looks like niger for all ages easy message is really resonating with voters he makes it easy to leave to leave the european union whereas labor and the conservative the traditional bigger parties recognise the how how difficult the
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actual process is and the m.p.'s in parliament really reluctant to leave without a deal like niger for raj suggests so big it a big so much for the populace expected but what british politicians like to play in the next e.u. parliament. well they have to assume that they are going to stay that we are facing deadlock at the moment so in paul amend we don't have a clear majority for any course of breaks it we know that we set the u.k. is set to leave the european union at the end of october so if they don't find a solution then the u.k. with it would leave without any deal but the other way out would be to revoke article 50 so that is something that lawmakers could contemplate and in that instance the m.e. piece that i elected now would have to stay in for a long time so they would have to be prepared to stay for a long time at least they get mass in london thank you very much.
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now it's not just the u.k. which is voting in european parliamentary elections today polling is also underway in the netherlands the 1st dutch voters cast their votes at midnight in 01400000000 europeans vote over the next 4 days at stake on seats in the open panamint and the top of the head of the european commission the 2 favorites for that drew german conservative mon fayed veba and the dutch social democrat franz to my mom's. let's not head to abse dam brack was fun zonda is standing by much what's the mood there as i mentioned at the dutch politicians from a to mons is what the top candidates for european commission president has that boosted interest in the election. well done some months is one of the many faces of the e.u. elections. but he is not expected to have
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a real input year at least not a positive one them his party is expected to come in in 3rd and traditionally here in the netherlands they are very pro european but not so much pro voting in european elections the voter participation since 1909 has never exceeded 40 percent and we're actually standing right in outside of a polling station right now and crossed the canal talked to a couple people there they feel like this time maybe there was more interest they feel like more people are coming but we'll have to wait for the for the end of the day to see if that's true or not and let's we saw in the u.k. a populist surges expected what is it like in the netherlands. well one political party has taken center stage all of a sudden that's the forum for democracy a far right populist party the which was started in 2016 and they are expected to come out 1st and these e.u. elections and they're campaigning there anti e.u.
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there campaigning on their want they want to hold a referendum on the common currency the euro they even they are competing on anti migration anti islam and they even proposed an exit neverland's exit in the european union but although there are expected to come in 1st you also have to note that the political landscape here in the netherlands is extremely fractured we have the whole political spectrum present from the far left to the far right and we have we are expecting for the 26 seats in the european parliament members from 10 parties from up to 10 parties to to go to brussels right max sunday announced thank you very much for that update from that. they've been having with some other stories making news around the calm has returned to the indonesian capital jakarta after deadly clashes between police and supporters of defeated presidential candidate would be until the former general court on his supporters to go home he
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also told that he would launch a legal challenge against president job over though there's reelection. or turn in history to judith coa has died at the age of 95 care wrote the much loved children's book the tiger who came to tea she was born in berlin and fled nazi germany with her family and experience she wrote about in her novel when hitler still being crap it. turning out india where primeness are not in their movies b.g.p. has declared victory in the country's election while vote counting is not yet over supporters have started celebrating the 1st tally showing the hindu nationalists with a decisive lead over the nearest rivals the congress the poll is vibing viewed as a referendum on more these leadership. finally the counting is underway at centers like this across the country hundreds of millions of votes are being tallied each
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one bringing indians closer to finding out who will lead them through the next 5 years it's the culmination of the largest ballot the world has ever seen. central to the process the electronic voting machines some $2300000.00 were in action across the country they have sped up the counting immensely meaning results emerge within hours but opposition parties say they also pose a risk after reports of some tampering they protested to the electoral commission demanding verification with paper voting records. of the election commission. that. on. board the. international observers say the election has been largely free and fair
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and the ruling party says the opposition claims a just a distraction they have already sensed it that this 200-1000 looks a by election is not going in their favor however much they denied it. spawns and dissidents to prime minister. the b j p c's only one possible winner in this election incumbent prime minister narendra modi his coalition met on tuesday to discuss its agenda for a 2nd term modi campaigned hard to keep the commanding majority he won and 2014 he's promised better incomes for farmers and more infrastructure spending but the opposition has highlighted slowing economic growth and increasing religious divisions modi's main rival is congress party leader rahul gandhi he wasn't expected to stage
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a major upset if neither of the main parties claims an outright majority smaller regional groupings could prove kingmaker tipping the balance of power in parliament . and supporters of prime minister a lot of these the ship be are already in celebration mode our correspondent michelle just said just this updates in delhi. i'm not the headquarters of the ruling party or john party the ruling be j.p. and celebrations have already broken our back crack going on that our drum roll better be done things fall to earth going on it's still early but i did cite that victory for noreen the more the seems to be in the offing a 2nd term for the prime minister is what the country seems to be saying now of course in the last couple of days the opposition coalition the opposition parties $22.00 parties came together to challenge the current polling process they have said that there may have been dampening off the electronic with the machines they
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appealed to the election commission but the election commission which is the body that monitors this entire process has actually said that this is the basis that there is no reason for these allegations and that the the would doing the counting would go through as now not in the evening there will be some some verification of the voting process but otherwise so far it largely looks like everything is going ask time for the election commission busy counting and everything is going as planned as one of the be zippy goods because clearly a few mandate coming through the beach if we actually the coalition that is headed by the p.d.p. seem to have gotten more feet so i mean and just as many see that's the prediction just as many seats of the back in 2014 for the country has rejected the opposition feeling that this government is divisive a bizarre moment may not have done enough and the country seem to have said that they want prime saluting to movie to leave the country for another 5 years they
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could do a 10 year term and continue the work that to be defeated has done so far today is the be in doubt decides. that it was indeed to use the machine just reporting from outside the beach at the headquarters in delhi. and jim lee's biggest lender to do it your bank is facing off with increasingly angry shareholders today at its annual general meeting the bank has been mired in various legal and corporate issues for years with little progress a supervisory board chairman and i promise to shareholders that restructure move quickly and move radically after recovering dividends the board is under pressure to answer questions over shaky management huge fines for regulators and ratings downgrades. below the u.s. competitors and this door to share slips into a record. business correspondent is at the shareholders meeting
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in frankfurt and joins me from there now what can you tell us about the mood. well i'm retired as you correctly said shareholders here in frankfurt they are frustrated they are angry we've spoke to a couple of them and what we heard was just really they're venting all their anger is mostly directed at the chair of the supervisory committee that you just mentioned under his reign in the last 7 years shares have been down over 70 percent and as a matter of fact just now during the last hour when paul spoke the shares dropped another 2 percent to a new all time low and one shareholder in the meeting just pointed out shares of torture bank right now are actually worth less than a pack of cigarettes and unfortunately that is true so that is of course a very good reason for people to be angry and to demand change so last given all of that how do rigged dortch is chances of dragging it says out of this mess at
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various levels. well it is difficult everybody knows that and shareholders are growing from more and more frustrated because all the promises that management made to drac the bank get the bank out of this they have been made before some people just told me we have literally heard the same speeches and the same promises for the last couple of years and this is why i can stand saving the relatively new c.e.o. is also under attack here right now he just gave a speech and then some shareholders spoke out against him and i want to quote one person he said he quoted actually kristen saving to war last year when he became c.e.o. he said after all these years of scandals for the orchard bank he wants to promise shareholders that time is going to get a lot more boring so everybody was actually looking forward to that but then the shareholders said what happened the bank failed another stress test the 3rd one in the united states there was a major raid on top of banks offices connected to money laundering in the russian
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laundromat there was also all these stories about financial ties to a president trump in the u.s. that are currently not playing out that well for deutsche bank that's childer and there are a lot of applause said if these are boring times then i don't want to be around when times get interesting. hunted these financial correspondent thank you very much for that update from frankfurt. here in berlin celebrations have kicked off to mark the 70 that inverse 3 of germany's post for constitution known as the basically saw the constitution came into effect on this day 949 after being drawn up under the supervision of the allies now it's being celebrated as the foundation of german democracy one civil rights organization even served up to mark the event in front of the brandenburg gate. now all the secret d.w. are looking at how the constitution is translated into reality every day by
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ordinary people today we focus on article 5 which guarantees freedom of expression the mid shared violent originally from iraq to find out how he uses sometimes for vocative his right to say what he wants in public. i left my country because of freedom of expression and it was always and still is very important to me to be able to express my opinion. ahmed had to flee his home in iraq because he wouldn't shut up in germany is protected by the constitution. the arabic word on ahmed's t. shirt is carefully infidel the 20 year old is an atheist and he talks openly about his opinions on faith and other matters. sometimes he wants to provoke here at
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a palestinian march in germany he's carrying a poster of 2 kissing men. if there's pushing and shoving the police officer steps in to prevent violence i mean there is no no. he's not welcome. there. are many muslims it's a to boot and sometimes you have to be provocative and cross boundaries in order to change something in society and essentially. from all of this and i'm from a religious family there were certain rules about what i could and couldn't do it was somehow clear to everyone that you couldn't be different. and you couldn't think differently when the. at one point i thought it had to be possible to say that you were no longer a believer without being punished. and then i decided to do it for
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myself. so talking not my fault it was 5 days after my 15th birthday when my father suddenly went to the police so he came back with 3 police officers they beat me in front of my parents' home and. then they looked me in a room for i was so modest they tortured me with cables and electric shocks on that . and. that was the day i left iraq and we took this picture at night with a photographer with it. at 1st i didn't want to tell my story in germany. to avoid more conflicts and so on. but at the same time i knew that if you express
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your opinion in europe the states will protect you. ahmed says muslims in germany abuse and threaten him when he openly express his opinions but here unlike in iraq he's protected by the police. by sucker for us a lot to be here and i won't let anyone here tell me how to live and what i'm allowed to do. with human especially what i'm allowed to say. i am free. and. now plans to expand the next $1.00 to $48.00 teams have been abandoned by fee for the tournament in qatar will instead go ahead with the normal $32.00 teams as previously planned the change would have required to share hosting duties in 2022 with other countries in the region
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a political tensions made that impossible adding 16 more teams to qatar's world cup in 2022 was a bit too optimistic fi for president giani if in chinos idea of the expansion will have to wait until 2026 as scheduled fee for what it neighboring countries like the u. $80.00 to help host the tournament but an economic blockade in the region against qatar show no signs of being lifted people are therefore released this statement. following a thorough and comprehensive consultation process with the involvement of all the relevant stakeholders it was concluded that under the current circumstances such a proposal could not be made now qatar was open to being the lone host for the potential $48.00 team contest but couldn't find a viable operating model to sustain the idea building it's world cup if a structure almost from scratch has been and continues to be a tall order in itself however construction for 32 teams seems to be on schedule.
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we have now 6 more stadiums to go by the end of this year 1st quarter of next year will be launching 2 stadiums as well by 2021 all or stadiums will be ready there was already controversy surrounding the 2022 qatar world cup including allegations of human rights abuses towards migrant workers the heat in changing the date to a late november kickoff but local football fans are excited qatar won the 2019 asian cup and gets to host a world cup on its own with any risks now reduced. at the top stories that we're following for you close of both london elections to the european parliament that includes in the u.k. missed its original deadline. and the election is being overshadowed by growing calls for protestant to do something to resign. and in from this in the limo these
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hindu nationalist he has declared victory in the country's elections 1st result so the party is heading for a majority on a meant to. be watching the news come to live from next up to s├ębastien grossman has some noise. about some conflicts so in coming up shortly i'm a document from really used by saddam. can
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. cause. injury the conflict zone. clause knows venezuela's opposition a sense of the boldest move yet the sides are get the military is
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a comeuppance of their side my guess is the fear in london is a muslim i'm a representative to be famous well i'm a physician leader and is so thick that president is qualified oh what happens next accomplished sophia stood up off to tell the folks. the finest burgling come up a tourist guide for germans to bring trouble i love berlin. 50 nations 50 stories and 50 very personal tips from berlin's very best features. book now for planet money our hero max series starts may 25th on d w.
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some say that it is well to long. or not. on the sanctions we come into this world where we need to get in. egypt as can the human mind. and then we can make a real difference and why you have missed all of. that tonight we. the point is the people want to change they why go all in the middle and surely i mean i'm going to certainly want you. they took you for food student war i don't know if they took off full for all of last month venezuela's opposition attempted the whole just move yet to try to get the military to come over to their side and unseat the government but the efforts fail my guest this week here in london is vanessa newman representative to the venezuelan opposition leader i'm so glad
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president juan what happens next.


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