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this is c w news live from berlin never into a modis hindu nationalist party to be j.p. declares victory at india's elections early results show them heading for and increased parliamentary majority. also coming up losing the ok have helped to kick off elections for the next european parliament even though the country had planned
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to be out of the e.u. by now oculus could make big gains as prime minister to resign may struggle to hold onto her job. as germany celebrates the 70th anniversary of its constitution profiles the citizens who rely on it every day we meet with a former prostitute who is now relishing his constitutional right to freedom of speech. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program the party of indian prime minister narendra modi has declared victory and the country's election early results show that the b j p is on course to increase its majority in parliament with a mandate of business friendly policies and a tough stand on national security modi promised to unite the country after a divisive election campaign. i've always said that this election is not fought
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by the majority. it's not fought by the hopefuls. it's not funny by politicians this election is being fought by the people of this country. scenes of celebration across india people gathered to. the leader of the hindu nationalist b j p party. on incoming election results made it increasingly clear that the incumbent prime minister would remain in office. this is not only more it is it can be to be there to the degree of people for india the democracy has gone an honest government has gone and this has proved out the convent across all costs are legion are you kidding he.
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used to give this so much of the. voting for the general election took place over 6 weeks. and the world after reports of bring the opposition requested a recount and verification of the results its national observers say the election was a free and fair. modi campaigned hard to maintain the commanding when he won in 2014 despite his convincing victory remain critics have long accused him of marginalizing the country's 20000000 muslims and economic growth. in a tweet published after the election when the prime minister called for united and prosperous india he now has another 5 years to make good on his words. let's get more now we're joined by. who is joining us from delhi so you know as we've seen there it seems like
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a resoundingly win for the governing b j p what was this election about was it about the issues or was it really about modi himself. well the results do seem to indicate that this election and even these results have been about prime minister nuri interim or the even by the elections were going on at the scene as a referendum on the prime minister but these results also indicate that all the criticism of the opposition may have raised any anti incumbency sentiment that they would be employed to capitalize on all those efforts for years now when you talk about the issues this government was heavily criticized for the ongoing farmer crisis for the highest unemployment the country has seen in the last 25 years it was also true sized for some few years when the economy would not of course through the system seem to have stopped one of the issues on which the b.g.p. has actually done very well is national security now there was
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a standoff between india and pakistan earlier this year of the prime minister was seen to have taken decisive action and this seems to have shored up his support quite emphatically many who wants more cost more so in favor of primes means more of the than for individual b.g.p. candidates in the constituencies so while some issues may have been discussed overall it seems that a personality cult has developed around the prime minister and this mandate stronger than the one in 2014 definitely is a designing board for the prime minister out of work for him to come back for another 5 years so what are the main challenges then facing him now and presumably because the next 5 years. well honestly the challenges facing him are actually not very significant because this mandate actually supports the line of thought that what the government has done so far is
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not only good it should go on further now of course concerns out wondering is about minorities about the economy about joblessness as i just mentioned but even in the victory speech of the prime minister made he mention. he criticized the use of the words section of them do you know the opposition narrative now it isn't clear if he was criticizing secularism in themselves which would be problematic and concerning or if he was saying that's the word secularism is misused to pander to minorities we are going to have to wait to see how exactly france nothing is and what is decides to be of decisive victory right now the b.g.p. is focusing on center preaching and there has been some talk about inclusive growth let's hope that sticks. we also have to talk about the fact that there was really a stunning defeat here and that's for the opposition congress party we saw gandhi losing the long time family seat in a tough or a dash is this the beginning of the end of the gandhi dynasty.
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well this is not the 1st starting that production has been made but this defeat has definitely looks like a decisive one and yes it might not be too far to say that this is the beginning of the end for the got these specially of the indian national congress seems to refuse to let go of that cut spoke about the energy into movie because there is of course also the gun think of the gandhi dynasty which has been going on for decades now and the fact that this is this is a concerted effort by the opposition was barely able to improve their margins actually is a serious questions on to the ship off the party president probably got the and a lot of introspection would be required but just the fact that again no and comments the sentiment was that the success that you see is actually does raise the questions on the validity of the congress and even the appeal of the regional parties which we expected to be key players in this election and they should just
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well thank you. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world call has returned to the indonesian capital jakarta following deadly clashes between police and. supporters of defeated presidential candidate. the former general called on his supporters to go home and announce that he would launch a legal challenge against president djoko b. dodos reelection. the man known as the american taliban has been released from prison in the united states john walker lindh was captured in afghanistan in 2001 and pled guilty to supporting the islamic fundamentalists he's serving 17 years of a 20 year sentence and has been released early for good behavior secretary of state by pompei 0 described the release as unexplainable and unconscionable. the author of the much loved children's book the tiger who came to tea has died author and
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illustrator judith care was 950 born in berlin she fled nazi germany with her family and wrote about her experiences in her novel when hitler stole and graphic. well from now through sunday some 400000000 people will have the chance to vote in elections for the european parliament the netherlands open to the voting just after midnight on thursday amidst a surge of support across the continent for those who want to rein in the european union's powers britain also went to the polls even as it tries to come to terms with the country as planned exit from europe. well now let's bring in correspondent barbara faisal who is standing by for us in london so barbara what is the mood there how do people feel about these elections happening at all given the country was supposed to be out of the blocks right now. the mood is fairly subdued as is to
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be expected sarah because of course this is more or less like a piece of certain political theater we remember that the date for breakfast it was the 29th of march now that day came and went and rex it didn't happen no the next date is the 31st of october halloween and we still don't know where the breaks it will happen and how it will happen and what it will look like so breaks the cheers are extremely frustrated and they're really flocking to niger for riot and his freshly sort of. the upcoming brecht's a party on the other hand remain as they have for months and months fought for a 2nd referendum hoping to overturn breaks that now that didn't happen either so you do have a lot of frustrated voters here in britain and a polling station like the one here behind us in the heart of westminster voters have fairly been trickling in rather than streaming i feel the worst for the voter participation and it seems like a lot of polarization also barbara how do you how do you gauge the mood there. the
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country has been divided just throughout the winter when the flight about bret's it has been roaring and raging here in westminster trees may bringing the bricks and deal with the e.u. 3 times and losing in 3 times and palm and kerry in sort of turning against each other and tearing each other apart and that same. sort of sentiment is really prevail in the country because people aren't really talking to each other anymore they are more of us only shouting at each other across the divide from heartbreaks to cheers and who want nothing but breaks it and call the other side the really moaners instead of remaining it's because they keep mooning about bret's it because they don't want it and the remainder just keep reasoning and they never ever reach or impressed and he off the brakes to cheers so the 2 tribes have really sort of completed their. totally divided they can come together any more and this will be
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shown in the selection too but you know one thing that's really influencing the vote we have to say the feeling which is growing really across europe that if the tensions are too far removed from people's lives to every piece actually have the power to deal with some of those problems. the point is really that an m.e.p. brussels source trust because you like have much more power than we think they vote on each and every european like everything that deals with for instance consumer rights or workers' rights or environmental rights climate change and all those things are decided in brussels and these people vote on them they are very important however people in the national countries and particularly in britain where there is a tremendous amount of misinformation about what the european union is don't know about this they don't appreciate it and so of course the brits the cheers say we don't want these people to decide over us we want to make our own decisions here
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only in westminster that's the national card they're playing it's the rise of nationalism across europe and on the other side of course there are those that say only together in europe can we solve the big problems of our time these are the remainders and the problem is it seems the breaks of tears are going to win this election in britain here and the nationalists might play a stronger role in the coming european parliament bar of ezola with a view from london where voting kicked off today for the european parliament thank you barbara. well now european elections have also been held in the netherlands today where voting has just ended exit polls indicate that the dutch labor party took the most votes any surprise when polls had before shown the right wing populus forum for democracy which is led by mr bauer dave you see here
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running neck and neck with the conservative center right in the harvey elections come amid a surgeon support across the e.u. for populist and nationalist parties who want to rein in the european union's hours . standing by now with a view from amsterdam as we've just heard these 1st exit polls just coming in tell us more about what they say but this is really a big surprise because the labor party the social democrats are leading now in the netherlands and nobody had foreseen that in the polls before the elections the posters have said that the reviving populace from that democracy form would be in the lead and now it's really the opposite this is a real surprise for people you know although not many people care the turnout is only 37 percent maybe that helped to moments the fronts the moments of the leading
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social democrat the disputes and come to dodd as they say the leading candidate it's really a surprise we would see how the evening develops ok so i mean given that we potentially have this result here could we really see this set the trend or have any influence on the other countries that are voting in the coming days. well the trend in the rest of europe is not that the social democrats really written the pose show that they're popular all over europe again and they will have around 20 percent of the seats in the new parliament. if this netherland trend is the trend in europe than this was really a very big surprise i don't think this is his term because we'll gather votes all over europe this is the folds of the polls but you never know european elections are hard to predict because they are fought in 28 member states and really these are 28 races in the different countries and amsterdam thank you.
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huge celebrations have kicked off to mark the 70th anniversary of germany's post-war constitution known as the basic law it comes into effect on this day in 1949 under the supervision of the allies now the basic law is considered the foundation of german democracy the main festivities in berlin took place in front of the brand of berg complete the big cake as you can see there. and a whole lot of balloons attending those celebrations we have the german president from 5 to steinmeyer he noted that his country men know too little about this hugely important document all this week t w has been looking at how people translate basic law into every day reality this time we focus on the guarantee a freedom of expression we met with somebody who is originally from iraq to see how
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you he uses these rights to say what he wants and also to provoke. and i left my country because of freedom of expression and it was always and still it is very important to me to be able to express my opinion. ahmed had to flee his home in iraq because he wouldn't shut up in germany is protected by the constitution. the arabic word on ahmed t.-shirt is carefully infidel the 20 year old is an atheist and he talks openly about his opinions on faith and other matters. sometimes he wants to provoke here at a palestinian march in germany he's carrying a poster of 2 kissing men.
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there's pushing and shoving the police officer steps in to prevent violence i know . he's not welcome. there. are many muslims it's a to boot. sometimes you have to be provocative and cross boundaries in order to change something in society and. i'm from a religious family there were certain rules about what could and couldn't do it was somehow clear to everyone that you couldn't be different. and you couldn't think differently when. at one point i thought it had to be possible to say that you were no longer a believer without being punished. so. then i decided to do it for myself . so talking not my fault it was 5 days after my 15th birthday when
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my father suddenly went to the police so he came back with 3 police officers they beat me in front of my parents. and me then they looked me in a room for hours and i guess they tortured me with cables and electric shocks and that. and i think. this is. the last and that was the day i left iraq we took this picture at night with a photographer with us. at 1st i didn't want to tell my story in germany. to avoid more conflicts and so on. but at the same time i knew that if you express your opinion in europe the states will protect you. ahmed said muslims in germany abuse and threaten him when he openly express his opinions but here unlike in iraq
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he's protected by the police. force a lot to be here and i won't let anyone here tell me how to live and what i'm allowed to do. the theme and especially what i'm allowed to say. is i'm free. let's get more now we're joined here in the studio by maximillian stein bias a legal journalist and a founder of a blog which is a forum for debate on topical events and developments in constitutional law and politics in germany welcome to the program thanks for having me so we just saw that case there and therefore i'd like to follow up with you and ask i mean the constitution does it protect people making racist anti-semitic remarks for example the constitution does protect
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a polling and shocking and hurtful and repulsive remarks and so does the european convention of human rights for that matter but at the same time the basic law also protects the position of the person that the remark is about like the its right to human dignity and its right not to be discriminated against so under german constitutional law it meets the. needs to be a balance to be found as opposed to for example u.s. constitutional law better. regulation of free speech is a lot. more pretty more protected against restrictions so let's have a look now at you know sort of what the goal was of this it was really you know to provide some fundamental laws so that germany could not slip back into teller totalitarianism excuse me. what do you see in that context as the most important part of the basic law it's it's hard to point to
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a specific thing that is the decisive. norm of the constitution in that matter but if i would mention one thing but probably be the federal constitutional court which was an innovation at the time to to to to have. specific court entitled to to also review laws and to declare the decisions of the legislation of branch of government unconstitutional and to protect the fundamental rights of citizens and this was very effective and and also was a kind of a model for other countries to to to copy after their process of democratization during kind of 70 years on now germany has right wing populists you know in the parliament we know now how robust what you say is the basic law especially if we're talking about you know resisting the rise of nationalism in the country i
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mean the good the basic law has seen a lot over these 7 decades of its existence and has. proved itself very resilient and a lot of different consolations and yet if we look around in europe and see for example countries like hungary or poland where constitutionalism itself is going it's coming under attack. we see that it's how important it is for a constitution to actually make and to protect the difference between what the majority can do and what it can do and. and we have in these countries we have parties in power who claim for themselves to bend or even break the constitution on the basis of the fact that they've wanted on an election and represent a majority and at the same time it's the constitution that says what
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a majority can do in a camp can't do and this is. what deer are witnessing in these countries and the damage that is done to for example fair elections or. independent judicial oversight or a level playing field for the opposition. and if you. translate these experiences to the german constitutional framework we see some because we can identify some points where maybe the term institutional set up is not as robust of you would wish it to be so perhaps some room for improvement there max and i thank you so much for joining us here and to tell us a little bit more on the 70th anniversary that's. when a fever has abandoned plans to expand the next world cup tournament from 32 to 48 teams the change would have required qatar to share hosting duties in 2022 with other countries in the region but political tension made that impossible adding
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16 more teams to qatar's world cup in 2022 was a bit too optimistic fifo president giani if in tinos idea of the expansion will have to wait until 2026 as scheduled fifa want to neighboring countries like the u.a.e. to help host the tournament but an economic blockade in the region against qatar showed no signs of being lifted feet with their 4 released this statement following a thorough and comprehensive consultation process with the involvement of all the relevant stakeholders it was concluded that under the current circumstances such a proposal could not be made now qatar was open to being the lone host for the potential 48 team contest but couldn't find a viable operating model to sustain the idea building its world cup if a structure almost from scratch has been and continues to be a tall order in itself however construction for $32.00 teams seems to be on
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schedule. we have now 6 more stadiums to go by the end of this year 1st quarter of next year will be launching 2 stadiums as well by 2021 all or stadiums will be ready there was already controversy surrounding the 2022 guitar world cup including allegations of human rights abuses towards migrant workers the heat in changing the date to a late november kickoff but local football fans are excited qatar won the 2019 asian cup and gets to host a world cup on its own with any risks now reduced. quick reminder now the top stories we're following for you here i d w the party of indian prime minister narendra modi has declared victory in the country's election 1st results show that it is nationalist d.g. is increasing their bridge already in parliament and polls have opened in the 4 day vote for the next european parliament that includes think u.k. after the country missed its original intent line to the figure and election merits
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being overshadowed by growing calls for prime minister treason back to resign. next sunday deputy it is quadriga art international which was dismissed me videos canada and australia and whether it will deal a blow to europe's. i'm sorry elling environment is so much for watching everybody .
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quadriga the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week . results are in the making say some predicting a big surge for far right parties in this weekend's european it i should call will of video scandal in all strippers what peoples of twice before voting for the
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population wrong to find out on foot riga shortly. quadriga next on d w. border is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is to keep shifting cowards the topic in focus at the global media forum 2019 the laboratory for the digital age. who are we following whom do we trust to debate and shape the future at the doj a valid global media forum 29 t. the place made for minds. an action packed life bookmarklet me aka anything's possible as long as i'm comfy
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and his friends can dream. his movie theater in kenya refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema starts may 27th on a double. in a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of europe and all focus is on this weekend's of actions to the european parliament where it has been widely assumed that its populist far right parties might grab as many as
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a quarter of all the seats in the parliament but then scandal in austria and the collapse of the country's coalition government between conservatives and the.


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