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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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did. you do that business i feel with ben facility is next in terms of how it looks that we'll update at the top because i'm good at. history on the other news asia we had it in. quite a long drawn out combative and even file and election campaign crosstalk rose. to consult on the 1st one in 6 people and this was. showing me british strategy as we try to understand brain difficult. to sneak up. on the dr knows. what secrets lie
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behind the smallest. find out in an immersive experience and explore a fascinating cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage for 6050 of our. global aviation regulators meet in the us to discuss returning boeing 737 max ace to the air and why american regulators were the last to ground the jets. such a bank's board faces off with investors its share price it's an old time low over legal and corporate troubles. part of business billions of dollars into africa every year we'll talk to an expert about how best to do it. and it is all of its to business european pilots say the. deeply disturbed by
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a possible return of the 737 max it's grounded well wide after crashes in indonesia and ethiopia u.s. officials are still waiting to see boeing's fix for the plane's automated control system but american carry is a key to get the passenger jet back in the sky flights for august. the boeing 737 max will remain on the tarmac until the regulator is convinced the aircraft is safe the 737 max was grounded following the ethiopian airlines crash in march just months after a similar liner disaster in indonesia in all 346 people were killed. the f.a.a. is meeting over 30 international air regulators including china the e.u. brazil and canada to discuss a software fix a new pilot training. both crashes were blamed on faulty technology boeing says it was upgraded the software to make it safe the f.a.a. is still waiting for boeing to formally submit the patch for approval. financial
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pressure on boeing is growing global airlines who bought the fuel efficient long range aircraft had to cancel flights and scramble to find replacements on routes flown by the 737 max air china and other carriers are demanding substantial compensation. over to our washington correspondent helen humphrey helen or i bet there's also going to be pressure on boeing over rather on u.s. aviation regulators because they were the last to ground this plane. absolutely and make no mistake the f.a.a. is in the hot seat at that meeting in texas today international regulators all 33 of them are there that meeting and they want answers we're also seeing ethiopia's regulator there and of course that was one of the countries where sadly this plane came down and we're not just talking about the safety of passengers in these jets we're also talking about the safety of people on the ground so you know the f.a.a.
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here in the united states used to be held up as the gold standard it had a strikingly slow response in the wake of these tragedies and some people say that it exposed a very close relationship between the trumpet ministration and boeing executives and boeing is certainly a law being powerhouse here in washington d.c. so helena how much is this about flight safety or the competition in the skies i think as a very good question and some people accuse the f.a.a. of being a consulting firm to a boeing and certainly these 2 tragedies expose some warra system practices namely that the f.a.a. was allowing boeing to self certify its software with deadly consequences and that is going to have to change could this be the chance that china's been waiting for to break up the boeing air bus joyfully. i think it's fair to say with boeing's reputation in tatters right now this may be the
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opportunity that china has been looking for it is the world's largest aviation market and it is trying to build a rival plane of its own a model called the comac c no i not one at 9 now progress has been halted slightly due to the fact that the trade war between the us and china has halted some flow of expertise as well as materials you need an awful lot of expertise as you can imagine to build such a plane but at the end of the day in the future china will come up with one of these planes and boss and boeing will just have to well they come up with the goods so get used to a new reality you heard from helen humphrey in washington for us thank you very much for the criticisms coming thick and fast a bunk chiefs facing the heat from investors at today's annual general meeting of berlin the lenders may be making money and dealing with litigation the answer from chief executive casey on saving is even tough cuts. which
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a bank shareholders are unhappy with the share price has plunged into the cellar it has been trading slightly above $6.00 euros $0.40 that's its lowest level in more than 45 years and shareholders are losing patience. with. a lot of things went wrong at deutsche bank in recent years i hope they can get back into shape. you know what the expectation is that something fundamental changes something at the court house and i think. she would take a seat and down from his position supervisory board chairman powell and c.e.o. christian thieving are blamed by holders for the banks disastrous performance in recent months some large shareholder groups want to withhold giving official approval to the board that would be a slap in the face the c.e.o.
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says that would be completely unjustified. and because we have brought deutsche bank back into the black we haven't reached our goals. would you go on we now have the fundamentals for sustainably profitable back. but there's a lot of work to be done the investment banking unit is enormous and it hardly makes a profit and deutsche bank faces lawsuits for legit money laundering and interests manipulation that costs money and hurts the banks reputation. plans for a $10000000000.00 port in tanzania have stalled local officials have reportedly failed to reach an agreement with the construction firm china merchant holdings international the new port his aim to turn tanzania into a regional trade hub authorities say the project could help reduce congestion in the commercial capital. ginia has backed several such projects in africa which out
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of its belt road initiatives. will strategists from both sides of the atlantic a meeting in berlin to talk about doing business in africa and challenges a big so is the interest of global foreign direct investment fell last year by nearly 20 percent africa but that trend the united nations says foreign investors injected $14000000000.00 into ventures across the continent at $2000000000.00 more than the previous year but investment was concentrated in just a few well qana makes egypt being the biggest recipient followed closely by south africa ghana was the biggest beneficiary in west africa ethiopia in east africa and the vast majority of investment actually goes to oil and gas exploration as well as mining and that's something i'd like to pick up on with the former u.s. assistant secretary of state for african affairs linda thomas green field you were here in berlin for the covers and lucky enough to join us that we're lucky enough to have you join us here this year thank you very much happy to be here tell me
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about this 1st thing about natural resources still being the focus how much of a worry is that for the development of these african economies you know it is it continues to be a worry because countries need to diversify their economies. and the concentration and natural resources with out the added value i think keeps these countries from moving into the next level of development and there is over as so many different sectors that investors could be getting into just to name a few of the things we've covered over the past few weeks here a jury is music industry cloud computing in south africa artificial intelligence in ethiopia. the africans out of stage that that they're saying yeah come and put your money here this is a huge market absolutely that they see the opportunities and they are wanting and encouraging investment in the sectors but there are other sectors as well infrastructure agriculture technology service industries there are
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a number of areas that we see possibilities for companies to invest in the continent if i had a company or a whole heap of money and i wanted to invest it somewhere in africa where would you suggest. i'm going to hurt the feelings of some friends. and i probably say ethiopia is is a huge opportunity kenya continues to draw investments south africa of course nigeria the biggest market on the continent of africa gonna cote d'ivoire there are a number of places and it just requires a lot of. interest and an effort and i think countries will find that this interested in businesses will find that they can make money so you need perseverance as an investor but you do what are some of the challenges that you would then warn me about infrastructure is a huge challenge having the roads and the buildings and and the technology
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infrastructure is huge governance is an issue in many countries that includes corruption capacity these countries have huge huge youth populations that need to be educated and prepared so those would be the 3 but there are others but i think all of these challenges and be dealt with and i think companies will find that again doing this in south africa is no different than doing business anywhere else in the world what about this trade will between the u.s. and china how is that affecting africa you know at this point i don't think africa is impacted by this trade war. are there in a big way on the continent of africa in the belt road initiative as you mentioned earlier they are infrastructure projects that the chinese are involved in so except i think maybe in the future in terms of technology with how a company being under under sanctions that might impact africa right now africa is
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not a target but africa could well take advantage of this i think they could take advantage of that the option the opportunities are there and there are more opportunities then are companies to take advantage of those opportunities so african countries should take advantage. of this. so-called war and use it to their own benefit and it's always going to thank you very much for coming in thank you very much just briefly the world's biggest brew on highs of bush in bev is investing for the $400000000.00 of its new brewery in nigeria it will be expanded in phases to be makers posting double digit growth in africa's most populous country with 16 because of my political skills just it produces south african breweries. and is expanding to the c. s. astray and can use the app to order
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a submarine from next week the world's 1st ride sharing saab will constantly $1000.00 for an hour trip through the right to read it will take 2 passengers at a time designated dive pottstown 20 me to. check out the scenery is pretty nice you have to be quick though the so-called scuba will only take 20 dives in all. or missed out which if i start business with you. the for.
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a quandary the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week. zoster in the making say so many predicting a big surge for far right parties in this week and i'm sure will a video of scandal you know strippers wanted people to. call her a good show a play. 60 minutes on. the
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streets clean up the sex phone operator or work her master's thesis on the potato for. not return on well if it's more words it was from their. list. straight and. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes to kill or not want to has lifted a ban on elephant hunting but not. everyone agrees will hear the arguments for and against the controversial move. and we'll also hear from the kenyans hoping the country's high court will strike down rules that holmes make a mistake when receipt of pride if they wish kenya will be the 1st east african country to decriminalize gay 6.


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