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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is c w news live from berlin the netherlands kicks off the european parliament elections populist and anti immigration candidates were expected to surge in europe as traditional labor and conservative candidates struggled to excite their bases we'll tell you about the dutch progs. also coming up director of modi's hindu nationalist party b j p declares victory in india's elections early results show
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him heading for increased majority plus as germany celebrates the 70th anniversary of its constitution d.w. profiles the citizens who rely on it every day and will meet its former a rocky who is now relishing his constitutional right to freedom of speech. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program polls have closed in the netherlands and britain after the 1st day of voting in mammoth elections for the european parliament which are set to last until sunday populist parties running on agenda to brain and use powers arctic to do well across the block the polls in the netherlands before the vote showed the right wing populist forum for democracy which is. led by mr bout
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a running neck and neck but the governing center right v.v. de party. spring and did abuse back reguard who is monitoring the elections for us in amsterdam and what appears berent to be a big surprise there. yeah that's true leading the social democrats here now put it that way he said it's a bizarre comeback for the labor party which doubled actually the votes compared to the elections 5 years ago and they came in 1st and they expected to be the 4th biggest party only and very disappointed of cause the right thing pocket is from the democracy forum they expected to be the big winners because they won in region and actions this year already but they only know in force places but only send 3 instead of 5 deputies to strasburg so a big surprise here tonight and everybody is wondering why this happened and you
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know we have these initial indications coming out of the netherlands these exit polls already but you know the other nation that voted was the u.k. but we don't have it from them why is that. but in the netherlands is a custom to. publish exit posts shortly after the pows have closed they have done by post those and scientists and media outlets so they are allowed to do that the oficial results that only be published on sunday when all 28 member states have voted to at 10 o'clock at night and also just maybe the exit polls are published already at 6 o'clock at night at but there are fisheries odds they come in at night so that nobody is influenced but there are different customs in all 28 member states and britain for example exit polls are not the customary of the so they just have posts from before the elections bantering with
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a view from amsterdam thank you well as we've heard the netherlands opened the voting amidst a surge of support across the continent for anti un anti immigration candidates britain also going to the polls even as it tries to come to terms with the country's planned exit from europe it's an election that the majority of britons didn't want to have anything to do with but it's also an opportunity for many to have their say on briggs it. votes are people i think will be fed up of voting for people obviously this is a vote that should never have happened. over the last 3 years and i said my it's going to water it down and water down and off another referendum on why certainly that will be twisted. and the result will be trying. very angry
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and brags and party leader nigel farage is poised to capitalize on the sentiment he hopes such a vote of frustration will translate into votes for his party and he's feeling pretty confident. well you would if you want breakfast you got to vote for except we did it once they ignored us so we're going to tell them look at this time they will realize that it isn't just the votes we get today it's what we want to get at the general election the cost them all the jobs so they get a listen to what people say they will be out employed. but not only those politicians in favor of a hard break are expecting to win more votes both the greens and the liberal democrats are also expected to gain support liberal democrat leader vince cable said a vote for his party was a vote to stop briggs it voters seem ready to punish the 2 major labor and tory parties for the current crisis. this time
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it's. position in the hedging their bets a bit. to the green party for the 1st time for a few years because i voted for breaks it i want i want to carry through i think parliament at the moment have made a bit of a hash of things. although their intentions are good. but i want some clarity so voted for labor i thought that was the best party to remain in the european union even though the policies of labor are very clear yes i thought it was best to avoid having a private party and i wanted to be sure that i sent a message to westminster that we should stay in the european union that it's just nationalism and folly to the. as for prime minister to resume a this could be her last appearance as the country's political leader let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world com has returned to the indonesian capital jakarta following deadly clashes between police
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and supporters of defeated presidential candidate. a former general called on his supporters to go home and announced that he would launch a legal challenge to the presidential go we don't know as we election. the man known as the american taliban has been released from prison in the united states john walker lindh was captured in afghanistan back in 2001 and pled guilty to supporting the islamic fundamentalists he served 17 years of a 20 year sentence and has been released early due to good behavior secretary of state mike pompei i've described the release as unexplainable and in a manage unconscionable. in rome a man has made a dramatic escape from a fire by climbing out of a window in clinging onto a ledge he was forced to perch next to the flames engulfing his building before firefighters rescued him and he walked away without any injuries. the author of the much loved children's book the tiger who came to tea and has died author and
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illustrator judith care was 95 born in berlin she fled nazi germany with her family and wrote about her experiences in her novel when hitler stole pink rabbit. now indian prime minister narendra modi has promised to build what he calls an inclusive india after a landslide win in the country's national election mid-town data from the election commission shows that his nationalist b j p is on course to increase its majority in parliament if the results are confirmed it would be the 1st time in almost 50 years at an india leader has been returned to office with an increased majority modi paid tribute to the voters. i've always said that this election is not fought by the majority. it's not fought by the hopefuls. it's not fought by politicians this election is being fought by the people of this country.
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scenes of celebration across india people gathered to cheer narendra modi the leader of the hindu nationalist b j p party. there on incoming election results made it increasingly clear that the incumbent prime minister would remain in office. this is not only what is it the m.b. to be there this is the decree of people offering their the democracy has gone an honest government has gone and this has proved does the can bring across all cost although he didn't create a he. has to be if he. likes . to be used to give all and did so much esteem in the. voting for the general election took place over 6 weeks doctors from across in the
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wild after reports of photon bring the opposition requested a recount and verification of the results its national observers say the election was largely free and fair. mota complained hard to maintain the commanding much dorothy he wanted 2014 despite his convincing victory challenges remain critics of long accused him of marginalizing the countries to a 1000000 muslims and economic growth stock meeting in a tweet published after the election when the prime minister called for united and prosperous india modi now has another 5 years to make good on his words let's get more now we're joined by the w.c. let me suggest well who is joining us from delhi so you know as we've seen there it seems like a resoundingly win for the governing b j p what was this election about was it about the issues or was it really about modi himself. well the results do seem to indicate that this election and even these results have
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been about prime minister knowing that more the even vital the elections were going on at the scene as a referendum on the prime minister but these results also indicate that all the criticism of the opposition may have raised any anti incumbency sentiment that they were me and have tried to gather lights on all those efforts fear now when you talk about the issues this government was heavily criticized for the ongoing problem of prices for the highest unemployment the country has seen in the last 25 years it was also criticized for some 3 years of the economy with none of those 3 most of them seem to have stopped one of the issues on which the b.g.p. has actually done very well is national security now there was a standoff between india and pakistan earlier this year the prime minister was seen to have taken decisive action and this seems to have shored up his support quite emphatically many who wants more cost more so in favor of crimes more deep than for
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individual b.g.p. candidates in the constituencies so while some issues may have been discussed overall it seems that a personality cult has developed on the ground in the store and this mandate stronger than the one in 2014 definitely is a designing board for the prime minister of work for him to come back for another 5 years so what are the main challenges then facing him now in presumably because next 5 years well honestly the challenges facing him are actually not very significant because this mandate actually supports the line of thought that what the government has done so far is not only good it should go on further now of course concerns have been raised about minorities about the economy about joblessness as i just mentioned but even the victory speech of the prime minister made he mentioned he criticised the use of the word secularism to north. the opposition not of just not it isn't p.r.
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if he was criticizing secularism and so which would be problematic and concerning or if he was saying that's the word secularism is misused to pander to minorities we are going to have to wait to see how exactly he finds nothing some would do besides of this decisive right now that we should be was focusing on center preaching and there has been some talk about inclusive growth let's hope that states. we also have to talk about the fact that there was really a stunning defeat here and that's for the opposition congress party we saw ghandi losing the longtime family seat in a tougher dash is this the beginning of the end of the gandhi dynasty. well this is not the 1st time that prediction has been made that this defeat has definitely looks like a decisive on and yes it might not be too far to say that this is the beginning of the end for the got these specially as the indian national congress seems to refuse to let go of that god spoke about the energy and more because there is of course
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also the gun think of gandhi dynasty which has been going on for decades now and the fact that this is this is a concerted effort by the opposition was barely able to improve their margins actually visa seeders questions on the need to shut off the party president ali gandhi and a lot of introspection would be required but just the fact that again no and common sentiment was that the success that you see is actually does raise the questions on the religion to go to congress and even the abuse of the regional bodies which were expected to be key players in this election. and they should just well thank you. deutsche bank shares are trading at their lowest price ever so there was little to celebrate at today's annual shareholders meeting in frankfurt add to that the dire news that on going litigation against the bank and a failed merger with the german competitor and investor confidence at an all time low. georgia bank shareholders are unhappy. the share price has plunged into the
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cellar it has been trading slightly above $6.00 euros $0.40 that's its lowest level in more than 45 years and shareholders are losing patience. with. a lot of things went wrong at deutsche bank in recent years i hope they can get back into shape. if. the expectation is that something fundamental changes something at the court house and i think. take a seat and step down from his position supervisory board chairman powell and c.e.o. christian saving are blamed by shareholders for the band's disastrous performance in recent months some large shareholder groups want to withhold giving official approval to the board that would be a slap in the face the c.e.o.
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says that would be completely unjustified. and again we have brought deutsche bank back into the black we have reached our goal. would you go unplugged we now have the fundamentals for sustainably profitable back up. but there's a lot of work to be done the investment banking unit is enormous and it hardly makes a profit and deutsche bank faces lawsuits for legit money laundering and interest manipulation that costs money and hurts the banks reputation. now celebrations have kicked off to mark 70 years of germany's post-war constitution known as the basic law it comes into effect on this day and $949.00 under the supervision of the allies now the basic law is considered the foundation of german democracy the main festivities in berlin took place in front of the brandenburg gate complete with cake and whole lot of. the.
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telling the celebrations was the german president from the steinmeier he noted that his country men know too little about this hugely important document all this week the w. has been looking at how people translate the basic law into everyday reality this time we focus on the guarantee of freedom of expression we met with somebody who is originally from iraq to see how he uses these rights to say what he wants and sometimes to provoke. i let my country because of freedom of expression and it was always and still it is very important to me to be able to express my opinion. ahmed had to flee his home in iraq because he wouldn't shut up in germany he's protected by the constitution.
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the arabic word on ahmed's t. shirt his cafayate infidel the 20 year old is an atheist and he talks openly about his opinions on faith and other matters. sometimes he wants to provoke here at a palestinian march in germany he's carrying a poster of 2 kissing men. because there's pushing and shoving the police officer steps in to prevent violence i mean there was no no no. he's not welcome. for many muslims it's a to boot and sometimes you have to be provocative and cross boundaries in order to change something in society and essentially from all of this and i'm from a religious family there were certain rules about what i could and couldn't do it
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was somehow clear to everyone that you couldn't be different. and you couldn't think differently when the. one point i thought it had to be possible to say that you were no longer a believer without being punished for. that and then i decided to do it for myself. so talking not my fault it was 5 days after my 15th birthday when my father suddenly went to the police so he came back with 3 police officers they beat me in front of my parents' home and. then they locked me in a room for i was so modest they tortured me with cables and electric shocks on that . car and it. mr. lawson home that was the day i left iraq and we took this picture at night with
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a photographer with us and. at 1st i didn't want to tell my story in germany. to avoid more conflicts and so on. but at the same time i knew that if you express your opinion in europe the states will protect you. ahmed says muslims in germany abuse and threaten him when he openly expresses his opinions but here unlike in iraq he's protected by the police. 70. 5 sucker for us a lot to be here and i won't let anyone here tell me how to live and what i'm allowed to do. with human especially what i'm allowed to say. i am free. now if you ever visited hong kong you are likely to encounter my job it is the
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city's favorite pastime played on the streets and in gambling rooms which are often illegal the game is so much a part of the city's identity that officials declared it part of hong kong's cultural heritage but the games decline began almost as soon as the government made the announcement today as youngsters prefer their cellphones and video games which of course eats into knowledge on time and into some traditions traits. a master craftsman at work king is one of hong kong's last remaining mahjong covers . in he's tardy store graves every tall by hand and a normally in an era of mass produced plastic. when you look closely you can see each handmade much junk file is different it's because i caught them one after another completing the one by one instead of using a mole and. then today. the 65 year old has spent decades honing his
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skills he's mahjong said start at $350.00 euros that's 10 times the price of machine made toils even so he still struggles to make a living. now there are only one or 2 stores in the area and business is poor is because the younger generation doesn't play much on that often even if they do play it they play on their phones. but some young people still like it hands on here at hong kong's chinese university members of the mud junk society meet every wednesday. the game has been played like this for more than a century the engravings edged into asia's cultural bedrock. i think the hand. is a form of. something to appreciate and collect almost too precious to play with. for. generations king wants to keep that tradition
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alive he hopes workshops to share his passion for carving it's a steep learning curve for these casual students. that. you have to pay close attention to how to exert your strength. how to make a presentable and perfect line. i even have to pay attention to my own posture. once you try you know hacking away at it with one of these. 10 still it takes just to make a few strokes and to get something so beautiful out of it. struck by a stroke sunshine king is making sure that not junk stays in hong kong and wherever possible stays handmade. now fifa have abandoned plans to expand the next world cup tournament from 32 teams to 48 the change would have required
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a tart to share hosting duties in 2022 with other countries in the region a political tension made that possible it's adding 16 more teams to qatar's world cup in 2022 was a bit too optimistic fifo president giani if in tinos idea of the expansion will have to wait until 2026 as scheduled fifa wanted neighboring countries like the u.a.e. to help host the tournament but an economic blockade in the region against qatar showed no signs of being lifted fee for their $4.00 released this statement following a thorough and comprehensive consultation process with the involvement of all the relevant stakeholders it was concluded that under the current circumstances such a proposal could not be made now qatar was open to being the lone host for the potential 48 team contest but couldn't find a viable operating model to sustain the idea building its world cup infrastructure almost from scratch has been and continues to be
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a tall order in itself however construction for 32 teams seems to be on schedule. we have now 6 more stadiums to go by the end of this year 1st quarter of next year will be launching 2 stadiums as well by $2021.00 stadiums will be ready there was already controversy surrounding the 2022 guitar world cup including allegations of human rights abuses towards migrant workers the heat in changing the date to a late november kickoff but local football fans are excited qatar won the 2019 asian cup then gets to host a world cup on its own with the risks now reduced. and staying with qatar one of the organizers of the world cup has been placed under formal investigation in france nasir alkali fi has been accused of corruption linked to the awarding of this year's world athletics championship to the kotori capital doha
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a sports magnate seen here in paris with jermaine coach thomas to who is also president of the champion french football club and is on the organizing committee for his country as world cup in 2022. foot reminder not the top stories we're following for you here at the voters in the netherlands offer a surprise in the 1st day of the european parliament voting exit polls show that labor gained the most seats surpassing and upstart populist party voting will continue across the rest of the european union. and the party of indian prime minister narendra modi has declared victory in the country's elections the 1st results show the hindu nationalist b j p increasing their majority in parliament. and don't forget you can always get you to news on the go just download our hour from google player from the apple store it will give you access to all of the
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latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can use the app to send us news relevant photos and videos and you can also. watch this program on live straight. and with that now you're up to date on the w. i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching and a great day. slip
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. to see her family.
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don't seem. to be a good. match. discover the i. subscribe to documentary on you tube. some time in the 26th. my great granddaughter. what would the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. when i was born there were. you will share the planet with 9000000000. your world be around 2 degrees more. negatively sea level rise by at
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least one year in this century. we're going to have some climate impacts maturing greater than 4 percent already. it's really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. little yellow. 31st w. . a landslide victory narendra modi's hindu nationalist b j p party claimed significant gains in india's elections what could term number 2 hold. this is the day.
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