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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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w. has it all. the election on may 26th d w. this is the w. news live from berlin and the renter vote is the hindu nationalist party the b j p d kind of victory into your selections are the results show the magic for an increased parliamentary majority also on the program. polls open in the u.k. for elections to the european parliament in the country trying to be out of the e.u. by now oculus could make big gains as beleaguered prime minister theresa makes struggles
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to hold on to her job while. i'm still gail welcome to the program the party of india prime minister narendra modi has declared victory in the country's election and the results released by the election commission show the be j.p. on course to increase its majority in parliament with a mandate of business friendly policies and a tough stand on national security mr modi received a rousing welcome from b j p supporters as are valley in delhi after promising that he would unite the country and build what he called a strong and inclusive india the leader of the opposition congress party behold gandhi has conceded defeat saying that he respected the decision of the indian people. i want to dump you correspondent and then we should just falling i speak out amongst the jubilant b j p supporters. so this is the head.
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of the ruling. party is the key think of this. catch a glimpse of a new prime minister somebody from this new team to this election might even consider the definition i'm going to be in to movie and if you look at me and if you look at the books that have more dan it looks like that effort in them is an extremely positive one it is likely that he hasn't he was strong. on the parliament standing the last time around and people he'll be going to get off their prime minister before. all of this treat all that out. which actually house pictures of france you know to say thank you. thank you
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for your blessings and although i don't think this is this is the actual important call of the more we have something the news has been saying defeated that is us warning in the congress that when the national congress and the opposition has pretty much had to accept defeat as a very marginal gains of their it's not even sure that the leader of the opposition but a national mandate is the prime minister has tweeted out saying this is a victory for india and he has already said this is a victory for the entire country you know because we've actually gotten very nationalistic johnson saying that long live modern india and even some hindu johns coming in all around. the country have spoken to not only want but they want them again more than they did back in 94. can have at it another 5 years part time. the mission jobs well reporting from delhi but now to some of the other stories
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making news around the world com has returned to the indonesian capital jakarta over deadly clashes between police and supporters of defeated presidential candidates provoke a sabean term the former general called on his supporters to go home and announce that he would launch a legal challenge against president joker we don't know his reelection. man known as the american taliban has been released from prison in the united states john walker lindh was captured in afghanistan in 2001 pleaded guilty to supporting the islamic fundamentalists is served 17 years of a 20 year sentence and has been released early for good behavior as secretary of state mike pompei would describe the release as unexplainable and unconscionable. north of the much loved children's book the tiger who came to take a has died over an illustrated youth cast 95 in the throne in berlin she fled nazi
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germany with her family and wrote about her experiences in her novel in hitler's stone from. over the next 4 days 400000000 people will have the opportunity to vote in elections for the european parliament the netherlands open the voting today 1st dutch voters heading to the ballot boxes at midnight voting comes a support he's searching for populist and nationalists who want to rein in the european union's powers so she is also under way in the u.k. on more than half the country didn't want to participate in the 1st place and the politicians are still and govt in political turmoil over brags that its prime minister theresa may is once again fighting to keep her job i d w our correspondent barbara faisal is at a polling station in london are welcome barbara what's the mood there how do people feel about these elections happening atoll given that the country was supposed to be out of the block by now. as you might expect feel the mood is rather
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downbeat because it is quite an absurd situation actually. years who had fought so hard and so long. as we remember on the 29th of march of this year which is long past they are really furious about still being in and being forced to fight a fight of election campaign which the new founded breck's a party under nigel for did quite fiercely and the remain news on the other hand who had hoped for a 2nd referendum and being able to overturn the bricks that wrote from 2016 they sort of don't even see that referendum near and so they come out to vote and in the hope that they somehow can impress the government and still force that 2nd referendum but those there hopes at the moment nobody knows when they and if they will come true breakfast in the future and a 2nd referendum as well so that's of the politicians what about voters a very very polarized. voters are extremely polarized and we have these
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2 camps that i just described the threats and cheers who seem to even gather and gain in intensity and sort of gain in ferocity in a way off their convictions and they're really not being in the mood anymore to hear any argument from the other side and you have to remain who is on the on the other hand who seem to be a bit desperate actually these days because they might have the feeling that after all the country will be dragged out of the european union whether they're still a majority for this are not really in britain nobody knows the polls don't say and these 22 camps really can't talk to each other anymore so people are really there's a lot of feeling of aggression and a lot of hatred in the political arena look at social media sort of shows that clearly and people just don't talk. anymore and the ruling conservative party that
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they're projected to be likely to take to take a beating they actually bothered about this result. yeah they would be shame faced really because the polls say they might end up in 5th place behind the brakes at party behind the liberal democrats throughout the reserve wrecked by this european election behind labor and to greens i mean really how bad can it get the point is that treason made for her this might be another nail in her political conflict because this morning it looked as if her own party would drive her out of office very quickly maybe even this friday now she's still clinging on by her nails but the results next monday off the european election might just give the final push and actually solve her out of office her days in number 10 downing street definitely numbered. celebrations marking the 70th
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anniversary of germany's post-war constitution have begun in the capital known here in berlin known here in germany as the basic lloyd came into effect this day in 1949 under the supervision of a line it's not considered the foundation of german democracy official festivities up the 2 front runners and back. attending those celebrations german president from belfast on my noted that he's countrymen know too little about this hugely important document all this week has been looking at how people translate the basic law into everyday reality this time we focus on the guarantee of freedom of expression he met with. who is originally from iraq to see how he writes say what he wants to provoke.
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i left my country because of freedom of expression so it was always and still is very important to me to be able to express my opinion. ahmed had to flee his home in iraq because he wouldn't shut up in germany is protected by the constitution. the arabic word and i'm a teacher is care fear infidel the 20 year old is an atheist and he talks openly about his opinions on faith and other matters. sometimes he wants to provoke here at a palestinian march in germany he's carrying a poster of 2 kissing men. there's pushing and shoving the police officer steps in to prevent violence. he's not welcome. there.
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are many muslims it's a to boot and sometimes you have to be provocative and cross boundaries in order to change something in society and. i'm from a religious family there were certain rules about what i could and couldn't do it was somehow clear to everyone that you couldn't be different. and you couldn't think differently. at one point i thought it had to be possible to say that you were no longer a believer without being punished. and then i decided to do it for myself. so. it was 5 days after my 15th birthday when my father suddenly went to the police so he came back with 3 police officers they beat me in front of my parents and. then they looked me in
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a room for hours and i guess they tortured me with cables and electric shocks and. in. this instance i think. that was the day i left iraq and we took this picture at night with a photographer with. at 1st i didn't want to tell my story in germany. to avoid more conflicts and so on. but at the same time i knew that if you express your opinion in europe the states will protect you. ahmed said muslims in germany abuse and threaten him when he openly expresses his opinions but here unlike in iraq he's protected by the police. a lot to be here and i won't let anyone here tell me how to live and what i'm
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allowed to do. especially what i'm allowed to say. i am free. and. fifa have abandoned plans to expand the next world cup tournament from 32 teams to 48 the change would have required qatar to share hosting duties in 2022 with other countries in the region but political tensions have made that impossible. adding 16 more teams to qatar's world cup in 2022 was a bit too optimistic fifo president giani if in tinos idea of the expansion will have to wait until 2026 as schedule fifa wanted neighboring countries like the you to help host the tournament but an economic blockade in the region against qatar showed no signs of being lifted feet for there for release this statement following
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a thorough and comprehensive consultation process with the involvement of all the relevant stakeholders it was concluded that under the current circumstances such a proposal could not be made now qatar was open to being the lone host for the potential $48.00 team contest but couldn't find a viable operating model to sustain the idea building its world cup if a structure almost from scratch has been and continues to be a tall order in itself however construction for $32.00 teams seems to be on schedule. we have now 6 more stadiums to go by the end of this year 1st quarter of next year will be launching 2 stadiums as well by 2021 all or stadiums will be ready there was already controversy surrounding the 2022 qatar world cup including allegations of human rights abuses towards migrant workers the heat and changing the date to a late november kickoff but local football face are excited qatar won the 2019
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asian cup and gets to host a world cup on its own with any risks now reduced. ice is data becoming up next in danger of business africa global aviation regulations and meet to discuss boeing's 737 knots jet which was crowned the. ethiopian airlines flight to touch the aircraft manufacturer hopes to get the fight back to india becoming. a sort of a story interest but the fact of the top you. heard from steve school in the jungle. or 1st clueless i'm. sure is grand moment arrives joint direct attack on her journey to freedom you know we're going to return to shoot or on entering a tank returns home. gemini's
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